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  1. Disagree totally. When King came on the threat from Grizeman was almost totally nullified. Putting a sub on doesn't affect the clock....refs/4th officials add time on for substitutions. I would have hooked Mahrez for Gray for the last 10 mins, though.
  2. "Sorry but I find those statistics shocking and depressing. They may be par for the course or about average these days, but I'll always use the Man Utd 'class of '92' as the benchmark for bringing youth through he ranks and we're a million miles away from that... " So are Man.U. !!
  3. "Quarterback"!!??
  4. Could be a long wait after Shakey hauls us up to mid-table respectability & gets a fully deserved long contract!
  5. I've heard some twatish things spoken in the name of football, (this season particularly), but Martin Keown sinks to a record depth!! (On BBC.)
  6. Loved your phrase "I went a bit Gary"! I'm going to use that!
  7. How good is your Thai?
  8. Explain the racist element if you would, please???????????????
  9. No, that's how you judge a human being.
  10. Squad number 29 is still available. Hope he gets it.......don't know why, but I just like the guy.
  11. One of many heros to folk of my generation. It's still him I picture when the name 'King' is mentioned in the same sentence as ' Leicester City'.
  12. And the Premiership title!