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  1. Youri, Youri, Youri, Youriiiiii, He's Leicesters twenty-one and scores our goals! Had this in my head since we've been linked 😂 feel free to change!
  2. I have not posted on this forum for a long time but with what has gone on today how could I not. I am absolutely devastated! My thoughts go out to everyone involved. The internet is such a sick, disgusting place from some of the sh!t I have read about tonight's devastating events on certain social media outlets, I mean what is wrong with people? I'm just glad that the genuine thoughtful people counterbalance the absolute ****ing scrotes of our society. Makes me sick. I just can't believe it. Just shocked! I still can't believe it. A massive thanks to all football fans taking time to sign in and leave there thoughts and prayers. Football brings people together in good times and unfortunately bad times. The owners have done so much for this club and brought the LCFC family closer together. My heart goes out to the family's of those involved. It's hard to take news like this. Soo upsetting!
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