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  1. Does anybody fancy putting a team together for the 6aside tournament union fs are doing for charity? I’m in Blackpool and don’t mind giving lifts within reason. Don’t know when the deadline for letting them know is but just seeing if there’s any interest
  2. Any fans in the north/north west fancy putting a team together for this?
  3. Find his case amazing really. Wanted us to sign him before the euros in 2016, he had a quality tournament and we signed him and thought he’d become a talisman for us. Seems like he’s regressed massively. Maybe a manager like Puel could have got the best out of him the season he signed but generally seems to have been a total waste of time in his career these last couple of seasons where really he should have been improving week by week. Should have stayed in Krakow for a couple of extra seasons before making the move possibly.
  4. His name is Hamza Choudhury Hell be here til he’s 30 He plays for the premier league champs.....Leicester! When he walks down the street All the people he meets say oi! Gorgeous. What’s your name? To Nicola Berti that spurs sing
  5. He delivers a good cross about 1 every 10. He hits a percentage ball. Not denying he hasn’t put some great crosses in his time but with the amount he puts in you’re bound to get a few
  6. Says the one that thinks Albrighton has an exceptional final ball and is a formidable crosser
  7. Think Matty James looks tentative when having to do any lateral movement. Shame to see really, don’t think he has a future here anymore, a peak James would look quality in our current system I feel
  8. Would be the most Leicester thing to beat these, draw Burton in the semis and lose.
  9. Ready for a slating but think Mendy needs a chant To Champs Elysees Nampalys Mendy palalalala Nampalys Mendy Hes really small he’s really quick He makes messi look really shit We all know he’s better than Ngolo Kante
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