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  1. Which club would carry on playing someone ,however good they've been, if there's a player who will improve our game on the bench. The manager would be risking their job out of loyalty to a player. Not as if Evans will be dropped, just rotated.
  2. This someone for half price will then be cluttering up the changing room next season. Probably on a four year contract at £2m a year? This season we'd probably drop a few places as well so there's a few million lost there as well.
  3. That doesn't mean he won't now go three at the back due to Ndidi's injury. How would we have played three at the back, we didn't have the players available to do that. 4th? Who was our 3rd choice? If we sign Tarkowski he'll be here till we want him to leave. Sign Fofana and we could be doing this again in 3 years, makes sense to have some continuity and experience in the team. A new defence so it made sense to play defensive the first few games.
  4. It doesn't matter how long is left on his contract, we need him, Burnley know that, they also have a large sell-on to pay.
  5. Have you seen how often we will be playing at times during the season? You are aware we also have EL games to play? He won't be sat on the bench all season.
  6. Should you have a couple of hours to spare perhaps you could help the club find buyers for 16 players. We're probably more than happy to shift a quarter of those but strangely, in these times, nobody wants to spend money.
  7. I'm hoping we've moved on fro Albrighton but he will always be a legend. You'll perhaps be remembered for this comment, I hope not for your sake.
  8. Not true, at least one poster thinks Mendy should start over Ndidi, Ndidi is a black hole apparently.
  9. I'm fairly sure that both Vichai and Top know how to run a business well and would be well aware of how how comparable or ST prices are when compared to other teams. I'm certain that if they hadn't found out that our CEO Susan Whelan would have informed them. It would be a very strange way to run any business by not knowing where part of your income is coming from and what percentage it is of your overall income.
  10. If there's a player we really want then you shouldn't just move on, we've done that in the past and ended up with a lesser player we can't move on a couple of seasons later.
  11. They offered him the extension when he was two years or more into his injury. He was way off playing at that point I believe and many on here thought it odd. I assumed it was the club doing the family thing. Been a couple of comments on here that different managers have thought he’s the most gifted midfielder we have.
  12. Disagree and I assume the manager and owners felt the same hence it no longer happening.
  13. Apologies, didn't realise it was Jim who was caught celebrating on camera.
  14. Never heard anyone lese have a bad word to say about him.
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