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  1. I'm leaning towards Warrington Frampton but could be swayed. Which undercard looks better?
  2. Would have loved to have been there at the beginning... late 80s early 90s - what a movement to have been involved in right at the outset. But I wasn't even a teenager so my time came in the early 2000's with drum n bass. Slammin' Vinyl nights in Milton Keynes, Valve Sound System, Formation nights at Leicester Uni with DJ SS, my local Bassheads in Reading and then discovering London, Fabric, The End, etc. What a bloody time to be alive.
  3. On my way to work this morning a group of about 20 climate change protestors were blocking Victoria Street which is the very busy, main road connecting Westminster and Victoria in central London. Holding a large banner they simply walked out across the road at traffic lights and then refused to move when the lights turned green. In the face of what increasingly looks like a grave and accelerating threat to our planet (and one where there still seems to be a terminal lack of urgency amongst the general public) should we applaud the actions of these protestors and encourage more disruptive protesting or is this an example of a misdirected and ultimately ineffective attempt to instigate change?
  4. Am I giving them too much credit by suggesting that this may have been intentionally shit so as to distract from the real stuff they are doing which we are all completely unaware of? They did the consecutive passport numbers in the Salisbury case as well. It genuinely feels like they are just taking the piss.
  5. Still - fair play to Asda for giving a pregnant woman champagne to say sorry. Jokers
  6. I injured me knee when marathon training last year which meant I was unable to do my 2 final longest training runs, and only ran a handful of times over the final 5-6 weeks before the marathon. I focussed instead on cycling to maintain stamina / endurance - the action of cycling also has a natural healing effect on the knee and surrounding area. I also did lots of yoga. On the day I ran pain free which was a massive, welcome surprise as I had previously been unable to run for much longer than 10 minutes before being in pain. It was a deeply unpleasant experience most of the time as 26 miles is a really long way but still, without pain I knew I could finish. Obviously all injuries are different but I think cycling and yoga are nearly always a good bet as part of any runner's broader training. Energy gels are a great tip as well, particularly as you may not have done all the long runs as part of your training. Those and race day adrenalin will no doubt get you over the line. Good luck.
  7. Something has gone terribly wrong with the university system compared to when I was at uni if that is an acceptable ratio nowadays.
  8. Recently started to listening to The Teacher's Pet which is a bit like an Australian version of Serial season 1. Only listened to the first 3 but would recommend.
  9. I can't quite get past the "I moved in with her and her ex-partner" bit. Astounding. Good luck to you, judging by your posts you have a lot to offer so be patient and it will happen.
  10. I agree that there are groups who are beyond hope but you don't need to win them over to get Trump out at the next election. I am sure there are a significant number of intelligent, open minded and broadly reasonable people who voted for Trump for any number of legitimate reasons. Maybe they are all seriously regretting their decision and have already changed their mind. Then again, if they haven't, calling them idiots might not help.
  11. Sorry to be a bore and I know it's tongue in cheek but isn't this the sort of thing that helped Trump win in the first place? General disdain for his supporters, tendency to brand people as idiots instead of debate with them, left-wing superiority complex, etc etc. This isn't necessarily targeted at you, more an observation that one of the themes of both Trump's election and Brexit was the way in which large swathes of the respective populations were ignored / treated as thickos for wanting to challenge the status quo. Seems like a risky strategy given where we are now.
  12. I actually think people seriously underestimate the potential damage that weed can do, both physically and mentally. By the very nature of it being thought of as a "lesser" drug people do not give it the respect they should and assume they can smoke it without any lasting side effects. I have seen first hand the damage it can do. It is not an exaggeration to say that in some cases it has ruined lives. However, unlike Matt, who uses this first hand evidence as a rationale for not legalising I think the opposite. Until we take control of the potency, improve education and increase awareness I think the tendency for it to do harm will remain higher than it should be. Much of the argument against also assumes that the legal status of the drug has an impact on users decision to smoke it. I would argue that now more than ever this is no longer the case. And fundamentally for me is the fact that the government have no right to tell people what they can or can't put into their bodies, as long as it does no harm to others. Drug policy will be looked back on as one of the biggest global failures of our time. The only encouraging thing is that an increasing number of countries are finally listening to experts and evidence and adopting a more progressive approach. Hopefully it continues.
  13. Although you'd prefer one about Ian Wright
  14. What is so hard to understand about basing a film around the story of a footballer who within 6 years went from playing for an obscure non league football team to winning the Premier league, scoring in a record 11 consecutive games and being a pivotal part of one of the greatest sporting stories EVER. Jesus.
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