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  1. Another big thing - We actually won a close game. Was the effective reserves winning 2-1 at West Ham the last time we won by a single goal in the Prem? Before that think it was the Everton 2-1 game last December. Only other time we’ve won close games was in the cup against Brentford and Birmingham.
  2. Maybe Brendan just hates PPV so is trying to sabotage it.
  3. This for me. He thrives with more space on the wings. Don’t get the logic of playing him where it’s more crowded. Do think Maddison will play just behind him as a number 10 though.
  4. Pretty sure this won’t happen and if it did, it wouldn’t last. It would be really, really dull. Imagine the Premier League but without relegation. Lose your first few and there would be nothing to play for for the rest of the entire season. Three quarters of the teams in it who would be used to winning would be losing more often including in the vast majority of games that will have nothing riding on them.
  5. Out of interest, what is all news/media’s agenda?
  6. The final ball is really the only thing letting us down again. Defensively superb though, especially Forfana.
  7. Dorset tweeted Maddison is available for ‘part of the game’. How’s that ‘worst case scenario’ you posted earlier looking?
  8. Bloody hell. What do you have to do to fail a medical at West Ham? Even Jack Wilshere and Andy Carrol managed to pass that!
  9. Never thought I’d feel bad like that for Maguire. He looks like he needs a break. Was going to say conceding the penalty might help England as it might stop Southgate bringing another defender on - but no. Even then didn’t think he’d take the only left back off.
  10. That would be a great idea. Especially if it could be paid for by a cap on agents fees.
  11. Apparently the fine print of the finances include Spurs being given a £108m rebate from the league to pay for their new stadium, so pretty obvious what they would go for.
  12. Yep. It would only be the start. If it went through the top six could then in theory vote to keep all the money for themselves the week after. Hopefully Southampton, Everton and West Ham realise they’re being used as pawns.
  13. Felt watching it he’d been told to sit deep. Or at least deeper than we normally see him. Given England had two defensive midfielders too it meant he had very little space. Still did pretty well though. Part of Belgium’s problem in the latter stage was bringing that Doku on and he was blocking the space Castagne was running in to before that.
  14. The same company, but the rest of this is nonsense. The Merc is still in Leicester. The offices are on New Walk. It’s owned by a company called Reach, which is basically The Daily Mirror having bought the majority of local paper. It does show though that rather than the Leicester reporter write their own article on this, the Notts reporter probably wrote it first for their own website so the Merc just copied and pasted it to their’s.
  15. So you have to pay more for the (in theory) shitter games. Seems like an advert for BT and Sky subscriptions at the expense of the non-big six fans. Almost all big six games would be on anyway. £5 would be shite - but £15!
  16. Liam Gallagher summing it up. Also. Work a bit in the housing industry and it’s doing absolutely fine. They’re surprised about how good business is. Johnson will still bang on about that as needing saving before anything else though.
  17. Everton had one of the highest wages percentage compared with turnover in the league even before this summer’s spending, at something like 85%. (Close to ours) God knows what it is now, but if they don’t get European football they might struggle.
  18. Went Coalville Town v Alfreton on Saturday with 450 in and that’s with a ban on away fans because Alfreton are classed as ‘elite’. Obviously as well because it was hammering it down most were huddling together under the covered stands. How the heck anyone reckons it would be less safe opening huge stadiums is beyond me.
  19. And there was the none ‘goal’ against Sheff Utd they got away with. If whoever interviews Klopp at the end doesn’t mention the word ‘sloppy’ in his interview then they’re more doing their job properly. Never thought I’d say this - but it’s a shame there’s no camera on Roy Keane’s smug face currently.
  20. The scapegoat comment was aimed at a number of posters on the thread rather than at yourself. Dont get me wrong, I’d love a squad full of £20m+ players all on more than 100k a week and all completely happy to spend time on the bench. It’s completely unrealistic though for any club, never mind one that’s not got the financial backing of a PSG/Real/Man City/Barca.
  21. Right, and then who are you not playing when Ricardo and Castagne are both fit? Why do we always have to make the left back the scapegoat? He’s an adequate back up full back, which is what we bought him for, though one that’s still learning and will have some dodgy games. For the most part he’s done a good job.
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