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  1. If Maddison wants out to United, which is what he is holding out for, this would be a perfect replacement.
  2. With Birmingham not going up or down, surprised Jude Bellingham won’t be involved for them
  3. Players thinking about new contracts and heads being turned for summer moves
  4. Another game that just drifted past him. Loan to a championship club to build up his confidence and form in the summer
  5. Can’t believe the team is getting leaked 2 days before kick off.
  6. United fan that played for Coventry so has a soft spot for them
  7. If United get Champions League (big If at present), he will be off in the summer to them. 100%
  8. Surprised so many left at 1-1. Same lot that weren’t keen on Rodgers....
  9. Did ok tonight, nothing special but match not too competitive. Needs a loan move in January
  10. 10% of the transfer will go to Brentford, so Burnley will take that into consideration! Sell on fees....
  11. Hope top takes that loyalty bonus off him, if requested to sit out the game tomorrow.
  12. Good news; Geoff and Albert two of the best ITKs we have
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