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  1. Surely Southampton won't be this crap come the weekend?
  2. I'd want to see a public apology to fans and to team mates tbh. It's what you do with kids - make them apologise to peers
  3. Ever since that tackle on the Everton player I've seen Son for what he is - a dirty little fucher who gets away with it because he plays well and has a cheeky smile. "He's not that sort of player" is a phrase that works once but not the fifth, sixth, seventh time
  4. Gutted with the result but glad to see players go down fighting. Tactics were wrong first half but subs made a difference. Well done Kel for not giving in. I do think the actions of those certain players affected the team as there was clearly a mentality block. But what I saw today didn't look like Bournemouth last season. I hope Brendan fires them up to prove a point next week against Saints.
  5. Fantastic corner routine. Been a long time since I've seen a short pass booted straight at the oppo
  6. Shaving their heads is too much. Let them keep some dignity. Just shave one side.
  7. Really hoping it's bollocks. If we're to lose top 4, I want it done on the pitch, not off it
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