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  1. Great names there from my childhood also. PS. Don't forget Tony Knapp!
  2. Not according to Wikipedia, (for what it's worth)......but in deep recesses of my memory I thought he was a goalkeeper of sorts?
  3. You can see typos like that in almost any BBC News article, though maybe a more thorough proof reading by the author would have helped. Bear in mind stuff that we regard as common knowledge is almost certainly not as common to a New York audience. Anything that spreads the awareness of our club further afield can only be a good thing.
  4. Just a bit of fun, but.................Has Jon Rudkin turned into a management version of Jamie Vardy? Consider the parallels: Both were promoted to their present positions, from relative obscurity. Both seemed out of their depth at first, and derided by some of the fan-base. Both persevered, eventually getting it right. Both currently in the form of their lives.
  5. Got to laugh at all the conspiracy theorists on here!
  6. Thoughts on last night's match: Job done in an entertaining match. Full marks to Burton for their contribution. Several mistakes from us during the build up and execution of their goal. Nine changes, so unreasonable to expect the same standard of play that we have been seeing of late, but an encouraging example of the depth of our squad. Onwards and upwards!
  7. If competing with Man City doesn't involve being within a couple of points of them, I don't know what does. Despite your patronising sigh.
  8. We keep being told that you need depth in your squad to be successful in modern football. 'Tis my view that the players providing that depth do need to play some competitive matches.....nobody can be match-sharp, physically or mentally, just warming the bench. Obviously you can't field a complete second choice eleven, but a fair sprinkling of squad players could/should make an appearance. Also need to protect some of our expensive investments from possibly well-intentioned, but ill-timed or clumsy clashes.
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