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  1. Although below their recent levels, Chelsea are still a class act and we'll have to be pretty much near our best to beat them. I fear a Lampard homecoming love in and I might have to hide under my pink hat. Know too many Chelsea fans to even contemplate a heavy defeat. But you never know, get into them from the offπŸ‘
  2. I'd do a straight swap with Mendy Through in Ghezzal if they won't budge, just to get the deal done. πŸ˜„ The little genius is as good as ever imo
  3. I noticed this as well. £2.60 I think for a coke or Fanta. If you was a kid, what would you ask your mum or dad for? Water should cost no more than a quid anywhere 😠
  4. Wonder what Mr Sutton is thinking at this moment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. Vardy is no winger although he hits a lovely low ball across the face of the goal when he gets in those positions. Much better at laying off and spinning into the gaps. Surely this is where Tielemans comes in for a few killer balls. Can't actually remember Vardy taking someone on with the ball and coming out on top. Keep him doing what he's best atπŸ‘
  6. Although I'm not overly keen, I've always thought how good the Dutch fans look in their end, dressed in orange. Pink though, I'm not so sureπŸ˜„
  7. It's incredible that I thought, at one time, players like Richard Smith were the next best thing. We've just broken the world record for the sale of a Centre Half. Now we've got Choudhury, Barnes, Madders, Chilly and a few other young players with a lot of potential and if they continue to progress, the big clubs will come sniffing again. Atm I feel only Riccardo and Tielemans are pretty much the finished article but we'll still be demanding huge fees which will keep us in a great position. Hopefully we'll keep them for a good few seasons yetπŸ‘
  8. Well, whilst he's not the finished article, he's highly regarded by many top managers and is England's full back. The prices being quoted, even if they are not official offers, suggest that he's pretty decent and has time to develop further.
  9. You're dead right. I was in the Copenhagen end behind the goal and they made a right noise. Never saw the teams come out as they put a massive banner out in front of us. Leicester end looked flat and everyone standing in the middle bit so it looked 2/3 rds full Brugges was brilliant, cheaper beer, great weather and friendly locals. Pity I couldn't get in and had to watch it in a fan park next to the groundπŸ˜’
  10. All clubs make bad signings. Sir Alex even had some dodgy ones. Villa signing so many new players this season, I'll be surprised if half of them are a success. We've signed some bad ones but we've signed a few incredibly good ones that have made us decent profits πŸ‘
  11. Llorente would be a very good option to have. Totally changed the CL semi v Ajax They really struggled with him. In Brendan we trust
  12. Incredible how so many fans were moaning about him yesterday. Yes, it wasn't his best game and I thought him and Perez were our 2 poorer performers, but he's been excellent the last 12 months and has lots of time to improve, especially his final ball. To only sell 1 player a season, bring in players that improve the starting 11, invest in our training facilities and stadia and people are still unhappy 😲
  13. Brendan will make sure Leicester play out of their skin next week and play Chelsea off the park. Otherwise he'll have no chance of succeeding Lampard in the late autumn. 🀐
  14. I'll be in blue or pink and have a pint in my hand. You can't miss meβœ‹
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