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  1. Not really £70 off, we paid that last season to keep our ST's.
  2. This coach thing is 100% a club move. Stinks of it
  3. **** it, decided i’m not bothering with this shit. Genuinely not worth it.
  4. Kasper Fofana Evans Soyuncu Ricardo Castagne Ndidi Tielemans Maddison Barnes Vardy Don't like leaving Justin out because Iv been really impressed with him this season however Ricardo is just on another level.
  5. Managed to Pre-Order mine on Currys after an hour wait. Sold out of the digital edition so had to settle for the disc one. Extra £100 and I download all of my games straight from the PS Store
  6. As heartbreaking as this would be, reluctantly I would have to agree.
  7. Money Heist is unreal, top 3 shows of all time easy. Baffled that people find it stressful reading subtitles Not that hard is it?
  8. Gave up after like Season 2 or 3, started becoming so repetitive. Shame because the first season was really good.
  9. Hopefully we take the game to them this time, we sat back against Liverpool and got turned over. Lets hope Brendan has learnt his lesson.
  10. Awful. About 10 of us trying to get anything going whilst people looked at us and stared as if we were committing a crime. There’s no hope.
  11. The club really need that extra £10 they've added to ticket prices don't they £20 for an U22 against Birmingham is a fvcking joke.
  12. Nah the MP5 is definitely the best Sub, tried most of them and with the right attachments nothing comes close (Merc Foregrip, 10mm Rounds, Sleight of Hand, FTAC Collapsible and Stippled Griptape) On another note, Online S&D is probably the most frustrating thing in the world to play. Lobbies full of Claymores, RPG's, One Shot Pistols and Shotguns. Need Ranked play ASAP.
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