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  1. Will probably hold my nose and vote for David Gauke later. Seems like the best chance of the Tories losing the seat but even then it's probably a massive long shot.
  2. And then what happens when it's outlawed... a black market opens up where criminals profit from the supply of alcohol and there are no controls over purity, contents, etc. Hmm..
  3. I just sent you a friend request on chess.com. I was actually stalking you so I could find out your rating but couldn't work out how to do it so maybe we can be friends instead?! I am in the low 1,400's for 5 minute chess. Like someone else said I feel that if I am going to get any better I need to actually study the game. That said apparently even at 1,400 I am in 85th percentile so I can't be completely shit.
  4. History will more than likely look favourably on those protesting and less so those making cheap, embarrassing jokes at their expense.
  5. What would have happened if Whyte had put Rivas in a coma and then it turned out the BBBC knew about a positive drug test before the fight took place?
  6. Nothing wrong with a win by boundary count. Sport is about fine margins and entertainment and in the highly unlikely event that two teams score the same runs over 50 overs and a super over then why not give credit to the team playing the more entertaining cricket. Do not underestimate how insanely rare it is to end like that - I doubt we will ever see anything like that again.
  7. True but just imagine the number of likes on Instagram. A price worth paying.
  8. If the conditions are good look up the route via the CMD arête - takes you off the tourist trail and provides amazing views of the north face, plus some pretty cool scrambling over the narrow ridge connecting you to the final summit slope. Very highly recommended and as long as you are reasonably confident hiker gives you a fantastic full day out (coming back via the usual trail).
  9. Where is the best place for Sunday lunch nowadays? In the city or the surrounding villages.
  10. Recently started doing this, here's the pick of the albums I've rediscovered. The Roots - Things Fall Apart, fucking great album. Adam Freeland - Fabric Live Mix, bit old now but still quality The Pharcyde - Labcabincalifornia, one of my favourite ever hip hop albums
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