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  1. Reddit is now banned, so for all those unfortunate to not be going to the game and can't find a stream goto https://footybite.com/football/chelsea-vs-leicester-city-live-stream/ Refresh the page and scroll down, 15 mins before KO. Pre-emptying this, before the numerous 'DM me a stream' starts to appear. (Although i imagine none will read )
  2. Aww i wanted a pink one, am still in the business for buying one though if anyone has a spare to SELL.. Many pound notes
  3. Or if you happen to grow Aloe Vera plant. Cut a tentacle off that and rub that on it, it really helps the itch and reduces inflammation.
  4. Its a mosquitro (sp) i got one last week and damn it itched. Takes about a week to be not annoying
  5. Yes i do agree, its not VAR thats the problem its the rules... I hate the new rules.
  6. I was all for VAR, i was expecting it to stop errors and goals that arnt goals, as in intentional shit. Not this or even in the Wolves game, yes it benefited us then, but the tide will turn and when and it is when, it happens to us i am going to be so salty.
  7. You are ****ing kidding me .. this shit is going to wind me up so much this season (regardless of whether VAR gets it correct)
  8. LOL... can you say that tomorrow please...
  9. They really do have so much class and you think, well maybe if player A has an injury.. But it wont really effect them so much as they bring on player B from the bench who is just nearly as good. Hate myself for bigging up another club but then i consider the £££ they have spent and realise although as good as a club they are, its purely built on money spent
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