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  1. Absolutely incorrect. Suspect positioning but certainly not appalling.
  2. Build a good young team and then dismantle it!
  3. Micky


    Come on MB. Tell us what you know.
  4. Micky

    Jordon Ibe

    Anybody else not worrying about agents touting their unhappy players around?
  5. Gray is wank and needs to go.
  6. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/celtic/in-full/brendan-rodgers-defends-celtic-s-head-of-recruitment-1-4862839
  7. He scouted Benkovic for Celtic and Coutinho for Liverpool.
  8. They are looking at £80 million and old Trafford as the likely deal.
  9. Micky


    A good source... https://mobile.twitter.com/HLNinEngeland/status/1123844781447290881
  10. They may have. My issue is that nobody can complain about a punishment for something that is simply wrong.
  11. This is not about other cases. It is about right and wrong. Unfortunately Hamza got this wrong.
  12. Right decision. A very good message to some of the 15 year olds that I teach. Quite simply, you cannot post thoughtless, offensive comments on social media.
  13. Please don't make me cry! Why not?
  14. He's shite. Week after week of nothing.
  15. There fans are not confident at all. Most predict a Leicester win.
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