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  1. MPH

    Wesley Fofana

    there is absolutely no way in letting you get rep points for this and not say something. i mentioned the exact same song about 100 pages ago and got nothing!
  2. MPH

    Wesley Fofana

    Id hate to see the mental stats of some of our young stars and their see-through rucksacks! i know it wasn’t your post but i’d actually disagree with his loyalty being 2... he’s been at his current club for 6 years..
  3. MPH

    Wesley Fofana

    Tackling 18, pace, 19, heading 18. ‘wonderkid’
  4. MPH

    Wesley Fofana

    Yes but we are getting a 19 year old instead of a combined 68 year old...
  5. MPH

    Kurt Zouma

    it’s the sort of defender where i’d be a bit meh for £15m as we all know he’d be a stop gap/ cover but crikey £36m? On your bike, Mate!
  6. MPH

    Wesley Fofana

    if we sign fofana we’ll probably have him for 3 years before moving on. that’s fine he’ll do really well with us i’m sure... Tarkowski we’ll probably have him for the rest of his career..
  7. i think it would be top trolling of the highest order to sign Tarks and fofana. Top could then be like “ ahhhhhh! you thought we were skint, suckers! and we’d all laugh about it
  8. West Ham will probably come in for him now...
  9. MPH

    Jonathan Tah

    This was me trying to contain my excitement with a patient sat in front of me... 😁
  10. So it probably doesn’t really need saying but no gray in the match squad again....
  11. MPH


    And to think he was a matter of days away from leaving us...
  12. MPH

    Wesley Fofana

    St Ettiene are going to be banging on our door desperate to take amartery in p/exchange...
  13. we are 1/4 of the way to avoiding relegation already!
  14. That game could have finished amartery’s chance of ever getting first team football in a decent league for the rest of his life. Think Brendan will have a few phone calls in the morning now...
  15. The first time EVER in 686 games a Pep Guardiola side has conceded 5 goals.
  16. as wonderful as this is, we didn’t need Evans getting injured../
  17. anything Marez can do maddison can do better!
  18. maybe it was a ball to ball injury and he’s recovered...
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