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  1. Maguire is a weird one, I do like him and happy he’s a Leicester player but if he left I wouldn’t really care? I think he’s off in the summer. 65m would be unbelievable
  2. What has Maddison done to offend so many fans? 🤣🤣 Prima Donna? you’re chatting absolute horse sh*t fella
  3. I think only 7th can get Europa, unless I’m wrong
  4. We all know what finishing a season well can do going into a new season..
  5. Absolutely hilarious that our fans have been going after him all season, top footballer and a top bloke.
  6. I wish I could go back and watch it for the first time again. A lot of people say they don’t think it’ll be their thing (which is what I said) brilliant show
  7. lcfcell

    Hakim Ziyech

    Missed our chance
  8. Because they’ve come up and had a good season, getting Europa League, people are jealous
  9. Can you really see a top 6 club coming in for Rodgers?
  10. We’ll just have to finish in the top 6 then 👀
  11. I think we’d all love it if we got 7th but I think from a footballing point of few it’s better we finish 7th next season when we’re better prepared
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