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  1. Wagner has already demonstrated that he can't handle the constant pressure of Premier League management.
  2. Maddison's inability to take a decent penalty.
  3. Nah......we need to keep him fit.
  4. I've spotted a potential flaw in your argument.......
  5. And the special award for unfunniest remark goes to....
  6. Our closest attempt on goal came from Ghezzal......so manager got it right!
  7. If we had an academy that could turn out the likes of Mahrez, Kante or Vardy we'd be world beaters. I think a dose of realism is called for!
  8. He's not playing on a consistent basis.
  9. I'd pay money to see Benny v Roy Keane on the training pitch!
  10. The majority of Prem. clubs have 'crashed out' of the FA Cup.
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