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  1. There is a version of that song that could qualify IMO
  2. If we're having a Tom Petty appreciation.....here's my favourite
  3. Football is our national sport and this is a battle for its soul. Each football team in the country has its fans and to many of them the team is part of their lives. No matter which league they play in, a team has fans who follow it through good times and bad, and who revel in any glories that the team achieves. The structure in place at present makes it possible for minnows to become giants. Historically small teams have risen to become bigger teams, and successful teams have fallen on hard times and suffered relegations. Take those possibilities away and you take away the heart of the g
  4. My Dad was a City fan who used to go to Filbert Street with his friends. He was also a useful footballer and had a trial for City in the 1940s. So I was raised with City in my blood. We used to visit my Nan in Jarrom Street and even as a small child I can remember hearing the roar from Filbert Street when we scored. Whenever City were playing the radio was always on and we all kept up to date with the scores (we didn't have a TV until 1963). I started going with my mates when I was old enough and loved it. All too soon I moved away from Leicester but tried to get to away match
  5. This is becoming the Ford Cortina Mk 3 owners thread. I had one as well (K reg). I have no excuses, it was my third car and I didn't learn from my first car being a Cortina Mk 1 which broke down on the M1 within a week of me buying it. As this is a thread for things that you have done that most people haven't I'd like to add my experience of sorting out a breakdown on the hard shoulder of the M1 without assistance from the AA or RAC (I did get it going again, fortunately engines were a lot simpler then).
  6. For those interested in the Public Health England data I've included a link. I didn't find the pie chart above included but there is data on the number of incidents in each setting and the number where at least one linked case has been recorded which support the percentage breakdown. This may be from which the term 'multiple CV19 outbreaks' was derived. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/925324/Weekly_Flu_and_COVID-19_report_W41_FINAL.pdf
  7. There's too many personal comments in general for my liking on FT. None of us are immune to criticism but we can choose how we feel about it. So if I get horrible comments from my wife or children it hurts; however if I get negative comments from someone I have no respect for then it has much less effect. In any event when one person insults another it's usually the insulter that looks bad to a neutral person rather than the insulted.
  8. I'm retired so not directly affected. Both my lads have been though. My eldest works in a care home. He's been doing extra shifts plus going into work to be tested on his days off on a regular basis. My youngest works from home as a freelance doing coding. His work is contract-based and although he was really busy earlier this year the contracts have been drying up in recent times.
  9. Have you considered Freecycle? An option if charities won't collect.
  10. That's a good idea. If we had a track and trace system as efficient as theirs that would be a good start.
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