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  1. Trouble is it knocks the dark hour onto the morning.In December it wouldn’t get light until well after 9 o’clock.You would be surprised how many people don’t even realise this.It makes quite a difference to anyone working outdoors.
  2. I was randomly thinking about San Andreas the other day.I always thought the cockney geezer was the bloke who played Smithy out the Bill.
  3. We used to call Thatcher Maggie.So this isn’t a first.
  4. Should be a grand ££££ fine.It’s hazardous waste.Also starting to cause wildlife problems.We have been asked to cut the straps as this is the main issue.Hope this starts getting attention.Name and shame offenders etc.
  5. When Widdicombe and Hills were regulars on Mock The Week.Before the last leg became a thing I think?Widdicombe was really funny.Hills had one joke.The fact he had one leg.It wasn’t funny the first time.Let alone 57 times later.
  6. It’s so they can control how many people are in store i think.Although in Wickes you usually get an aisle all to yourself anyway.
  7. It’s not just the transfer fees,it’s also the wages.Less income=less wages.Less wages=lower quality.Less chance of attracting high quality overseas stars.
  8. All this new signing,Rodgers master stroke nonsense.He’s still here because we couldn’t give him away.No doubt he’s been told if he’s here and he knuckles down then he will get a chance.I have no confidence he will try though.His body language in a Leicester shirt stinks.I don’t dispute he’s a useful player.Too much of a peacock to expect him to be understudy to a fit Vsrdy.
  9. I’m sure it was Wenger who when first arriving in England,got in a taxi driven by a Barnet fan.He was amazed how fanatical the taxi driver was about his local non league club compared to what he had experienced in France.
  10. Liverpool and Man U are the grandmasters no argument there.Arsenal are let down by their less than impressive record in Europe.Other than that Spurs can hold their heads up with pretty much anyone post WW2.Theres certainly more meat to them than the other two gobshite clubs.I’m not saying they have the global reach of the real giants but they have put themselves in a position to join their club.
  11. To say Tottenham have no real history is frankly laughable.Might not have won much recently but they are getting there.The infrastructure is ready to go.If there is to be a big six then they fit the criteria to be in it.They had a pretty dodgy 90/s and early 2000s,granted.Since then however they have got their act together.The world class stadium is there.The support is there.Even the NFL will eventually be there.They’ve even overtaken Arsenal now for the first time in decades.The timing as been near on perfect.It’s almost as if they could see this coming 🙆🏼‍♂️
  12. Bit unfair on the football league here.Its the Prem which has skewed the financies of the game.It’s not like we weren’t warned back in 1992 either.
  13. Any such system would have to take anyone considered high risk regardless of age surely?
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