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  1. Queasy/light-headed - one of the possible side effects of vaccination is development of a slight fever, this could be an early sign. As I'm not a doctor, probably not though. Hope you feel better soon.
  2. I first heard Leonard Cohen in the early 1970s. Some of his songs reached into me in a way no others could. As I aged and underwent more of life's experiences his songs became even more relevant. And it's not just the poetry, it's the way he delivers the words - I've listened to others covering his songs and they don't impact in the same way. A true giant as a poet, singer and songwriter.
  3. My eldest works in a care home. He was vaccinated on Sunday and two days later tested positive for Covid-19 on a lateral flow test. He was clear on Sunday (the staff are tested daily). The only people he saw in the intervening period were my wife and myself, so now we're both self-isolating. I know that it shouldn't have this effect, but could the vaccine be a factor?
  4. There is more than one type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I know this as I also have this condition. There is a slow-growing version where there are initially no tumours but cancer cells are present (in the bone marrow). This is incurable but treatable by chemotherapy. A blood test can reveal the level of cancer - at low levels no treatment may be applied and there are routine blood tests to check. If the level of cancer cells rises then chemotherapy can be applied to reduce the problem. Many sufferers of non-Hodgkins lymphoma can have a near-normal lifespan. Some may never dev
  5. Correct I believe that figures quoted are for all vaccinations, which include second vaccinations given (around 200,000). So there is some way to go. My eldest works in a care home and to date none of the staff or residents have been vaccinated.
  6. It's not surprising that your motivation is lower than normal, we all need events to give us a lift to counteract those events that depress us, and recently its been a load of depressive events and not many lifts. Several months ago I began to call old friends, some of whom I hadn't seen for years, because of the lockdown and the fact that I was going downhill at home and thought that they may be in the same position. Sometimes our phone calls are just gripes about the current situation but other times they can raise the spirits, and in all cases it's just good to talk to another person. We
  7. Being alone is awful and damaging to mental health. In the first lockdown last Spring I was told that as an extremely clinically vulnerable person I could not even leave my house. When June ended and the restrictions were relaxed just to go out for exercise and be able to say good morning to someone felt wonderful. The current situation is so bad that many of us are feeling low, myself included. We've been battered with one restriction after another for months now and they can wear you down. I hate the way things are at present and can only content myself with the thought that
  8. It's clear that the job you're doing isn't right for you. The fact that you're competent at it makes it appealing for your employer to keep you there but that isn't a long term solution for either of you. There is a danger that you'll stick at it despite everything until you can't take any more then quit no matter what the consequences - we all have a breaking point and I've been beyond mine before. A good manager needs to have the right people in the right jobs. A successful team is comprised of people who can do their job, love their job and fit in with everyone else in the te
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