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  1. If there was any doubt as to how important Johnny Evans was to us...
  2. Gwon, Riccy P! Chuffin well have it son!!
  3. I have to admit, some of the wins these season feel more like we ground out the win more than the sweeping opponents aside that we had last season..
  4. you still have to be good enough to be that role. Maybe he thinks he’s better than he is?
  5. Just for clarification, I’m not suggesting we should..
  6. he was probably hoping to play more first Team games this season..
  7. MPH


    Sounds like ndidi’s long term replacement..
  8. Whilst a minute earlier he misses an open goal with a diving header because his head had too much bryl cream on it, the ball just slid off of his head..
  9. I’m saving that job for Vardy in my script.
  10. MPH

    Matty James

    Bit harsh that. Decent player and nice lad. It’s not like he got injured on purpose.
  11. MPH

    Dennis Praet

    I don’t want to sell him but he’s such a likeable person I can’t begrudge him a move for more regular first team football. id be such a rubbish football club owner
  12. MPH

    Ivan Toney

    We turned lewandowski down as an 18 year old.
  13. That’s an increased wage request.
  14. didn’t we have like 5 RBs playing for a couple of games or did I just imagine that?
  15. id like to think they’ve realized our squad was a bit too threadbare this season, PLUS champions league game has got to mean a bigger squad surely..
  16. Could it just be that his style of play isn’t suited to the new managers style of play? you’d be foolish to write off a young player that Rodgers is interested in. If there’s one thing he can do, it’s coach and help to bring the talent out of young players.
  17. Didn’t Rodgers hint at bringing two strikers in a couple of weeks back?
  18. Dump their squad players? in the same way Chelsea dumped Muzzy izzett on us? Or Atalanta dumped Castagne on us? Or man city dumped Nacho on us?
  19. ? well, yes you could say that but Muzzy was a midfielder and chandler was a forward.. that’s like saying banks was a better keeper than Vardy.. haha
  20. Love Muzzy but it’s a tough call putting him ahead of Chandler...
  21. Yes I believe that story broke a couple of weeks ago... but considering his stats and how well he’s playing, they won’t be the only club interested in him..
  22. With the way he’s playing I’d. Be surprised if we didn’t get at least the 7 million for him..
  23. first post I had seen from her in months!
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