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  1. With Wes highly likely to be leaving in the summer. Who is going to be the next club captain? Will it be Kasper? Although there’s rumours he would like to try pastures new. Who would be your choice for next club captain?
  2. Bang out of order for his Dad to be calling our manager out like this. Kasper should focus on keeping his ****ing place rather than trying to dictate who our gaffer is. He’s barely been better than Ward this season performance wise.
  3. We’ve got no chance of keeping him beyond the summer. He’s on a different level to us unfortunately. Seeing as it was his first game at this level, he was outstanding really.
  4. Barnes buries that sitter and Vardy scores the pen, we are sat here having a completely different conversation at 3-3. That performance was real top drawer stuff in parts.
  5. Can’t see how anyone can call Puel for this game. Have a ****ing word with yourselves.
  6. He’s going nowhere. Not unless we have a massive implosion and end up near relegation.
  7. Perfect opportunity for Barnes, Gray and Ghezzal to prove they can do it. Otherwise another winger might be on the shopping list this summer.
  8. I would love to be able to sign Tielemans or someone young and promising like Sandro Tonali or Nicolo Barella in Italy, or even taking a punt on Julian Weigl who has fallen out of favour a bit in Dortmund. Those players have the ability and vision to open the game up and dictate from midfield. I’d love to sign Che Adams (long term replacement for Vardy) and also Luka Jovic, would compliment Vardy well and a solid plan B to give us more aerial prescience up front. That and I think we’d be sound. We’ve got Amartey to cover RB We’ve got Elder to back up Chilly (this Thomas lad sounds decent if he continues to progress) Barnes, Gray and Ghezzal can all play the 10 role. No need for a new CB because we’ve already got one coming, welcome home Benko x
  9. The part about being brave enough to play Tielemans instead of Ndidi or Mendy, is the be all and end all to the rest of our season.
  10. I reckon you are right and he could play number 9 in the 4-2-3-1 the way Puel likes to play it to be honest Ric. He makes intelligent runs in behind, knows where the back of the net is and is very good with ball to feet in possession.
  11. Maddison could do with learning off Barnes if anything. He’s an absolute show pony atm. Complete luxury player. If Ghezzal had missed the chances he’s missed recently, there’d be a lynching.
  12. He’s different gravy. Said against Wolves that he was making runs that others didn’t see and his game intelligence is above some of our brain dead players in possession (Ndidi).
  13. Doesn’t help himself. Openly liking a tweet from a Man Utd fan wanting him to join them. Idiot.
  14. Puel was screaming for the players to give Harvey the ball in the second half. He’s above the level of some of our players, which could be seen at times today. He was making runs or looking for passes that the likes of Ndidi, Mendy and Simpson couldn’t see.
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