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  1. Can see Norwich and Sheff U staying loyal.even more so Sheff U.Bruce may surprise a few.Ole can not drift out the top 5/6 for any length of time so him.
  2. Went to Slough Town v Dorking Wanderer's today.Dorking were only formed in 1999 and yet have already been promoted an incredible 11 times.I must admit that despite being an avid fan of non league football (M3/M4 corridor esp) this had passed me by until the back end of last season.They won 1 nil scoring in the last 5 seconds,with a team full of experienced campaigners so should thrive this season.
  3. The difference is you are more likely to take precautions against the cold.Unless you are a complete nutter most people will wear suitable clothing when it’s freezing.Even then though that’s sometimes not enough.Where as people’s natural reaction is to take things off when it’s hot.The warning signs aren’t as immediate.
  4. The difference is that the first referendum was implemented
  5. Yes but frost bite hurts more.Sun burn is usually self inflicted aswell.
  6. Nothing wrong with a freezing cold sunny day as long as you’re wrapped up or moving about.Getting in and being cosy.Being able to sleep.Add in a wind chill factor though and even moving about isn’t much help.
  7. Hot can be uncomfortable and unpleasant but freezing cold actually hurts.I always think that when I’m too hot and it cools me down a couple of degrees.
  8. No4 They are most likely to have suffered the direct consequences of freedom of movement No5 Austerity is worshipped by the EU.We now know that it has sharp teeth and it will bite you if you step out of line.Yet it is more than happy to keep its rich mates in clover with its Q/E policy’s of recent times.These actions put a lot of pro EU people off.
  9. The post referendum remain argument has been pretty woeful anyway.Telling people who have next to nothing,that they are going to be lose their next to nothing is just going to go in one ear and out the other.Its laughable. It’s quite difficult to explain to the hundreds of thousands of construction workers.Who have seen their wages increase, due in large part to the slow down in EU intake,that Brexit is a bad thing.Good luck with that one Also you do not have to be right wing to want to leave the EU.Another massive misconception that is made.Especially on this forum.
  10. Massive mistake getting Campbell to parrot people’s vote on every tv and radio show(for what seemed like months)in the first place.He just preached to the converted and in the process entrenched a lot of leavers even further.Which added fuel to the Brexit party.He actually thought that if he said it often enough people would just accept it.Unfortunately for him enough people know he’s just full of s—t.
  11. Yes loads have left so they have needed to bring in lots of players.I think they’ll be fine.Good on Smith if they are.
  12. Sir Alex wouldn’t have stood for this that’s for sure.
  13. Both Arsenal and Man U will lose points next season,just for the fact that their usual tactic of blatantly cheating won’t be so easy with VAR.
  14. Yet when the sun comes out most Town centres still get really busy
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