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  1. "Rodgers has a better starting 11 than at least 12 teams in this league".......we're above 16 of them!
  2. Two words. They involve sex and travel.
  3. Not easy to find someone to provide genuine competition to a Golden Boot winner, and who would also accept being second choice.
  4. You're quite keen on each way bets then!
  5. £30 plus mil, + add-ons is a lot to play for a bench-warmer.
  6. Bet that's got Pep thinking. Briefly.
  7. " some of our mongos"....are you for real?
  8. Praet nowl looking like the player we thought we'd bought. Maddison needs realise that he can't keep on being 'promising' forever, he needs to deliver.
  9. We'll some team when everybody is back fit .
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