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  1. Congratulations on getting your degree. You've just proved to the world that you can succeed - uni is a lot harder than many think and you have to have determination and self-discipline to get through it. Confidence is gained by doing things. No-one starts as an expert in whatever they are attempting. We all have to go through the process of trying and not being as successful as we want to be, but building on that experience to be better next time. Doubting our ability is natural in a way as we have no proof that we can achieve what we want to - the way to overcome it is to actually have a go, and as CostockFox so rightly said, what's the worst that can happen? All of us who have achieved progress in our lives know what it is to try and fall short of our own expectations, if you enter any profession or academic structure you should find peers there with understanding.
  2. We have to do what NZ did, hang on in there until the best bowlers are off and the ball isn't doing so much. Big roles for Root and Morgan today.
  3. Gwent The Witcher Card Game - horribly addictive even though I'm rubbish at it. There is a levelling system though which segregates the normal from the talented. I'm also playing Thronebreaker, same system as Gwent but different cards and puzzles (some horribly difficult).
  4. I was introduced to FF7 after buying it for my youngest son and then helping him out when he got stuck. I subsequently had to buy the following few FF games, which was not a problem as I got to try my hand at them. To me the FF series great strengths were their story lines and the turn-based combat. From what I can see the remake has abandoned the turn-based combat in favour of becoming an action RPG. I don't expect it to be as good as the original for that reason, plus the fact that FF7 was, at the time, cutting edge in terms of graphics.
  5. Many who were children in the 60's will remember this one from Jackie.
  6. There are many great and powerful vocalists that have been mentioned already. I just want to add one with recognisable laid back tones that I love to listen to - Al Stewart.
  7. Carlos Santana anyone?
  8. I also have specs and one eye with weak eye muscles, so much so now that I can't focus well at short range. I was offered varifocals many years ago and tried them, I was bumping into objects and people are daredn't drive with them. After about a week I gave up on them and went back to single lens specs which I wear all the time now except for close work, when I have to remove them. It's a little inconvenient but I'd rather do that than persist with varifocals which just felt wrong for me.
  9. Is this a KPMG marketing tool or have they been paid to produce it (in which case, by whom)? Statistics like this are interesting but KPMG appear to have made some fundamental assumptions when producing their comparisons; for example, the standard of football is not the same in each of the top divisions of each European country. A good player plying their trade in a top club in an average league will rate more highly on goals and assists than the same player in the top Premier League. One of their conclusions that a club like City would struggle to compete in European and Domestic competitions is not supported by facts. I also was not able to discern any effects on performance relating to managers in their analyses. I suspect that this document has been composed by statisticians and accountants who are very good at dissecting balance sheets and assessing financial performance which gives credibility to their data and statistics, however I am not wholly convinced by the conclusions they have drawn from this information.
  10. Insomnia will only make things worse, you need to sleep. Zopiclone works for me, not the most restful sleep but at least it gives you some recovery from the previous day which insomnia won't. Shouldn't be too much trouble getting a GP to prescribe it unless it interferes with any other meds you may be on in which case there are alternatives.
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