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  1. Medicals seem to be taking in place in the country the player is already based in, same with Bale having his medical for Spurs in Madrid. Like someone said previously probably all to do with COVID-19.
  2. Anyone who saw the game last night and is not convinced about signing him doesn’t know football. You can see how good he is going to be already at 19. A duo of him and Cags at the back will be up there for best centre back pairing in the league in a couple of seasons if we get him in.
  3. Not needed from Italy currently.
  4. That through ball to the striker just then was class.
  5. I assume you are referring to Fofana? Put yourself in his shoes, how would you feel if the club you played for said you could move on to a bigger club, in a bigger league (with a substantial pay increase may I add) if the asking price is met. That asking price is then met and your manager does everything he can to stop it? Puel’s even refused to sit down like a decent human and discuss it with him to try and find a solution.
  6. Like I said before in this thread. Puel has shown himself to be a Grade A Twat again with this. He’s tried to bully both the club he works for and Fofana into getting his own way. He doesn’t want to sell to us and will do anything to stop it. He’s making the transfer unnecessarily difficult for all parties. Now the club have to go against their manager by selling a player for the pre-agreed sum after his tantrums in the media.
  7. I wish he’d just **** off and accept the transfer is happening at this point. The sour faced ****.
  8. Is he as good as Riyad? No. Does he have consistency in his game at this moment in time? Again no. That being said his best attributes are things we are severely lacking at the moment in our attacking options. He’s left footed, his dribbling is elite level, he has the ability to create a goal out of nothing and is more of a goal scorer than a creator. The way the deal has been structured as well to free up additional money for this transfer window makes this an A+ signing for me.
  9. I expect this deal will get done now that we have sorted out the signing of Ünder. We are only paying a small loan amount this summer with the rest as part of the obligation to buy, so that frees up additional money to throw at Fofana.
  10. Ain’t got Efes Mangal on Brauny gate or Istanbul on the Narb though have they?
  11. The fact there isn’t much ability wise between Fofana and Tah and there is a 5 year age gap between them tells you everything you need to know. Is Tah a bad player? No, but that doesn’t mean we should chuck at Leverkusen the sort of money being bandied about for Fofana. £27-30 million for Fofana is slightly over paying but equally £20-25 million for Tah is overpaying too. The upside is much higher with Fofana, the ceiling for growth is worth the slight overpayment.
  12. This kind of thing is right up Brendan’s street so never say never.
  13. Wouldn’t mind us going in for Rhian Brewster, even if there’s a buy back clause inserted for Liverpool we could do a lot worse business as someone to learn and develop off Vardy.
  14. Trincao could well be available now with Messi staying and interest in Depay but I feel like we may have moved on now.
  15. Kasper Castagne Ndidi Soyuncu Justin Mendy Tielemans Maddison Albrighton Vardy Barnes
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