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  1. Heathrow fox

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    I think he is trying to warn everyone that there might be a couple of seasons of belt tightening to come.If the club is upgrading its infrastructure then transfer funds are the first casualty. Im more bored of Puel in out than Brexit,but if he were to go then the new bloke would be left with yet another rebuild job with limited funds.While he is confident that he can get this young squad playing to a certain successful style. Maybe he has to play with 3 dms because he has to.What is the alternative.Silva,can’t play in this league.James,totally done now.Ibora,sold.King,love him but can’t give him away.Im not totally convinced with him but he might just know whats round the corner.
  2. Heathrow fox

    Players you forgotten had played for us

    I saw him playing Gillingham just before Xmas
  3. Heathrow fox

    Players you forgotten had played for us

    Bit harsh on the lad he chipped in a bit during his time here.Put the cross in for Heskeys equaliser at Wembley for one.Didnt do too badly at Norwich either.
  4. Heathrow fox

    The away kit

    The white one reminds me a bit of the England 82 World Cup admiral job without the red bit i like it.In fact their all good efforts.
  5. Heathrow fox

    Who is our worst value for money signing ever?

    We aren’t the only ones who have squandered millions,it goes with the territory.The amount clubs have squandered on players in the last 25 years,and all these flops nearly always end up in Turkey.
  6. Heathrow fox

    Europa League

    In its present form the Europa League is a poisoned chalice for teams like us.Umpteen rounds of qualifying followed by the drudge of the 6 game group stage,where we’d get to play Moldova’s finest.All this just to get to the last 32 😫 I appreciate that there’s loads of countries in Europe now and every one deserves a chance,but it was so much better when it was a straight 64 team knockout.
  7. Heathrow fox

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    Speaking of Lloyd Dyer if only we had someone like him now
  8. Heathrow fox

    How did we do in the cups under Pearson?

    That league cup run of 13/14 did us the world of good.We were doing well in a three horse race.Man City totally outclassed us in the quarters though, but after that we went up a gear.I don’t think we lost again in the league for weeks.
  9. Heathrow fox

    Newport away match thread

    Impossible to get any atmosphere going without no roof at the best of times
  10. Heathrow fox

    The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

    My dad kept banging on about this when it got to February.Even though it was a lower league the experience would have been invaluable.
  11. Heathrow fox

    Terrorist Attacks

    Peter Hitchens isn’t everyone’s cup of tea that’s for sure.He is However one of the few journalists worth the name we’ve got left.This subject has been his main gripe for years now and he knows his stuff.It may be from his angle but at least he’s asking questions. His main concern though is the people who have to deal with the consequences of such substance use.
  12. Heathrow fox

    Have we been linked with any strikers?

    There seems to be quite a lot of talent in the Championship this season.Would much rather gamble on players in that league than Portugal and France.(Pez and Mez the exception 😀)
  13. Heathrow fox

    Have we been linked with any strikers?

    He’d be perfect but very doubtful we could get him to come here.
  14. Heathrow fox

    Is this team even that good?

    Doesn’t ffp play a part in all this?We can’t pay Vardy anymore because we would be breaking the rules.The traditional big clubs are all becoming financial juggernaut’s with world wide support and regular euro money.All have got or are in the process of getting 60000 plus capacities.West ham and Everton are desperately trying to follow suit in that regard (makes you think they know something) Compared to them we will always be smaller.Leicestershires population isn’t huge and we do have the egg chasers down the road to compete with. We have to do things slightly differently.Invest in youth.Builld the best infrastructure we can.Have a philosophy about how we are as a club which is what the owners have been working on since day one.
  15. Heathrow fox

    Shout out for Simpson.

    He’s always stayed positive and got behind the team,even when he’s been out the side in all the time he’s been here.Just slots his way back in.