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  1. Do you think they'll max it out into 38 games? I'd prefer 4 (2 home/2away) so as to condense games enough for next seasons pre-season if they can. I think 9+ games would be a turn off for supporters, sponsors and pure entertainment value.
  2. It should be straightforward to break them down into first team 22/key coaches/physios etc. All other staff in different "areas" as appropriate.
  3. Those figures are figures that labour like to throw around. It's a difficult question to answer because (and rightly so) austerity budget cuts were needed after the damage of the recession in 2008. Sometimes people forget how bad that was. In 2018 and 2019 additional funds of £22 billion were injected into the NHS over a 5 year plan which then gives a real time increase of 3.4% post 2018 (2010-2018 had an average of 1.3% annual increase). You can model it in many different ways in many different countries I.e. government taxation against private healthcare (france and the US). We also have a big portion needed just to maintain and build old/new buildings. Now you can factor in £13 billion of debt removal on top of the surplus of monies that is bound to leave the NHS in a considerably better place than ever before financially after this pandemic is over when you factor further government cash injections and general donations.
  4. There should be no argument about cutting players salaries or anyones salaries. Players sign a contract. It's their form of employment contract and its solely between them and their employers. Discrimination...
  5. This post really irritated me. The NHS over the last decade has gone from 2% to 7% and with an average of 4% over that time of the UK's entire GDP. No other nation on this planet throws those kinds of monies (hundreds of billions per week) at their health systems. To blame the government tells me that you work in an institution that has has labour written all over it and that has people relentlessly gossiping and moaning about more money, more money, and lack of money on a relentless scale. NHS bodies (regional primary care trusts) responsible for commissioning most health services and for improving public health. ... They are currently responsible for managing around 80 per cent (£110 billion) of the NHS budget p/w. It's their responsibility. Add to that the £13 billion debt written off. You could blame most of that on mis management. I have a few family members in the nhs, an aunt who has been in management and currently switched to a dietary job role who has been with them for 20+ years. Suffice to say we have some good debates about these topics frequently. Footballers money is footballers money. You cannot cap that industry with thinking of capping others because it then becomes discriminatory. I am all for charity and giving to charity, but when I do it is my own private business and no one else's. Whilst footballers are high earners and in the public eye, what reason is that to point the finger at them? It isn't morally right. Let the footballers do what they personally want to do and then judge them after.
  6. My personnel opinion is that football players are like anyone who have a job and their salaries are there own private income and nothing to do with anyone else. I thought Matt Hancock was an idiot when he mentioned them the other day with a random and completely off the cuff remark. 1. The government has taken all mis managed and long standing debt from the NHS pct's. The NHS are currently being that well funded under emergency measures that it would be impractical to give cash to the NHS as it would probably get lost anyway and become insignificant. 2. Players do an immense amount of community work and I've seen the lcfc players twice over the last 9 months both visiting and donating to the leicester royal hospital. You also have certain players who have their own dedicated causes who they donate heavily to, so I would've thought that certain players may have an issue with an all inclusive playing staff salary deduction. 3. Non playing staff are better off being furloughed, particularly the ones that aren't essential and whereby it could put them at risk. Its catch 22 because if dropping a salaried non playing staff member by 20% causes them severe difficulties then by all means I think they should be supported by the playing staff and club. If this happens however, then the club/players will need to support the non playing staff in full for transparency reasons, and with them effectively placed on a form of paid gardening leave. It's the technicalities that matter with this issue not the sentiment and I think that that's getting lost in recent weeks. So where should the money go from players? The nhs doesn't make sense. Charities are extremely well funded too. Local communities are well funded through government grants and bailouts. I would like to see any potential salary deductions ploughed into Vichais new community support programme that he sent out today. I think that would be both fair and proportionate.
  7. No government or country would put life on hold for that level of time particularly with an industry that puts that much money into hmrc's coffers. The psychological impact and relief for people who work hard and need their hobbies is even more important. Forget the sentimental side because in a few months that will be managed in terms of numbers of who has/hasn't had this disease. Id cards will be issued and be able to be used in order to get society moving again in an incremental sense. Why do you think that that is where they are focusing on just as hard as the cure? It's to every countries detriment and financial livelihood that life resumes as quickly as humanly possible. The quickest will be to drip feed those with positive tested antibodies and get life, the economy and peoples sanctity going again after this difficult period.
  8. With all of your new found leisure time could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take some snaps..... I beg................ Give me a dozen and I'll like every post you ever put...
  9. The season needs to end and I agree that "null and voiding" it isn't the answer as there are too many financial implications and possible legal opposition to the pl and pfa. I'd say implement a maximum 4 games per team to be played out (teams behind that in terms of games to be played to catch up). You need to factor in the drop off of social distancing (say 1st may as a rule of thumb) for the players to be able to train together again. You'll then need a period of a small pre season for fitness and to get used to playing each other again (say 1st june as a rule of thumb). Finally and if that can be managed then you should be able to finish the league by the 1st july (next season's pre season). If that could all be achieved then the transfer window takes care of itself. If covid-19 drags on further then you could shift the above block by block in periods of monthly increments. I've seen comments on here that next season is doomed as well!! Whilst I agree that the medical side will likely drag on into next year I do not agree that football will be cancelled to that extent because 1. There will be intense financial and economic lobbying worldwide should that even be mentioned, and 2. People enjoy football whether as a leisure activity or supporter or both. You can't just cancel football. Life must move forward.
  10. I dont know too much about the issue with forest but that doesnt make sense. Local residents and adjoining neighbours have their say over a planning application at the request of the local authority. Once all issues have been ironed out and residents concerns dealt with will an application be granted. Once its granted that's it, end of and build away. Forest might have given a preferred start date for construction, but it's a gamble doing that without receiving planning consent first
  11. Stadium expansion won't be affected by the global economic slowdown and share price declines because the stadium works are covered under a loan already taken out to do it.
  12. Its mind boggling that people are throwing statistics and death rates and other countries statistics around like confetti. The only stats that are relevant is that there is a new virus, spreading through the UK and without a vaccine, and it is killing patients within the age range of 70+ (most with underlying health issues). Any other info people are speculating about is both nonsense and will also soon be out of date when the next set of stats come through tomorrow no doubt. I for for one (39 yrs old) will be glad to catch coronavirus to build my immunity, build the heard immunity effect and thus save lives to all ages and see some semblance of normality return back to life.
  13. Idiotic and lame response. But I'll bite. Re-read my first reply and you'll see it's because I'm correcting factual inaccuracies. Do your homework next time.
  14. Thinking about it i would still hedge a bet that its either on time or close. In any case, it will be refreshing for the whole club to have something like a pot of gold curving towards the end of the par 4 9th after all this mess.
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