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  1. Kristof Terreur from Enderby #neverwrong
  2. Thanks. there's plenty of time left but our window shuts so early that there's effectively 2 months.
  3. I know this completely flies in the face of FT logic but it's probably a good idea to wait til after the summer transfer window to judge him.
  4. In = Youri £40M Out = Slimani £50M
  5. Irrelevant as a player irrelevant as a pundit.
  6. I just want everyone to be happy and get along.
  7. I'd rather not allow Liverpool into the Premier league winners V. I. P enclosure. Don't want it to get too crowded in here.
  8. Someone mentioned during the Newcastle game that his positioning is very questionable...when we needed width he was drifting in... The commentator said he was marking himself. Very frustrating.
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