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  1. Apparently Liverpool have an injury. Can anyone confirm this?
  2. http://backpagefootball.com/why-liverpool-wont-win-the-premier-league-this-season/126313/ Is this the article you meant?
  3. Poor old Liverpool. Imagine trying to put out a decent team while suffering so many injuries. 😭
  4. The only sure thing about this game is a Mane dive or two.
  5. Indeed. Southgate being thoroughly incompetent works in our favour.
  6. He gets a lot of assist assists. 😁
  7. Grealish is a runner, great athlete but he is not on the same planet as Maddison when it comes to pure football skill.
  8. Merit point for you son. Mainly for the fantastic use of the word stupendous.
  9. Manchester United will probably be looking at managers with championship experience.
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