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  1. If you'd have done that, we would now have 100+ pages speculating on who Vardy was going to sign for, (again!)
  2. Paying the money isn't a problem.....persuading top class players to accept a secondary role is.
  3. Just what does a typical Buy Back clause mean? Does it mean the selling club can demand the player back at any time, at the buy back price, or simply that they get first refusal (at the buy back price) if the player requests a transfer?
  4. Since 1959. Born in Leicester, but then living in North London.....went along with my schoolmates, who were Spurs supporters Hooked ever since.
  5. Probably the last true gentleman left in football. Really wish there could have been a way for him to stay at the Club.
  6. It's called 'growing up' & taking responsibility for your own actions. Many (most?) of us have had employers that have taken the P, - have bought a car that was rubbish, - have cursed the admin attached to getting a mortgage, & even got into 'personal scrapes. Unfortunately, most of us weren't earning north of £50,000 p.a., to ease those problems.
  7. I hate agents. I. Really. F#cking. Hate. F#cking. Agents.
  8. Maguire's monster!
  9. Soon be time for you to go to big school.
  10. Losing interest now.
  11. Player wants to move. His club is prepared to sell. Finds a club he is prepared to move to, & who are happy to pay the asking price. Deal gets held up because of problems with his 'representatives'.......for fvcks sake!
  12. Childish.
  13. FFS! Get it done. Do the club not realise how much of my life I'm wasting.....checking on here every few minutes!
  14. Nor were we ever likely to.
  15. Still alive last time I looked.