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  1. Kante man of the match?? Typical pundit bias. Albrighton was immense and clear MOTM. Played for the wrong side though. Overall thought we were the best team and just plain unlucky to not go through. Simple. Well played lads.
  2. Batfink77

    Huddersfield (H) Post Match Thread 3 - 0

    Albrighton you big nosed beauty! That guy is simply superb. Running tackling and balls into the box. Oh and he scores the odd one or two. He's my favourite so there!..
  3. OK so highlighted our lack of creativity (Mahrez aside)...but that said: Thought Maguire looks the business - A CB who has the confidence to play the ball out, looks solid and isn't knocking on door of retirement. So that's good news. Delighted to see Matty back and looking good. Forgot how blummin solid he is too and some of the passes he made were sublime. So pleased for him and us. Think there are glimpses of promise from Lawrence - he too looks no nonsense and solid so that's a bonus for the Prem. Gives me hope that between him and Gray we may at least have some options in the creative area - they'll both clearly need work but there's promise with both so fingers crossed..
  4. Batfink77

    Vardy - worried?

    Vardy isn't the youngest so my concern would be a big money offer from the Chinese. It'd mean the end of his England career and his missus wouldn't be keen, but then he'd be on stupid money...
  5. Batfink77

    Stoke AWAY Post Match Thread 2 - 2

    You don't play two target men together, one or the other otherwise it ends up like Dublin and De Vries when they were played together, absolute nightmare and took me years to recover from. I'd normally agree if it wasn't combined with the different attacking threat that Gray and Mahrez also bring...their balls into the box aside.
  6. Batfink77

    Stoke AWAY Post Match Thread 2 - 2

    looking on bright side of Vardy's red. Is there a chance Ranieri could start Ulloa and Slimani up front. Have Mahrez and Gray pinging in balls to two 'target men' combine that with the ability of Mahrez and Gray to shoot from just outside/inside box. It may well prove a better attacking style against teams who know how to contain the ball through to Vardy. Plus...when we need to be more defensive Ulloa can fall back to assist back 4 with Slimani staying pressing up front.
  7. Batfink77

    no demarai gray

    good news about Nigeria (no offence Nigeria fans). Hope Gray and Kapustka do get a few games. Just want to see Gray given full 90 to run at people..
  8. Batfink77

    no demarai gray

    probably already been said, but come January when we lose Mahrez, Musa etc to African cup then Gray def gets his chance. Be an interesting month...
  9. Batfink77

    Of fossils and foxes.. Help

    spookily having only just posted, I have just received an email from the store responding to my enquiry. They tell me the books are currently being sent out in batches and that I should receive mine 'soon'. The membership packs are apparently being sent in a couple of weeks.....
  10. Batfink77

    Of fossils and foxes.. Help

    anyone received theirs yet? I haven't. I also signed my kids up as members well over a month ago and still not received the 'packs' you are supposed to get...
  11. Batfink77

    Porto (home) Post Match Thread 1 - 0

    thought mahrez worked the hardest I've seen for a while. He was always tracking back and even if he didn't make a successful tackle he was putting the player under pressure. Still dont get why Slimani doesn't jump for more balls hoofed out by Kasper, but if he keeps scoring then who cares. Amartey was good again. Just clearly can't do it two games running....