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  1. Southampton fans must be loving this

    They sacked a decent manager!
  2. EFL, LCFC and FFP

    Surely the fine is merely appropriate to the 'crime'? If the League are accepting that it was a minor & unintentional transgression, then a token fine is what should be imposed. Bit like speeding at only a few MPH above the limit.
  3. Why are people clapping Mahrez?

    So you'd be unable to conclude that Stan Matthews was the best best player to have played for Blackpool ?
  4. Tending to agree with this.
  5. Trouble with a player being 'loyal' is that as soon as his form dips, he gets accused of 'stealing a living'.
  6. 100 mil + tear up the Kelechi buy back clause.
  7. Diabaté Signs

    Don't forget Mahrez was only coming on as a sub against championship sides when he first joined the club.
  8. Chester FC need your help.

    Bearing in mind our not-too-distant history, we as a Club should do all we can to help.
  9. Sagna was about to come here ?!?

    I guess we didn't agree with his own high opinion of himself.
  10. Chelsea (A) :: Match Thread

    Silva not even on bench!!??
  11. How long will Puel last?

    "Even Shakespeare didn't revert back to it." Yeah.....that worked well
  12. Man United Post Match 2-2!!!

    The man lacks any class at all.
  13. If you're prepared to put £50 on any bet before learning the significant details that might affect the outcome, you have nobody to blame but yourself if it looses.