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  1. Chuffed for Scotland. They deserved that.
  2. Yep, and Scotland not even playing particularly well by their standards. Defensively sound enough but not clicked otherwise. Another deserved red though, not that I saw it at first. Video ref went through the footage for that. Not over yet though, France can conjure stuff up sometimes.
  3. I thought so too. I thought Manu was in trouble from the word go (pretty hard to justify going in like that) but thought red was more likely. Silly thing to go and do too; always a risk, already a man down... The resulting scoreline suggested a match closer than it was. England had it pretty well wrapped up until then.
  4. I get that impression too. Like we only want to score if the build up includes clever little passes, interchanges and flicks on the edge of the 6 yard box. When defences are massed and deep, you're making life difficult for yourself. There's nothing wrong with a well struck, from distance wellie. In fact, it's the sort of thing that (almost) makes me chuckle when it happens; it's a 'suck on that' for the tippy-tappy notion of 'good football'. I love it (absolutely LUV'IT) when it happens to Man City. Sod the 35 pass build up, just thump it - they both count just the same. Have you noticed Ndidi doesn't even have a pop these days? That was once something I looked forward to as part of my match day entertainment (Hmmm, I wonder if I've answered my own question)
  5. I'm not. We may just scrape over the line but I'm confident. Hat ready.
  6. mabrah

    Corona Virus

    Have you booked your return journey?
  7. Now oddly I wasn't anticipating Ecclestone to be as good as he was, but then maybe I've not seen him in enough other stuff. But yes, some excellent acting across the board. I thought the scene between Grace (Lindsay Duncan) and Kevin Snr in series 3 was just brilliant; pure, pure emotion and so very well played - and ending on such a well judged comedic touch. YT link attached but don't view if you're planning to watch the show and don't want to spoil the feel of the entire season, but the clip, in itself, is not really a spoiler.
  8. Just finished watching 'The Leftovers'. I thought it excellent. OK, it kinda changed tack from Season 1 and it did all get wrapped up all a little too quickly and conveniently (Season 3 could almost be considered as padding out) but it was a wonderful series none-the-less. Excellent acting (Chris Ecclestone was superb I thought), intriguing plot lines and some wonderful, but light, comedy moments. Yep, gets a 'recommended' from me. Edit: from reading earlier posts, I agree with comments made. It's a series that takes a 'what if' scenario and looks at the reactions of individuals, how faith and belief are challenged, how people seek answers to the 'what if'. There are some truly excellent and emotional scenes that explore belief. Fear not, it's not about religion per se, though obviously that's a part, but about what people believe. I'd actually rate it amongst the best TV I've ever watched.
  9. Chelsea were pretty darned good last night and I would want to avoid them (in that form) should we get past Birmingham. I was impressed how they went about the game; it was frenetic, neither side given a great deal of time on the ball, high energy stuff. Entertaining to be fair. Either side would have blown us off the park playing like that though.
  10. Yep, gets me too when baddie doesn't just shoot goodie. Or they come up with some convoluted means of killing them which goodie inevitably escapes from. There's a double figure body count all around and for some reason (the next episode probably) they decide to take time over the good guy. Fekk me, just get it done, put a bullet through their head!
  11. mabrah

    Ryan bennett

    Oh, and I love it when the club blind sides everyone!
  12. Firstly, hello and welcome. To answer your question, you're probably as knowledgeable as we are. We've hardly seen him. Looks decent enough on the ball and likes to play out, but we've not really seen him tested defensively. What he's had to do, he's done without any major qualms. What else can one say? One for the future perhaps, as the saying goes. There are suggestions of him being injury prone but I personally don't think there's anything (yet) to suggest he is any more so than one might expect. Suggestions also that he can disappear in a battle (based on some games in the SPL) but, again, we've not really seen that as he's hardly had a run out for us. If anything, we'll be looking for your opinion when he comes back to us!
  13. mabrah

    Ryan bennett

    Works for me, all things considered. I honestly didn't think we'd find anyone. A bit of tide-over business until summer.
  14. Who tf knows? It'll be damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. As I said earlier, I think it'd be wiser to swap refs for tomorrow - just to avoid possible incidents. What gets me about the 'we've done nothing wrong, why should we change anything?' barrel-chested squaring-up type of response is that it draws battle lines that could be avoided. There's not need to imply fault by taking an action. You can simply acknowledge a situation with a desire not to further confuse it.
  15. Puny, good looking teenagers with 'super powers' (that don't kick in when opening doors etc) that can kick the arse of hulking great bad guys... even when their super power is unrelated (e.g. can run fast, or see through walls, or whatever) Come one, get real, the baddy would crush their skulls in the blink of an eye I blame Buffy, she started it. Also, when the bad guy does capture and tie up said fit teen, how come they don't feel them up? Or am I sterotyping baddies and they're not all sick pervs too? (Just to be clear, I know it's a program, not real and that suspension of believe is part of that fiction - this is joke thread right?)
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