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  1. Colleen Rooney just trying to make herself relevant in my opinion.
  2. I'd go with the same team that faced Newcastle. Praet, Ndidi and Tielemans is a very strong midfield with balance. Maddison and Gray coming on in the second half if we need to create. Hamza coming on if we are protecting a lead. But hey, wado I know, I'm just sippin' sauce.
  3. Oooh. Did it finish 5-0?? Still at 4-0 when I left?!?!?
  4. 0-3 or 1-3. Reality check for the reds.
  5. There was already a TV show about them made in the 80s
  6. There are just two certainties in life. 1. We will all die one day. 2. Spurs will bottle it.
  7. 2 cup wins and top 3 in the league please or this season will feel a bit hollow.
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