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  1. Clinton’s also saved last minute but only temporarily.This isn’t one that shocks me as every town seems to have at least 2 outlets.With the age of the internet it was inevitable.I actually use this shop quite often aswell.Very sad and yet more empty shops for our high streets.
  2. Heard on the way home that Eddie Stobbart were very close to going bust😐With debts of £200 million.Saved by a last minute takeover.How the hell has that happened🙆🏼‍♂️Have they lost ground to DPD and XPO?Proof of how brutal the haulage industry is.
  3. Simon Cowell has certainly had a shocker this year.All his shows are well past their sell by date.
  4. It is significantly cheaper to watch football in Germany.Especially the lower down the leagues you go.Slippery slope me thinks.
  5. Would love this to be true but I fear normal service will resume.Even the financial rules are bent to give the big boys an advantage.Blatantly cheating and getting caught doesn’t affect them.Arsenal and Man U have both lost their main men in recent seasons,both were warned about this.They will eventually turn it around.Chelsea are in transition.Pep obviously has his eye on the CL.Tottenham have gone through the upheaval of moving grounds but are up and running again.The likes of us and Wolves have to work 3 times harder than them and seek every single advantage.Which we currently are doing 5 fold.If the big boys have a bad season they finish mid table.If we have a bad season we go down,that’s the difference😐
  6. It’s true the smaller Prem clubs can dictate terms on transfers more now.The big clubs will always get their man though(Vardy Le Tiss apart).They are the big 6 because their turnovers blow everyone else out the water.Not only do they get regular CL payments,they can do multimillion £ deals involving sponsors,endorsements and ground naming rights.They will always be one step ahead.Having the biggest wage bill usually means you finish the season at the top.Thats true in most levels of professional sport.Man U and Arsenal will be back unfortunately.Whoever is behind our recent success is a bloody genius.
  7. Never a great idea to spend big chunks of money on Arsenal and Man U past their best rejects.
  8. Project fear that Labour actually win 😂I would usually love Labour to win,not with there current position on Brexit though.Where I live it’s only the big 3 running.Even the lady who stands for saving the NHS isn’t bothering this time.I would’ve voted for her.So I’m a bit buggered really.
  9. Here’s a scenario.Labour get a majority,they put the minimum wage up to £10 an hour.They run a second referendum and remain wins.The UK now has the second highest minimum wage in Europe.Second only to Luxembourg.Cue an almighty spike in immigration from eastern Europe.Good luck explaining that one to your core vote Labour.
  10. Puel occasionally got something out of him.Mostly at the end of 17/18.Never thought he didn’t try(except v Chelsea FA cup)He knows where the net is especially against inferior opposition.Would score 50 goals a season for Celtic.At the time we may have over paid for him.It must be hard knowing your chances are limited and the crowd will be on your back if you cock up.So happy for the lad
  11. I feel slightly sorry for Everton fans.They had a new owner,spent some cash(on wrong players)have a new ground on the horizon(not materialising)and are no better off then 10 years ago.Now David Moyes is being talked about 😂 A trip to Goodison Park is like going back in time to 1985,which is nice in a way.How ancient is it now though.I have heard the odd delusional fan on the radio this week.One saying they should have signed Vardy 2/3 years ago.Yeah alright mate.Vardy wouldn’t sign for Arsenal.Why the hell would he go to Everton.
  12. That’s the Xmas come early event though🍻not Black Friday.Fair enough if it works for you.I agree sales are mostly rubbish clothes wise.Your better off going to TK Max.I just see Black Friday being another desperate attempt,to get people to spend money that they don’t have on crap they don’t need.It just appeared from nowhere 5ish? years ago.Got artificially hyped up but doesn’t seem to be so noticeable this year.
  13. It was quite a thing to get him at the time nevertheless
  14. As I remember it,Taylor was chatting to Sven about his need to bring an experienced attacker in.Sven said have Mancini on loan then.He came in played a bit.The highlight being bringing the ball down on his chest in his own box,can’t remember who against.Then he buggered of again.
  15. Have the general public cottoned on to the fact that the con that is Black Friday is just that.A huge American imported con?There doesn’t seem to be so much hype this year,despite the advertisers best efforts.
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