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  1. The definition of stepping upto the plate should now be called a James Justin
  2. Appalling to watch our corners really is pathetic.
  3. Good post brendan. I thought you liked walking in your free time.
  4. Are the payers on the piss in the week. Serious question.
  5. One positive is I have saved £15 and will do all season
  6. I think the 31 refers to how many special brews cloughy had with his cornflakes on match days.
  7. I swear teiliemans doesn't have the engine to perform at this level consistently. He was meant to run the game instead he ran out of steam jugging around like a ****ing freight train. We need madders to play along side him he was well out of his depth today. Not the only reason we Lost but **** me what a tragic showing today.
  8. Evans number one starter for me at the back everytime. I should imagine if cags goes next season we have young wes to step in, I'm sure he will get plenty of game time this season with all our fixtures.
  9. This is true. We will never spend this fee on a player ourselves. This transfer is a reality check and no incoming yet our squad is so thin. I'm afraid we are no where nearly Chelsea and never will be. All this talk of big name players it won't happen here not yet, its not our model. I always say we need to build a squad not dismantle it and sell to teams around us. Need to build build build.
  10. I can't work out why nacho again came off for perez this time. Leave the guy on the pitch. Two up top for ****s sake. Vardy Is too isolated on his own and perez didn't help today
  11. Lad can cross a ball almost pinpoint in and around the box. What a prospect. Played well today.
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