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  1. Thinking back fondly to the days when you could drive 100 miles for a covid test. As of this morning: No drive through tests available No walk through tests available No home testing kits available Shambles.
  2. James.

    Corona Virus

    It's perfect. Release part of story. Watch ministers line up dutifully in defence. Undermine the lot with follow up story. Wonderful.
  3. James.

    Corona Virus

    It's over. Well played the media, well played.
  4. James.

    Corona Virus

    I live with my wife and 2 young children and I am pretty sure we have all had it. We spent a weekend in London with friends on 14th / 15th March back when you could do things like that that and one of the people we stayed with developed all the classic symptoms a few days later. She works at the Foreign Office and was in contact with a confirmed positive case (seems like Westminster is absolutely rife with covid). Each of us developed very different symptoms which made us think the NHS guidance around cough and fever is really not adequate to stop infected people from continuing to spread the illness unknowingly. The kids primarily developed fevers with our son's coming close to 40 degrees at times. My wife had aches, chest pain, slight cough, fatigue and confusion. I was generally ok but with a bit of chest pain, fatigue and mild confusion (e.g. I tried to put a bib on my wife at dinner). Interestingly our symptoms first showed on around 19th March then went away and came back around 23rd March. We are now mostly back to normal. Think it's worth sharing as don't just take cough and fever as the only signs and also be aware that symptoms seem to come and go. I think the more people that share their experiences the better.
  5. Will probably hold my nose and vote for David Gauke later. Seems like the best chance of the Tories losing the seat but even then it's probably a massive long shot.
  6. And then what happens when it's outlawed... a black market opens up where criminals profit from the supply of alcohol and there are no controls over purity, contents, etc. Hmm..
  7. I just sent you a friend request on chess.com. I was actually stalking you so I could find out your rating but couldn't work out how to do it so maybe we can be friends instead?! I am in the low 1,400's for 5 minute chess. Like someone else said I feel that if I am going to get any better I need to actually study the game. That said apparently even at 1,400 I am in 85th percentile so I can't be completely shit.
  8. History will more than likely look favourably on those protesting and less so those making cheap, embarrassing jokes at their expense.
  9. Recently started doing this, here's the pick of the albums I've rediscovered. The Roots - Things Fall Apart, fucking great album. Adam Freeland - Fabric Live Mix, bit old now but still quality The Pharcyde - Labcabincalifornia, one of my favourite ever hip hop albums
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