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  1. Away for this one, so have a spare ref, priority 1. PM for details
  2. Yes, not missed at all. If he wasn't from Leicester people would have forgotten about him by now!!
  3. I've got 2 adult tickets for this one in the west stand but not seated together. £30 each
  4. Have a ticket for this one. Looking for £30 (in the west stand)
  5. I've got a couple spare for this. Although both in the same stand, not together
  6. Can't make this one and have a P1 ref available from Monday. PM for details
  7. Remember to take off the 2.4 million owed to Birmingham as part of the sell on fee. Cheers John!
  8. Have a spare priority 1 ref for this if anyone wants. PM for details
  9. Have a spare reference for this one available from Friday. PM for details
  10. Mendy has got to be in with a shout. Hasn't played many games but was expecting a lot lot more from him
  12. Also noticed that shakey was on the pitch at the end. Usually him at stowell will hang around on the side of the pitch but yesterday he was on to commiserate all of the players
  13. Watching the game back, love that when he went down injured and clearly in a bit of pain, told the pysio 'no way am I going off'. Will need that character in the relegation battle to come. Could have taken the easy option and gone off...
  14. Ticket now gone