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  1. Broner is mad and I can’t even see how it was 116/112 ! He was battered ! Pacman v money man 2 happen ? I think it will !
  2. Obviously I meant with Bob , but Crolla is a weak hand for PPV hits states wise Marcus Brown was impressive against Jack but that cut was horrible on Jack
  3. Frank has a 200m 5/7 year war chest from BT i hear BT want this fight
  4. Zonal defending ? Claude will be sacked soon Big Sam or Moyes will be in till end of season !
  5. World class on his day Casper but the back 4 is championship Simpson time to leave buddy
  6. Proper good team , Maddison doesn’t deserve to start on recent form At least we can expect to play on the break in this one
  7. Something rather fishy about all that , I have watched that round a few times , he looked stoned from the start Cano is bang average
  8. Lomachenko vs. Crolla Ordered To Purse Bid on February 4 ! 75/25 split for Loma Strange Eddie letting this happen , I can see BT and Frank trying to snaffle this one ! End of Crolla’s career this one infact could be a total distruction of his head !
  9. I’m drunk and depressed not looking forward to tomorrow
  10. Jacobs gets beat for me and handy enough decent lad but I have a feeling this will be a brawl I can’t work out Hearn he is still hoping fury or Wilder take the bait and take on AJ at Wembley , hut everyone I know in boxing tells me 100% he is going to Fight the Baby in America the next 14 days or so Could be the most mental period ever in HW boxing match making
  11. WBC ordering a rematch for wilder and fury not sure how Fury will accept 60/40 in wilders favour being so public after he turned down a MUCH bigger 40/60 from Eddie Purse bids if they can’t make a deal ! The WBC is dreaming here Eddie Hearn has already said he is go in balls deep on that bid so frank and Shelly can’t allow it to get to bids but they also now have fighter who want and expect a 100m fight ! While all the time AJ sits waiting for the game to give him a player to play against the next 10 days in the heavy weight divi
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