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  1. we stupidly walked most of honister pass all the way from buttermere (walked around buttermere) then through to the next village. For anyone wondering how steep honister pass it, a group of what looked like all the gear type of cyclists.. well two of them fell of as it was that steep! roughly 12 miles but extremely up and down terrain Wonderful scenery mind
  2. agree, so many LWB cars i would have over a range rover. The Alpha Stevio Quadrifoglio would be my number 1 choice
  3. swear he just exists, rarely does anything creative.
  4. It seems this season he has lost it, was a matter of time.
  5. However painful this is to watch it’s Important to remember this is nowhere near how we would be playing with a fully fit team. I can’t even be arsed to get europa with how congested the fixtures will be next season. 7th position and a fully fit squad is more of an attractive proposition.
  6. Fully fit squad we are a top 2/3 team I really believe that
  7. After today? No looking at odds for outside of top 6, vardy out of form and our only two creative players out injured potentially for a long time. Sounds doom and gloom but I think it’s realistic we will finish outside of top 6. Arsenal and now spurs are in form, not to mention West Ham.. Chelsea.. Liverpool
  8. Barnes now injured you wouldn’t write this could you. Top 6 if we are lucky I recon
  9. Under and albrighton are pathetic!!!!!! Don’t wanna see albrighton in a Leicester shirt again
  10. Today would have been the perfect game for him. I like Mendy but he isn’t good enough, players run through him and got completely bullied for the second goal.
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