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  1. If I remember correctly, shit arse = qwerty. So go on then, divulge please
  2. Abrasive Fox has said no such thing.
  3. Good work Ramadaone! Is there anyone else you would 'like'?
  4. We wouldn't rely on Zieler. Absolutely no chance. I think you might find Schmeichel staying where he is happy.
  5. That is bollocks....
  6. Benny made 10 clearances against West Ham. The next highest were Simpson and Huth with 4 a piece.
  7. And what does that mean?
  8. He comes on when the team are dead on their feet. He chases and harries and misses a one on one. That makes him shit? Good grief this place is full of short sighted people.
  9. Ahmed is lacking confidence at the moment. He has a great deal to offer and is a good lad. He needs a run and he needs to get some luck. Anyone with half a brain can see he has quality if they think back the Everton and Barcelona. It was only five games ago that everyone was writing off Fuchs, Huth, Morgan et al. Give the guy a chance FFS.
  10. Are we close to anything rama?
  11. He isn't coming back. Close the thread.
  12. Pearson at the Swansea game today. Guest of the owners.
  13. Does anyone know when the highlights will be on the official website?