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  1. AND we still havn't lost at our place yet this season. Small mercy's and all that
  2. OFC but do you think we deserved to win that game though?
  3. The hardest thing for me is not the draw as Norwich have played well, it means the Vardy run doesnt continue. Wish the 1st goal had been credited to him
  4. Come on then City, get your fingers out your arses and lets do this..
  5. Guaranteed to come on imo, replacing Praet (who hasnt doesnt anything wrong) but needed for better balance.
  6. We have changed shape, the diamond wasnt working.
  7. Brendan !!!! Sort it out, not sure the diamond is going so well today. Change shape at HT, i would think
  8. Would like to see us move into 3rd gear now please Brendan.
  9. Loads on footybite. The 1st NBSCN Gold is great quality with no lag.
  10. What female doesn't like a diamond!
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