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  1. Nick Maynard? Hatrick today. Unbelievable Jeff πŸ˜„
  2. You're probably a bit younger than me so I guess you might not have had to put up with the utter bastards during the 80's onwards. Proper scousers I can put up with a bit. The plastics that will swarm everywhere next spring, will do your head in. Fully expect YNWA or Ferry Cross The Mersey to be played non stop. Turn off you TV's, radios and don't go to chav pubs next spring.
  3. I can't believe that last sentence. Where have you been for the last 40 years? πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  4. I'm sure clean cut Klopp has never seen Henderson or Milner take a player out during a gameπŸ™„
  5. The other thing is the theatrics Mane used. Vardy has gone over many times, but he's pretty much always just got straight up. Harry Kane after the Evans challenge was a superb example of just getting on with the game after a proper tackle (although he might have reacted differently in the penalty area) Although superb footballers, Salah and Mane are disgraceful cheats. They'll win the title though, so that'll be all that matters to the club.
  6. I was critical of him the other week but he did really well yesterday. More of the same please πŸ’™πŸ‘
  7. Harry left Leicester to win things. I think he's right. Winning the championship title next season is not beyond Utd
  8. Anyone know what was said to Hamza?
  9. Anyone saying Vardy has bought us a few penalties over the years, is correct. Anyone saying that Vardy would have been given a 94th minute penalty in front of the kop, for that tackle is obviously off their f#ckin tits. The penalty decision will rumble on. Mane's theatrics from the slightest of contact was outrageous and should be punished. It won't be though. Fair play/respect my arse
  10. Although I wouldn't sell unless silly money was involved, I do think he's a bit overrated. His final ball is bloody awful and never seems to pick out one of our players when he gets in very promising positions.
  11. Still can't seem to find a live stream that I don't want to watch πŸ˜” Any help? πŸ‘
  12. Doubt Man United fans would want an ex Liverpool manager.
  13. Sounded pretty good from the opposite end πŸ‘ And I'm normally quite critical, so you must have been decent πŸ˜„
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