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  1. I normally hate to feed the "conspiracy theory" narrative but bugger me...they really gave people reasons to believe it tonight. Disallowed goal, an age spent on the clear red and clear goals. I was half bracing for them to not give them our way. Just seeing Vardy stood around waiting for his goal to be chalked off, the way they tried to find every angle, despite the fact that you could see with your eyes it was onside. It really did feel like they were looking for excuses.
  2. Doesn't help that am trying to watch on Sky Go and their stream quality is absolute dog shit. I'm on fibre broadband and they're buffering constantly. Least it's not my account..
  3. Much better corner than recently. Growing into the game.
  4. Oh damn. Well that's soured my morning. Google just gave me the fixtures with no context. Completely forgot about the cup. Maybe Kante could do a leg breaker on Fernandes.
  5. Does it work in our favour if Chelsea beat Man U, go above us and we draw Spurs? Assuming we get wins at Sheffield and Bournemouth, with a draw at Arsenal. That puts us on 65 points? By my reckoning, that could send us into a final game (if we lose at Spurs) with us on 65 and them on 64. We'd just need a draw to clinch it. I say "just". Or would it be better for Man U to overtake Chelsea, kind of making our game with them a dead rubber? In theory, Chelsea have a harder run-in and we don't play them.
  6. Lovely goal haha. Plus that pass earlier from Redmond (I think) was a beauty. I think our drubbing of them lit a bit of a fire under their arses.
  7. He could probs fit his massive balls. Just.
  8. I think he needs to move soon. If he doesn't, then it's game over for big moves and he may as well finish his career at Spurs and become a proper legend there - likely top scorer of all time. Think of how the likes of Steve Bull are revered, even though they didn't win much. A lot to be said for being a true club legend.
  9. For all those saying we shouldn't be complaining...well...your expectations shift. If you come from a poor family but work your way up to owning a 5 bed detached house, getting made redundant and downsizing to a 3 bed semi isn't exactly something to celebrate. If we'd have been patchy all season and bounced around between 12th and 8th but gave it a go - scoring but conceding, I think we'd all say fair enough. But to reach 3rd, stay there for months, then drop down to 7th, is a pretty spectacular implosion. I know we're not quite there yet and we are still in the top 4 - a win against Palace will do us a world of good - but fans have every reason to be very, very concerned. Especially as the implications for the club if we drop out of top 4 whilst we know at least 4 of our players have been linked elsewhere.
  10. Genuinely concerned about next season, now. If this is the job Brendan wants to do to get his name back in with the "big boys" then he's going the wrong way about it.
  11. I want to be angry but whatever. I could have made a brew during that VAR decision.
  12. I know it's crazy but the more I hear about Grealish being linked with clubs the more I think we're the type that suit him. Latest gossip is Man City are looking at him but only if Sane goes. No way he gets in the team over Mahrez, Sterling or B Silva. Same with if he goes to Man United or Liverpool. He's clearly a committed lad or he'd have left Villa years ago but he's worked to get them promoted and try to stay up. Maybe we could chance it and say - "we've got 4 players in the England squad in the last 5 years and you're a guaranteed starter". He'd cost a bloody fortune though but I don't think a reputation as a club that gets you into the elite is a bad one, especially if we limit sales to one big one a year. Happy to be disagreed with on this.
  13. Hate to be a pessimist but the performance was really quite concerning. Rogers needs to have a good look at the squad and come up with a plan B. Might even be worth having Nacho up front, Perez just behind then Gray and Barnes on the wings.
  14. Have the refs just lost all their ability to tell the time or blow for fouls?
  15. Yeah come on Palace, #freetownsend He's wasting his career...
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