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  1. It's going to end in tears with OGS, he is not the man to take them forward. Maguire would be bonkers to join them at this juncture, but money talks.
  2. Herb on Granby Street is fantastic for Veges and Vegans. Sister restaurant of Kayal.
  3. drew

    Valium / Flying

    Try and get some Zopiclone (7.5mg), two beers and one of those will put you out. I call it the "equalizer" as you'll sleep better than the people in business class. Should get 8hrs kip. Have a bottle of water and some mints for when you wake up, your mouth will be like a badgers arse, and that's an understatement. I don't have an issue with flying but i've done more than my fair share of long haul flights to the states to find something that makes you sleep.
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