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  1. Potential pub quiz question...."Which Premier League player underwent an ACL op in mid-season, and returned to playing without missing a match?"
  2. What would you suggest they put in place?
  3. No he didn't. He estimated that that was a possible worst case scenario.
  4. Grim news......but the signing of JJ looks even more inspired now. Plus time now for Youri to step up to the mark (for Mddison). Not many teams would replacements of that quality.
  5. Wonder just how many managers in course of his career have thought Kevin surplus to requirements, only for him to fight his way back into contention!
  6. PaulW

    Ryan bennett

    Huth came on loan initially......
  7. Disappointed....yes. Angry.........yes. Frustrated.......yes.............but "couldn't care less".......never!
  8. That's not what the Club are asking.......just for clarification as to what constitutes a penalty offence.
  9. Nope, sorry Southgate, but you reap what you sow.
  10. Attendance was in the region of 30,000.....so I guess they did.
  11. And the purpose of any Club's fan's forum is........?
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