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  1. Ulloa new contract

    Im quite sure that multi millionaire Leo Ulloa"s young family's future is quite secure. I was pointing out that I, along with many others on here are paying for it. and before you ask, yes I ****ing begruge him every penny after publicly stating he would never kick a ball for us again....especially so after watching him put zero effort in since signing his bumper new contract.
  2. Ulloa new contract

    I wonder how Ulloa would feel if I got paid ****ing thousands of pounds every week for doing nothing and he was partly funding it???
  3. Vardy in the jungle

    I wish I lived in a jungle.
  4. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    If we are gonna win the league again this year then we have to beat these dickbags.
  5. Vardy - this is cool right?

    its a massive shame Maguires name doesnt rhyme with Jones and Stones. that could have been an epic back 3.
  6. Vardy - this is cool right?

    Im putting all my faith in Jordan Henderson.
  7. The When They Were Young Quiz

    dennis wise? no.
  8. This is total bollix. I remember seeing Vichai and top down at filbo. Vichai was the one who usually started the "oooh tommy wright" chant and Top was just a total menace in pen 3.
  9. Smelly supporters

    Ive not even read it yet but I just know this is my type if thread.
  10. Stoke v City scoreline prediction

    2-3 Ulloa with all 5 goals.
  11. Transfers

    Apparently that big money two year contract for Ulloa was to keep him quiet about Kevin Spacey.
  12. The "do they mean us?" thread

    "Leicester City insulted us all by sacking Claudio"!!! grow up Jim Holden you wet fanny.
  13. Huth

    this thread was about Huth.
  14. City v The Toffee Men Scoreline Prediction

    2+2 = 4 -1 thats 3 quick maths. 4 -1 decisive win.
  15. Huth

    everyones shirt says king power except for silvas shirt which just says king.