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  1. Doubtful, he's given Morgan an extra year and clearly believes Vardy is our main striker for the next two years at least. Unless he's had a quiet word and they have accepted it from him but not from Claudio or Claude.
  2. It doesn't matter what salary he's currently on. If nobody else is interested he will take whatever we offer.
  3. hackneyfox


    Scored the only goal against Porto, doesn't that make him a legend?
  4. He's hardly 'well past it'. If he played more regularly I'm sure he'd be much improved. Chilwell may be younger and a better prospect but his defending and final ball still, in the main, fall short of Fuchs. Fuchs main problem is in getting back from an attacking position.
  5. Some great points but for me he is still the most naturally gifted player I've seen at Leicester (I'm hoping to change my mind next season with YT and EC is up there as well). His goal and assists figures are unbelievable. He's a legend so I can forgive him.
  6. Ooh get you. Sorry but anyone that expected a player with the attacking skills of Mahrez and legs like pipe cleaners to be playing a more defensive role deserves all they get. kisses
  7. Agreed and that's why I don't rate Schmeichel, his lack of attacking prowess is appalling.
  8. Tell them Gavin sends his best. I see Addo occasionally, last time was in Bruges I believe, think we sorted him a ticket, we were all somewhat the worse for wear.
  9. I know Mark and Neil not sure about Steve and Ed. Was Steve a Dustman?
  10. hackneyfox


    Well I know someone who is generally very knowledgeable about the club and he reckons 7.5m. How many weeks was he there on loan? Someone on Bentleys mentioned that he also scored the winner against Porto, without that we may have met Juventus so he may have earned us a bit more. Don't see loss adding up to £20m.
  11. So did I, I'm the guy that sat with Terry.
  12. I was at all of those except boro. Dayday did you always travel from Rugby? Do you know Terry and Barrie?
  13. hackneyfox


    We may have received 7.5m in loan fees from Newcastle. Doubt the loss will be anywhere near £20m.
  14. You need to start drinking especially as you are already wearing beer goggles.
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