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  1. That's incorrect. Courts of law (or CAS) doesn't work that way. If it was a civil court with technical discrepancies then a judge/recorder will likely throw an argument before even thinking about entertaining a hearing. And this isnt an initial hearing, it's a full appeal submission thats gone all the way into a full conclusion.
  2. Man City wont get exonerated as there is too much at stake for European football as a whole. It's like the caster semenya saga in terms of the after effects. Man city will be held accountable for the wrongs they have done and not get away with it just because of a technicality. If it was for just a technicality then CAS wouldve thrown it out in the beginning, they are an arbitration founded and judged by law are they not.
  3. This is the premier league, they aren't liverpool and I disagree that they'll be able to keep this run going.
  4. Who says they'll win all those 4 😉. I cant see them keep winning game after game.
  5. City 4th Man Utd 5th. With our goal difference and with a point against them in the final game then I think that'll be enough. We'd have to beat Bournemouth and Sheffield United though and at least a point at Spurs.
  6. I cant imagine that to be the case as construction of that would take it potentially into autumn and it's also been dropped off of the new CGI's which is a massive giveaway.
  7. Anyone know why they've omitted the sports hall (to the right of the main building?). All of the planning and technical drawings were approved and it looked good. One assumption is that it wasnt felt it was necessary? Or would have significantly delayed the build completion?
  8. Which brings us all back to that question of 5th....
  9. I've always likes Dimi's style of play but he when you watch him start games he always seems scared being further up the pitch iff everyone around him isnt there holding his hand. I think that's why he thrives as an impact sub.
  10. I think that's harsh on Tielemans as hes a playmaker after all. He had a great game at crystal palace and with Maddison next to him the team functions better in midfield. Arsenals backline were choking vards and nacho pretty well and without the wingers getting up and down the pitch 1st half then how was he supposed to play forward.
  11. Towndswend drives me insane, such a biased so and so towards 'top 6' teams
  12. 80 mill not 50 mill price tag. Just saying....
  13. I've been finding it odd how they've been acting so cocky about it all. How do you know?
  14. Amazing player, still love watching him and hes totally dedicated. He does however look like shaggy from scooby doo with his hair.
  15. I'm hoping Aston villa coming up as they've got it all still to fight for and will throw the kitchen sink at them. Watched west ham the other day and the way their team move around is like watching uncontrolled slippery spaghetti, but here's to hoping you are right. I'd prefer Southampton to take a point but its an away match for them. Watching us play with 3 cb's and wing backs and higher up the pitch with more height in the team made me feel a lot more at ease watching city than for quite a long time.
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