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  1. Does anyone have a Nexo account? I just deposited 1k in GBP to test the water which will apparently earn me 8% interest, paid daily so compound effect also kicks in. Too good to be true?!
  2. May have misread but wasn't he also retrospectively cleared when they changed the thresholds or something?
  3. It's a dramatic fall from grace for Giuliani isn't it. From bringing down the mafia, sorting out New York and his 9/11 response to this.
  4. In short we started in Rio (during Olympics) and then worked our way down the east coast of the continent from Brazil to Uruguay and then to Argentina. Stopped off for a month in Buenos Aires before heading further south to Patagonia and then Ushuaia (which is cited as the world's most southerly city). From there we headed back north to Cordoba and Mendoza and then Chile including Santiago, the volcanic region in the south and the isle of Chiloe. After that we went to Peru (just briefly, got really ill and struggled to escape) then Costa Rica (wow) then Mexico (only Mexico City, great place th
  5. We spent a month in Vancouver in 2017 at the end of a 10 month trip traveling South and Central America. I think you definitely have time to add an extra stop while still having time to see enough of the city. Victoria by boat is a great idea, we did that. Tofino which is also on Vancouver Island was highly recommended to us as a bit of a surf / hippy enclave but we didn't have time and didn't fancy the long drive with our 2 year old daughter. Back on the mainland we drove north to Whistler and stopped off in Squamish which was pretty cool. And we finished with a 2 day drive to Cal
  6. I'm a big fan and play on chess.com each day. I do 5 minute games so there is less chance people are cheating. The downside is that it sometimes just becomes a race against clock and you don't get an opportunity to study the board and strategise properly. I peaked in that format at about 1,500 ELO and reckon I'd need to study openings and all the rest to go much beyond. The problem I have with books is the notation. I haven't got fully used to the way moves are notated so it just takes me too long to follow and I get frustrated. Would be good to hear any suggestions on
  7. Had a surgical procedure called a "coronal flap". Google it, go on.
  8. And between the dumb and very smart ones there are swathes of normal people too, an oversight which seemed very costly in 2016. I have 2 colleagues who work for me who are based in Florida. They are young, intelligent, family-oriented rational people. They both voted for Trump and I suspect will do so again this time.
  9. Thinking back fondly to the days when you could drive 100 miles for a covid test. As of this morning: No drive through tests available No walk through tests available No home testing kits available Shambles.
  10. It's perfect. Release part of story. Watch ministers line up dutifully in defence. Undermine the lot with follow up story. Wonderful.
  11. It's over. Well played the media, well played.
  12. I live with my wife and 2 young children and I am pretty sure we have all had it. We spent a weekend in London with friends on 14th / 15th March back when you could do things like that that and one of the people we stayed with developed all the classic symptoms a few days later. She works at the Foreign Office and was in contact with a confirmed positive case (seems like Westminster is absolutely rife with covid). Each of us developed very different symptoms which made us think the NHS guidance around cough and fever is really not adequate to stop infected people from continuing to
  13. Will probably hold my nose and vote for David Gauke later. Seems like the best chance of the Tories losing the seat but even then it's probably a massive long shot.
  14. And then what happens when it's outlawed... a black market opens up where criminals profit from the supply of alcohol and there are no controls over purity, contents, etc. Hmm..
  15. I just sent you a friend request on chess.com. I was actually stalking you so I could find out your rating but couldn't work out how to do it so maybe we can be friends instead?! I am in the low 1,400's for 5 minute chess. Like someone else said I feel that if I am going to get any better I need to actually study the game. That said apparently even at 1,400 I am in 85th percentile so I can't be completely shit.
  16. History will more than likely look favourably on those protesting and less so those making cheap, embarrassing jokes at their expense.
  17. What would have happened if Whyte had put Rivas in a coma and then it turned out the BBBC knew about a positive drug test before the fight took place?
  18. Nothing wrong with a win by boundary count. Sport is about fine margins and entertainment and in the highly unlikely event that two teams score the same runs over 50 overs and a super over then why not give credit to the team playing the more entertaining cricket. Do not underestimate how insanely rare it is to end like that - I doubt we will ever see anything like that again.
  19. True but just imagine the number of likes on Instagram. A price worth paying.
  20. If the conditions are good look up the route via the CMD arête - takes you off the tourist trail and provides amazing views of the north face, plus some pretty cool scrambling over the narrow ridge connecting you to the final summit slope. Very highly recommended and as long as you are reasonably confident hiker gives you a fantastic full day out (coming back via the usual trail).
  21. Where is the best place for Sunday lunch nowadays? In the city or the surrounding villages.
  22. I'm leaning towards Warrington Frampton but could be swayed. Which undercard looks better?
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