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  1. He spat his dummy out when I got served in front of him in Kristals tbf😂. Other than that I quite like him.
  2. Don’t disagree with a word you’ve said.Just trying to find a compromise as it’s too late to go back.I’m surprised that so many dwardle on live lanes or do not take immediate cover.Regardless of weather.Bit different if you have a car full of kids and a disabled gran granted.My boss gives us a hire van and once one thing goes wrong it’s breakdown central.I always have a warm hi vis coat,flask and chocolate with me.As do any colleagues I have traveled with,and get the hell out the van through the safest door.The various agencies are spot on tbf.They are all on it like a rocket.I don’t mean you h
  3. Didn’t a match get called off mid week because of unsafe surrounding areas?
  4. Isn’t it a year this weekend that the first solid reports of a new virus were coming out of Wuhan?Just watched a bit about China.3 positive cases showed up in one area.2 million instantly ordered to go and get tested.The reporter was saying it’s impossible to get in anywhere without a Covid clear result shown on you’re smartphone.Man gets caught in another province during lockdown.Gets pelters and tied to a tree.
  5. I can believe it.They must be jealous as hell.My sister married one and he loves what we are doing.The whole structure of the place and the way we play.If you press him on who’s the bigger club though,there’s only one answer.I think I’ve read in a previous post that you like the underdog tag.That’s exactly how I feel.Must admit I’m getting cocky.Didn’t watch the game on Tuesday.I listened on the radio.As soon as we scored I knew we’d won.So I took the dog out.I knew Chelsea wouldn’t score.Yet when we beat them 15/16 I was a shaking quivering wreck.
  6. Forest were never considered a big club during the Cloughie years.Despite regular high league positions and final appearances.I know some will say that their attendance weren’t great etc etc.Compared to Leicester though they were light years ahead.Better ground and yes bigger gates+Clough was backed.They paid one pence off a million quid for Trevor Francis a full 15 years before we broke 7 digits,and that was only because we got our first P/L cheque.Forest always struggled for big club recognition because of the Nottingham bit in their name.Just like Leicester will.
  7. The likes of Newcastle Leeds and Everton remember.That’s why you would get laughed out of any pub in Newcastle Leeds and Liverpool if dared to suggest we’re comparable with them.Let alone the next bracket up.
  8. Yes a Tuesday night,it was fairly early in the season and we smashed them,I used to sign Danny Thomas on Championship Manager 02 I think?He had a really high cross rating but would always be one of the first to have doubts about their managers ability 😂
  9. I remember him coming on v Bradford in a four nil home win 02/03.He looked half decent.
  10. That really surprises me.When ever I hear him on TalkSport which is often these days as he’s covering for Andy Jacobs,he comes across as a well rounded intelligent chap.The sort who would appreciate a Leicester shaking things up a bit.He was on today and was being complementary.I think?(Only half listening)Yesterday our very own Mr Peters was on,discussing the title winning squad with today’s.Who would get in etc.
  11. Why not.With it being such an unusual season and everything.More commitments this time though.If we do keep it up I will try to enjoy it this time,instead of taking ten years of my life like 15/16.
  12. Durham winds everyone up.It’s his job.On the one hand he can be incredibly irritating then on the other,a top class presenter.Deep down he does know his stuff and can be very funny.I used to piss myself when the Spurs,Arsenal bottleometer came on during our title run in.As long as he’s got a side kick who’s lived a bit,[Wright or Goughie] it’s an entertaining show.
  13. Where they have upgraded parts of the M25 and it’s offshoots like the M23 etc I think it’s worked out quite well.The Highways agency are pretty much on it instantly.They don’t even like you to hang around on the relatively safe hard shoulder these days.Though I think there was an incident where a family met tragedy on the M3??.It’s too late to go back now and if they did block a lane off (presuming traffic levels go back to where they were pre pandemic) it would certainly be felt.Maybe the solution would be to go with a 40 MPH speed limit?It wouldn’t make much difference time wise on the short
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