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  1. Riyad is a dope mofo. His agent/advisor is a bellender. Really hope you stay Riyad....I know you read this. X p.s dont listen to all the negative comments...its just people.
  2. One million dollars
  3. Stop posting then. Only joking bro.
  4. Iheanacho iheanacho Iheanacho iheanacho To the tune of breaking the law, judas priest. But yeah...lets just calm down and wait til the lad signs.
  5. I have nothing to add at this point.
  6. I hope you are correct OP. It would be a good day for football.
  7. I'm gonna try and not con any teenage footballers out of their own image rights until he signs.
  8. In hindsight that was an amazing bit of business.
  9. Im so sorry bro. In all seriousness the only real updates are gonna be has this lad signed yet or not. If he has signed then you wont neet to trawl through a few pages of light hearted can get straight to the meat and gravy in the Kelechi Iheanacho has signed thread.
  10. To be fair there is a lot of fresh material here too. I struggle to see why anyone would have a problem with people having a joke on this thread. Just dont read it soon as Kelechi is confirmed either way a new thread will appear in the Leicecter City Forum and this one will be locked.
  11. Im sure google can put this whole jock debate to rest.
  12. Today's a day.
  13. Yeah. I really didnt think that through.