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  1. He's matured on and off the pitch, fair play to the lad.
  2. The fella who doesn't make eye contact while he sells me a pint at half time needs his wages slashed. That should put a big dent in the figure.
  3. Will the singing section perform popular hits?
  4. Why? So southgate can bring him on for 20 mins as a winger??
  5. This summary is accurate but doesn't take in to account the fact that Southgate is an out of his depth bell end who struggles to recognise talent, so I really doubt Hamza has a realistic chance, sadly.
  6. Blame Tom Hoppers ring peice. That's what has ultimately led us to where are at right now.
  7. OK. Imagine an extremely posh person with a short tongue saying "chill out" . Right, now that's sorted how do we pronounce his surname?
  8. If there is nothing else to moan about at least we can moan about moaning fans.
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