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  1. Happy birthday wilf. Hope you have a good day...
  2. More importantly, will our match make it past priority one ticket sales?
  3. RUDKIN ..... rédemption

    Rudkin out
  4. Checkatrade v Scunny

    Scunthorpe just hit bar! 4 mins remaining
  5. West Ham post match 1-1

    Win your home games, draw away against the teams around you. An away point in the premier league is a good one. Let's not get above our stations!
  6. Claude Puel - Contender

    Thanks for the information John #rudkinout
  7. Rudkin

    We need another protest like we had against Barry Pierpoint
  8. Rudkin

  9. Cliff Ginetta

    Think the real fans take what he says with a pinch of salt!
  10. West Brom Post Match

    Didn't help that their keeper had to keep walking to the corner flag to collect the ball. Everything about the club from top to bottom have got complacent since winning the league
  11. West Brom Post Match

    off topic, anyone notice the ball boys pretty non existent tonight....
  12. Someone needs sacking

    Why are people continuing to blame FIFA?! If Leicester had met the deadline, no problem...
  13. Who do you want for Right back

    Simpson more than good enough for us. Think we have more problems to worry about/sort than this one!!!!
  14. Get rid, not good enough... Give me strength, have you been to a game yet? Our best defender
  15. Shakey has been stitched up by rudkin and co. He should be judged when silva is in the team....