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  1. Inevitable... why can we see it coming but not the Mgt...
  2. We’re gonna get done here... can feel it coming.
  3. I’m listening on the Radio..... can someone confirm we have more than just Kasper on the pitch.... his is the only name I keep hearing... 🙄
  4. You’re right.... disappointment over. Anyway, who wants to play champions league in front of empty stadiums.... let’s do it properly next year when it matters...
  5. Meltdown of all meltdowns... F***ing gutted.... 1-0 up against Bournemouth and lose 4-1... how the f*** ??? Ranieri kept them better focused than Rogers.... we’ve been on the beach since March and got what we deserved...
  6. Some achievement in this team.... well done Jamie, something to cheer 🍻
  7. Let’s not try and play a % game. City need to win, end of.
  8. Tielemans needs to pull the strings. We’re too predictable...
  9. Needs to let his football do the talking... think the England call-up went to his head.... much to learn...
  10. Albrighton for the winner..!! should have started....
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