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  1. The shirt looks accurate but it’s not King Power as main sponsor next season.
  2. There’s detailing in it to be honest pal, personally think it will be a marmite shirt this season.
  3. Only seen the shirts, not been privy to full kit. The home shirt isn’t plain blue it’s got detailing in it but can’t say anymore than that for obvious reasons.
  4. Seen them. Footy Headlines are very close but not quite accurate.
  5. With finishing like that should we try him cutting in off the right wing?
  6. Some people in this thread should consider opening new FoxesTalk accounts.
  7. Where’s @StriderHiryu with his condescending comments when Maddison flatters to deceive? I’m on record already with my thoughts regarding Maddison, he has talent and he had potential but unfortunately a combination of things means he’s gone from looking a potential world beater 2 seasons ago to a mediocre mid-level Premier League footballer. He’s not as good as he thinks he is and he doesn’t have the work ethic to become better. What does it say that he’s been suffering with a hip problem for over a year and he still plays golf in his spare time? Our best team perfor
  8. Disgraceful really that clubs get circa 6,000 tickets for their fans and 9000+ will be distributed to non-supporters of either team.
  9. Dave Jones and Sky have completely ****ed this. Trying to make out that the fans were gonna attack the players or the footballing staff is beyond the pale because that isn’t what this was about at all. Sky are pissed, we get it, but don’t try and paint them out to be scum of the earth.
  10. Don’t think Ricky will be here much longer IMO so this makes sense as another left footer is needed.
  11. Brendan clearly rates him, we haven’t got an injury crisis, he could quite easily have played Albrighton or Pereira tonight but he played Luke because he’s good enough to play. Football is a game of opinions and your entitled to yours but I’d dare say you’ve called it wrong on this one.
  12. Ben Chilwell was playing for Huddersfield in the Championship at Luke’s age. Luke’s played European football and high stakes Premier League games in a fight for Europe. You can’t compare, England regular, Ben Chilwell aged 24 to a 19 year old lad still learning. If he turns out half as good as he can be, he’s gonna be England’s full back in 4 years time.
  13. He’s 19. He were born in 2001. He’s playing in a team that’s 3rd in the league and he’s rated by a manager with serious weight. I’d argue alongside Foden, Sancho and Bellingham that he’s the most exciting young player in England. He’s a classy left footed talent. He’s from Syston and he’s a massive City fan. What am I missing?
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