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  1. It's not the best place in Hamburg ?Red light district...
  2. Sounds good mate..tell me when you are over next time...
  3. you´ve been there? night out at Reeperbahn ?
  4. think he recruited all of his former Celtic back room staff ….no sure, didn´t know them well...and didn´t like them too much :-)
  5. Living in Hamburg but my wife is from "the Westerwald"
  6. Hi everybody, I support LCFC since the 90´s. As younger man I visite London. Don´t like this glory hunting teams but got a ticket for Tottenham. They playing a team called Leicester City. When I´m arrived at the Lane I run into a busload Leicester fans. Not sure what they say about "zziss " german but they are friendly people and we have some pints together. I fall in love with this family club. Times chances but I´m Leicester till I die . I also have a season ticket for SV Hamburg so I try to get 3-4 times over. Not sure about my english but hope I can participate. Greetings fro
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