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  1. My postman arrives as usual every day around 9am. Lovely chap and I think he is wearing gloves but just on the off chance I have been spray disinfecting the letterbox daily as he isn’t the only one who puts stuff into it.
  2. Was going to try this quiz but after reading all your comments I’m too scared now, just in case I don’t get 10
  3. Devo'd .. *Fingers crossed* Boris..
  4. Not had one in ages, but reading this thread has made me really crave for some sweet and sour chicken balls. However living in a village outside of Melton, not many places will deliver so collection is really my only option.
  5. Private message one of the Mods or perhaps better to message the owner of the site @Mark That way you can find out if you are banned and perhaps get some clarification when you will be allowed back.
  6. masochism /ˈmasəkɪz(ə)m/ Learn to pronounce noun the tendency to derive sexual gratification from one's own pain or humiliation. "with things such as bondage and masochism, it's all right if you both go for it" (in general use) the enjoyment of an activity that appears to be painful or tedious. "there's plenty to do when the weather turns moorland walks into exercises in masochism"
  7. Interesting and thank you for that, my initial guess was Clementine but i'm wavering towards Teddy now after watching that.
  8. Season 3 of Westworld isn’t what I was expecting. Enjoying it though.
  9. Used to love Curry pot noodle sandwiches when i was skint. I pretty much used to make a sandwich with anything back in the day. Guilty pleasure atm is Chilli heatwave doritoes dipped in mayonaise.
  10. I managed 1min and 45sec of that, before i could not take his voice any longer. I get its all opinions and that but he was banging on about Discovery being crap and i really enjoyed that.
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