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  1. Oh yeah so there's no odds for it - gonna say, they don't need both!
  2. Not sure if mentioned elsewhere but has anyone seen that Sky Bet have suspended bets on him joining Everton?
  3. Thanks!
  4. What size are most people's flags?
  5. Just look at how overboard our club go to stop fans going on the pitch compared to other clubs. They've actually had a lucky escape for every major event over the last 4 seasons, as all have happened away from home. We'll be the last to implement, if ever
  6. None in tesco south wigston or oadby asda. Tesco SW have a sign up saying not available yet and that it will be 1 per person anyway
  7. Now sold - thanks for all the interest
  8. Face value in C1 is £40 I believe. Steve_Walsh5 has first dibs - just waiting for him to respond
  9. I've PM'd you cheers
  10. Got 2 adult tickets in West Stand (C1) for sale. PM me with offers
  11. Thanks
  12. I know it's says no downgrades on the official site - but are upgrades allowed? Do you have to do it via WBA? Thanks
  13. Did they just compare one of the man city u18s to Adam Johnson...?
  14. Whilst we're talking about FA conspiracies, did anyone else see Martin Samuel on Sunday Supplement suggest that Leicester's opening fixtures made it look like the FA wanted to relegate them
  15. That decision was up there with the Garry Parker sending off for taking a free kick too quickly