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  1. Bingo, couldn't agree more! That salary is the least to offer I feel if he'll stay here for 2-3 years on a 5 year deal. I also like Danny ward, cant remember him making a mistake and his reach in goal is better than Scheichel's (cant see him being demoted though until his contracts up).
  2. Wingers are going to play an important part I feel carrying the ball upfield and allowing midfield to play their way up top. Under needs to start, hes stronger than albrighton and more dynamic. I hope BR has done some work on set peices with defence as without vardy it might be one area to exploit.
  3. He needs tying down with another contract. The captains armband at brentford was a good sign of his potential intentions.
  4. Wing backs and wingers and DM are realistically the ones we could could rotate. Defence is what it is. The worry for me is Tielemans and Madison backup, hence I'd sign someone like Eriksen and offer a percentage of his wage and get him over here quickly and bedded in.
  5. Sigh him up.! We'll pay 50% of his wages.
  6. Great stamina. Too lightweight.
  7. I'm sure the club have their fingers in the transfer pie at some point for a striker/strikers to come in and overlap with vardy until hes finished his contract.
  8. I remember him doing the press conference when you took him on and I thought it was all a bit rushed, and that he'd be a temprary manager until Celtic found a manager worthy of the club and scouting a sought after one carefully. Is there any reason why hes still there? Is he close to the owners or something?
  9. I don't think people will pay the TV monies year on year to watch a repetitive leugue that never changes teams. I really do think there will be a lot of resentment over this despite them being global brands. However, the government have already said they will step in on the matter and I'd imagine that they will enforce the PL and UEFA as agreed. I cant imagine the government not wanting to mothball this given the money to the tax man and economy.
  10. As a manager would you really want to use this kind of language in a press conference at a club like Celtic? "several players want to leave" I'd be pissed if a Leicester manager said that about our club openly (not that it's likely)
  11. Touche. He's strong and fast just like Barnes and I also think he possesses more flair if I can say that as fairly as I can.
  12. Too true. I can imagine them playing like the standard of Norwich in the PL as they are a similar style of play, and of course god wishing, get relegated.
  13. BR isnt leaving. He's just got the training centre he's been quoted as saying in interviews is one of the main reasons he joined us. With the facilities we've now got and the potential for player development for Rodgers, is anyone seriously thinking he's off anytime soon?
  14. Maybe the PL should invite Celtic & Rangers into our league, if only just to watch them try to claw themselves from mid table to the EL places every year. 👋 CL.
  15. Theres been quite a few game's where vards has come on as a late sub when the game's over...
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