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  1. Progress if not in the top 4, is finishing 5th again, finishing the season stronger and making the SF of Europa. Man utd are the most vulnerable of the 4 teams if someone misses out. They may aswell be in Europa, they will be back there again after 6 games.
  2. If Man city win the CL Saturday only 2 teams in England would of won something this season, it's not easy getting over the line in these tight situations, makes me feel even more pleased with our season after last weekends disappointment.
  3. Beachyboy

    Ozan Kabak

    What about Gary Cahill as a Evans cover?
  4. I have gone £2 on, an a £1 on the Palace/ Villa double at similar odds just for fun.
  5. We need to win, I wanna see us take care of our business, perhaps if we are looking good with I just have in my head 5-1 or 6-1, the 5-1 comes from the QPR game when I thought it will be a potential relegation battle, an as it turned out they were down, we were safe, the sun come out the goals flowed, an then 6-1 the revenge scoreline, the rain came Kane kept bagging, there are chances in that Spurs defence, lets take one of those CL spots an delightfully from probably Chelsea, if one is to slip.
  6. I want us to beat Spurs, an beat them big, as if still don't do it we will of ended on a high for sure.
  7. All of the so called big 6 aside from Man city have had experiences in the Europa league, Man utd winning it in 2017, Chelsea in 2013 and 2019 (Arsenal finalists that year) and Liverpool winning before that in 2001, a guy I watched the FA cup final reflected back on going down to League 1 and the championship play off defeats, that in hindsight they were a blessing as we would of come straight back down like West Brom and Norwich seem to do. Perhaps this Europa stage is needed, so that when we do eventually get into the CL because, unlike others I happen to believe that it's when and not if, w
  8. I really want us to be in a position where a 2-3 goal win is what we need against Spurs, if a draw, is what we need, I fear Rogers goes too safe, Spurs weakness is the defence, I wanna see plenty of attacking, I don't care what the other two do, I wanna see a 2-3 goal win, an lets see where that takes us.
  9. He can be to safe with some decisions, actually think a narrow Liverpool win tonight isn't a bad result, the grey area of a draw being enough with Rogers at the helm, doesn't sit comfortably with me.
  10. yeah theres a few teams in the mix, an it's really hard to improve year upon year, we have done that this season, even if 5th, I really believe if we miss out on CL football this season, winning the Europa league may be a more viable route to CL football, an well you win something once more.
  11. They like us, have had a real problem of breaking down the low block and off the top of my head have dropped points like us, to Burnley, Fulham, Newcastle, Southampton and Villa
  12. I don't think Spurs are very good at defending, it's very clear where there strengths lie, make them do plenty of what they aren't very good at, thus limiting at the same time to what they are good at.
  13. A late win means they only win by a goal, don't want em doing it early, did you see the last Burnley result? give us a Dyce performance even if you lose by a goal.
  14. What about Leeds? they have West Brom, if they do the business and so do we surely a 16 goal swing is possible?
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