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  1. Newcastle doing a Newcastle. A poor side that grinds out results and stays up. Fair play to them but they are shite to watch.
  2. David Oldfield would be near the top
  3. Europa League and FA Cup. After last night, I think Liverpool will pip us to the title
  4. If they could play anyone every week, it would probably be usπŸ˜„ But seriously, we've had a great start to the campaign, players coming back to fitness and plenty to look forward to. The players that have come in like Marc have done very well but against that standard of opposition, we definitely need our strongest starting eleven. I hate them like no other club, but I have to hold my hands up and acknowledge what a fantastic side and manager they have. It was men v boys last night The #@&Β£sπŸ˜„
  5. They are the best but we should be giving them a much tougher test than we have in the last 2 encounters. Allinson had a cigar on the go, I'm sure of it.
  6. At full strength, I don't think we're as good as Liverpool though. Best, or at least, in the top 2 best club sides in Europe.
  7. Lost to a very good squad tonight. I don't honestly think that any of the team truly believed we'd win tonight. The game, from Leicester's point of view, was to win the midfield battle. We lost that battle totally. Work will be doublely shit in the morning πŸ™
  8. Be great to come away with 3 points and hope the players don't get their watches, wallets etc nicked from the changing rooms
  9. Liverpool are very good even with some key players missing. Klopp is a very good motivater and is tactically brilliant. They also have VAR, which is the extra man after not having their fans there. In a Keegan style 'I would love it' if we beat them. The fact we're being taken seriously by the elite clubs shows just how far we've come and I'm dead proud of that. COY🦊
  10. I was there and it was brilliant. Loads on the pitch and this inflatable dinosaur kept getting bounced about over everyone's head. A right laughπŸ‘
  11. Or they get the required result to take the title at the KP. Harry lifting the pot at our place would piss a good few off on here. Of course, I could get banned on here for describing that image πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  12. I haven't got a problem with that but his fellow teammates reaction was feckin embarrassing. Lamela's theatrics at old Trafford was a prime example of players being absolute &@+%s If it's a free kick, then it's a free kick If it's a penalty , then it's a penalty. If they're hurt, then they're hurt. Rolling around playacting should be stopped. A massive and totally embarrassing aspect of the modern game which VAR should be nailing. I don't particularly like rugby that much but some of their comments regarding footballers i
  13. It was strange to see Jack Grealish 'helping' a Brighton player back on to his feet yesterday after he was struck by a villa player(was making a meal of it) Then Trezuguet (spelling) rolled around in agony for ages after being slightly touched for villa's non penalty, Jack did nothing to assist him. Is all well in the villa dressing room? πŸ˜„
  14. Many thanks Billy. This has got me quite excited after another Saturday afternoon of watching my Super6 and various bets, go to shite.
  15. You might have to change your name Billy. Seem to have quite a few mates on here atmπŸ˜„
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