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  1. Like father like son. Number one for Chesney Hawkes in 1991 Number one for father Len (Chip) Hawkes in 1967
  2. More weeks in the charts than any other song in the Seventies.
  3. Wind chimes. You know those things that make a tinkling noise when the breeze gently sends them into contact with each other. Except that one of our neighbours has the worlds largest wind chimes and when it's winter and half a gale is blowing those things sound like a demented version of Tubular Bells which can be annoying around midnight. I'm assured that they're meant to be relaxing but I'm tempted to show just how relaxing I find Easy Living by Uriah Heep at 120dB at midnight. But we also have some considerate neighbours so I don't. But the wind chimes are just noise pollution.
  4. US military capability is greater than Iran's. The danger is that the hawks in the US military and government convince Trump to use this situation to their advantage and attack Iran. That could quickly escalate into a regional conflict. I'm hoping that Trumps allies can convince him that war is not the only option.
  5. Good topic for a thread. My tolerance to alcohol has decreased with age, so much so that I can now get a hangover from a couple of pints. I like the odd glass of wine if I'm at home or a pint if I'm within walking distance of a pub but that's it - moderation has become the norm for me. I do generally sleep better when I don't drink, otherwise I tend to wake up early in the morning. I've seen first hand what prolonged drinking can do - a family member has a permanent disorder linked to excessive alcohol consumption and a family friend is currently in a nursing home with a dementia condition caused by excessive drinking. They've cut down or stopped drinking now but the damage is done.
  6. From an old Ready Steady Go
  7. Crinklyfox


    For anyone who's suffered a loss.
  8. I saw the Bonzos 45 years ago. Still remember the roar from the audience when Vivian Stanshall staggered back onto stage after the gig, grabbed the mike and said 'I used to be a big shot....' Truly a unique band. I'll be raising a glass to Neil Innes tonight and after a couple will listen to the song below.
  9. Happy Christmas all. Whatever happened in 2019 is the past and I hope that 2020 brings you more joy than sadness.
  10. Just a bit of info - the elderly don't stop paying taxes. My pension is taxed, and when I kick the bucket there's always inheritance tax. I agree with your sentiment, the elderly seem much more marginalised now then they were half a century ago. Good move by City.
  11. Tony Britton, actor and director.
  12. Quick trivia question - which artist(s) had most weeks on the charts in 1974? No I didn't get it either.
  13. Thank goodness for Radio Bremen keeping their Beat Club programme records while the BBC deleted classic Top of the Pops.
  14. I went to Uni a long time ago so things may have changed, however.. 1. A year out is a great idea if it helps your son decide what he wants to do. If there's no plan he may end up working in an industry he doesn't particularly like, or hopping from one short term job to another. The upside is that it could give him the motivation to better himself or to clarify that he really didn't want further education. Also, if he does work in an industry he likes he may be able to determine if a degree would be necessary to help his career. 2. It depends on the course, but personally I didn't find Uni an easy ride. There was a lot of studying and course work to do, and without the motivation to achieve some students simply gave up which was a waste of their time and money. It's best if he really wants it before committing three years of his life. 3. Have a read of the job requirements for what you perceive to be decent jobs on the net. A lot of them will contain words such as ' You will have a degree in (subject or field)'. A degree is used as a filter to exclude the less well educated, regardless of ability. 4. A degree isn't an essential for a successful career, but it can help. I wouldn't have had some of the opportunities in my own career without one.
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