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  1. It'sblueupnorth

    Danny Drinkwater

    Is keeping tabs LCFC just sending scouts over to watch or do you expect a bid to go in?
  2. It'sblueupnorth

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    He delivers a good cross about 1 every 10. He hits a percentage ball. Not denying he hasn’t put some great crosses in his time but with the amount he puts in you’re bound to get a few
  3. It'sblueupnorth

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    Says the one that thinks Albrighton has an exceptional final ball and is a formidable crosser
  4. It'sblueupnorth

    Amartey signs new contract till 2022

    Anyone know when he will be back in training?
  5. It'sblueupnorth

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Think Matty James looks tentative when having to do any lateral movement. Shame to see really, don’t think he has a future here anymore, a peak James would look quality in our current system I feel
  6. Would be the most Leicester thing to beat these, draw Burton in the semis and lose.
  7. It'sblueupnorth

    New chants and songs

    Ready for a slating but think Mendy needs a chant To Champs Elysees Nampalys Mendy palalalala Nampalys Mendy Hes really small he’s really quick He makes messi look really shit We all know he’s better than Ngolo Kante
  8. It'sblueupnorth

    Brands Brands Brands

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  9. It'sblueupnorth

    Ok two questions regards Top

    It struck me as being that way too. Although Willems has come from UEFA marketing and sponsorships so may have been brought in quite astutely. Seems strange to me though that they have replaced the CEO very quickly after the death of Khun Vichai, especially one that hasn’t had ties to KP (unless he has, I’m not aware of any though?).
  10. It'sblueupnorth

    Ok two questions regards Top

    OHL have just appointed Peter Willems as the clubs CEO. Who was their ceo before this? Rudkin? Don’t know what barring this has in the grand scheme of things
  11. If anyone watches the breaking bad spin off ‘Better call Saul’ one of the German engineers is wearing VFL Bochum shirt when they’re playing volleyball in the laundrette. Thought this might be of interest to send to your Bochum mates!
  12. It'sblueupnorth

    The Immortals - The best of the rest?

    Got to be Ulloa. How he took that penalty v West Ham is beyond me, I still get nervous when he steps up to take it now.
  13. It'sblueupnorth

    New chants and songs

    Too far, too soon you saw Chaglar Söyüncü
  14. It'sblueupnorth

    Current LCFC Players Quiz

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  15. I just completed this quiz. My Score 100/100 My Time 36 seconds