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  1. Matt mills. So so poor. Playing in India now I think . He has found his level.
  2. Come on now that's a bit harsh on ade.
  3. Would be a good buy for the promoted teams he is pretty solid. Done a cracking Job for us over the years .
  4. His penalty's straight down the middle. I swear he never missed.
  5. Them tweets Jesus you hear worse in pubs at lunch time. What sad bastard found them or even looked proper nerd. Anyway Hamza today was brilliant and my MOTM. Really pulled the strings and some of them tackles are kante like. Big future this lad has.
  6. He is Trevor Benjamin in disguise anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool to themselves
  7. Ran the midfield today..his passes and vision were top notch and the goal was super. People going on about teli but maddison is quality on his day and that showed today.
  8. Solid in parts and dodgy in parts.needs to stop giving the ball away across his own box , seen this a few times. He has potential and Rodgers will work with him .
  9. Fantastic performance today from the whole team. Rodgers is a tactical genius compared to Claude.
  10. Matt Claude mills . New there was something I didn't like about him. Also now playing Indian football. Glad he has found his level. Wes is a legend .hopefully he can stay on and coach .
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