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  1. If you went to work somewhere like that you would be buzzing to go to work every day wouldn’t you?
  2. PLEASE SIGN MALANG SARR. Left footed centre back who is exceptional with the ball. Only 6ft1 which is a bit short for Brendan’s liking but he can cover left back as well. Soyuncu Evans Sarr Would be a lovely back 3.
  3. Good to have him at this time for backup but moving forwards can we sign Malang Sarr who’s available on a free please. Soyuncu Evans Sarr Would be lovely as a back three when we decide to play a 3 man defence.
  4. Brendan would fancy him. Whether that means he comes here is a completely different story but he is everything Brendan wants in a midfielder talent wise. He’s a sore loser by all accounts and has some maturing to do mentally but anyone doubting his technical, footballing potential needs their head checking.
  5. Post removed....what the **** for?
  6. GingerrrFox


    Hunters Fish Bar in Evington village, Woodgate Chippy and Rothley Fisheries. Also to the lad who’s slagging fish and chips. Take your ungodly opinions and your avocado/halloumi wrap and do one.
  7. Merthyr Tydfil has a population lower than 45,000. They’ve got an outbreak that is higher numbers than Leicester, yet they haven’t closed the meat factory that the outbreak came from and they haven’t lockdown the surrounding areas. Seems the Welsh don’t want to be tarred with the same “dirty” brush that we’ve been smacked with.
  8. The government isn’t trying to get rid of the virus they are just trying to stop the spread of it. They have acknowledged that this virus isn’t “gone” until there is a vaccine/cure. It’s basically hoping for a miracle to “get rid of the virus”, it’s simply not going to happen, this country is too densely populated and the virus spreads too easily to get rid of it. People need to start facing the reality that we are going to have to learn to live with this virus in the community.
  9. Let’s be honest the number of people dying from this virus is tiny full stop. This approach from the government is not sustainable.
  10. He needs dropping. He’s literally offering nothing at the moment. He’s snatching at everything. His touch is woeful and he can’t play a simple pass right now.
  11. He turned down £25k a week because the club have not played him as much as other players. He tried to get a loan deal organised in January and the club refused unless he signed a new contract. Similar to George Hirst issue at Sheff Wednesday without the furore because United are massive and can afford to lose hot prospects.
  12. Not a popular opinion from me but this cannot go on for much longer. The government are going to have to move to the approach of everyone back to normal except for those that are shielding/high risk who will have to stay in lockdown until there is a vaccine/cure. The continuation of lockdown and this new local lockdown approach will kill the UK. This isn’t about saying **** you to the old people or survival of the fittest but the country cannot continue like this, people say it sounds extreme and hysterical but it’s not, if there is mass redundancy (which authorities are becoming more and more worried about) and people start struggling to feed their families, it’s gonna get very messy.
  13. Just read an article that states as of yet nothing has been agreed to give additional support to businesses in Leicester that have to close again because of the new lockdown. The government can’t have it both ways on this, do they genuinely expect these businesses to play ball when they could quite easily go bust? This whole local lockdown thing has quite clearly not been planned and thought out properly! Now you’ve got other areas that are deemed as high risk and already their local politicians are coming out to say they don’t have an issue. Why? Because they know local lockdown will butcher their cities/towns/boroughs, they’ve seen how people have reacted to Leicester and know it will cripple local economies. What’s the point of really actively trying to test when you are punished like this for doing so?
  14. It’s hilarious that Scraptoft isn’t included in the lockdown considering it’s close proximity to Netherall/Hamilton/Thurnby Lodge/Evington. However as someone has already stated, Scraptoft is part of the Melton and Rutland constituency which is a Conservative stronghold. Political decisions whilst trying to deal with a pandemic
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