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  1. That link has been known for years, he's just more adept at getting that message out there, helped by MSM who were happy to talk about the EDL. He's not an investigative journalist. What happened with him working with Quillium? Seems to be back to his old extreme right wing personna.
  2. It's not as if I hadn't listened to his rants prior to my statement. He's a rabble rousing right winger, I know he has an agenda and therefore you can't really take a neutral standpoint to anything he says. What does he add to the discussion that people didn't already know?
  3. Just what I thought. Urban Spaceman getting a bit carried away.
  4. Has Robinson actually been prosecuted for anything he has said?
  5. How many of the Have you ever looked at the ten commandments, seems it a worse sin to pray to another god than it is to murder. I am the LORD thy God No other gods before me No graven images or likenesses Not take the LORD's name in vain Remember the sabbath day Honour thy father and thy mother Thou shalt not kill Thou shalt not commit adultery Thou shalt not steal Thou shalt not bear false witness Thou shalt not covet
  6. Do you have the same opinion of the bible?
  7. Why is my opinion unfair and unbalanced? Because it differs on your opinins about TR? I wouldn't lock Robinson up and I'm hoping that you don't bang on about your beliefs in the hope of formenting civil unrest, unlike TR.
  8. Doesn't actually support any of your claims (I'm not saying they aren't true) apart from stating that he may leave.
  9. Personally I view everything Robinson says as hate speach, even when it sounds reasonable (by his standards) he has an agenda.
  10. So he wasn't a 'hate preacher' until he was convicted?
  11. Do you need to be convicted for it to be true? Robinson seems to be happy to accuse others of it whether they've been convicted or not (see Choudary).
  12. Yet Robinson is one of those preaching hate on our streets.
  13. He's at his best in the first 60 of a game, he couldn't close down a game we were winning and wouldn't score/assist if we were losing. I quite like the idea that players want to sign for a team that have a good enough squad that there's no round pegs mistakenly placed. Best to have all eleven standing when it's getting hectic.
  14. Remember the days of some on here defending every slip by Weale and a fair few thinking he was a good goalie. Great to see how far the club have progressed in every position.
  15. They're also expected to start paying into a pension scheme (which won't touch their parents) at 25 as well as attempt to save the deposit for a property. First generation that will be worse off than their parents.