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  1. Do people still listen to radio Leicester with the idiot stringer? So many other ways to waych it.
  2. blueharmie

    Best City keepers...

    How bad was he?!
  3. blueharmie

    Filbert St Demolition

    So close to the pitch back then.totally different era. The pl win makes up for the loss of filbert Street. Amazing
  4. blueharmie

    How much is Maguire worth?

    hes not that daft to go anywhere this season. we gave him the platform and he has succeeded. he should keep himself grounded for now. 1st player in the 1st 11 for me. he will only get better. top lad.
  5. blueharmie

    Tottenham away pre-match

    If we play with a good tempo and consistency we can win.and we must fokus. Loss.
  6. blueharmie

    Five Years Ago Today 12-05-13

    Great this happened.then we won the league. Happy days !
  7. blueharmie

    Spurs hatred towards Leicester

    Third in a two horse race.that gets to them.bottlers.
  8. blueharmie

    Leicester 1-2 Chelsea (AET) Post-Match

    We lost today because of gap tooth and the midfield he controlled. Kante was brilliant today. Can't compete with that im afraid. Chelsea have class players. Let's keep pushing in the Premier league.
  9. blueharmie

    Stoke post match 1-1

    Today wasn't great. But we should have won with the chances at the end and puel wouldnt be being hammered.
  10. blueharmie

    Stoke post match 1-1

    It's not that bad.
  11. blueharmie

    Teams after our Players

    Everton? Sorry but we are a club with more ambition and a recent league win. We will finish above them this season. Embarrassing they are linked with vardy as I doubt he would even consider going there.
  12. blueharmie


    No way
  13. blueharmie

    Man City League Cup 1-1 - lost 4-3 on pens

    We won the league. **** this joke Cup. We have won it anyway. Dont want anyone taking matt elliots header memory's away from me..
  14. blueharmie

    Man City League Cup 1-1 - lost 4-3 on pens

    Bollocks. Sweaty ball sacks.
  15. blueharmie

    Martin Atkinson today

    Evening Martin.