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  1. Crinklyfox


    Good to see that you've been to the GP. Meds can take a while to take effect but if they aren't working then don't hesitate to go back for something different. The meds are there to address the physiological changes that depression causes that hamper recovery. It's worth considering that although meds can set you on the road to recovery you'll probably need to address the way you think about things. We all have good and bad experiences but typically a depressed person will ignore the positives and concentrate on the negatives, which leavers them thinking that nothing is good and fosters an attitude of hopelessness. It can seem trite for a person suffering from depression to be told that there are good things about their life as they won't see it that way and expect that the person making the comment has no idea how they feel, but it's likely to be true. A depressed person may frequently think that there's no way out of their situation and there is therefore no hope for the future but that's also a warped view of the world. A depressed person will probably have spent much of their life not suffering from depression and will have enjoyed those times. There was a series of events, or a path that led them to their current situation and there is similarly a path out of it. Just because they can't see it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. This thread has a number of posters who have been depressed, have now recovered, know how it felt and are happy to share their experiences with others who are experiencing this terrible affliction. I hope that you can find your way through and join them.
  2. Crinklyfox


    There's a lot of ignorance around regarding mental illnesses, including depression. Some people won't accept these illnesses exist. Don't give any credence to statements of the ignorant. This thread is used by a number of FT posters who have some experience of depression, the ignorant get moved on pretty quickly so please keep posting. When someone has suffered from depression for a while the natural resistance to adverse events goes so what under normal circumstances would be taken as the ups and downs of everyday life can feel like a chain of catastrophes. Feeling bad under those circumstances is to be expected. Depressed people tend to have a different perspective on problems, it's easy to get into a position where every additional problem feels unbearable. This isn't healthy and should be addressed. Seeing a medical professional like a GP could help (it was an essential first step for me).
  3. Crinklyfox

    UK Cities quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 70 seconds  
  4. Crinklyfox

    The joke thread

    I woodn't be sure about that.
  5. Crinklyfox

    The NHS (National Health Service) Thread

    It was a strain of stafilococus aurius (not MRSA). We never did find the cause but he works in a Nursing Home so that is a possible origin. I advised the manager as soon as I found out.
  6. Crinklyfox

    The NHS (National Health Service) Thread

    I'm another person grateful to the NHS. A week ago I got a call from my adult son's employer, he wasn't well, couldn't drive, could I pick him up. He's almost never ill, hasn't been to see a GP since 2006 and hasn't had a day off work since then so I was worried. I found him with a bandaged hand and a high temperature. As it was the weekend I went straight to A&E, they saw him in under an hour, inspected his swollen fingers and hand and gave him some intravenous antibiotics, telling me to bring him back the next day. When I saw him the next day his temperature was just below 40 and his fingers looked more like peeled sausages - straight back to A&E, more antibiotics and then transfer to another hospital with a specialist unit where they put him in isolation and kept pumping in the antibiotics (which didn't seem to be doing a lot). By this time I was really worried. Over the next few days they stabilised and maintained him and ran a load of tests until they found the cause of the infection then smashed it with the appropriate drugs. He recovered quickly after that although his hand looks bad because of all the scabbing where the skin was lost. They've just discharged him, he has to see his GP and he'll be off work for a couple of weeks but we've got him back. So thank you NHS, you were brilliant.
  7. Crinklyfox

    The Crinkly Music Quiz No. 2

    The Crinkly Music Quiz No. 2 Ready for another blast at the past? Submitter Crinklyfox Type Graded Mode Time 5 minutes Total Questions 10 Category General Submitted 24/04/18  
  8. Crinklyfox

    Your Happy Place

    Sounds like a good honeymoon to me. My wife is also Mauritian which is why I know a little of the island. We were similarly skint when the children were growing up but now we're both retired have more time (and money, now the mortgage is gone) for leisure.
  9. Crinklyfox

    Your Happy Place

    Another place where I can really unwind is in Mauritius. I like a little place on the west coast called Flic en Flac (though there are many others that are also peaceful). I took the two photos on the nearest beach facing north and south at 2.30 pm on a Tuesday afternoon in August.
  10. Crinklyfox


    This is a good move and gives us some protection should we lose a CB this summer. I'd be surprised if a big club didn't have a go for Maguire at some time and he could have his head turned so we're not guaranteed to have him by the start of next season. I'd still like us to keep Dragovic as well if we can.
  11. Crinklyfox

    Your Happy Place

    Porthtowan's a small village on the north coast of Cornwall, near where I used to live. When the tide is out it's possible to walk on the beach to the north-east, mostly in splendid isolation. I've spent many a happy hour there turning off from the world and feeling at one with my surroundings. If anyone else contemplates doing this, be sure to check the tide times. It's too easy to get trapped against the cliffs by a rapidly incoming tide.
  12. Crinklyfox

    90's Leicester Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 62 seconds  
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    Life is depressing at times. If you have clinical depression then 'at times' is all or nearly all of the time, but that's the warped point of view that depression causes. If you are clinically depressed then you will most likely need drugs to break the cycle but probably not the ones you're taking, which can be viewed as good because they ease the pain for a while but they aren't tackling the root of the problem. When I suffered from depression I didn't realise that this caused physiological changes that had to be corrected by drugs before I could even contemplate getting to the source of the problem. So seeing your GP is a pretty essential first step to recovery.
  14. Crinklyfox

    Questions Thread

    My screen is still blue. Regrettably I can't offer any advice as I have the IT skills of an amoeba. Please don't tell me that City have a pink kit - sounds like watered down Forest.
  15. Crinklyfox

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    If Puel remains this is some players last chance to prove they shouldn't be shipped out in the summer. And funnily enough there's energy and motivation all over the pitch. Just saying.