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  1. The positive. If anything demonstrates our need for a striker in this transfer window then that was it. Love okazaki but he can't score for sh**. Nacho just doesnt have it.
  2. Albrighton needs a better chant than the cr*ppy one he has so me and the boy gave it some thought. I'll level with you, its not great but here it is. To the tune of Blur's Park life chorus... Maaaarc Albrighton Joined for free Albrighton And now the on - ly one who loves him more than we do... ..is Maarc's wiiife Ok so technically she is his 'partner' but if that's the only thing wrong with it then I'll take it!!!
  3. Think Puel obviously sees something in Ghezzal and feels he just needs prem time. Hence him starting but with the ever reliable albrighton waiting in the wings. Need to find a way to blood players but albrighton has to be in the team. Chilwell was defensively better than ive seen for some time but despite his runs and positive attack play his final ball was always woeful today. Amartey looked good today...but then he so often does again poor opposition and then definitely less so against better teams. Maddison superb again.
  4. It's easy to forget just how committed albrighton is. He was immense for me, phenomenal work rate.
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