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  1. Anyone noticed Danny boy?

    He's going to be unavailable for much of the season......splinters in his ar$e.
  2. Claudio offered the job?

    You believe everything you read in the papers then!?
  3. League Cup - Quarter final draw

    This is an innovation!!!???
  4. Roy Keane anyone ?

    Thoroughly unpleasant man with a very poor record as a manager.
  5. Amartey - Captain of Ghana

    They could have chosen at any one of at least 10 others.......but they didn't. It's still an honour to skipper your country.
  6. Dear FIFA

    How cool does Marcin look, tho'!
  7. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    Suspect that Porto, (or at least their Chairman) are not without some blame in the shambles.
  8. The last thing the Club should do is conduct very delicate negotiations in public. I suspect they are in fact managing the communications aspect very tightly, & successfully.
  9. Bbc rađio leicester

    What would you seriously expect as a response to those questions!!!? (Apart from the first one, & the answer to that is that he is not fit enough for 90mins of Premiership football, especially against one of the top sides.) Q2 Answer. "No, I'm not",...alternatively, "Yes I am". Q3 Answer. See Q2. Q4 Answer. "No, it wasn't".....or "Yes, it was". Q5 Answer. "No it doesn't".....or "Yes it does". Q6 Answer. "Like 99.9% of people with half a brain cell, I'm not going to slag off my employers in public"...or "It was a crap decision. The senior management know f**k all about running a football club".
  10. Bbc rađio leicester

    We troubled their defence enough to score two goals, & make them conceed two major infringements in their box, (one penalty awarded, one not).
  11. DD - gone, Silva - not arrived yet, Iborra - not fit & no Prem experience, N'didi - 20 yr old still learning his craft & coming to terms with the Prem, - King - seasoned international & prem league title winner, but not world class........just who would you suggest Shakey plays in midfield against the likes of L'pool/Man.U/Chelski?