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  1. We made 1 million profit last season, if HM was on 350K we'd be losing money and that'w without other (better?) players then wanting a payrise. Why is he only worth £20m? He's worth waht someone is willing to pay or what we believe he's worth. Man U paid £50m for a kid with one season in the PL.
  2. It took him 2 years to get a move so hardly caving in.
  3. Agreed, looked great and got us out of our seats but I don't remember many goals from his runs or long passes.
  4. Wondering if we scored more goals when Maguire plays, certainly didn't seem to ship many more.
  5. Foxes Talk exaggeration again, closer to £40m than £50m See above
  6. Nobody seems to know BUT if you bought for 100m and sold for 80 not only would you lose 20 but would still have to pay sell on of the 80? Doesnt make sense to me so assume sell on is on profit.
  7. 90 - 17 = 73 x 15% = 10.95 I believe you only pay the 15% on the profit but even if it’s the full amount you’d only pay 13.5 on 90 so still not 20.
  8. It’s 15% so nearer 10 than 20.
  9. No way is he on anything close to 90k a week. Doubt he was ever one of our top earners and he hasn’t played much first team football for some time now.
  10. You dropped your handbag as you flounced off.
  11. Stop being a cock, your slating of Scottish football is becoming personal. There’s an ignore button if he gets too much.
  12. Any chance of hitting the return button to create a new paragraph or six?
  13. Well if you want to throw everything in then that is offset by the money we received for ending up 9th compared to where we would have ended under Puel. We’re also saving the salaries of Simpson and Okazaki.
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