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  1. Oh Alf......now I know which buttons to press Especially for your continued mental health I'm now not going to delve into my collection of early Genesis and Pink Floyd. If you want to get that song out of your head may I suggest listening to The Chicken Song by Spitting Image. I'm not going to post it because I'm not that cruel.......
  2. My eldest son works in a nursing home. He's worked in this sector for the past fifteen years. He was issued with a mask just a week ago. I once met the owner of a small chain of nursing homes and asked him the awkward question regarding how residents families could possibly be able to afford the fees. He replied that although the fees were high, they were generally not paid over a long period of time - the average stay in a nursing home was only six months. These nursing homes are filled with some of the most vulnerable in our society near the ends of their lives. Any severe illness results in a transfer to hospital. This sector is receiving much less attention than the NHS, but may be adding to the pressure put upon it. I'd be interested to learn if there is any data out there regarding the number of infections and deaths in hospital where the victims have come from nursing homes. More attention may have to be paid to this sector.
  3. Just done my weekly shop at Sainsbury's which had an hour reserved for pensioners and vulnerable only. It took me 30 minutes to get to the front of the queue but the numbers of shoppers inside the store had been limited, so it was worth the wait. Shelves better stocked too but some gaps, even though the store was restricting purchases to a maximum of two of any one item. Thankfully I purchased enough to see Mrs C and myself through the next seven days, back to self-isolating now.
  4. I've noticed a more upbeat mood on this thread today. The numbers of deaths yesterday was lower than expected and there seems to be a theory that those who have died were probably near the end of their lives anyway. I don't believe that. The virus is having a devastating effect on the vulnerable, especially it seems those with suppressed immune systems. Anyone undergoing chemotherapy falls into that category. Cancer can be suppressed or beaten in many cases with the right strategy, and dying of Covid-19 is likely to shorten the lifespan of many cancer sufferers by more than a few months. IMO it's far to early to be taking the view that 'everything will be all right'. If that happens nationally then people will start to ignore social distancing causing many more untimely deaths.
  5. My dentist has cancelled all appointments and I've received a text from them advising me to call 111 if I need an emergency dentist.
  6. A month ago that would have been antisocial behaviour. Now it could be attempted murder. I'd like to see them arrested and charged.
  7. Bad day yesterday. Received a phone call to tell me that one of my bowls buddies had died of an unspecified chest infection. RIP John.
  8. As one of the retired posters on FT I applaud the message that we should be self-isolating but IMO there are two factors working against that: 1. The situation in the shops. I had been self-isolating all week in an attempt to protect my wife and myself, but as I hadn't been hoarding I needed to do a weekly shop to get enough to last the next week. This took me two days in stores packed with people. Self-isolation will fail unless the panic buying and shortage issues are sorted out. 2. Many people just don't take this seriously. As I previously posted I wore a mask for my shop, which I had purchased several weeks ago in anticipation of the spread of the virus. Apart from some shop assistants I was the only person protecting myself and others in this way. My appearance attracted many smiles, some laughs and in one case abuse from another shopper who told me in no uncertain terms that my mask wasn't necessary. I also overheard a paramedic outside a shop telling another shopper not to believe the hype about the virus. I fear that this will have to get much worse before those people wake up to the reality.
  9. Much appreciated but I'm in Sussex. It's good to know that there are decent folk around, thanks for the offer. I'll go out again tomorrow, hopefully there will be more stock around.
  10. Both my wife and I fall into the group that has been advised to self-isolate. I've tried as far as possible to follow that advice, trying to limit myself to one shop per week and no social contacts. I've even bought a mask to (possibly) help when I do go out. My nightmare is that I contract the virus, pass it on to my wife and she becomes seriously ill so I'm doing everything I can to limit exposure. But this situation in the shops is a nightmare. I usually go to shop early in the morning routinely but today found that many others had the same idea and that there was a large queue to enter. When I did get inside it was like a scrum, one family had come out in force and were blocking the aisle until they had shovelled all of what they wanted into their shopping trolleys, then were moving a couple of paces forward and repeating. Needless to say I couldn't get everything I needed which meant that I had to move on to another shop, this one had many empty shelves so I still couldn't get what I needed and to improve matters one enlightened individual, seeing me wearing a mask, wandered over and said 'I hope you catch it and die'. I went to a third shop and they basically had nothing. Now I'm looking at travelling to nearby towns and villages in the increasingly vain hope of picking up essentials. So much for self-isolating. The situation in our shops is working against the governments strategy and someone needs to do something to stop the hoarders.
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