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  1. His development has been frustrating. When he was bought I remember the hope that he'd develop further on from his Birmingham start but that was nearly four years ago. I do wonder if they're priming him for a January sale to a relegation struggle club. Big him up as an exciting prospect that can add energy. Either that or he's going to be an impact player to stretch defences in the last 20/15 minutes of games. I can't imagine that the club view him as the future first choice winger that it was hoped he'd grow into.
  2. He is the king rustler. It's brilliant. I cannot begin to imagine how annoying he is for opposition fans.
  3. I told a mate once that I thought Friday Night Football was a stupid idea and wrong for the game. .... I think that us winning the Champions League next year is a stupid idea and wrong for the game.
  4. It's definitely a feeling I'm getting too - there's too much noise about Madders and Chilwell going at the moment. Especially with the England call ups. My guess is they're trying to get a better contract. Agents really are the bane of modern football.
  5. Brendan would be mad to go. Let's say Ole goes by Christmas, who the hell are their realistic options? Poch? Allegri? Big Sam?
  6. Mourinho must be laughing his smug face off
  7. Traore in my fantasy team was a cheap stab in the dark. Oh my, how he has paid off. On topic - we've seen teams drop big points leads before so I'm not anticipating Liverpool will keep it up indefinitely.
  8. I should not get that reference because I am far, far too young for it. Gizza job.
  9. If we don't get Europe, we need to brace ourselves. Hopefully he's really enjoying being here because, genuinely, top 5 right backs in the world. I cannot believe we have him.
  10. This will be tougher than we expect. Yes Newcastle are 19th but they're no Watford. Bruce will have them drilled for defence and they'll try to swamp midfield.
  11. Top 4. I think our chance is there to do an Everton from a few years ago - europa league and pushing for Champs league. At the start of the season I wasn't really paying all that much attention to the "breaking the top 6" talk and felt we'd probably settle around 8th with a league cup win - aka the MON era. But this is something different now....wouldn't have pictured Spurs, Arsenal AND United all faltering as they have. Gonna be a fun season.
  12. Pretty shit all around. Gray needs to go. Championship player and we're losing money off him. Nice to see the Manchester Drama School get some people on the pitch too
  13. Hopefully Sancho will inspire other young English players - get into a team, even if you have to go abroad.
  14. At the end of the day, that's the danger when you get younger players working towards their peak. Hopefully it means that the profits made can become purchases for peak players
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