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  1. On most things the British would take it on the chin.This would be a step to far though,a bit like the Poll Tax but x10.It would be a brave politician to make that call.I would hope they have the helicopter ready for evacuation.
  2. Your getting me all wrong.The IPL auction bonanza was rather more said tongue in cheek.Although i could see something like that happening in a few decades time.Especially if the game needs rebooting.I stand by the format thing though as that would be the best way to organise any such League. Im actually lucky if i see Leicester once or twice a season.It will always be away.I haven’t been to the KP for donkeys,not to watch a game anyway.Most of the live football i watch is National prem or National South.Mainly because it is like football used to be 30 years ago.Although you would be shocked at how good the standard actually is both on and off the pitch.Partly due to the British lads having to drop a League or two. I have no doubt that many of our non league teams wouldn’t embarrass themselves in most of Europe’s second tiers.The interest created by the Premier League(Plus Taylor Report)and the money pumped in since has helped to raise the standards across the board.Take the top 6 away and everything gets devalued.From ticket prices,sponsorship,players wages and general standards.Thats what I mean about knocking the game back 25 years.Me personally I’m happy to pee up a wall and stand under leaking roof,whilst having coins lobbed at my head.A lot of people aren’t though.
  3. To be fair I was only 9 or something when i watched it so I’ll give it another go next time it’s ITV 2 😀
  4. I think he warmed up on the pitch with the rest of the squad at one of the Forest League Cup games.Or it could’ve been halftime?
  5. Anything from the eighties with Eddie Murphy in it (except the Golden Child) and carry on camping
  6. With all this talk of the so called top 6,you would think that next year will again be the breakthrough season for someone to get in amongst them.I have a horrible feeling that despite Man U and Arsenal likely to have up and down seasons again,it will be same old same old.Which will be very depressing.I hope I’m wrong.
  7. Very interesting post.I would add Manchester to your argument aswell,which has been our unofficial 2nd City for some years now.A lot of the media has been shifted up there and it seems to have had untold millions spent on the place.Surprise surprise it voted heavily to remain.However a lot of Greater Manchester voted to leave.Not too dissimilar to Greater London’s outer boroughs,were the vote was a lot tighter with leave actually winning in some.Another reason TFL has to be good,because so many low paid workers rely on it so much.Uxbridge to Upminster the buses are always packed.
  8. I would imagine any league format would follow the US model with zones/conferences.Every game would be huge.You could even centrally contract the worlds top 500 players and have a 20/20 style bidding/draft bonanza.Taking place every pre-season,with every club having the same multi $$$$$ budget.The plastics would love it.Of course this is decades away but it will happen eventually.
  9. The product is still there but minus it’s best selling points.The reality is that any future tv deal would also be greatly reduced.We have had the luxury of being the trendy league.That has seen massive investment from abroad.That would soon dry up.So a double whammy.There would be more reliance on gate money,which would also be reduced.We have plenty of fly-be nights ourselves. The resulting wage decreases would see most of the overseas contingent go home.Which would be great for our home grown players.Not so good for the standard of our league structure though.The lower leagues have benefited from players having to drop down a level or two.Not to mention the reduced sponsorship.A lot of 4th and 5th tier clubs would have to go part time. I don’t think the big 6 are stupid enough to just leave, as I agree with you it would be a huge risk.To think there wouldn’t be huge financial consequences if they did go is wrong.Its basic economics.
  10. If you’re happy for our league structure to be knocked back 25 years then I agree with you.Without the big 6 the money goes.Luckily they need us as much as we need them.Any breakaway will be done slowly slowly.
  11. I think the council tax rises had done that already ☹️
  12. I think the goal v Watford was the end of yet another drought for him.His knee dropping celebration was a show of sheer relief.I remember it well.
  13. He was fantastic in air,until he joined us 😂It was a fascinating transfer swop at the time.One of the few occasions losing your young star striker could be turned into a positive.The team had hit a buffer and this gave everyone a boost.The rest of the cash was spent wisely also.Thanks big Ian
  14. The main culprits,the UK France and Germany are never going to kick off with each other again.At least not without US and Russian involvement.That would be the last thing anybody did.Thats deterent enough.EU not needed on that one. Of course there could be trade wars or a scenario where a load of countries gang up on a particular nation and enforce sanctions.The sort of thing the EU would do if you don’t follow the rules.Democracy and a steady rise in living standards keeps the peace.
  15. For every American life there were 50 Soviets dead.I saw a stat the other day that a boy born anywhere in the USSR in 1924 I think?Only had a 1 in 5 chance of seeing their 21st birthday.More people were killed in Leningrad than the total UK USA war dead combined.Thats including civilians,is another crazy stat.
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