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  1. IF Ricardo Pereira incoming, 84 rated. Also, My OTW Felipe Anderson is now worth 600k on pc.. I picked him up for 80k xD Same for OTW Mahrez, He cost me 100k, now worth 550k
  2. Great article Geoff, still can’t believe it happened! Im so proud of how our club, fans and city reacted to this!
  3. Shit, I didn't see this until today, I've already gone 2 years in to the future. On that point, Iborra turned down PSG whilst he was in the championship, because he wants to play in a bigger league
  4. Leicester got relegated in my first season! (I'm Hertha Berlin)
  5. He had a 91 TOTS that season
  6. Found it for £24 if anyone is interested https://www.voidu.com/en/football-manager-2019-3 Use the code Bluewinter at checkout
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