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  1. We just sold a good Ariel threat. We don't impose on corners , certainly not judging by today. Something for BR to look at for sure.
  2. My prediction is he will struggle at United. He's not a natural leader. Wes Morgan played like a championship defender next to him at times. Maguire suited out system and we got the best out of him in the end and he did improve. But going to a toxic club like this with a bunch of Billy big bollocks, who lets face it, care more about their social media and celebrations and are not that good anyway is a bit disappointing, I could of understood going to man city. United are just a brand now, nothing more, still attractive to some due to a pay day.
  3. Most man utd fans don't understand football they follow a brand. A failing one at that.
  4. He keeps posting blue hearts on twitter I think there is a clue In that somewhere !
  5. £20 on him to say gets you £64 back. Easiest money I've ever made
  6. Play this right and he could be at man city next season and win things. He should stay for now and then next season take that step up . Man United are not that next step and won't be for the considerable future.
  7. I'm scared shitless when soyuncu is on the ball. He looks nervous and got done a few times today by lower opposition. He is not the answer to Maguire leaving thats for sure.
  8. Mine too was rubbish quality. Skipping framrate on the lcfc website. Better off on YouTube live stream.
  9. It will ruin football. As if modern football couldn't get any worse. Slowly loosing the will , this will push things to the limit. I for one won't cheer a screen saying goal or no goal. Sad times
  10. Honestly just get rid of nacho. Shocking player. Wouldn't even get in the Cheltenham team.
  11. I think he plays smater now and has changed since his sprinting days with us. He's still got that pace and is pretty deadly Infront of goal. Will be fine for years yet. Best striker we have ever had and he likes us?
  12. Heard he's had a bust up and wants the man utd move ? It's man utd that wont pay up
  13. If he wants to play football he is best to join Leicester and he knows that. Man utd are in decline and I think we will finish above them this season.
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