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  1. Referring back to the original comment it was effectively saying that we should rest on our laurels. Stagnation in business only goes one way and that is down. I am not a fan demanding our owners throw in hundreds of millions of pounds but I am a fan that expects the owners to pump in the cash that is needed to match the ambitions of the owners own quoted positions.
  2. I'm very surprised we haven't dealt with this at pre season stage at the latest. There are no excuses and I can only think that there were some informal talks between Evan's & Club at some point. The only matter that could've halted this was the late incoming of Fofana, but I highly doubt this what with Morgan finishing this season anyway and our need for a senior CB such as Evans quality. Maybe the club already have another player in mind for the January transfer window, who knows.
  3. I'd go as far as to say that without the fans there would be no club. It's the fans anger and frustration within the ground as you put it that sways whether managers are fired. So yeah, I'd say that the witterings of fans directly influence the club for the majority of time and issues.
  4. What are you doing on here then? 🤔
  5. I see your points and they do give a more realistic feel when put that way. The only issue I cant let go of personally is the owners own words on regular European football and the realism that is needed to get there.
  6. The laungage and speeches of the owners and managers that come into this club is crystal clear - European Football is our ambition on a regular basis. How else to do imagine getting there? The owners know full well that to commit to that statement that funding from them is an absolute necessity.
  7. It's frustrating watching Chilwell when a) I thought it was a bad idea for him to go this year and b) BR said he wouldn't sell him. If there is 1 more injury to our back line from now on then we'll be in trouble. We need to spend serious cash in January, not to panic buy but to keep our PL level and ambition where it is currently. EL was always going to test our depth. The owners need to invest money, at the very least for a striker, CB, fullback and DM. I hope the owners put in circa £60m in Jan for a CB & striker at a bare minimum and take advantage of the relaxed
  8. We have reached the ceiling?!? Seriously?! Its fans like you with that attitude that will see us back in league 1 as quick as it took us to come up. I'm happy that the investment I.e. £100mil+ for the training ground and the rest for the stadium itself is there and progressing. It would be idiotic to suggest that we have reached our ceiling considering we are spending on infrastructure that puts us well inside the top 6 on cutting edge investment and player pulling power. Nothing stops evolving, except some fans it seems
  9. Agreed although what does ambition mean if we dont realistically see us breaking into the top 5 next season or the one after. For me this isn't about our history as I'm well versed in ours but my point is that we are an advanced club in both global brand and infrastructure. I dont see us as a mid table team anymore, more like a 7th-4th placed team.
  10. What happens to the FA Cup? Granted they'll Jack the league cup, but with the PL + 30 games in the new European format it sounds ridiculous. I'm beginning to think that they will have to shorten the PL number of teams from at least 20 to 18, maybe even less in the end to make it work for 'them' and to reduce games. Then factor in travelling and scheduling of games and I've no doubt that they'll want authority to do this as and when convenient even if it shunts our game scheduling around. Ridiculous. The FA/UEFA/Government need to bog this down into as much legal wrangl
  11. In an attacking sense he has already proved that he can produce overlapping forward play down the flanks, but like chilwell and against certain tactically laid out teams then full backs don't always get as much room in wide areas every single game and Castagna didnt either today.
  12. Honestly its pathetic all of you who are saying take 40 points and the EL this year. Erm what about next season???
  13. I thought we might struggle today but the 2 areas that concerned me were the back line and moreso the midfield. Ecstatic that Praet & Tielrmans are in the middle particularly as Maddison is out again.
  14. Despite peoples continued criticisms of off the ball incidents, I think Slim should start ahead of nacho for the simple reason that he's less obvious in his play and he's a better target man.... I.e without vardy we need height plus a better back to goal front man. He is also arrogant. Not always a bad quality.
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