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  1. If the league can't continue it should be finished how it ended. And top two championship teams go up and when next season starts 5 go down. Best way and fair, but I don't think it will get to this
  2. Doing his best Gareth bale impression tonight. Top class.
  3. Nothing wrong with loosing to a relegation side away lads.
  4. How can this even be a thread. Who on earth would get us third? We belong 6th at best. I am pissed of about recent form as the next fan but a reality check is needed. Let's face it champions league would be a miracle and would be disappointed for it to be thrown away, but we're not playing Hereford away so roll with the good times which is what these are.
  5. Won't happen but would love grealish here. Controlls the game, gets stuck in and is leader. Or someone of that type of player who puts his balls on the line and leads from the front. We have too many nice players.
  6. I think simply we have over achieved and now the results are showing what our team really are... And that's no way good enough for top four. No way we could ever sustain this although I did hope. It's all come crashing down I can't see a way out of this.
  7. Awful setup from the off. So embarrassing to watch. It's actually shite. Ruining our chances for Europe right now.
  8. Kids doing well . Getting better all the time. Will be class in time he's getting there !
  9. I didn't think that was a pen today. The one at villa was thought. Sooner var scrapped the better. Will take the point today, alot of positives.
  10. What is all this sign a winger shit. Need a leader not a ****ing winger.
  11. We've just been beaten by European champions who pitch invade a league cup semi . What a strange day. Life's good.
  12. They only had two ****ing shots on target. Could not put villa away over two legs that Is an absolute joke.
  13. Embarrassing. Villa are complete shite but let's face we all new it would end like this.
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