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  1. I've seen this numerous times now, we made just one change at half time.
  2. One in goal and the other at the far end of the pitch, with the exception of Evans there's nothing between the two. Perhaps someone like Lallana is needed.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/feb/21/leicester-settlement-football-league-ffp Leicester City have agreed to pay the Football League £3.1m to settle the league’s long-running claim that the club breached financial fair play rules when they made a £21m loss in their 2013-14 season. Leicester won promotion from the Championship that season after their owner, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, who owns Thailand’s duty-free company King Power, had invested more than £100m since his 2010 takeover, and subsequently they won their unlikely Premier League title in 2016. The Football League’s then-new FFP rules, aimed at improving its clubs’ financial sustainability particularly in the Championship, set out sanctions including heavy fines for clubs which made losses greater than £8m in 2013-14. Leicester, spending heavily on players’ wages, made a £34m loss in 2012-13, then reduced it to £21m, partly due to receiving a large increase in income from a marketing deal signed with Trestellar Limited, a company run by the son of the former Premier League chairman Sir Dave Richards. That deal, under which Trestellar sold the sponsorship of the club’s shirt and stadium back to King Power, is understood to have been under investigation by the EFL when considering whether Leicester breached the rules. Leicester argued they had not breached the rules, which make allowances for expenditure on youth development, a stadium and other infrastructure, and that the Trestellar deal had been concluded following “an extensive tender process” to find the best partner to market the club worldwide. The club then stated it was not only disputing any findings against its own losses, but “the legality” of the FFP rules themselves. Queens Park Rangers, who were also found to have made excessive losses, challenged the rules’ legality but an arbitration panel found for the EFL in October The EFL and Leicester announced the £3.1m settlement in identical statements, which gave little detail about the issues considered. The statements made clear that: “In reaching the settlement, the EFL acknowledges that the club did not make any deliberate attempt to infringe the rules or to deceive and that the dispute arose out of genuine differences of interpretation of the rules between the parties.”
  4. Plenty of season tickets available at Spurs next season. ’Losers League’ pathetic
  5. How can they be completely exonerated? They are clearly guilty and the illegally gathered emails prove that don't they? CAS may throw the case out because of the way the emails were discovered but that doesn't 'completely exonerate' Man City.
  6. We wouldn't sign him on a four year contract. His current salary has nothing to do with what we may pay him. If nobody else offers a signing on fee then why would we?
  7. 13 the same number as we had in 15/16 corruption apologists? Really? Images on here showed he had two hands on him. That decision was given by an assistant not the ref. So just how many officials must be in on this? Like most conspiracy theories it falls down over the numbers involved who all keep quiet. Imagine how much the press would pay for a story about PL corruption.
  8. I don't want to rude but tonight it's a bit like visiting The Fighting Cock back in 2015/16, they believed it was all rigged for us. Man U equaled the PL record tonight with 13 in a season, they share it with us. Vardy cheated to get penalties and refs did nothing according to opposition fans.
  9. That would give us 67 points. Man U win four and draw with us gives them 68.
  10. Pathetic hair splitting but you thought you'd get the last word in
  11. I can see that but the 8 minutes was added because football wasn't being played due to stoppages. The game was still 90 minutes with 15 against 10.
  12. Back three, two Dms and two wingbacks, where are the goals going to come from?
  13. He did what was needed, broke up play without getting booked or giving away any dangerous free kicks. We moan when teams do it to us. I hope we sign a lot better but he's all we have at the moment.
  14. I've just spent 30 minutes sweating over that and I still can't confirm it. Can't Sheff U still catch us? If Arsenal win the FA Cup then they get a Europa place so it only goes to 6th (7th if Man City are banned)
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