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  1. Funny he didn't mention the TAA on Tielemans where he never went for the ball either.
  2. Thank god for that. Never have to worry about Spurs finishing in the top 4 ever again.
  3. Agreed there is a big difference between the 2 goals with Perez and Son's positions. However Sterlings was offside against West Ham for the same reason as the spurs goal. Personally, the linesman missed both and both goals should have stood.
  4. Agreed, we could lose him sooner than expected. But to play for England has always been that way. Picked on which club you play for not best player / team. Quite happy Maddison not being played keeps him fit for United away. Genuinely think we have a chance to get 3 points there. We have all the chance to be top 6 next season too.
  5. I understand your point, but we are at home. If this was at Molineux then this set up would be fine. At home we haven't had any shots on goal of note. Personally think Maddison is not a winger moving him left and right, would rather Play One of Ndidi and Hamza, then Maddison and Tielemans and have barnes / albrighton / Perez on the wings. Wolves have 3 decent central defenders too, playing Vardy alone leaves him too isolated.
  6. Against the top sides it is a good tactic to use. However any of the other 14 or so teams in the league we can play with 1 DM. I genuinely think our side is good enough to compete against any team in the league this season.
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