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  1. Good luck wherever you end up me old mucka. Got a bit of a raw deal here I think we can all agree.
  2. Mid table prem and with a bit of luck dominating the summer friendlies, Winning the Audi Cup and celebrating like it means something.
  3. Great game today. Looked composed.
  4. Godspeed Soyuncu lad. May you have speed, strength, guile and the spirit of belief.
  5. Close game. Pleant of goals and a couple of sending offs. But I have a feeling we will edge it 0-0.
  6. No chance mate.... I'm ready to boo at the drop of a hat.
  7. Slightly underwhelmed.... But every time I'm underwhelmed by a signing they turn out mustard so I'm buzzing.
  8. Roller-coaster + Storm = LogFlume.
  9. If I was a mod I wouldn't let anyone post anything.
  10. @LinekersApplesI announced the Tielemans deal was complete before anyone else and subsequently got a ban for my trouble.... The fact that it was just a well times guess is irrelevant.
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