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  1. Need two tickets for my brother in law, if anyone has to sell let me know please
  2. If anyone has two tickets for sale for the Arsenal, let me know please.
  3. Personally, I could see Brendan liking Kapustka. He could do a job in that winger, centre mid, number 10 hybrid role that Brendan loves. Hope he gets back to full fitness whatever happens, just look at Matty James to see how injuries can ruin a players career. Fingers crossed Matty gets back to regular playing.
  4. It’s time Brendan makes the decision between Hamza and Ndidi. Go back to playing 4-1-4-1 and ****ing attack teams with Maddison and Tielemans in the middle with Barnes and Albrighton/Perez out wide.
  5. He can be added to the squad in the January transfer window.
  6. I think it could benefit everyone if done properly. Allowing Premier League B teams in the league structure but not able to go above League 1 would be accepted by EFL clubs if it guaranteed that we wouldn’t see what is happening to Bury and potentially Bolton ever again. More money from the Premier League being pumped into the lower leagues could help stop clubs going bust in the future.
  7. Could have won it. Should have won it. On the flip side we showed real bollocks and fight to get back in it 2nd half. Play like that 2nd half consistently from the start and we’ll do big things.
  8. Dare I say if that our best team wouldn’t include Maddison? I think the best route forward would be to play the same shape as today but replace Hamza’s position with Praet and Barnes in for Maddison. Then flip a coin to see whether Hamza or Ndidi start in the holding role.
  9. Told you it would be a 4-4-2 diamond....
  10. We will start the game 4-4-2 diamond Sunday. It’s obvious to me that Brendan wants Pereira and Chilly to hug the touchline and provide the width whilst Tielemans/Maddison/Praet have the freedom to interchange positions in a Number 8/Number 10 hybrid role.
  11. In my mind, I like to think there’s something after this. If there is, I hope Vichai is currently playing polo riding Beat the Bank. Wouldn’t that be sweet?
  12. Probably an unpopular opinion but got no time for women’s football. Couldn’t give a **** about it. The last USA team that won the World Cup getting beaten by Dallas U15’s team is everything you need to know for me. I’ve seen better footballers in the Leicestershire Senior League.
  13. Leyton Ndukwu has gone to Évian with the first team. He’s an interesting one to keep an eye on. Brendan loves finding a protege and bringing him through as his boy. Leyton could be a surprise first team player this season.
  14. I go for the shorts on holiday. Can’t beat footy shorts for comfort.
  15. Shows the attitude of Demarai Gray when Pascanu comes out and tells the media that Romania were fired up by him saying England v Romania would be “light work”. Maybe if he wasn’t such a cocky **** he’d be further ahead in his career by now.
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