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  1. Outstanding I thought. Gives us a great option to save the 30 million + and keep him.
  2. Disagree on that one. Hand behind the back I agree could and probably should have been given as a penalty. But that does not make him a bad defender. He scored 2 goals against us and is very good from set pieces. If we play 3 at the back he is used to that, if we play 2 great competition for Cags and Evans. Vardy always struggles against him too. Strong, quick, very good in the air. Personal opinion of course but think he would be very good for us. Especially on a loan, RLC is apparently available for a loan / transfer too. Would be very happy for him to join us as well and provide competition for Maddison and Tielemans.
  3. Rudiger from Chelsea. Always been impressed when he plays against us. Big player and could be available on a loan with view to signing.
  4. Would be a very solid cb for us. Gives us options to play 3 at the back if needed. Great experience and has done well. Not too dissimilar to Maguire in style of play. He can push on here and gain international call ups. Castagne and Tarkowski for Chilwell money is great business and improves our depth.
  5. Some great names on that list of replacements. All good options. I still can not understand why our English players are so expensive. 50 million for Chilwell and potentially a player as good for half the price.
  6. Agreed 50 million for Chilwell at the moment is a good fee. I am hoping we have added in future instalments or bonus related for another 20 million or so. I think 70 will be a more realistic fee. Will be a shame to see an academy graduate leave though. If can get Brooks for roughly 35 and a left back for 25 selling Chilwell will improve the starting 11. All depends how we spend the money.
  7. seems on par with Southampton and Liverpool. But we did incredible out of the Drinkwater deal. Kante we actually got 10 million more than his release clause as they were not top 4 at the time. Chilwell 50 is ok, I would have thought we could have got around 70 personally. Hopefully in instalments this happens.
  8. As an impact sub he offers something different and I would keep. But he would not be a starter, for some reason plays worse when he starts.
  9. Let 3 frames Ronnie was superb. Poor comments post match from Mark, disappointing really. Cant see what Ronnie did wrong. He got out of every snooker Mark put him in, made the sport entertaining for public on tv. Sore loser this time unfortunately.
  10. You are right with Liverpool of course, the person I quoted mentioned Man Utd / Man City / Barcelona and Real Madrid which is why referred to those exact teams. Liverpool did incredibly well with Coutinho, especially spending the money on 2 top players. We will likely get a fortune for Chilwell but how we spend it will be key. The last time we had a lot of money after winning the league we wasted fortunes on Musa, Slimani etc. A couple of key realistic signings and we can have a great season this coming year.
  11. You are very correct with a model similar to dortmund. Shows how far we have come in the last decade. On the whole I agree with your message - I would say only really Manchester City have not sold a key player to this date. Barcelona sold Neymar - for a fortune admittedly but was a key player. Madrid - Ronaldo United - Ronaldo too but could Argue Stam, Van Nistelrooy. Even though Ferguson wanted out I guess, they were still key players and weakened the team when they left. Man City- Maybe Sancho but he was similar to Pogba I guess in young prospect choosing to leave. David Silva or Kompany only when contract runs down. I can't remember them selling a key player. We will sell Chilwell but our owners learnt from Kante contract and we now receive world record fees for our players which in itself is amazing. But then think we are in European football with a very talented starting 11, arguably have the best training ground in football and an improved stadium on the way. What a time to be a Leicester fan..
  12. Aaron Ramsey is apparently not wanted at Juve. Wonder if a loan move work work for us. At his best he was superb, could provide strength in depth and push Maddison and Tielemans to be better for the starting spot. We would pay a % of his wages to make it financially reasonable.
  13. I do agree we do not have to sell our best players. Unfortunately for our club the likelihood is we will. Players at Leicester will always want to go to one of the best sides in the world and to double if not further increase wages. We can't begrudge them for that. But we can hold out for their top market value which we have done very well in since Kante. We do need superb recruitment such as Soyuncu and JJ. Have these players come in for a year to learn our club and team mates then when we do sell a key player we have a player already to go within the club.
  14. Only should be considered a sale for 85-100Million. A fortune I know, but Cags is very good defender who will fit Barcelona style of play perfectly. Problem is we have to spend money first as if clubs know we have 100 million to spend after a sale the prices will likely go up. Shows how far we have come, half our team are linked with moves for 50million plus.
  15. I can see him being worth around 30 - 35million. Any more and we should look elsewhere. Solid defender, premier league experience, good attacking and defending set pieces. I can see why we would be interested. Can improve with us and push for the England team.
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