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  1. Burnley are a real shitstain on the Premier league.
  2. Puel you flippin nutbag, you give us Fofana and £10M - we give you Rachid Ghezzal. Get it done.
  3. No. We were after Aringuiz in the 2015 summer transfer window, also lost out on Jordan Veretout to Villa. I think fate intetvined and the rest is history!
  4. If this is accurate a lot of us are earning more than Fofana currently!! I know he's only a young lad but flippin' eck!!! No wonder he wants a move!!! https://www.google.com/amp/s/salarysport.com/football/ligue-1/saint-%C3%A9tienne/amp/
  5. Some people need to get a grip. We have not kicked a ball yet. Bring it on. 3pts. Winit
  6. That's the difference between the Premier league and the championship. That performance would have beat pretty much any championship team quite convincingly....today they conceded 4! Steep learning curve for Bielsa.
  7. This is Foxestalk, are you suggesting that something is not 100% factual??? How dare you!!
  8. Sauce?? Tah-tah. I'm so sorry.
  9. If Mahrez was a good boy we would have got closer to £90M for him, so his actions cost the club a lot of money. That money could then have been spent on building a gentleman's club at belvior drive or swapping the family stand with the Kop.
  10. The part of me that respects my elders, eats my greens and wants the best for Leicester City says no, but the part of me that goes to the shop barefoot, watches 90 day fiancee, swears at children and loves a nice bit of bantz says YES.
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