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  1. I think that's a really good point all things considered. We're not good at defending set pieces, Burnley are a tough side and are not as bad as some on here make out. Many out tonight but those who came in battled really well. If you can't win, don't lose. Kasper = outstanding /World class
  2. Although the next 3 games are very important, we'll still have quite a few winnable games after that, when we could have a few key players back. We're a very good side that has hit a rough patch with injuries. All is not lost
  3. A lot said about the last 3 games. Man City should have the title wrapped up by then and I'd imagine Utd will be comfortable top 4 already. Chelsea could be pivotal but may have CL and FA Cup on their minds as well. Spurs might not have anything to play for, league wise but might still be in the later stages of Europe and some of their players might be thinking of the Euros. Spurs might also want to do a payback on Chelsea for 'That Game' if it comes to it. Will be tough but we never quit RIGHT? πŸ˜„
  4. It's highly likely as that happened in 2001, and things are very similar now
  5. Poor performance for everyone but they deserved it over the 2 legs as they wanted it more. I'm as disappointed as anyone but we'll have to focus on the remaining games and kick on. Still loads for go for and much to achieve. Finishing top 4 is the priority and probably always was, after last season. In 2016, spurs knocked us out of the FA Cup. They were still in Europe and ended up with... Well, you all know how it all panned out. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„
  6. Not good but time to address it before they get a dodgy penalty, then time waste. Although I love him to bits , Soyuncu has been a bit off it. Passing and decision making has not been good enough and he did a couple of strange ones at villa.
  7. Although it's disappointing news, about Madders, the 6 points against Liverpool and Villa have bought us a bit more time if we do have a couple of rough results. Top 4 is still very much on and we still have a few returning in the next month (ish) 4-6 points from Arsenal, Burnley and Brighton would firmly keep us in there. πŸ€žπŸ’™
  8. That was a truly beautiful finish from MatetaπŸ’™
  9. I agree with the budgie and it would have saved us 30 million. We also could have got it on higher perches
  10. Incredible that Thomas and Justin got in due to injuries. Seem really good lads as well πŸ’™
  11. If they get their noses in front, it'll be very difficult. As we saw last week, their gamesmanship can make things really frustrating. Get a lead early on, and I think we'll do them comfortably
  12. Absolutely delighted with this win, as its a big 3 points imo. 1st half, brilliant but should have been out of sight. 2nd half, lucky the pubs are shut as I would have got properly blotoπŸ˜„ Well proud of the lads after our recent run of games Barnes and Thomas are some serious talent that will improve. πŸ’™
  13. Surprised Seamus Coleman missed that header. He's normally mustard in those situations. I'll get my coatπŸ˜•
  14. We keep ours within the family, who are all Leicester fans, when anyone can't make a game. I agree that many of those that had recently turned up, were ready to turn their back in 2014/15, when things looked a bit bleak. It's also incredible when we play Utd or Liverpool, how few people I recognise around where I sit. A Chelsea fan I used to know, sold the home tickets for Utd, Liverpool,Man City, Arsenal and Spurs every season. Those 5 games covered the total cost of his season ticket, as he sold them as high as possible,and he basically watched th
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