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  1. Yep, gets me too when baddie doesn't just shoot goodie. Or they come up with some convoluted means of killing them which goodie inevitably escapes from. There's a double figure body count all around and for some reason (the next episode probably) they decide to take time over the good guy. Fekk me, just get it done, put a bullet through their head!
  2. Firstly, hello and welcome. To answer your question, you're probably as knowledgeable as we are. We've hardly seen him. Looks decent enough on the ball and likes to play out, but we've not really seen him tested defensively. What he's had to do, he's done without any major qualms. What else can one say? One for the future perhaps, as the saying goes. There are suggestions of him being injury prone but I personally don't think there's anything (yet) to suggest he is any more so than one might expect. Suggestions also that he can disappear in a battle (based on some games in the SPL) but, again, we've not really seen that as he's hardly had a run out for us. If anything, we'll be looking for your opinion when he comes back to us!
  3. Who tf knows? It'll be damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. As I said earlier, I think it'd be wiser to swap refs for tomorrow - just to avoid possible incidents. What gets me about the 'we've done nothing wrong, why should we change anything?' barrel-chested squaring-up type of response is that it draws battle lines that could be avoided. There's not need to imply fault by taking an action. You can simply acknowledge a situation with a desire not to further confuse it.
  4. Puny, good looking teenagers with 'super powers' (that don't kick in when opening doors etc) that can kick the arse of hulking great bad guys... even when their super power is unrelated (e.g. can run fast, or see through walls, or whatever) Come one, get real, the baddy would crush their skulls in the blink of an eye I blame Buffy, she started it. Also, when the bad guy does capture and tie up said fit teen, how come they don't feel them up? Or am I sterotyping baddies and they're not all sick pervs too? (Just to be clear, I know it's a program, not real and that suspension of believe is part of that fiction - this is joke thread right?)
  5. I personally think it's worth the club asking the question, in a non-contentious way, but I wouldn't go making mountains out of it. I think the use of the word 'demanding' is emotive and possibly inaccurate. I think there does need to be some clarity over what happened with that particular decision, the process involved with it, particularly if there is some credible suggestion that the wrong incident was reviewed. If only to clear up any confusion. But I wouldn't go further than that. I think the club is pragmatic about it and whilst fans might get worked up, I think that whilst the club management etc might feel a degree of disappointment, they'll take it in their stride. They know VAR is in development and will understandably having teething problems and get better. Asking the question assists in that process. Edit: it's probably too late now, but it might have been worth changing the ref for tomorrow! Again, in a 'no fault' kind of a way.
  6. Baddies becoming crap shots when shooting at the good guy.
  7. Imo, it was good light entertainment to start with but overstays its welcome. I got bored with it when they started to expand storylines from the original concept - it ran out of ideas pretty quickly and became samey and dull. I think it hoped you'd become interested in the characters and their relationships, but I personally couldn't.. I didn't get past season 2.
  8. Alf's been able to reclaim his British sense of humour.
  9. Generally speaking, it of course depends where you're going and what you're looking to do but for me, city centre every time - or a hotel that is easily walkable. It's a pain in the arse to start pfaffing with local transport, particularly last bus/train scenarios. Plus, I've always liked the option of going back to the hotel in the afternoon; to rest the feet, have a kip and shower/change before going out again. It's so much easier to do that if you're staying downtown. I visited New York once the weekend of the marathon. I didn't realise when booking flights that it was the marathon weekend and couldn't find a hotel room (affordable) in Manhattan and ended up staying in Queens. Now that wasn't actually a problem, and was indeed interesting in its own right, but it did change the nature of my intended visit. I've been to Amsterdam many times and have stayed centrally each time. Tbh, I don't even know what there is outside the centre! My interests at the time were, shall we say, limited!
  10. Oh, so now we're going to assess quality as well. What is this, ***king X-Factor?!
  11. Oh, I don't know. Some pay good money for that.... I'm lead to believe.
  12. Win everything. Once that's done, campaign for the creation of other things to win. Or maybe ice dance, touring shows and residences at Las Vegas.
  13. Maybe the club ought make it a requirement to sing before selling you a season ticket. You know, just a quick chorus of auld lang syne or something, that ought to do it. And maybe perhaps make you do a few rounds will Tyson Fury as well. I mean, we don't want you besmirching the club's good name by being beaten up by a namby-pamby Spurs fan now do we Family friendly football replete with painted faces and foam hands are where it's at now (at least image wise) In general I think that's a good thing. As nostalgic as it might sound for some, I personally don't want to feel I'm entering a warzone - at The (New) Den or elsewhere - just to watch a football game. I don't want to have the fear of having the shit kicked out of me just because I happen to support the other team. Though, in fairness, in all my years of going to both to Filbert Street and elsewhere, what threat of violence there was was both small and easily avoided (of course, you could simply get unlucky and caught up in something) In general terms, those that wanted it knew where to go and how find each other - I'd personally prefer it didn't happen at all but it was at least, I suppose, consensual! Of course, that doesn't necessarily equate to atmosphere or lack of singing. There's no mutual exclusivity at play here. The point really is that the game has changed and there is a broader range of fans coming in now. As loathsome to some that the "prawn sandwich brigade" are, they are perfectly entitled to pay their money and come through the turnstile just like everyone else is. If there is a knock-on effect to the ground's atmosphere then so be it. I think the club is doing its level best to generate atmosphere but if people don't want to sing or 'make some noise' then, honestly, what can you do? Evict them? I think the motivation comes primarily from the pitch. People get behind the team when the team is seen to be digging in.... or maybe I've got it all wrong and they don't any more.
  14. Forest, under Clough, were a team I used to like to watch. Sorry about that if it offends anyone. And I did keep it quiet at the time.
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