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  1. You never know.Mr Top might have Pandemic insurance.If so we can be the new Arsenal.
  2. I think it’s only the Manchester clubs,Chelsea and perhaps Liverpool who are insulated from a worst case scenario.This could even speed up a break away League.Or maybe Amazon take advantage some how.It really does depend on how the economy goes.Not looking good though is it.
  3. We are the best part of a month behind Italy.So Id imagine we start to come out about a month or so after they do ????Isn’t that slightly obvious?This is one advantage the UK has got.It can watch what the others in front do.We’ve only just started.
  4. Slowly relax the lockdown.Test as many people as possible.Try and keep a track of any flare ups?Keep them localised?Copy what the countries ahead of us have done right.Don’t follow what they do wrong.Try and live with it as best we can I suppose.I know,when you think about it long term it’s quite alarming.
  5. Championship clubs discussing the ins and outs of group administration apparently
  6. According to the Sunderland echo the club are topping up the short fall in wages
  7. Of course Boris takes priority.To lose our PM right now would be a disaster for a thousand and one reasons.I’m staggered it’s even being discussed.
  8. Not so sure tbh.No matter what political leanings one may have.This is pretty bad for morale.Hope to God he pulls through.
  9. He was a decent player.The sort who would fit in well in a modern front three.
  10. Heathrow fox


    Was waiting for that one 🐶
  11. Heathrow fox


    I don’t think they even banned dog walking in Wuhan did they?
  12. The reduction in traffic and environmental benefits would certainly be welcome.The downside would be more people chucked on the dole.
  13. You can tell a lot about someone from a handshake.I would miss it tbh
  14. I’ve taken to walking in the middle of the road.It’s safer
  15. Again,Spurs and Liverpool knew going down this route looked dreadful.They know it will cost them far more in bad feeling and money in the long run.Yet they still went ahead and did it.How many more clues do you need?This isn’t just going to blow over.Football in it’s current form has died.Spurs entire business plan has just gone up in smoke.The players will do what they can to an extent.Ultimately though they will be protecting what they’ve already got.Did you really expect anything else from the elite?
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