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  1. Man Utd really are rubbish. And god I hate Richarlason
  2. Jamie Vardy is Mr Leicester. To come from where he was to what he is now is truly a 'one off' i doubt it will ever be repeated. As a LCFC supporter he is a god, as an <insert other club> fan he is a total cvnt and you know that makes it even better.
  3. @Izzy Hahahah see i knew my 50p on Harvey would pay out at some point.... £1.87 Ca Chingk!
  4. If Nacho scores i will give you a 3rd child
  5. Not sure who the commentator is on TSN 4 but he has been bigging up LCFC all afternoon, makes a change from listening to the scousers
  6. He comes across as wanting it so much much more than Gray. Was sad to read some of the Barnes thread and how many have dismissed him, i think he is a great player and will be massive for us.
  7. whats up with the West Ham players are they made of freaking wet paper?
  8. Can't wait for this to finish so i can go light the BBQ and sit in the sun. Proper disappointed.
  9. At least under Puel we were a team of 2 halves, and if we were shite in the 1st half we played decent in the 2nd or vica versa. Not seeing much of that last week or this.
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