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  1. Let’s face it,Umbro stopped being trendy in about 1989.
  2. I used to watch his Brentford side quite regularly and he turned a relegation threatened outfit into promotion challengers.All on a fairly limited budget.I thought he would’ve been an excellent choice to take over from Craig Levein before Mandy bought the club.A sort of Brian Little type character we needed at the time.He left anyway to go to MK Dons after the Brentford board couldn’t keep certain promises.Didn’t pull up any trees during his year there,but I was still delighted when he rocked up at Leicester.(We were no great shakes ourselves)It seems that things rapidly went downhill very qui
  3. Interest rate rises keep getting a mention.Something the Cons haven’t had to deal with much since the days of John Major.
  4. Make your mind up.You’ve been arguing that we’ve been in lockdown for large parts of the last 15 months.,when for many many millions we’ve had no such thing.
  5. Shalke that’s the one
  6. Not so sure about the product they’re advertising but like the way it looks on the shirt.I think it makes us look like a German team for some reason.
  7. Someone told me once that if you eat something you don’t like ten times you end up liking it.
  8. Yes,was probably replicated in the N/W.Would soon tot up.
  9. Parts of Middlesex were blitzed over the wkend I’m told
  10. It was about as democratic as you could get.I was a little nervous that the crowd would go for Fosse or at least make it too close to call.It ended up being unanimous.Looked like 98% City.
  11. Price of building materials have hit their highest since 1997.I’m guessing inflations been factored in obs
  12. The majority of my senior school life coincided with the Pleat era,when football really wasn’t trendy and we were truly dreadful.Yet I can think of at least twenty pupils from my year and the year above who were Leicester mad.When choosing Liverpool would have been the easiest thing to do.Plus three or four girls thrown in.In fact two of them were Leicester bonkers and didn’t ever miss a home match.Our PE teacher used to occasionally get batches of free tickets.Twenty at a time for the double decker.Always for mid week games and never had to hand any back. Can only remember one Forest fan
  13. I don’t think anyone can claim it as theirs.It just a general midlands thing.Mainly East Midlands granted.
  14. I know loads of people who use me duck or duckie as a greeting.Including myself.I say it all the time.
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