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  1. Slimani back to Sporting or Watford?

    I don't think we need to, it was £29m including add-ons, has he done enough for those to kick in?
  2. Southampton (A) 4-1 Post Match Thread

    How will we fit Iborra, Ndidi, Silva and Mendy in to the team? Best squad we've ever had.
  3. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Me too please
  4. Is Demarai Gray an enigma?

    Of course, completely forgot.
  5. Is Demarai Gray an enigma?

    Who offered £25m for him?
  6. Will we see Andy King leave in January ?

    They have to be more than just a part of the squad? It's all down to personal opinion obviously.
  7. Will we see Andy King leave in January ?

    It's a bit like people claiming that player x is world class. Not sure where the cut off is but I'm sure there can only be so many world class players in the world and a club can only have so many legends. See NGP's reply above
  8. Will we see Andy King leave in January ?

    ... personally I think it does. To be fair, he has a Premier league Champions medal, so like the rest of them that do, he's automatically a legend. On any other criteria he isn't for me.
  9. Sit Down or Stand Up?

    People watch you????
  10. Will we see Andy King leave in January ?

    On here perhaps but I don't know anyone on here whereas other fans I do know aren't great admirer's of him and think he disappears. They also don't see him as a legend.
  11. Will we see Andy King leave in January ?

    Paper talk or do you know this for a fact? That was a long time ago, we've progressed since then, he hasn't. From whom? I don't personally know anyone who would be that upset about losing a player who will soon be 5th choice.
  12. Google headline above the link to The Mirror's take on this story is:Clattenberg admits Chelsea bias during infamous clash with Tottenham.
  13. Recent years being since we last played you?
  14. More than you had in total for your game against Borehamwood.