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  1. Top 3 away games of my life this one.At least it was relatively mild.I remember what seemed like the whole end chanting to some bloke sat on his own what’s it like to have no mates.Then when he stood up,you fat bastard.To think it was actually the semi final northern section of the Zenith Data Cup 😂
  2. He was actually a manager on the up when he came to us. He had a great spell as manager at Brentford during a spell when I regularly watched them.Did ok at MK Dons then came here.Out of that long list of players, only the Brum trio and Sappleton +one or two I’m guessing were his signings.At least there was an air of positivity during that summer. He went on to be hit and miss wherever he went next.A couple of promotions.Hero at Barnet for coming back about six times.Had a shocker at Chesterfield this season though.Usually has Carl Muggleton as his assistant.
  3. Anybody born in the seventies onwards would have grown up knowing the potential effects of climate change.We've heard nothing else.You would think that successive governments haven’t lifted a finger when that’s simply not true. In my life time there have been major changes to how we as a country treat the environment.From recycling to smoke free zones.Unleaded petrol to major domestic insulation programmes.The list goes on.Ive seen the ozone layer get broken and then fixed.Leicester was Britain’s 1st environmental city.We are world leaders in the advancement of renewable energy. I do remember however as a young teen in the late 80s,the predictions made about what would happen by 2020 if we didn’t change our ways.Norfolk and the fens would be gone for starters.The Sahara desert would have spread into Southern Europe.Average winter temperatures were due to be 13c in England and the thermometer would regularly hit the 40s in summer.All the south sea islands gone along with 95% of the rainforests.We have gone past ten year points of no return again and again.So for me the threat of a Third World War is the biggest danger.That is never more than a couple of weeks away.Just like it used to be before climate change took over.
  4. Looking at that pie chart Poland and Canada are the worst offenders 😆
  5. Yes and most buses in London are nearly always packed.
  6. Plus a player who relies on constant quality around him.
  7. Agreed he may have earned far more than the ordinary bloke over the years.However Im sure he’d have took hits with his divorces.He seems like the sort of man that if you gave him 50 quid to last the week,he’d give you £42 change at the end.Wouldnt be surprised if he still had a black and white telly.
  8. I don’t think Farage is seen as a man of the people.He’s liked because he causes havoc and speaks his mind.As for Corbyn spending his whole life in the top 1 or 2% are you sure about that?
  9. He was interviewed by the fox fanzine towards the back end of that season.Remember him saying he could field a 5 a side team of right backs,not to mention the 29 goalies we had on the books.Putting an arm round Kieibi because no one else had etc.That 07/08 squad was full of past or present internationals😳Ironically Pearson sent us down that season.
  10. Fully extending a good old fashioned Stanley tape measure,then letting it shoot back into its case.Cats and kittens go mad for it.
  11. I heard on the radio that London prices had dropped by 5% year on year.The south east has slowed for some time now aswell,which isn’t surprising given how ruddy expensive everything is.However Scotland and some other places are still booming.
  12. Cunningham is a good shout.Quite a shock when we got him on loan.Massive signing at the time.
  13. I’m not so sure the gap is closing is it?To earn £20000 per year you have to work 45/50 hours a week.Thats if you’re lucky to be offered those hours.Anyone with a degree or a trade or other skill like IT or engineering for example,should be able to command much more.It will always be worth getting a skill. Both main parties pledged to increase the living wage to 9 quid something by a certain year.Could have been 2020 ish.Cant remember without looking it up.All very admirable and the recent rise is higher than the official inflation rate.The trouble is 4 to 5% of not a lot amounts to not a lot.The main living costs are going up more.
  14. Couldn’t agree more with that.The rules are so much easier aswell.On the odd occasion I’ve watched the Tigers,I’ve got to admit I haven’t a clue what’s going on half the time.The atmosphere at RL grounds is very similar to football too.
  15. I’ve met some vile Millwall fans over the years but Westham ain’t much better.I’d pick them.
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