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  1. As we lose Mobdro other new streaming site's become better.
  2. I think with this pandemic all international games should be suspended.
  3. Perhaps a real trade specialist should have been dispatched to Brussels. The EU has 1500 such specialists, who have made trade deals for the EU with the world for 40 years. The UK people were bloody newbies, because the EU did all their trade deals for 47 years, there's nobody left in UK who knows how it is done. Small wonder it's such a frackup.
  4. yer can't beat a bit o bully. Come & have a look at what you could've won 😁
  5. Brexit did cost Great Britain 212 billion pounds (234 billion euros) by the end of 2020. This is almost as much as the UK contributed to the EU budget in 47 years during its EU membership. According to research from Bloomberg Economics, business uncertainty following Brexit has meant that economic growth in the UK has lagged other countries within the G7 since the Brexit referendum in 2016.
  6. And in years to come, be it five or ten, mention brexit and its failings you'll be greeted with the response, "Oh your not still going on about that, that was years ago. Get over it."
  7. I like quiz show's but one of them is Pointless.!!😁
  8. Most financial services have already moved to Amsterdam. Businesses are setting up shop in Europe because of red tape.
  9. with around 1 million illegals it'll be a while...
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