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  1. Media will probably brain wank itself into non existence.Tbf it will be a huge historical event for the country which ever way you look at it.Not something that most of us have ever experienced.
  2. Would be nice if he could get to twenty all comps.Be quite an achievement
  3. If they opened up everything tomorrow.Wouldn’t that cause a huge surge in demand and thus cause inflation to spike?
  4. Surprised there isn’t more petrol station rage incidents tbh
  5. I think you’re right there.Will be a tough transition for the country and Royal family.I really don’t have any faith in Charlie boy and hope he just does a kind of caretaker role for a few years.If we have to have a monarchy then please give William and Kate a good run while they are still in their prime.
  6. Sir Les was brilliant.Tbf Bent,Sir Les and Dickov were more than decent that season.
  7. I think a lot of Europe is currently going through a third wave isn’t it?Eastern Europe seemed to get away with the April 2020 outbreak.Suffering now though.Maybe without the vaccine roll out we would be seeing another steady rise ourselves.
  8. If it only applies to league games then they must be 4th tier ??
  9. I remember a discussion about this on the radio many year’s ago.Apparently you would need to at least double the amount of driving instructors.Then there’s the politics of it all etc.
  10. You could be right there.Let’s be honest though,teams ending in City haven’t had the best of luck over the years.
  11. The evening show he’s on is 10x calmer.With a 10x more classy co presenter.
  12. Well the likes of George Galloway and Paul Embery have been more than mentioning this for sometime now.Labour should be able to put a bar stool up and win Hartlepool ffs.
  13. I went with a load of my fifth year mates.At least ten in total.We had quite a strong contingent of Leicester fans at my senior school.Zero glory boys.We made a real day of it.It was warm and sunny.Quite the opposite of the ZDS game(Also a classic) in terms of weather.Crucial win against a good Notts County side,who must have got promotion that season.Dave Regis up front for them I think?You are probably right about the Blue Army thing.Vividly remember the whole train singing it when we got back to Leicester station.
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