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  1. Matt Claude mills . New there was something I didn't like about him. Also now playing Indian football. Glad he has found his level. Wes is a legend .hopefully he can stay on and coach .
  2. So glad we have a manager with some tactical knowledge. Seems a motivator and realist. Great appointment . Makes claude look amature .
  3. Has Kasper got his boots on the wrong foot.his distribution is shocking today.
  4. Ita not a love fest for Rodgers more a case of we have a manager that can actual mange .
  5. I love watching spurs self destruct and it's fully deserved.
  6. Motm for me tonight Great performance
  7. Pay back for Mon. That's karma
  8. I have no words being dicked at home by palace. Get rid so we can get a few points as this is getting seriously concerning now.
  9. If he plays like this every match or better I can't see how we would keep him
  10. Quite impressive so far.shoudnt be loosing and teli looks sharp.
  11. All I can see is we are slipping down the table and fast. How are we possibly building for Europe.
  12. Spot on post above. I don't get this building rubbish. Then I read he's building over the next 3 transfers windows....what are some of you on. He needs to go and fast..we need a manager who can get the best out of the players and he is not this man. We have a pretty decent team he is choking our players .
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