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  1. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Saturday that's a week, a week is seven days. If we played Sunday, Wednesday, Sunday that's 8 days not 7.
  2. You sure about that? Don't we pull up claims about Liverpool having 8 out and the name the goalie, 3 forwards and a midfielder? You're right though, unbelievable to be where we are right now.
  3. Keep hearing 'all teams have had injuries, look at Liverpool and Southampton'. How may points are they behind? He's a Man United fan
  4. You came on a Leicester City forum because Rodgers became our manager and you follow him wherever he goes. As leicester fans weregularly discuss the club, owners, management team, players and our fans. Your love-in with Rodgers means that you seem to see any negative comments as a personal attack. Personally I think he's doing a great job under very trying conditions, still happy to read other opinions on what he brings to the club or where he may be perceived to sometimes have room for improvement.
  5. us?????? Aren't you a fan of Under rather than the club?
  6. Genuine question Bert, not having a pop. Last night you told Bert you hadn't been a face at the club for some time. If that's the case is this something you've heard from inside the club or a guess?
  7. Lose one game badly and we're out, not the case in the PL.
  8. The prize for winning this is CL qualification and 8.5m euros
  9. When do we hear if he's out or not?
  10. Morgan has been a fantastic captain for us but he's not in the same category as Huth or Soyuncu.
  11. Where's this 'former Leicester player' coming from, have I missed something?
  12. Fairly certain that somebody will have told him we need to score at least one at some point.
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