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  1. If that list was compiled and and written up by real journalist, the world is coming to an end. At least.
  2. Won't ever be good enough if we don't play him, especially in matches where he's not going to get roasted.
  3. Maddison needs to start living up to the hype. Feel free to insert this post into any pre-match thread.
  4. You make a powerful argument. But.....
  5. So you come here to do what, exactly?
  6. Yeah....but apart from that........!
  7. Leicester City Ladies defeated Liverpool 1-0 in their Cup competition fourth round this weekend. How brilliant (unique?) would a cup double be!!!
  8. Doesn't matter if that's a back three or a back four......nobody scores against that line-up. End of
  9. They won't be fans, just some random bods from Brent. Most of the noise will come from the anti -vax knuckle draggers protesting outside the stadium.
  10. To Vards: You don't have to, you don't even need to, but pleeazzze!!
  11. Impressed with your knowledge of what several thousand people have done behind closed doors.
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