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  1. A safe season in top 10, an 3 months to crack on, an make the stadium 40,000 - 42,000 to ease these problems, will put us in line with Chelsea an Everton an move us onto the next level. Get huge numbers on the job to get it done, an get the planning permission in place ASAP!!
  2. I think the scheme could have taken 2 or even 3 years into account, I know there's those that aren't season ticket holders maybe that went to L1 games, but it would be a nightmare to add to a far back, Imyself wasn't in the country during that period, but I've bought 3 gold an this is my 4th, an while I went to 3 PL games, would have accumulated a lot more points if previous seasons were taken into account, the PL dropped down my list a little, I got to 2 more PL games from a season ticket, an the 5 CL games + Porto A, but in the Porto end.
  3. Exactly 1-2 years as a number 2 under shakey seems a good career move from Appletons point of view, Oxford sounds in chaos, an I can't see him getting a better no 1 job than he currently has.
  4. Pie in the sky dreaming here but if Shakey was really successful at Leicester, like massively who is to say a bigger club wouldn't come in, an if he wasn't successful but Appleton makes a good impression behind the scenes who's to say he couldn't get promoted to no1. No 2 at PL trump's a no 1 at L1, championship however is different better to be a no1 at Championship than no2 at PL.
  5. There's a whole world of players while Gylfi would be buzzing, if we miss out what's to say we won't get someone nobody has heard of ala Kante, an push on I honestly believe we could finish anywhere between 6th-16th next season an nobody can say clearly until the end of the transfer window.
  6. A switch to 3-5-2 as a back up option perhaps rotating strikers to keep them fresh an selling Ulloa an Musa.
  7. Nah not the first 2-3 games feel very confident of this a win an the Wenger out banners after 1 game
  8. think there is a chance of points in 5 of the 7 opening fixtures Man united A an Chelsea H have down as losses, but Arsenal an Liverpool are there for the taking especially at the start of the season.
  9. looking at those fixtures the vibe an feeling for the season is going to be either very positive or very negative by the end of September.
  10. Very happy with that they always start slow, best chance to beat them.
  11. Liverpool H
  12. Wouldn't be surprised to see him resign for united in January.
  13. Fletcher has gone to Stoke apparently, Kirchoff joined Sunderland in Jan 16 I think, a bit injury prone but can play as a centre back or defensive midfielder, he arrived at Sunderland from Bayern Munich.
  14. Looking at the list of players released from other clubs a few I find interesting. Jan Kirchoff Seb Larsson Steven Piennar Kirchoff as a slight squad player upgrade to Amartey an the other 3 could be useful a few games here or there I feel. Thoughts?
  15. I think the doubters are clouded by either the Spurs game, or the final league position when it could of been top half but for a Slimani wasted effort v Bournemouth. If you'd of offered anyone 12th in Feb we would of all buzzed over that.