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  1. You are all going to be disappointed if you think we will spend big. The economic crash is going to affect football clubs aswell.
  2. A cartilage op is a routine procedure. Not too surprised he is out on the pitch.
  3. Would like two tickets for this please. My little boys first away game. Only 20 mins up the road from us. Thanks in anticipation.
  4. Slimani scores a second....
  5. As much as we don't want to believe it, they are not exactly shit. They are however not as good as they think they are.
  6. This is the Newcastle team that restricted Tottenham to very little. Chill.
  7. Sheffield United are a well drilled unit but they have little in the way of quality. There only hope of opening us up was a long ball into the box. They will be scrapping down at the bottom end this season. There fans need to get a little more realistic and realise that they arent that good a side.
  8. But a number of them aren't ready for that and we have to keep a certain number of players to remain competitive in the U23 league.
  9. How many players have broken through into the Brighton first team in the past few years? Our youth setup might have its flaws but..... Choudhury, Barnes, Chilwell.... Ndwuku, Iverson and Knight out on loan to league clubs. In terms of productivity, our U23s don't do too bad.
  10. I can delight at supporting a team that miraculously won the Premier league. Like most level headed fans, I won't get too distraught if we don't win this game. Afterall, the season isn't decided in the first few weeks and you should be wary of that.
  11. Not that easy but they aren't as good as the hype suggests. Yes they did well last season but I think they may find it more difficult this time around.
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