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  1. EFL, LCFC and FFP

    Surely the fine is merely appropriate to the 'crime'? If the League are accepting that it was a minor & unintentional transgression, then a token fine is what should be imposed. Bit like speeding at only a few MPH above the limit.
  2. Why are people clapping Mahrez?

    So you'd be unable to conclude that Stan Matthews was the best best player to have played for Blackpool ?
  3. Trouble with a player being 'loyal' is that as soon as his form dips, he gets accused of 'stealing a living'.
  4. Diabaté Signs

    Don't forget Mahrez was only coming on as a sub against championship sides when he first joined the club.
  5. Chester FC need your help.

    Bearing in mind our not-too-distant history, we as a Club should do all we can to help.
  6. Sagna was about to come here ?!?

    I guess we didn't agree with his own high opinion of himself.
  7. Chelsea (A) :: Match Thread

    Silva not even on bench!!??
  8. How long will Puel last?

    "Even Shakespeare didn't revert back to it." Yeah.....that worked well
  9. Man United Post Match 2-2!!!

    The man lacks any class at all.
  10. If you're prepared to put £50 on any bet before learning the significant details that might affect the outcome, you have nobody to blame but yourself if it looses.
  11. Anyone noticed Danny boy?

    He's going to be unavailable for much of the season......splinters in his ar$e.
  12. Claudio offered the job?

    You believe everything you read in the papers then!?