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  1. Kasper Castagne Fofana Soyuncu Thomas Ndidi Tielemans Iheanacho Tavares Pereira Vardy
  2. I’d start him Wednesday, what’s the worse that can happen? We look shite whenever we play Vardy and Iheanacho together, it’s shown glimpses of promise at times but never come to fruition. Play Tavares alongside Ndidi and Tielemans and see if he can actually manage this level.
  3. Playing Youri further forward is a complete no-no. He’s a deep playmaker, always has and always will be. Hamza and Papy can’t come and play alongside Ndidi and Youri so for me unless you go 4-4-2 or play Iheanacho as a number 10, Tavares has to be a consideration to start just simply because we’ve got no other alternative with Maddison and Praet out.
  4. Time waits for no man. People can say what they want but he’s fast approaching the time where he can’t compete at the highest level. His pace is nowhere near what it was before and that was always crucial to his success as a player. He’s a legend. He’s our best striker and best player in modern history but it’s time to face reality, he’s not got long left.
  5. Yes. I still will. What’s the point in qualifying for European competition if you aren’t going to try and win the ****?
  6. With no Maddison, I’d go to a classic 4-3-3. Kasper Castagne Evans Soyuncu Thomas Tielemans Ndidi Tavares Pereira Vardy Barnes We don’t have enough creativity in the team with Hamza or Papy replacing Maddison. Give Tavares a chance.
  7. No problem is the game won’t give me the option of saying anything in relation to his contract running down or refusing to discuss signing a new one
  8. Has anyone found a resolution to the below scenario: One of my best players has 2 years left on his current contract but is refusing to negotiate a new deal because of interest in him so I’m gonna stick him on the transfer list, he’s kicking off because he doesn’t want to be transfer listed but the game doesn’t give me the option of saying he’s the one refusing to enter contract negotiations?
  9. Worse than Ricardo’s ACL year is the rumour. Hopefully it’s not a full rupture.
  10. As much as he’s a likeable bloke, he’s really not good enough. That, however, doesn’t mean it’s excusable for people to be giving him dogs abuse on social media. I would move him on in the summer, our right hand side still needs serious work in the summer as I can’t see that Under will be retained either. Two new players are definitely needed for the right wing in the summer.
  11. No chance we sign him permanently in the summer for me. He’s far too erratic. He shoots from crazy positions and tries to do too much by himself at times, don’t think Brendan will be convinced enough to drop the rumoured £22 million and the high wages on him.
  12. I would love to see: Ward Justin Amartey Soyuncu Thomas Tavares Ndidi Under Perez Barnes Vardy
  13. Has anyone experimented with inverted full backs on this? If so, any good? Any tips?
  14. I think people forget this lad is 19. He’s this good at 19. Let that sink in. If he continues on this trajectory and stays focused he’s pushing to play for England at the next World Cup.
  15. Like I say couldn’t be happier Maddison is performing to his potential and we are top of the league. This lad has referenced a 4 month old thread, in match threads twice now. At the time Praet was out performing Maddison, the point of the thread was to gauge who people felt should start at that time and were we currently (at that point) a better team with Praet starting, the response was pretty split down the middle. He goes on like it was there to slate Maddison. It wasn’t and he knows it.
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