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  1. A really welcome 3 points. Great for Vardy to get back among the goals,but I'm not sure he was MOTM🤔 Thank you Sako😄 Any dropped points from Chelsea or Wolves would be most welcome 👍
  2. If we can achieve top 6 or 7 over the next few years, I'll be delighted. If we don't get top 5 after our position at the start of the year, I won't. Win tomorrow and the pressure is on Chelsea and Wolves. If they both win, its still another game gone for them to catch us.
  3. We've just to look back at our hopeless position before we played West Ham in the spring of 2015. That win, however it was achieved, was the springboard to what followed.
  4. Surely World In Motion is decent 😕
  5. If, as expected, Utd carry on their form, are 3rd and are confirmed CL, if it meant stitching up Chelsea, does anyone think they might not be so keen on the final day?
  6. Dispite our dreadful restart, I really think that a win v Palace could really change our mentality. We'd be 6 ahead of wolves and 4 of Chelsea before they play on Saturday. Both these sides have to go to Sheffield Utd before we play them(although if Sheffield get the points, they'll have much to play for at the KP) They also have to play each other as we all know, at the end and Chelsea travel to Anfield, who after tonight's spanking, won't want to end the season badly. There is still hope, look after ourselves 1st and we could be alright. Utd will piss 3rd though
  7. But why wasn't it at least checked? Wilfreds was, after the ref didn't give it and was overturned. If they checked it, not given, I'm fine with that. But like Brighton, it wasn't 😕
  8. Can someone show a clip of the Chilwell penalty incident, so I can be proved wrong and go to bed in a sulk? Many thanks in advance 👍
  9. Norwich got the freekick after it hit their player on the hand 1st before going on to Nachos. Rudiger knew what he was doing there
  10. Did you see Liverpool's penalty in the CL final
  11. How we didn't get a VAR check for Chilwells Cross just stinks of a stitch up. If Wilfreds was, then ours was. Man City 2 reds for their keeper H & A and 2 penalty decisions on pens Chelsea H Liverpool H Burnley A Villa A Brighton H Norwich A What else have I missed?
  12. Things really aren't going for us are they? They haven't done that much more than us but have got the goals. Everton don't let 2 goal leads slip, unfortunately
  13. Utd get forward quickly and in numbers. They've got some very good players but their mentality is so much better. Our mentality at the start of the Brighton game was truly shocking. Brendan needs to get them going, and quickly
  14. The Brighton keeper must have taken a back hander tonight
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