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  1. That was my first taste of Puel live. Possibly the shittest, sloppiest second half of football I've seen for some time. Aside from the Vardy chance and a bit of pressure in the final 10 mins it was painful to watch. Probably the most worrying part was listening to his post match interview with Stringer on the way home. He spoke in monotone for about 5 minutes about how good a performance it was. I get he may not want to openly criticise and also he sees it as a work in progress but he came across like he wanted more of the same, the only change being a bit more clinical in front of goal. It's a cliché but it really did sound like he was watching a different game to everyone else and that's quite worrying.
  2. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Hats off to the chaps at the back of SK1. First game I've been to for a long time and despite a horrible performance was impressed by the sheer tenacity of that group of fans to keep singing. I assume you are all on drugs. No idea otherwise how you keep up your energy levels. Good, positive chants as well, bit of the old and new. Fair play. What was the 5%? 100% lies banner in reference to? Sorry if I've been living under a rock recently and this was obvious to everyone else.
  3. In that case the statistic's value is in highlighting the lack of women in doctor roles within the NHS. It now becomes a benchmark to evaluate progress towards having a more even split in future. In fact given the way NHS staff are paid it becomes quite a powerful measure... if the gap is lower next year it may demonstrate that women are better represented in more senior positions. Obviously it's crude but I think the simplicity of it makes it a powerful way to monitor progress and identify where there are not just genuine pay discrepancies but also a lack of women in better paid jobs.
  4. It feels less safe here than it has ever has. I still think you are highly unlikely to be a murder victim unless you are involved in gangs but regardless it's the threat of other violence / crime which becomes more of an issue for the general public - things like muggings, thefts, etc all of which certainly feel as if they are more prevalent nowadays. There is a certain brazenness / complete lack of giving a shit that embodies a lot of young people - the value they place on their own life and others seems at an all time low. And I think that comes from a variety of factors - reduced funding for police and youth work must be a big part of it. And then the desensitising nature of social media probably also having an impact. But it's complex and to be frank I have no idea what the answers are. Crime (alongside air pollution) were two of the big reasons we have decided to move away from the city after living here for nearly 14 years.
  5. You wish you had only 12,000 posts Finners. Try 41,573 you prolific bastard.
  6. Any Landlords on here

    This thread I just had to pay a pretty large tax bill after we rented our place out temporarily last year (sorry for being such a capitalist pig but we needed to cover the mortgage while we were out of the country). I didn't actually realise you couldn't offset your rental income with mortgage payments - as it stands you can only use the mortgage interest and even that is gradually being set to zero by 2020. You can then claim maintenance costs and some other expenses but regardless I think renting becomes very unprofitable and actually loss making for many people, particularly if you have a mortgage on the property. Anyway you may already know about this but it was an expensive surprise for me last week so thought I would mention!
  7. Would you date a Transsexual?

    Why isn't the question "Would you treat a transsexual as an equal"? Think you f**ked this one Matt, the question is ridiculously skewed to favour the conclusions you want to draw.
  8. Fans who don't celebrate

    What we need is a Code of Conduct that can help supporters understand what is required of them during a match. It should stipulate what to do in the event of a goal, a poor refereeing decision, a red card for the opposition and other scenarios. All fans would then be fully briefed on the requirement to stand in the event of a goal and also how may times to shout "f**king yes", how many bruises should be located on their shins if the goal was a last minute winner / equaliser, who to hug (being mindful of possible sexual harassment claims) and other important criteria that real fans should be demonstrating. Anyone seen not adhering to the Code of Conduct should be ejected / executed.
  9. Man City (H) League Cup pre-match

    I don't think anyone is angry specifically about Leicester being drawn against Man City. Rather the fact that the "big four" teams all avoided each other. I mean, it looks unbelievably dodgy right. Particularly when the draw itself was an utter shambles with delays and "technical" difficulties, i.e. it took them about 30 go's before the draw they actually wanted came out.
  10. Man City (H) League Cup pre-match

    Agree with Matt. They will be beaten eventually and we've already beaten them once under Guardiola. Why not again?
  11. Crypto Currencies : ponzi or legit

    I sold enough to get my original stake back when it was around $15k so I'm now just playing with profit. Given I effectively have zero risk I don't have a fixed level I'm looking to sell at, I'll just keep an eye on the news and see what happens.
  12. Crypto Currencies : ponzi or legit

    "Experts" called this a bubble that was about to burst when it was at around $4,000 (when I bought it). Back then being bullish meant thinking it would get to $10,000 within a couple of years. It's now > $17,000. The reality is no one knows what will happen as we have seen nothing like this before.
  13. Capital Cities Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 82 seconds  
  14. I made exactly this observation a few days ago. We also saw this fantastic backtracking earlier which made me think maybe there was a glitch in the Matt-bot today.