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  1. Pogba publicly announcing he wants to leave.. wonder if they’ll push for Tielemans now
  2. Are you doubting Kristof? He’s one of the best out there.
  3. lcfcell

    Jarrod Bowen

    Yes yes yes and yes
  4. I know in the second half we just sat in, (defended very well by the way) But in that first half we passed right through them a number of times, looked calm on the ball and actually confident when playing. Love to see it
  5. I don’t like Liverpool but I want to win. To see Pep absolutely lose it and have a meltdown would be lovely
  6. Josh Knight getting big praise for his performance last night
  7. Basically nothing has changed then? End this woeful season now
  8. Thought he actually did well on Saturday
  9. Just finish the season strong, if we finish 7th then fantastic but I’m just enjoying watching us play well again
  10. Maguire is a weird one, I do like him and happy he’s a Leicester player but if he left I wouldn’t really care? I think he’s off in the summer. 65m would be unbelievable
  11. What has Maddison done to offend so many fans? 🤣🤣 Prima Donna? you’re chatting absolute horse sh*t fella
  12. I think only 7th can get Europa, unless I’m wrong
  13. We all know what finishing a season well can do going into a new season..
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