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  1. Are people on here really complaining about our 22 year old England international? Seriously?! He might not have had the best start to the season but everyone has poor runs once in a while. Give him a chance!
  2. 1. Man City 2. Liverpool 3. Man Utd 4. Spurs 5. Arsenal 6. Leicester 7. Chelsea 8. Wolves 9. Everton 10. West Ham 11. Bournemouth 12. Villa 13. Watford 14. Southampton 15. Burnley 16. Palace 17. Sheffield Utd. 18. Newcastle 19. Brighton 20. Norwich
  3. Hamza wore 20 tonight
  4. Was going to do my team now but can’t think of a name Any ideas?
  5. England win the toss and bat. Roy and Plunkett in for Vince and Moeen
  6. Will see how he does in preseason then. I still think he could come good. Can’t exactly be worse than Ghezzal
  7. Have you had your head in the sand? You must be an ostrich!
  8. Robert Pattison is the new Batman
  9. Choudhury MOTM imo. Brilliant performance all round. Tactics spot on from Brendan as well.
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