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  1. Heathrow fox

    Places in the UK you'd erase off the map

    Nothing wrong with Slough.Worked there loads of times and have to say it’s the friendliest,most down to earth place in SE England imo.Plus very well placed geographically.The town centre mind well😭
  2. Yes I fully agree I’m not sticking up for them just pointing out that our league structure is the strongest in the world and it’s strong because of the money that flows in from the top.
  3. You might be willing to pay top dollar to watch a devalued league but most wouldn’t.Ticket prices would fall in each league.Thats how the market works. Aldershot currently charge £18 to stand and £20 to sit.If you break down an average home crowd of 2000 taking away 800 season tickets who have already paid,and the 300 free tickets they give away you are left with 900 paying fans. If you factor in 300 reduced tickets(kids oaps etc) you are looking at a takings of £15000ish.Not bad until you realise it costs £12000 just to put a match on re-police electric stewards staff etc.Ok they make a bit on extras,sponsorship food and the rest but you could see how something like this would fuddle a club like Aldershot.
  4. I should imagine footballers in the Congo don’t earn a great deal.I didn’t say football would stop.It would take a massive financial hit though and players wages would fall.Unless you think that sky would pay millions for a league without the big boys in it.
  5. I’m afraid to tell you that if they left there wouldn’t be a League to come back to.Not in its present state anyway.Most clubs all the way down the chain would be thrown into chaos by the knock on effect.No top six no big tv deal. The Premier League trickles money down in the form of solidarity payments to all clubs in the EFL.It might not be a lot but it’s a life line to a lot of clubs.The EFL tv deal would also take a massive hit.A lot of clubs would go part time.Could Leicester City justify charging £30/£70 for a ticket in a sub standard league?Prices would tumble all the way down the line. Owners of ambitious championship clubs would be off like a shot when the pot of gold is taken away.What would be the point.A lot would go into administration overnight.The likes of us and the West Ham’s etc would also take an almighty shafting.It stin The top six are more powerful then the rest put together,and some.Be grateful that so far they have the good sense to see that everyones stronger together,which maintains the strongest league structure in the world.It stinks I know but that’s the way it is.
  6. Maybe Martin Samuel can set an example by not devoting 90% of his weekly column to the big 6.
  7. That is my most vivid memory of that game,after their first pen you knew we were out.Hes got the strongest Leicester accent in the world mind.
  8. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post they will probably use the American sport model with conferences.This is 10 /15 years down the line.Or when the domestic tv deal starts to nose dive.Which ever comes first. By that stage I should imagine a 32-40 club tournament.Lets say 20/22 matches to win the thing.Throw in a couple of knockout cups aswell and interest will be kept.Worse case scenario being they would have to scramble back to their domestic league.Where the clubs third team will be holding the fort and probably still wiping the floor with the rest.They will be that strong. Personally I think it’s awful.In fact if it wasn’t for the fact that we were in it,I couldn’t care less about the Premier League
  9. If prem clubs did drop their prices then say goodbye to professional football to at least 70% of everything below Championship level.Leyton Orient couldn’t justify charging £24 when you could watch WestHam for £20.
  10. It’s definitely going to happen.The question is when and what format will be used.The Champions League isn’t fit for purpose for most of the big clubs taking part.The competition dosern’t really start until spring.Its also still possible for toe rag clubs like ourselves to spoil the party. Now imagine Europe’s elite starting their own competition.Where they pick who competes.Negotiating their own tv deal.Making it so every game counts.It could be 10 fold what’s on offer now.Players wages would also go up 10 fold.Teams would have such strong squads that their reserve teams could still win their domestic leagues at a canter. Its just natural progression.The likes of Barca and Bayern have no were else to go.This will happen.Worrying about a couple of thousand away fans will be no 645 on the agenda🙁
  11. Football financial expert on Talk Sport very early this morning reckoned that over the last 9 seasons everything taken into account,all top six clubs made a loss.Couple that with American owners and it’s easy to see why this subject has come up again. He went on to say that the prem has already peaked and is starting to wane.I believe we will have a super league,not in 3 years but 10/15. I predict an American style system with Europe wide conferences or zones with supper dupper play-off games.There will be 32/40 clubs involved picked by comericial potential and size of city etc etc. Squads would be picked by a bidding system similar to crickets IPL which will be a week long extravaganza. The FIFA generation and Far East are going to love it.$$$$$$$$$$$$
  12. Big Ormo Andy Impey Mark de Vries Steve Moran Mark Robins Marc North and Wayne Clarke
  13. Heathrow fox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    If he wasn’t threatened with expulsion maybe? I wouldn’t worry I don’t think he’ll go back now anyway.I can understand why you can’t stand him.Hes marmite even to people on the left. Personally I like him and he’s got a knack of seeing things before they happen and slightly altering his stance.He called Brexit when it looked like Leave would win months before the referendum.One of a handful to predict a Trump win.Said Corbyn would surprise us in the last election,even when he was miles behind in the polls and got the % spot on in the Scottish Indy ref. I’m sure you could reel off his faults though.Ive followed him for years mainly because he’s got a different opinion to everybody else.
  14. Heathrow fox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Funnily enough shots were fired back.Young men were killed.All for an exercise to make mr Blair look good and make rich men even richer.You ain’t twigged yet are you for real
  15. Heathrow fox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Yes pointing out the fact that if you enter another country uninvited,they might shoot back.Seems like common bloody sense to me.