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  1. Live version - for those who don't know the background Guy was a messenger working for Elton when he was killed in a motorcycle accident.
  2. There's an understandable focus on his ups and downs at City and thereafter, but before he joined City he had a short term contract at Southampton and he kept them up. He has a proven track record at this level no matter what individuals may think of his personal traits and I hope he thrives at Watford, both for his and their sake.
  3. Unless he's actively seeking a pay cut there won't be too many clubs he'll be tempted to go to now.
  4. Players should be selected on merit, fitness and suitability for the role required for a match. In order to keep a squad happy players in form, fit and suitable must be given their opportunity. Watford at home is an ideal opportunity to give those players who have shown good form like Praet and Kelechi a start.
  5. There is nothing written in stone to say that the top clubs now will be the top clubs in ten, twenty, thirty years time. Just look at the history of the top league in England over the past century. There was a time when Bolton Wanderers, Wolves, Sheffield Wednesday, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest and many others would have qualified as the top teams in the country and where are they now? Some top clubs of recent decades haven't always been top clubs and there is nothing to say that they have any right to continue as top clubs. Equally some smaller clubs have grown to be 'big clubs'. Some of these pundits need a history lesson.
  6. If I read Brendan Rogers correctly he is an ambitious man who would like to reach the very peak of his profession. I doubt that we will have him long term but I think we'll have him for long enough for him to put success on his CV. He has a string of achievements at Celtic but could only have had more of the same by staying there. He wants achievement in the PL, and getting City to a Champions League place or winning a domestic trophy would count as that. Getting the league title would be outstanding, unfortunately no matter what he does this season the likelihood is that it's Liverpool's to lose. So we're going to keep him until he's happy with his achievements and a truly golden opportunity presents itself.
  7. Early environmental awareness - made no.2 in 1971
  8. We have a squad of talented players and it's natural that rich clubs will want to buy our success. But those players have flourished under our manager. Take them out of that situation, put them in a system that doesn't suit them or that doesn't work so well and watch them go downhill. BR is the one we really can't afford to lose.
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