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  1. Need to stop saying Liverpool will drop points. They won’t.
  2. So sorry to hear that pal. Hopefully you have something to smile about later
  3. I knew we were going to be crap but I’m still annoyed
  4. FA cup final is going to be a demolition job
  5. I’m just so disappointed in him.
  6. After sleeping on it i can’t see us getting another point let alone winning again. Might just be me being OTT after a bad game but can’t see us recovering from that
  7. I’ve never understood why everyone called Spurs bottlers anyway.
  8. I respect anyone that can stay hopeful we will do it but we’ve blown it again.
  9. Oh No sorry I don’t mind them. Just referring to the outrage it’s caused in previous seasons
  10. Oh no not gold again 😂 every year
  11. There was an article not long ago and he was diagnosed with kidney stones which led to infection and hospitalisation on top of coming back from a horrible injury. I think contract extension was just the club standing by him, on a human level.
  12. they’ll have been told to stay off social media I’d imagine
  13. When I think of must wins I think of this game. It’s absolutely a must win. Lose and it’ll be catastrophic. 6 pointer. I’d take a point though
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