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  1. Junior Lewis, Dennis Wise, Peter Canero or Lee Marshall. We've come a long way...
  2. We won’t get 7th place and don’t really deserve to after our form across the full season. Top 10 and another season in the premiership, take that.
  3. What the Jeremy Kyle was going on in the family stand second half? 2 women thrown out?
  4. Apologies, meant league 1 club
  5. Will be off to a league 1 club by the end of the window on loan.
  6. Pathetic selection. Play your strongest team then take off the main men! Simple.
  7. Hopefully to the championship rather than France or turkey!!!
  8. Let’s not be to harsh on the lad. Only creative player in the team at the moment. Lots of weight on some young shoulders.
  9. At least half the first team will have had a night off and will be fresh for 3 points at Chelsea. Just like when we rested a few at Fulham ready for spurs...
  10. Why don’t we play our strongest team? Oh yeah, Claude doesn’t know it! Joke
  11. When all the plastics moaned he wasn’t putting the workrate in...give me a Mahrez at 50% than all of our current wingers at 100%
  12. Keep it simple... His name is Vichai, he made dreams come true
  13. This is the same picture he put up before arsenal game...
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