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  1. There's been discussons on how Ndidi gets back in ahead of Mendy, obviously most want Ndidi but think Mendy the better option when we don't need a destroyer. Not sure how many would agree if you started an Ndidi or Hamza chat.
  2. What are you planning to do with Mendy?
  3. I thought Castagne is a right back who can play at left bck. Thought we'd bought him to eventually replace Ricardo.
  4. Well if it's that easy perhaps you could show us something on a more industrial scale than 'postie nicks a few hundred letters'.
  5. People going on about how the US will now become a one party state which isn't good for democracy. Fairly simple the GOP can reposition themselves to appeal to more of the younger and better educated, non WASP population.
  6. That's not fraud being perpetuated by the democrats, it's a postie that nicks mail, hardly something new or earth shattering.
  7. His tweets about 'socialism' (and yanks wouldn't know socialism if it bit them on the arse) made a difference in Miami. that's from the mayor of Miami by the way.
  8. Can't agree with that, EL before EPL then if we win on Thursday we can start resting players in the EL.
  9. This is the Europa League, why would we put out a weakened side when we're at home to the Pot 1 team????
  10. Neither Wes or Andy King come over in interviews as being the type to take over from Birchenall. Just not 'gobby' enough.
  11. Just me getting pissed off with people who still can't correctly spell the name of one of our own players. What makes it worse is that it's in a huge font at the start of the thread.
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