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  1. I remember working in Beeston south Leeds about 20 years ago.There was this hut thing,a bit like a glorified shed.At about quarter to twelve a queue formed.It was actually a chippie. I’d never seen anything like it. I used to dig out in the Leeds area quite a lot.The fish is completely different.At least five times better than anything you get around Leicester.You would think chippies would be dying a death by now but they still always seem to be incredibly busy.Good to see.
  2. Didn’t look too down about it yesterday.Sure he knows the score.Did the damage,now have a rest,get head into gear for Arsenal etc.
  3. I think our so called fans treated him worse.I still say 17/18 season he was coming along quite nicely towards the end.The whole squad didn’t fair too well 18/19 hence Puel got sacked.
  4. Pickled onion with everything
  5. I actually thought Puel was starting to get a tune out of him.Rodgers has obviously taken him out the firing line,put the final touches in and managed his appearances.He’s shown incredible patience.What must have gone through his head when we stuffed Newcastle and Southampton and he couldn’t get on.
  6. I didn’t go to uni myself either.Way too thick.My Dad did though in the early sixties.When it was rare for anyone to go especially for a bloke with his background(never lets me forget it😂)He did history at Leeds,made many friends who he kept in touch with through the whole of his life.In fact one became my god father.He sadly passed away some years ago.Massive shame as he was a top top bloke.The last time I saw my dad,before the recent carry on,he’d just been to Leeds for a bit of a knees up with four other “survivors” and their wife’s, for the wkend.Not bad considering they are knocking eighty.My sister met her husband in the mid nineties at Newcastle uni.Amazingly still together.He deserves a medal. I find that the more people you meet,and the easier it becomes to keep in touch.The less likely you are to do so.Either that or I’m just a lazy ignorant git.
  7. If only she could answer that pesky currency question
  8. Could easily drink pints of it.Love the taste and it’s an excellent thirst quencher.It was one consolation being ill as a kid.
  9. Put it on the urgent to-do list though.Decent sized fine for having wrong address on your driving liecense.Plus potential hassle.
  10. Heard today that the big house builders are expecting dramatically reduced demand for the next two quarters.With a slight improvement towards the end of the year.Home Counties might just squeeze past.Nothing surprising with any of that.Reality hit me properly for the first time today though.All I hear from friends and family is redundancies,threat of redundancy,never ending furlough with hardly any communication from employers(in other words imminent redundancy)Or genuine job insecurity.This is way way worse than 2008 and we have got to wait for the fall out of whatever happens in the US.Where it’s economy hasn’t just sneezed.It’s sneezed,coughed,pissed and shat it’s pants.Housing crash incoming absolute certainty.
  11. Add Syston and the other pink bits and that looks about right to me.That is the Leicester urban area after all.
  12. It’s actually solid Labour heartland these days isn’t it.The new Barnsley.Anyway Leicester is quite an easy one try something out on as it’s a free standing City.How would it work if say Sandwell had a big spike?
  13. Something like that you’d imagine.Nothing too drastic.Seems they’re desperate for a guinea pig though.
  14. If this goes ahead then surely it includes all the Leicester Urban area? The boundary will be where the houses stop and the countryside starts.So Wigston to Syston,Scraptoft to Braunstone and everything in between.
  15. I think it’s good to have East Anglian representation in the top flight.In fact I like it when both Ipswich and Norwich are up there.As for Brighton,fair play to them.I know they scream Championship but they are working really hard to build something.
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