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  1. Hi guys I'm not much of a runner but a do like a long distance walk. After recommendations from several people I'll be using Strava to record my walking progress this year. It doesn't seem to have an OS mapping option for it though. Is there a way for combing the two so that you can see where you are going as well as where you have been does anybody know?
  2. I think he’s massively overcompensated today for his performance against villa. He’s gone from passing every single ball back to Fuchs to trying to spray it around absolutely everywhere. The ball that he tried to play Vardy in with in the buildup to their first goal was very naive. He wasn’t the only one that gave the ball away chronically though. I’m still backing him to come good though. He can sort this out because the battle he faces is between his ears much more than it is about his talent.
  3. Has all the attributes to be one of the worlds top left backs. The way he played in England’s epic away win over Spain proves that. However, like at the start of the season he is clearly struggling with his confidence over the last few weeks, possibly ever since Mahrez tore him a new one at Man City. I think playing with Barnes, particularly at home, really takes the pressure off him going forward.
  4. Exactly this. So many of these VAR decisions are not controversial at all and I for one am thoroughly bored of listening to TV pundits whinging on about every single one. If the lines are drawn correctly then it’s offside. If the ball hits a players hand then it ain’t a goal. I can understand Moyes being gutted but he’s simply wrong when he says that it was a perfectly good goal. You can make a case for a rule change but as it stands these decisions are in no way controversial!
  5. True dat. How many people saw Southampton in mid-table at this point in the season after our game? they looked absolutely screwed mainly because you couldn’t see where the goals were going to come from. Ings has been fantastic for them ever since. A bit like villa though they seem very reliant on one player to keep them up. One of the relegation places could well be decided on who gets injured over the next two months.
  6. We need to start quickly. To often at home we have ambled through the 1st half, allowed defensive teams to settle into a pattern and find their confidence. That said we have generally been very good in the second half of games. But we do seem to heap pressure on ourselves by starting slowly. Id love to see what the split is between goals scored in the first and second half at home is.
  7. Awful, and it goes on for what feels like an eternity. Wolves had the same thing when we played them in the league cup last season and most Leicester fans were laughing at it - it wasn’t intimidating at all.
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