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  1. For me the inside forward is Perez. This lad looks to be the long term replacement for Albrighton who to be honest looked a bit found out going forward towards the end of last season.
  2. In my mind, I like to think there’s something after this. If there is, I hope Vichai is currently playing polo riding Beat the Bank. Wouldn’t that be sweet?
  3. Probably an unpopular opinion but got no time for women’s football. Couldn’t give a **** about it. The last USA team that won the World Cup getting beaten by Dallas U15’s team is everything you need to know for me. I’ve seen better footballers in the Leicestershire Senior League.
  4. Tielemans Maddison Choudhury Ndidi Mendy All of the above are definite first team squad members. Which leaves the below in limbo/waiting to see if they leave. Silva King James Unless we shift at minimum 2 of the above, I really can’t see this happening.
  5. Leyton Ndukwu has gone to Évian with the first team. He’s an interesting one to keep an eye on. Brendan loves finding a protege and bringing him through as his boy. Leyton could be a surprise first team player this season.
  6. Absolutely no chance this happens.
  7. Against weaker opposition I think you maybe right but don’t underestimate the importance of Choudhury’s pressing ability. I think Hamza’s a fully fledged starter this season. Brendan speaks highly of him and he brings things to our team that no one else does.
  8. Convinced we are gonna see a shift in formation this season. I genuinely think a 4-4-2 diamond is on the cards. It makes sense. We have no real outstanding wingers in our squad but we are blessed with two of the best wing backs in the Prem and we have an abundance of quality in the middle of the park. Then we have the option to bring the likes of Harvey, Dimmy and Ihenacho of the bench.
  9. I go for the shorts on holiday. Can’t beat footy shorts for comfort.
  10. If the club don’t use Big Daddy and The Myth who consequently are both season ticket holders in the signing announcement video. Then what really is life?!
  11. My best mate and his dad come through in the clutch @ozvaldo! All hail The Myth and Big Daddy!
  12. GingerrrFox

    A. Perez

    Brendan said at the end of the season he wants to try playing a 4-4-2 diamond. Perez could fit in that system nicely.
  13. GingerrrFox

    Gary Cahill

    Jobs for the boys
  14. Heard through the grapevine that Brendan wants to look at Amartey in the centre back role. He’s mainly played CB for Ghana and could be an interesting option to keep an eye on during pre-season.
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