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  1. The year after we won the league I was in Hamburg and bumped into a German bloke wearing a city shirt. Just said he loved the story of us winning the league.
  2. Noticed mine was going years ago, number one on the clippers now days. couldn't give a shit about losing it to be honest
  3. I read this board now and never go on the roof anymore. It's a shame as there was some decent people on there, it' s just a minority of unpleasant posters that post racist/homophobic rubbish and are abusive to other people.
  4. I drive a 1972 VW Beetle that's lowered, I have to slow right down for every speed bump but I try to take routes without them if I can, sorry.
  5. To be fair to Babylon he's a far better driver than his brother is.
  6. outfoxed77


    There's a hill in South Croxton that I just can't do, every time I have to get off and walk up it. Mind you I am a fat git at the minute so hopefully I will conquer it when I've lost a few pounds!
  7. If you want to see the opinion of 20 odd years ago pop over to Bentleys roof and look at the replies on a similar thread to this one.
  8. You can wild camp in some parts of Dartmoor.
  9. Costock_fox I've got a converted T4, I've been up to Skye, Lewis and Harris a few times if you need a few pointers just give me a shout.
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