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  1. Like you say the ball will be in his court come the summer.He will be able to command a decent wage from any possible suiter.We were never going to recoup any money for him this transfer window.Rodgers has said he’ll be off at the end of the season,but will use him up until then.He knows the lad needs first team football,though I hope he changes his mind.Mendy must be gutted he’s gone and got injured.
  2. I like to call Spurs v Liverpool the most punchable in the face Derby.Firmino,Ali,Kane,even Salah.The list is endless.
  3. I’m unusually quite anxious about this.
  4. They have a man as tight as a ducks anus running the show.Plus have spent gazillions on a new stadium.I think Harry Kane would be disappointed with no C/L football.
  5. You would think so + it being a top of the league 6 pointer.Kings Lynn are flying.Decent ground for that level.The main stand is a thing of beauty.
  6. 4019 at Kings Lynn v York City today.
  7. Yes the Miss GB series (and Kady Kody)????Possibly the best Love Island contestants of all time.I was addicted to that one.Much better when the girls are like your fit next door neighbour.
  8. Correct.Though even finishing 2 we will still get a very tricky group to negotiate.
  9. That is one heck of a stat 35/45 points in total.The two defeats being Chelsea and Liverpool of all teams.
  10. Are the implementation of those rules quoted,carried out by the local Council?Leicester City Council being quite strict.Or at least were.
  11. Yes thats a great idea.The shows insurers might disagree though☹️
  12. They spent a whack on Benteke + all the usual outlays of running a prem club.They also have a big ground improvement to work on.
  13. Yes I guessed it had something to do with filling the cbb slot.Love island however is a summer show.I hope they don’t start having 2 series each year either.
  14. Why are they doing this?Have ITV2 got something massive in store for its usual spot in the summer?Seems very odd.
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