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  1. 😂 Tbf it was my wife who started watching it (recommendation from her work friends) and I saw bits and bobs then got into it myself, but yeah I'm not sure what women see in it 🤔 it can't be the fact they fancy king Alfred, it is really good though!
  2. Well he nearly got his wish at spurs
  3. Iwobi from Everton? Just read he's surplus to requirements.
  4. 'Freeeeeeeeee Wesley Fofana'
  5. Absolutely hooked on 'The Last Kingdom'. I've not binged like that for a while.
  6. People not cleaning up after their dogs! Then literally 5mins later a child walked in it 😡!
  7. Bad Dudes vs Dragon ninja Rolling Thunder Turtles Arcade Outrun Daytona Streetfighter Double Dragon + loads I've forgotten! Few football games I can't remember there names. Mostly played in Yarmouth/Mablethorpe circa 1990 good old days. Anyone remember the old newsagents in the 90s on Saffron Lane across the road from the swimming baths had a hidden arcade upstairs?
  8. With a couple of holes left of the golf course, maybe we could entice Gareth Bale to sign?
  9. What's pissing me off is they are trying to contain it by stopping people coming in and out of the country, and then you have the front line media who are reporting this in hospitals and public places. Do they not count when it comes to spreading? Do they not get infected? Do they do their reporting and jump straight on a plane home? I don't know nothing about this kind of stuff but why is this happening?
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