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  1. I can't see him going, personally. He's been on the market for, realistically, a year or so. He's obviously asking too much or there's something on his end that's holding this all up. We payed, in today's money, peanuts for him. Clubs are either waiting until summer or they just don't think he's worth it. Sadly, he's a championship player who never lived up to the potential.
  2. Have we done Ozil going to Turkey on a free, to a club that has set up a text service for fans to fund his contract with donations? Arsenal reeeeally aren't the club of old
  3. I'd say keep him around for the rest of the season then sort out a proper loan for him next year. He's still only 19 but I can totally see him doing a Barnes.
  4. Errrrrrr... We've done that on purpose so we can sucker punch them
  5. He's one I hadn't heard of til recently. Isn't he in disagreement with Arsenal over his contract?
  6. ermmmm...not really what I wanted to see on Friday afternoon tbh. in all seriousness we've got to get a striker this window, even on loan. Nacho and Perez cannot be our only options.
  7. Thing that is really winding me up at the moment is the scheduling of games giving journos the opportunity to say "Leicester were top, then Man City, then Man United, all in the space of a day". No. At the start of the round of fixtures, Man United were top. They were then top at the end of the round. Dunno why it winds me up so much. I'm an adult. I know this is how they work.
  8. Haha brilliant. Frank looks like he knows the game is up. Also blatant foul and yellow.
  9. Celebrating a goal with a hug, having a haircut - bad Sharing changing room space, team coach and showers - good
  10. the City and Hundred Reasons - never thought I'd live in a world where they collided. Saw them Rock City 2004, supported by Biffy Clyro. How things change... Believe the HR singer now works as a media teacher at a college somewhere and has no real inclination to return to music.
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