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  1. A vindictive man child. Yet half the voters will lap it up, imagine if Johnson or any other PM of any persuasion said that anywhere else, there would be hell to pay.
  2. Well every report so far has said 6 months. He carried on playing so perhaps isn't as bad as others have been. 'Recovery from an ACL surgery can take anywhere from two to six months. However, it can nine months or more before you return to your pre-injury condition with a full range of motion and stability in the knee joint. A longer rehabilitation period doesn't mean that you're doing anything wrong.' As he's at a club renowned for keeping players at their peak then six months sounds realistic.
  3. If you look back in the thread there's a list of beds per capita. We're down near the bottom. So either other countries are unhealthier (which isn't backed up) or we've cut capacity to the bone. Talk to anyone in the NHS and they'll tell you which one it is.
  4. A Spanish Dr talks about the now general practice in Madrid for the over 65 on ventilators to be sedated and there hands held as they are left to die as the ventilators are taken from the elderly and given to younger patients.I found this
  5. He doesn't go home for lunch.
  6. Muppet If you close the tube how are key workers getting to work?
  7. Plenty of experts have mentioned this being around for years.
  8. Can you explain how you've come to that conclusion? Why would it being a London club not make any difference to the PL.
  9. New goalie New left back, assuming Chilwell goes. New centre back, assuming benkovic isn;t as good as hoped. New central midfielder Three wide players, Gray to leave and Albrighton/Perez not good enough for CL football. New striker Five of the above need to be better than squad players.
  10. Put your fingers in your ears and carry on.
  11. Evans because he's a superb mister reliable all season, and for tonight's double tackle leading to a goal. Ricardo because he's been up there nearly all season and he's a delight to watch. I'm going for Vardy because he has to win one. That and hopefully because he's bagged 30 goals.
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