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  1. Arsenal isn't that far away from The Olympic stadium. London is extremely easy to travel around, not difficult to live in East London and support teams in North,South or West London.
  2. The obvious thing is to not tweet it publicly. Send it directly or share it in a club group.
  3. Spurs have been getting points season on season. 16/17 86 17/18 77 18/19 71
  4. We need more players to be settled into the squad before we start our CL campaign.
  5. Only if they get 5 by 31 January. Both on 2 from 11 games.
  6. With Maddison, Tielemans and Praet do need anyone else to burst forwards? What a joy it is to watch this team.
  7. His passing has improved, if it gets any better everyone will be after him.
  8. For early cup games, not sure how many minutes he will get in the later stages or league. Hopefully he can step up again as he's been a great player for us in the past.
  9. Which probably backs up claims that he's either not the player he was or doesn't really suit the way we currently play. Or both
  10. He's most certainly not a 'not liked player'. Fans don't moan because 'it's Albrightion' they moan because his final ball/shot was poor. When he gets it right the fans love him as he's a 'legend'.
  11. So he was reading Foxes Talk whilst playing last night? That may explain things.
  12. Well he hasn't shown any real improvement since Rodgers came in.
  13. If you lack end product against a League One team then it's surely understandable that fans will criticise.
  14. Not up to his previous high standards. So he started his downward spiral last season, not this? Two and three years ago. He was a fantastic signing and he's been a great player for us but I think time is catching up with him. Rodgers wants more goals and assists from his wingers, Albrighton, Gray and Barnes are failing to regularly deliver that. Barnes has a future with the club and can be expected to step up, not sure the other two do.
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