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  1. How was your day? Pretty good actually ... i feel HOT !!! After going shopping with my 76 year old mum we decided to pop into the pub in Barsby for a couple and on entering wearing my NEW PINK LCFC T shirt ... some guy across the bar asked me what i thought of our new signing Justin James..I ofc corrected him it was 'James Justin' and he bought the round. We got talking and what a super nice person ... OFC had to put him right on many things FOOTBALL related but that goes with the show, (Might meet him agian) I'm on a proper high now.. (check dieting thread as thats helped no end) im feeling like a bloody princess!!!
  2. Injured late on last season and from all reports its unlikely he will NOT be fit for start of season ... Pre season start unlikely, but is recovering ahead of schedule... Not ITK (as you know).. just what i read
  3. The 1st record i actually paid for, our of pocket money was..............The guy on the keyboard for me was my GOD .. (My Iborra / eye candy of the 80's) such a hottie .. Edit... i just listened/watched it again ... damn how time have changed
  4. The best x2 for me by FAR.. are Gladiator and Requiem for a dream.. (on most of my playlists) - Hans Zimmer is just a god of soundtracks if im honest... i could name so many more ... Interstella being another awesome fave
  5. Qatar has spent Dh3.3 billion on 40 stadiums in its race to be ready for the 2022 Fifa World Cup but the migrant workers building them are being paid just Dh3.8 an hour, it has been revealed. More than 1,400 migrants have died since work commenced due to poor conditions and human rights groups forecast the death toll could rise to 4,000 by 2022. Now, Nepal and the Philippines took united action last week in a bid to protect their citizens against abuses. It comes after Qatar’s sports minister apologised for the deaths earlier this month. Chair of the Philippine Commission on Human Rights Chito Gascon said: "Ultimately, there was a commitment on the part of Qatar that they will abide by international labour standards and the only way by which we can ensure that is to surface the issues. "That's why we need to work very closely with our respective embassies there to make sure that any issues involving labour rights will be quickly addressed by the Qatar government." Despite mounting international pressure, Qatar’s assurances it was addressing issues of poor living conditions, wages and hazardous working environments have not been matched by action. An investigation by German broadcaster Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln (WDR) last month revealed conditions are still substandard with workers living without money or food, in cramped spaces and prison-like conditions. In a video, Nepali migrants reveal they have not been paid for over six months, have had their passports confiscated and are without food and shelter. One of the Nepali workers interviewed in the film, Dil Prasad, said: “Every day, we only eat bread and drink water; without money, we can’t afford anything else. Month after month, our situation is getting worse. “I can’t do it anymore. I just want to go home. I can’t even call my family in Nepal. If only the company would pay us the money we deserve.” Qatar’s kafala sponsorship system has given construction agencies recruiting migrants control over many aspects of workers’ lives, including the power to stop them leaving the country. Over 18 months ago, Qatar signed up to an international agreement to introduce reforms including a minimum wage, allowing people to leave the country and health and safety measures. Evidence suggests the agreement is not being enforced. The country’s sports minister admitted this month he did not know when wages would be increased. Speaking in Paris earlier this month at Fifa’s ruling council, Hassan Al Thawadi, Qatar’s Secretary General of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, said: “There’s no doubt that every death is a tragedy, it’s as simple as that. “While progress has been made in the state of Qatar there is still a long way to go. “We are working very hard with [non-governmental organisations], medical institutions, trade unions and universities to do everything we can to address these issues. “I can’t speak on the time [it has taken], I can speak about the progress that has been made. As I said, in relation to death, no matter what we say, it’s never going to be enough. But we are doing everything we can and we are making sure that whatever solutions we put in, aren’t just solutions for while we’re under the spotlight but solutions that remain beyond 2022.” READ MORE Qatari Al Qaeda financier has access to $10,000 a month due to UN asset freeze loophole Man racially abused at UK's Qatari Embassy awarded almost £190,000 in compensation The fudging of anti-Semitism: Qatari official refuses to denounce hate speech against Jews Qatar has a migrant labour force of over 2 million, accounting for 95 per cent of its total labour force. Some 30,000 migrants are involved in its stadium projects In its latest report into conditions,Qatar revealed there have also been a number of non-work-related deaths among young migrant men in the last year. Nicholas McGeehan, an expert on workers’ rights in the Middle East, told the The Independent newspaper: “These deaths are from only the Supreme Committee’s World Cup workers, a tiny proportion of the Qatar migrant workforce. “It is unsafe to work in those conditions without very substantial safeguards, and the Qataris should have independently investigated the health risks and put those protections in place.” The Nepalese government says 1,426 of its migrant workers have died in Qatar since the Gulf state was awarded the World Cup in 2010. There are over 400,000 Nepali and 260,000 Filipino migrant workers in Qatar. On Thursday, the Philippine Commission on Human Rights and Nepal's National Human Rights Commission vowed to cooperate to protect migrant workers' rights. Currently unpaid migrant workers in Qatar are forced to lodge claims with the country’s Department of Labour. Barun Ghimire, a Nepal-based human rights activist and lawyer, said a lack of transparency is allowing subcontractors to escape accountability. A number of bereaved families claim they have not received compensation following the deaths of relatives in Qatar. “There have been reports that many Nepali workers have died either in the construction of stadiums or something related to stadiums in Qatar,” Mr Ghimire told Arab News. “We tried to establish a case against employers, but they are difficult to investigate because of the chain [of] brokers involved in recruiting the workers. “I have also found that there is no proper documentation for Nepali workers. As a result, it’s not easy to establish the culpability of the company. It is difficult to establish the accountability of the companies involved in the preparation of the Fifa World Cup. A lack of transparency in the recruitment process allows companies to escape litigation.” Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy has committed to building seven new stadiums in Qatar, improving three others and has built a further 28 in the Middle East and Asia as part of its Generation Amazing initiative to promote grassroots talent. https://www.thenational.ae/world/gcc/qatar-world-cup-labourers-paid-a-pittance-1.877945
  6. Taken from https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/eight-reasons-leicester-city-havent-3015367 'Only Aston Villa (Wesley, £22m), Bournemouth (Lloyd Kelly, £13m), Manchester United (Daniel James, £15m), West Ham (Pablo Fornals, £24m) and Wolves (Raul Jimenez, £30m) have completed big-money deals so far.'
  7. It was suspected to be broken, but it turned out to be ligament damage thankfully for the lad.
  8. I thought it was a bit boring actually. Maybe just not my type of thing but i wont be continuing with it.
  9. What a shit storm, 2 weeks ago they were going to be the new Man City and now are left with no manager and the Moron that is Mike Ashley, still their owner. What a sorry state of affairs. Feel bad for the Toon faithful, and makes you appreciate how good we currently have it.
  10. Looking at the spec of your PC the installed memory RAM is quite small, especially running Windows 10 and this is where you are losing speed - Win10 is way more memory intense than previous versions. However on the plus side RAM for that PC will prob be DDI3 or 4 and will be relatively cheap to upgrade - you can probably double it too 8GB for around £30/£50 (if the motherboard will accept it) and will see a massive increase in speed, I can look into that if you are interested and talk you thru how to do it, its a very easy job - there are also videos on youtube on how to install RAM - its a 10mins max job. With regards to the add/remove programmes, without knowing what is installed its very hard to say what is ok and whats not to remove. The safest but most tiresome option would be to google every programme name and see what it is, but general rule of thumb is if its to do with the OS then dont remove it.
  11. I'm sorry to hear that i tend to put everything down to personal opinions differing and banter and just some idiots being nobs, but i would suggest you report any posts that upset/bother you in the future. I like to browse many forums football / gaming / reddit and compared to some this forum is actually a sane place.
  12. Have you fixed this issue yet? If not i'm presuming you have windows 10 installed? If so type in the search feature, add and remove programs, click on the option which will give a list of all the software installed on the PC. Remove where applicable - perhaps the same as you did to get rid of the installed crap when you bought it? If you want to keep certain software, but don't want it loading when you boot the PC, you just need to remove it from the start menu. With regards to Chrome this is a great little browser BUT its very RAM intense so depending how much RAM you have installed in your PC it can tend to be slow. An option to Chrome would be to use Firefox which will probably be much faster. (However Chrome doesnt load at boot start up so that should not be the reason for the PC being slow.)
  13. I'll have to remember to pack my factor 60 and sun hat then. 4.00am WOW thats early but probably for the best, considering the mid day heat. I'm buzzing and really excited. Its basically one tick off the bucket list.
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