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  1. Depression

    You've done the right thing in seeking medical advice and getting help. You've spoken of four knock backs, exhaustion and fatigue. If these were work-related then stepping away from your current employer looks like a sound move, however if they weren't then it's more questionable. When you're depressed your natural resistance to 'knocks' is worn down so that what may seem to others like a small setback can feel like a disaster to you. Ups and downs are an integral part of life, both working and domestic, moving employer may reduce them but it's your state of mind that will help you cope, that was my experience anyway when I suffered from depression, the cause of which was largely work-related. I stayed with my employer, the prescription drugs helped me cope with my depression and cognitive therapy helped me get my thoughts into perspective so I could view events in a better frame of mind. Your analysis of yourself sounds right because when you're depressed you aren't your normal self. Depression restricts your ability to see things rationally and the physiological changes it makes can prevent you from feeling pleasure. Literally nothing feels good. That's where the drugs can help as dealing with the physiological problems is an essential first step, after which you can more rationally deal with the underlying causes of the depression. Give them time to work (it took a few weeks for me).
  2. Quiz questions needed.

    I've been reading the responses, some of the questions are very good but many are quite tough. I set the odd quiz and try to get a range of difficulty within the ten questions on each topic. That way every team gets something (no-one feels good if they only get two out of ten) but only the very knowledgeable get top marks. I also try to test knowledge on a variety of sports. The questions below are from my last quiz (with answers). Which cricketer holds the record for the highest test batting average for England? Herbert Sutcliffe Which football club plays its home matches at Fratton Park? Portsmouth Which snooker player won the World Championship on fifteen consecutive occasions? Joe Davis Which was the first city in the USA to host the Olympic Games? St Louis How many players are there in an ice hockey team? Six Which darts player won the world championship in 1979, 1987 and 1993? John Lowe Which woman has won the most singles titles at Wimbledon? Martina Navratilova (9) In which year did England win its only Rugby Union World Championship? 2003 Which US city has sporting teams called Tigers, Red Wings, Lions and Pistons? Detroit Aerial, floater, soul arch and kick out are all manoeuvres in which sport? Surfing
  3. Depression

    Sounds like the troubles she's been experiencing have resulted in her self-confidence being gone as you said. She may be constantly worrying that you're going to leave her and her asking you if you really want to be with her may be a way of inviting a 'no' answer to 'get it all over with' so she doesn't have to keep worrying about it rather than her not wanting to be with you. Also if she's experienced the pain of splitting from her ex she may fear it happening again. She probably needs a lot of reassurance so being very positive to her about your wish to be with her should help. Sharing the same experiences like going places together or laughing at the same things can help her see you as a couple rather than two individuals. The way to gain self-confidence is to do things, procrastinating and worrying about them won't help so you may have to take the lead and be positive about life in order to help her through.
  4. Huddersfield Away 1-1 post match

    Horrible but happy with the point.
  5. Huddersfield away match thread

    My stream has gone but it was poor anyway. I won't need one for the next match but I will need at least six tranquillisers if the performance is like today.
  6. Huddersfield away match thread

    City employs Shakey as Manager to work with the players, make them as good as they can be, then pick the team and formation most likely to succeed against the next opposition. He works with them on a daily basis which helps him make those decisions. No-one on this forum does the same and it seems most rely on history or potential to select the team. If Shakey gets it wrong on a regular basis he'll be gone, until that time I'll rely on his judgement above others. So I'm behind the team that takes the field today, regardless on personnel. Come on City!
  7. What grinds my gears...

    I'm on LinkedIn. Just search for 'megastar' and 'genius' and you should find me. And I didn't boast about my promotion from 'superstar' so my ego's well in control IMO.
  8. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    There is no worse fate than death.
  9. Depression

    Many people believe in an afterlife, despite there being scant evidence to support this (and for those who disagree please start another thread on this topic rather than filling this thread with religious argument, I'm only stating this in respect of its relation to depression). I find it more convincing that there is nothing more than this life and so concentrate all my efforts on making it as good as I can. Sometimes life is hard, and when it's hard for a prolonged period it's easy to think that there must be something better, but if we allow ourselves to think that way then IMO we can diminish our own resolve to hold on to this life and to make the best of every day.
  10. Depression

    Many of us have had times like that but if you compare the number of nights when you wanted to wake up in the morning to those when you didn't (and please take the whole of your life for this review) you'll find that the times when you wanted it to end are a very small minority. So it's usually worth battling through the bad times to get the good ones again. I've had times when my first thought in the morning was 'How am I going to get through today?'. No prospect of change seemed likely and I was very down. Years later I don't feel like that any more. Just because I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel didn't mean that it wasn't there.
  11. The Car thread

    My first car was a Mk 1 Ford Cortina, lovingly painted in blue gloss to cover the rust. Lasted three months.
  12. Depression

    Thanks for posting, it is an interesting read. My own take on depression is that once you have it there are physiological issues that have to be addressed, however whilst there may be a proportion of cases of depression that stem from physical issues I firmly believe that a lot of cases of depression have psychological roots, and whilst the physical issues can be treated full recovery is unlikely unless the psychological issues are addressed. I can put my own experience with depression down to events in my life and how I reacted to them, and my recovery was greatly assisted by my viewing of events in my life in a different, and more balanced, perspective.
  13. Working abroad

    If you're back each weekend then the period away should be manageable. I spent quite a bit of my working life on short-term jobs overseas (and the occasional long one). Leaving the family is hard but you have the advantage of being a short plane journey away so could return home at any time if needed.
  14. Depression

    I remember being 17 with a fair degree of pain. I was finding my way in life and everything felt intense, there was no such thing as a 'minor knock', every setback felt like it was huge. The years following helped me put my feelings into a better perspective. Try to be forgiving of yourself and give yourself time. There is someone out there with a good heart who will be happy that they've found you. A scar is nothing, don't let your medical history make you think that you are in any way diminished. There are many ways to judge someone's worth as a person, number and type of hospital visits is not one of them. We all have an 'inner voice'. The trick is not to let it give you a warped view of the world. If you met a friend who had experienced the same issues as yourself would you be critical of them? I doubt it, neither should you be critical of yourself. You have many years ahead of you to experience the many things life has to offer, don't even contemplate throwing them away for a temporary setback.
  15. Depression

    Feeling down is natural when you're struggling with health, emotional or financial issues. Nothing wrong with feeling down at those times, it's when you feel down without good reason that it's a time for concern, which many with clinical depression do. It's great if you can recognise the signs and do something about it but it's also a time when you need others around you to lift your spirits. It's commendable that you always find the time to help others on this forum. If you feel low just consider all the good that you do for others, and it's appreciated. If you don't have the largest rep count on this thread then I'd be staggered. I don't like the time when the nights draw in either, it means that the days of summer (washout this year) have gone and it'll be a long time until they're back. However summer gone isn't all bad, footie is back for a start and we have the pleasure of constantly agonising over City to look forward to. You have your children at home, treasure them and the years they spend with you, I can promise that life isn't the same once they've gone. With all the accompanying strife they are a pleasure of life that makes it worth living.