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  1. Heathrow fox

    The "do they mean us?" thread

    15 full internationals in that list give or take
  2. Heathrow fox

    The "do they mean us?" thread

    Still think Mad Dog got monumentally shafted when he was here.
  3. Heathrow fox


    Kap played for an average Poland team in a very average Euros due to its stupid expansion diluting the quality.We will make a loss.Never mind his fee would never have been the 8 mill quoted,more likely a quarter of that.We all move on.
  4. Heathrow fox

    Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez

    I wonder if his head would be turned by a counter attacking continental team.I can see golden bollocks having a bad World Cup and Vardy having 10 touches,scoring 4 and setting 3 up.I would be devastated if he left,with him we have hope whoever the manager is.Hes only allowed to leave for Sheffield Wednesday when he gets to about 35ish.
  5. Heathrow fox

    Spurs hatred towards Leicester

    If the Martians landed and we were in the trenches i would rather have Jamie Vardy stood next to me than Harry Kane any day Plus Kane wouldn’t off scored 20+ goals in this Leicester team where as Vardy would score 20+goals in this Spurs team,especially if Ali actually passed to him. I fully expect Kane to not pull trees out in Russia.Good teams will suse him out.Interupt the Ali Dier Kane love triangle and bobs your uncle.Vardy would be massively under estimated.
  6. Heathrow fox

    Is this how everyone felt about us?

    This isnt a Rochdale or Bury qualifying for europe its Burnley a club with proud history and best supported by head of population i believe.A club now who have had a few years of massive prem money pumped in whos turnover will be higher than most teams they come up against i wish them good luck
  7. Heathrow fox

    A love letter to Steve Claridge

    I always thought he was harsh about us on the FL Show even when we blitzed it 2014 however i briefly met him last year and he was full of genuine praise for the club and fans.One of the few footballers I’ve actually met but he was well alright and he knows his stuff.Very different bloke in real life.
  8. Heathrow fox

    Longevity in the Premier League

    Yes we are actually the 6th most successful team since football officially started in 92 😀 if winning things is the measure of success and people don’t give us credit for that. We we have had two successful spells when most clubs are lucky to have one in a lifetime.Things are a bit meh at the minute but we are light years ahead of Forest at the minute.Thirty years ago it was the complete opposite.
  9. Heathrow fox

    Will we be relegated in the next 3 years?

    Any team below 6th can go down.1 bad season injury’s etc.Our problem is the we are on the slide big time and getting a couple of players in pre season never seems to work.We had our chance to improve our squad and give ourselves a 2 year buffer and blew it.
  10. Heathrow fox

    Is SK4 a library?

    If and when they expand the stadium a designated unreserved seating stand preferably pay on gate would improve things 100%.Not a chance of that happening though.I watch a lot of lower league stuff and was at Aldershot on Wednesday night.They have the nearest thing to our old filbo kop behind one of the goals with the pens it’s called the east bank.With a decent away crowd the place rocks.Forget safe standing here though.Forget swopping the family stand also.Way too much work for the health and safety police who are more than happy for our ground to be a library.
  11. Heathrow fox

    Stadium Expansion - at last !

    Wait for Southampton to expand their ground and copy them
  12. Heathrow fox

    When did it all go wrong under Puel?

    His fate was sealed for me when I realised he was good mates with Glen 0 0 v Italy greatest ever England result in history tactical genius Hoddle.This has Taylor 2002 written all over it.