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  1. Wonder who would win this Liverpool side or Vieira Arsenal Unbeatable team. Both made the league look easy.
  2. Agreed, also doesn't help how long between giving the penalty and taking the actual kick. Lot of time to change your mind.
  3. Correct and thanks for writing, potentially add Vardy Calf injury..
  4. Christmas break is one of the best parts of the season for UK fans. Helps build the premier league as all major European leagues are closed. I would remove the 'West Ham fixture' on the 28th I think it was. And keep the other 3 games over this period.
  5. With Morgan on the bench, potentially we have gone 433. With Chilwell LW and Perez on the Right. With Maddison supporting Kelechi.
  6. BBC Gossip says spurs want Ricardo for 30m. Do they just make up their figures same as they create their stories. AWB went to United for 50, Ricardo is better surely minimum 60 million.
  7. Kaspers comments after the game, very likely he will get a 1 game ban. Even though he was probably justified with his comments. Liverpool were outstanding, we were set up poorly. How can you give Trent so much space and time on the ball without any pressure. From the first few seconds we were passing aimlessly and looked like we lost before kick off. Far too much respect show, albeit to a wonderful side. Should never play 4 cm in the same team, they get in each others way. Ndidi was the best of a bad bunch, he was often ahead of tielemans and Praet and Maddison. Maddison on the wing should never happen again, I hoped after united away Rodgers would know that. Always should play your best side, even in defeat we learn. Today looked like a team and certainly midfield who had no idea where to be. They switched play superbly and so often, moved the ball quickly in central areas. hopefully we can put it right against West Ham. Cup semi final and 2/3rd in league tomorrow night. Still superb position and lots to look forward too.
  8. Exactly, and we got outclassed, correctly put, by a team put together for mega millions and who won the league 2 years running. No shame in that. We have played most top sides away already - Liverpool / Man City / Chelsea and United and still sit 2nd in the league with a good chance of a cup final.
  9. It's a reasonable start from the networks. Amazon have all the money they need, surely if they wanted to blow all others out of competition they could offer packages of 10-15 pound per month. Only bodes well for us as consumers.
  10. Pukki's movement was very good, it has to be said. I don't understand why play with such a high line when playing against fast attackers though. We were lucky on a few occasions this video of Soyuncu plus Ricardo last ditch tackle. Would make more sense with our defenders to drop 10-15y and Kasper play slightly higher then reduce the space for them to run into. As poor as we were, Norwich impressed. We are lucky to have Soyuncu and not Maguire in this case as he would never have caught up with Pukki. We are in an incredible position with 2 huge league games coming up. Try and make the most of this, learn from when we won the league and wasted all the signings pretty much that summer. If we can get Demirel and maybe one attacker / winger that will be a successful window.
  11. Great last ditch tackle from Soyuncu as it was, I was more worried with how easy and susceptible we were to the ball over the top. We have been so solid all season, last 2 games have given too many chances away. Maybe the formation change resulted in a few defensive problems.
  12. Zaha If price is realistic could be very good for us. OR Grealish would do well on the left. And Barnes moved to the right.
  13. They won't get better than Pochetino. levy was at fault for lower wages for key players who want to leave regardless of manager surely. The results they had have been incredible until this season. Still only played 12 games, and lose a manager who has done so well. Doesn't make sense
  14. Mancini, signed under Peter Taylor I think.
  15. You can use the word play loosely. We look far a better attacking outlet without him anyway.
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