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  1. Yeah he's from Northants but was at youth academy a bit. Fairly sure he had an injury or something.
  2. UEFA should bar us from the Euros
  3. If that's the state it's in, it can stay the fvck out
  4. I am so close to turning over. 0-0 draw this.
  5. Don't care who scores just give us a goal. Fvck it, let Scotland have one. This is dreadful.
  6. "sorry lads, we've got our creative midfielder quota"
  7. Is there legit ITK sources on this?
  8. Lacking in width and where's Barnes? Just go 442 - Pep won't know what to do with it.
  9. No, pretty sure every other club is doing it
  10. If Edouard and Soumare come here, that feels like prep for two of Vardy/ Nacho/ Ndidi/ Youri moving on next season. They're good signings but feel like preparation ones.
  11. I believe any player has his price. But Arsenal better buck their ideas up if they're offering £70 million.
  12. Well done Wales but never allow Savage near a mic again
  13. Did Cags lose him or was it another defender supposed to be on him?
  14. My biggest take away is that I didn't realise he was in Lincolnshire. Got family there.
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