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  1. 1 Goldeneye 2 Mario 64 3 Forsaken Absolutely loved the N64, Goldeneye is such an iconic game. I remember playing Mario 64 for the first time and seeing at the time how far games had come back then, I mean from a 2D Mario that I loved and still love to a open world 3D Mario. It was brilliant. Forsaken was a game I would of never got as it wasn't my thing but my best mate had it and I fell in love first time I'd played it. I would definitely buy a mini if they ever did one.
  2. I had my haircut today, and to say I feel so refreshed is an understatement! It has made me feel so much better mentally. My missus had literally sacked me off for the past 5/6 months since I last had it cut. She got home from work today and she can't keep her hands off me 😂 I think the longer nites and some sunshine has also helped. It's been quite pleasant recently. Just need a beer in/outside a pub and I will be complete.
  3. This! I can't even listen to it now. Hate it because this.
  4. Think that was probably his best fight I've saw. He seems to of improved no end. Every fight I've saw of him makes me uncomfortable to watch for some reason, he is so awkward and dangley. His front foot constantly steps on his opponents and he does love a cuddle. Glad he won.
  5. England Euro 2020 squad: FourFourTwo writers pick who they'd take this summer | FourFourTwo https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/england-euro-2020-squad-fourfourtwo-writers-pick-who-theyd-take-this-summer So glad none of these actually pick the squad, but you know Southgate squad won't be far off. I don't get the love in with some of these players.
  6. 🤣 I really hate it. It's on constantly now.
  7. That fvcking Peleton advert! Piss off! Ffs
  8. Sent shivers down my spine. Can't wait till we're allowed back. Miss it so much.
  9. Back in the 90s and the early 00s I used to love the internationals, I mean whether it was a break from some absolute dismal Leicester sides (Obviously MoN era don't count 😉) or it was the fact that we had the golden generation? I'm not sure but it was a lot more exciting back then. I mean alright you have your main tournaments, euros and world Cup which I do enjoy until the mediocrity starts to show but even the international breaks were exciting too. We were always expected to do well and with the bygone players, we always had that chance of glory which was obviously always hyped up in the m
  10. Schmeichel Riccy Fofana Soyuncu Thomas Ndidi Albrighton Tielemans Castangne Iheanacho/Taveres Vardy/Iheanacho Maddison if fit but he won't get full game, Iheanacho for Vardy with Taveres behind? Maybe Under in behind the striker? Think he'd play much better there instead of on the right? I'd definitely play Soyuncu and Fofana and leave Evans on bench. As much as I love the Evans and Soyuncu pairing, I think they slow the game down t
  11. At least we come away with a point. We have so many injuries in key positions and Burnley knew that as I've never seen them play like that, fair play to them. We could have lost that. A point is a point better then nothing. Substitutions was a little puzzling as I think Iheanacho should of stayed on whether Vardy came off or not, he really needs resting. I know Amartey is a makeshift RB but he's not a RWB. He offers nothing. Just feels too unbalanced. We have players to play LWB & RWB. Think next game we have to go with this-
  12. Awful over both legs. Should have won it away. No urgency at all tonight. Its as though they couldn't be arsed. Simple as that!
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