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  1. gerrytaggart

    Up next.. SPURS (H).

    Smash these rodents. Easiest 3 points of the season.
  2. gerrytaggart

    LCFC players to help you win a pub fight

    Lloyd Dyer from the waist up.
  3. gerrytaggart


  4. gerrytaggart

    Ricardo Pereira

    I like him. He is exciting on the ball.
  5. gerrytaggart

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

  6. gerrytaggart

    Profile pics

    Done. R.I.P Vichai.
  7. gerrytaggart

    Helicopter crash

    Praying for vichai and whoever else was on board.
  8. gerrytaggart

    West Ham H Match Thread

    The Turk pick of the crop first half. Great debut so far. X
  9. gerrytaggart

    West Ham H Match Thread

  10. gerrytaggart

    West Ham H Match Thread

  11. gerrytaggart

    Leicester City Drawings

  12. gerrytaggart

    Problem with the premier league....

    This could work but only if this entitled mini league was relocated to Qatar or The UAE. Otherwise Sky would show only their games and the likes of us would be reduced to watching Manish and Claridge present 5 minutes of highlighs at 1.30 a.m
  13. gerrytaggart

    Arsenal (A) Match Thread

    Fuksake Ozil you gormless ****
  14. gerrytaggart

    Best City keepers...

    Based purely on top flight league winners medals Kasper is head and shoulders above anyone else in a city shirt.