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  1. Next City Manager?

    Dyce is probably the best fit with what we need right now, but I don't fancy listening to that gravely horrible voice every week. The midfield is a huge area for concern, an big players probably need to realise that they aren't as good as they think, step up improve, an they can move on an the club can form a new team an Spirit.
  2. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    I know Albrighton is like the first name on the team sheet an rightly should be, but I say we start with Mahrez an Gray get a lead at half time an bring off whichever of those two looks less interested at 45 or 60 mins, I know Albrighton is great at helping the defensive side of things also, but frankly if the defence an centre mid can't deal with Huddersfield, I'll start getting worried, I know they have had a good start, but we should go at em an beat these like 3-1
  3. Mahrez to .......................?

    If Mahrez is not right in the head Gray has to play, if he is, Gray has to improve, to get in the team.
  4. Drinkwater

    Don't understand why this deal wasn't done earlier would of happily took £30 million for Drinkwater providing we were given Zouma, Loftus cheek an Abraham on loan for the season.
  5. Danny Drinkwater

    Even if we play 5 in midfield, I'd be inclined to start with Iborra, Ndidi an James from what I have seen, we need to keep a little bit more possession, as we seen last season we may be able to play for 80 mins for a draw, but will get broke down eventually, not sure who would offer the creativity, but early signs look good from James an I think DD needs to realise he won't be an automatic pick anymore.
  6. Tom Lawrence

    There was a Maradona 360 turn in the first half, an I was like who's that, wow Matty James
  7. Tom Lawrence

    I liked the look of James, whether you class him as fringe, he certainly won't start the season, so I might be inclined to class him as fringe.
  8. Tom Lawrence

    Apologies for spelling, for a young lad to come on under those circumstances, an looked composed, I'd probably imagine he smelt alright, as he looked relaxed, not like he was shitting himself.
  9. One more signing

    Not bothered by siggy £50 million way to much, I'd prefer to sign another CB, RB an Iheanacho, an if Mahrez goes replace him with whatever money we get for him somehow, somewhere.
  10. Tom Lawrence

    Very much agree with this after the bits an pieces, I seen today would rather of seen Barnes get a run out, he can play in a few positions, an looked composed under Dior circumstances in Porto.
  11. Tom Lawrence

    Most of those goals look from central areas, I think he'd be more useful as a No 10, an if he has work rate to his game, could be an upgrade on Shinji, someone like him is going to be far more useful on the bench then Mendy, Amartey, King or James.
  12. Kelechi Iheanacho

    Doesn't suit are style? He's a younger version of Vardy, with more of a poachers instinct inside the 6 yard box.
  13. Shakey's target

    40 points was a joke of a target last season after winning the league the previous year, was very underwhelmed by that, I thought at the start of last season 50 points seemed realistic but attainable an my goal from the start of last season for LCFC, was a top 10 finish. This season 53 points, a point for each of shakey's years on last season totals would make 8th, an definitely top 10. It's not aiming for the stars it's realistic but banishes the negativity of relegation talk, the team is far far better than that.
  14. Season tickets bought today

    A safe season in top 10, an 3 months to crack on, an make the stadium 40,000 - 42,000 to ease these problems, will put us in line with Chelsea an Everton an move us onto the next level. Get huge numbers on the job to get it done, an get the planning permission in place ASAP!!
  15. Membership 17/18

    I think the scheme could have taken 2 or even 3 years into account, I know there's those that aren't season ticket holders maybe that went to L1 games, but it would be a nightmare to add to a far back, Imyself wasn't in the country during that period, but I've bought 3 gold an this is my 4th, an while I went to 3 PL games, would have accumulated a lot more points if previous seasons were taken into account, the PL dropped down my list a little, I got to 2 more PL games from a season ticket, an the 5 CL games + Porto A, but in the Porto end.