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  1. Leicester social media have been doing a countdown to today. Can’t link it as I’m not as sm savvy as my lad.
  2. hackneyfox


    Why are people rattling on about the casino incident. He’d been sent home injured, Southgate didn’t seem that upset by it and it had nothing to do with the club. Some people just looking for anything to slate him.
  3. hackneyfox


    It is on this thread.
  4. hackneyfox


    Did he miss all of those to make the 40%?
  5. hackneyfox


    23% of league games.
  6. hackneyfox


    There’s the Covid party which clearly the club captain gave the nod to. The casino incident wasn’t even that and it was with England not us. What ellse has there been that can be substantiated?
  7. We are a bigger club now. Tielemans made a big club move that did not work out for him. Same could apply here. He pings some great balls into the penalty area. Based on what?
  8. So why didn’t you? 😏
  9. I was there for 78. My lad asked me why it was called that, he was amused by more tales of fights and bonfires.
  10. ‘Our end’ at FS was the Spion Kop. I like the continuity.
  11. Did we have anybody else so go on the bench in his place with a realistic chance of playing?
  12. BBC Sport, how accurate are they? The Sun? As you say they claim 'we're very interested' no menation of actually making a bid. Not sure either of those are gospel.
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