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  1. ****ing no chance. Could have signed him after his first season at Ajax but we ****ed it wasting time trying to convince Riyad to stay.
  2. Mark Davies was a player.
  3. Was it Tavares by any chance?
  4. With how Brendan wants to play the game. All he essentially wants from his striker is work rate, pace, strength and goal scoring ability He ticks all them boxes..
  5. I’d love to go back to pinstripes for the home kit. We can go all blue shirt, shorts and socks and I think white pinstripes with gold accents would be really unique.
  6. I personally don’t feel comfortable with some of the comments coming from Brendan at the moment in regards to how much input he will have into the football side of things. In this day and age we all know football is a massive business and millions and millions of £ ride on decisions that are made in regards to recruitment. I think the structure of, First Team Manager and Head of Recruitment working under the Football Director is a sensible way of working things. I agree there needs to be cohesion between the 3 but at the minute it feels a bit like an old boys club and Brendans getting all his pals a job. Despite the chat before Brendan joining of his team of staff working with the current staff, I’ve already heard some have effectively been replaced and will be gone in the summer.
  7. The Leicester/Rangers boys would love this for a signing. Morelos is gonna be quality as he matures and gets more experience.
  8. To be honest for me it’s time for him to go. This season has shown flashes of brilliance in shot stopping but outside of that he has been poor. His distribution is so poor now it has got to the point where it is costing us points. There was a similar situation earlier in the season where he tried to chip it to Ricardo and put him under massive pressure and we conceded. He’s not all that and his Dad’s comments were pathetic before Puel got the boot. If we don’t believe Ward can be number 1 we need to start looking for Kasper’s replacement.
  9. He didn’t need to reinvent the ****ing wheel though did he? Stowell put an exciting attacking team out on Tuesday night playing 4-1-4-1 with Gray and Barnes causing problems all night. Instead he’s completely changed the formation and brought back in our 35 year old club captain who most would agree is past it and we looked shambolic.
  10. It’s actually embarrassing seeing people who were screaming for Puel to get out of this club now try and make excuses for Brendan Rodgers. Just face facts lads, this 3-4-2-1 experiment to bring Wes back in has failed miserably so far.
  11. Morgan off and Gray on at half time.
  12. Look people can ****ing protect a manager that they like all they want but he’s botched it here. Nothing needed massively changing after Tuesday night. Instead we’ve removed one of our goal scorers who was up there for man of the match against Brighton, completely changed formation and brought back in our shitbag over the hill club captain.
  13. Sorry lads but this is just ****ing woeful.
  14. I could have told Brendan for ****ing free that there was a reason Puel moved on from Wes Morgan. He’s ****ing dog shit now.
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