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  1. Wrong From Bentleys after I raised it: I sorted them out for the Don one & they've used the gaff since. Pretty sure Wints offered a venue too. 2 stroke as well if memory serves me well. If they've lost the numbers all they need to do is post here. May be an idea to not mention the tin hat and not be so snarky about Bentleys.
  2. So Fox85 believes three clubs each paid us £9m in loan fees but we'll accept £4m from Man U who we're in competition with for a CL place. Glad he doesn't do my accounts.
  3. I very much doubt that, try using a calculator. How many clubs has he been on loan at to recover the best part of £27m?
  4. Or that it's a pile of horse manure.
  5. Didn't someone from Bentleys Roof give you somewhere to work for a previous Tifo? Why don't you ask on there?
  6. Would imagine he lost his rag to cover for his mistake. Pathetic punch from the original ball led to the penalty.
  7. Assume the club must know and be happy for it to happen.
  8. Why is it a choice between this week or next week? Why not put out our strongest for both if they're fit? As I alluded to, Rodgers and the backroom staff have more idea of whether he's capable of playing tonight than you or I.
  9. If Rodgers and the backroom staff says he could be back then it's beyond me why so many would prefer to leave him out till next week. Unless of course they're all members of the backroom staff.
  10. I'd imagine that every PL team probably has internationals sat on the bench. The idea that there are awful sides in the PL is ridiculous.
  11. Perhaps we should judge him on how he's played this season under Rodgers rather than performances under Puel. Do you apply the same thinking to Vardy?
  12. Same happens when Barnes plays whether it’s Fuchs or Chilwell at the back.
  13. I'd sooner it was the ball.
  14. Food is good (Mexican) and you can't tell the difference between Vegan and Non Vegan Beer, Wine or Cocktails.
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