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  1. I was in the posh seats for the game Saturday and took this about an hour after the match finished. There's lots of better photos on here but I liked this one.
  2. Watch out for that Daffy Duck, he's a right snidey ****er.
  3. I fond saying "excuse me you've just dropped a fiver" and when they stop and look down I say "oh sorry it's just a bit of rubbish". Usually shames people into picking it up.
  4. I've got a T4 campervan, just got back from Italy in it. Take a look on this forum, lots of good advice on where to buy and where not to buy from plus people sell their campers on there. Ignore the T4 bit, at the top there are tabs for T5 and T6 as well. VW Campervans
  5. The year after we won the league I was in Hamburg and bumped into a German bloke wearing a city shirt. Just said he loved the story of us winning the league.
  6. Noticed mine was going years ago, number one on the clippers now days. couldn't give a shit about losing it to be honest
  7. I read this board now and never go on the roof anymore. It's a shame as there was some decent people on there, it' s just a minority of unpleasant posters that post racist/homophobic rubbish and are abusive to other people.
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