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  1. Iheanacho is playing great football right now but I still dont think he'll be here after next year. We will be getting a new striker anyway and I dont see him as a 20 goal a year prem striker.
  2. BR put the boot in a little but he was honest at least. Tavares is a decent player, but the hype around him at the minute is a tad OTT.
  3. Laughable. Playing like a conference team! Need mendy on with ndidi to break up their play asap
  4. Tavarez to start as @Ric Flair no doubt would be in a joyous mood! Brighton like to play the ball on the floor and preferably in the final third down the flanks before whipping balls in. Control our defensive wings with ndidi breaking up midfield and would expect us to win. Vardy must start.
  5. We paid £25million for Nacho and I think he needs selling in the summer with 1 year left on his contract. Get Edouard in as he plays a lot more like Vardy than Nacho. Then scout for a young and hungry striker to be an understudy for Vards.
  6. I agree about Under and I'm sure the club will hopefully have a few players they will target. I'd also say that the same is said about the LW. Without Barnes we had Chilwell running up that flank with crossing and we have albrighton but he isn't a left winger. So to me it seems like we are in the shitter on both flanks at the minute.
  7. I fear Tielemans will snap soon I.e. hamstring ect with the amount of games he's played. If that happens I think top 4 might be a step too far.
  8. If the U23's are training at Belvior Drive where are the women training? Unless their bubbles have joined together. Naughty naughty.
  9. The Euros should have been cancelled this year as its going to be a whitewash without fans likely to be missing. We should have sprinkled half a dozen friendlies throughout the year and had a fresh start in the summer. As usual, money talks.
  10. And straight to jail with no get out card.
  11. And to think a few years ago we'd be clawing our way like with fingernails on a chalkboard to 40 points. Then opening the champagne.
  12. It should be obvious to all I would have thought that Under is going to be going back to Roma at the end of the season. We've now seen what happens when we dont have cover at Left Wing at all. Any argumgements about playing back 5's and pushing players like Thomas/Albrighton further up just wont wash with me. And now we have it on the Right Wing, the wing we have the most questions marks and concerns over and have had for some considerable time now. It's all well and good pushing Castagna or Ricky forther up, or putting albrighton their, but none of this, like the Lef
  13. It's not the end of the world chumps. 3 years ago we'd be raving about thrashing burnley with a team like this 🤔
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