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  1. I'm not saying i knew this was going to be a boring game BUT,..
  2. FML i love kasper.. Not just cuz he is so hot, but great keeper <3
  3. At least there is team out there that concedes more goals from set pieces than us.
  4. Brilliant today, looked very sharp and a bonus goal to boot Possible contention (in my head) for MotM.
  5. Cracking game again today, always improving and still so young.
  6. Its funny i wasnt TOO much bothered about this game, but now its about to start i'm buzzing
  7. Oh wow, not the team i was expecting. We for sure 'going for it'
  8. Neckline on sweater looks like something else, maybe?
  9. Both our goals were really well taken, another win against Newcastle, upto 3rd in the league and only 1 point behind top.. No complaining here.
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