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  1. The term legend is overused. For Gordon Banks it's absolutely appropriate. For both City and England.
  2. We have dropped a load of points in the last few matches because we are underachieving, not because we are underperforming. This is in stark contrast to our earlier form when we were deficient in both departments. Unless CP plays the right team, i.e. skilled players in form who are not going to make horrendous mistakes each match or miss simple chances, then we are likely to continue to underachieve, shipping sloppy goals and missing decent chances.
  3. If you keep giving away soft goals and missing your chances this is the result.
  4. If CPs intent was to put out a side that Spurs weren't prepared for then he's done it.
  5. I'm not convinced by our openers. I don't know if it's the onset of limited overs cricket, especially 20-20, but they don't seem to have the technique to stay in there until the opening bowlers and the new ball have been safely negotiated. I hope they now prove me wrong and bat all day.
  6. I was working on an overseas mining project and there was what I could most closely describe as a disused quarry near the site where the company dumped its used fuel drums. One day I accessed the site and arranged some fuel drums on the ground in the centre of the quarry to spell LCFC in letters around three metres high - then I climbed to the rim of the quarry and took a picture. I left them there.
  7. The chant of 'Are you watching, Mark McGhee' after we won the play-off final will always live long in my memory.
  8. I once toyed with the idea of getting the intro to Firth of Fifth as a ringtone for my phone.... but then I'd never answer my phone.
  9. I love a good guitar solo - and this has a couple of great ones.
  10. Work can contribute to depression, no matter the pay. If you find something that you love then do it, we all spend too much of our lives working to waste it in frustration or hopelessness. The needs of an employer may be different to yours but a good one will try to foster an environment where the workforce is as content as possible, if only because people who are happy in their work tend to give more to it. If you haven't done the interview yet, my advice would be that it's a two way process, they're trying to establish if you're right for the job and you're trying to establish if the job's right for you. Never be frightened to ask questions. I used to be a manager and interviewed prospective candidates for posts in my department. I asked quite a few questions but these three were the ones that really mattered: 1. Can you do the job (competency) 2. Will you love the job (staff retention) 3. Will you fit in (maintain harmony in workplace) Good luck with it.
  11. This beautiful tribute to Vincent van Gogh made it to number one for a couple of weeks in 1972. This recording is a live performance.
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