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  1. Armarty's even more so. Looks SO delighted to be back.
  2. He's good for years yet.......the picture in his attic is in a hell of a state though.
  3. No point in trying anymore then? Sorry to invade your gloom, but at the age of 73, & having supported this beautiful, infuriating team for 65 years, I'm giddy with excitement at the prospect of the coming season. Fourth is totally possible.
  4. The training pitch doesn't replicate the conditions & pressure of a Premier League match. I thought Soyuncu showed a deal of promise and potential in the little we've seen of him. He certainly still has the odd mistake or three in him, but so does MaGuire.
  5. The guy on the left of the picture looks like Steve Bruce's lovechild.
  6. Been there before.
  7. This. Imagine being the only club outside the usual suspects to win the bloody thing TWICE! Don't think I'd be able to cope.
  8. We offered them a price. They chose not to accept it. Everything beyond that has been at the player's own volition. Loving their reaction.
  9. Imagine the difference his 10 or 12 twelve goals might have made to our last season......
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