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  1. If we don’t qualify for Europe. Does that mean the likes of Maddison and Chilwell can leave with the excuse of Leicester not having European football? Say what you want but this performance has been a ****ing disgrace.
  2. Kasper’s poor use of the ball in the first 5 minutes has given them confidence to grow into the game. Norwich are a good footballing side, so starve them of the ball. It’s not ****ing rocket science.
  3. Brendan Rodgers wouldn’t speak about him the way he does if he wasn’t an absolute technician. Brendan doesn’t gush over every player in our squad. Matty James is a quality footballer, if he was fortunate enough to have a body robust enough to play regular football, more people would get to know it. First game in the Premier League in over 2 years, what does he do? Cushions a lovely chest to Chilwell whilst being put under pressure. Class.
  4. How mint would it be if the away fans were in a split section similar to at the Etihad in one corner and then you had a new Kop next to them with the lower half safe standing. Would really create an atmosphere in the ground for the team to buzz off.
  5. As shit as that was from Benkovic. Ashley Williams with all his years of experience is at fault for not clearing the initial long ball. Once he’s let it bounce it’s panic stations all round.
  6. It will end up like NFL GamePass, where you pay a smaller amount just to watch and have access to your own team or you can pay more and have access to all teams matches. Like someone said earlier it’s not rocket science, the Premier League is the biggest sports league in the world now. Going direct to consumer means happier fans (less money being shelled out than before) and richer clubs (cutting out the middle men). They just need to pull the trigger on getting the infrastructure together.
  7. Been a Legend. Saying that though if we get Champions League football and we can convince someone like André Onana to join the revolution then I’m all in.
  8. He’ll always be decent but he’s not gonna push it to the next level because he’s not a big game player. Don’t get me wrong, James Maddison is a fantastic footballer but if you were to ask me who I would want on my team in a winner takes all game between Grealish and Maddison, I’m taking Grealish every time. Grealish is a winner and comes good in big games. Maddison doesn’t have that mental ability, he’s missed numerous penalties, he’s gone missing in big games at times and isn’t clinical enough to get the ball in the net when it matters. He’s a quality player and we are lucky to have him, but with a choice, I’d swap him for Grealish in a heartbeat.
  9. Ian starts on Saturday and Hirst on the bench?
  10. We need to stop being so ****ing soft and falling over every 5 minutes. We need to get back to playing with pace and purpose. Finally, what is wrong with the players? There seems to be no ****ing motivation to get results. If you can’t get up for finishing the season strong to qualify for the Champions League then you need a new career. Pathetic.
  11. If Maddison wants to go United and Chilwell wants to go to Chelsea/Man City then it’s time to start planning for their departures in the summer. Tell them both if we get Champions League football then they can leave in the summer with good lucks for the future. We need to start building a football club that is regularly going to be challenging for the Top 4. People can say it’s not realistic but Man City were nothing 20 years ago. The model needs to be building a football club that is attractive to young talent and always being ready to replace them. Becoming an English Borussia Dortmund would do us handsomely. We need to keep players whilst they are performing and want to be here and then moving them on to suit our agenda when the time is right.
  12. I know it’s only Wigan but I think Barnes might have a future as a Number 9. He’s got similar characteristics to Vardy and he’s made some sharp incisive movements in behind.
  13. He’s definitely one of the current Top 5 right backs in football. In no particular order: Kimmich Carvajal Walker Trent AA Pereira
  14. **** Liverpool and **** their victim mentality. That football club is the epitome of hypocrisy. They sing songs about the Munich air disaster but as soon as someone mentions Hillsborough, all of a sudden they are scum of the earth. Despise everything about them.
  15. For me I was concerned with Tielemans athletic ability being exposed in the diamond. Shifting the formation slightly by playing Hamza and Ndidi on either side of the diamond allowing Tielemans to play as a “regista” in the Pirlo mould, utilising Hamza and Ndidi’s athletic abilities as workhorses and Maddison free in the 10, I could see working. It’s just whether Ndidi has the mental capacity to play that position just yet.
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