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  1. We've been found out and so bad today. Now vardy is at it playing shit. Southampton and now this. Pretty bad to be honest
  2. That's why they celebrated their second goal like they did then as the highlights Wound them up. Great work by the lcfc media team. Reverse psychology and all that
  3. I didn't see that but if true that's just plain stupidity on our behalf
  4. Looks like we need the full weeks rest and we can go and take the game to Burnley. It's a winnable match even though today was shit we can turn it around with this squad.
  5. We look tired and out of ideas. Appalling performance but let's not forget where we are in the league ! I'm just concerned about the performance and the one against villa. We miss wilf.
  6. Chilwell has been great sometimes but today my god , shocking but so where the rest of the team
  7. I've not read this thread . Just wanted to say stringer is a 1st class nobber.
  8. Got to say Evans again was an absolute rock at the back. So glad we have him
  9. Bet vardy has got the cans in for this one and streaming it from the maternity ward at the royal.
  10. Alot on here said they wanted changes because of the last two results , well here they are. Mendy I do not understand. How's is he gonna finish a match .
  11. I thought that. He went all Matt mills today. But will forgive him this time 😁
  12. Also Barnes is a young lad playing for the 2nd best team in England. That's a big step up. He's a great talent.
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