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  1. I’m way better looking than that 🤒
  2. Suzie my name and i'm not very original with avatar names. The fox is because im hot as fook is because of my fave ever team in the EPL.
  3. I watch it on Twitch, especially for the games i play. Certainly not just a young persons thing
  4. Not seen anything of note to make me scream GERRIMIN yet. However too soon to judge especially after his 1st starts for the club were after a worldwide pandemic.
  5. For tonights games my prediction is.. Man City 3 0 NUFC SU 1 1 Wolves West Ham 2 1 Burnley Brighton 0 2 Liverpool. Anyone else care to have a guess?
  6. I think it was local to Leicester, it wasn't really a fast food restaurant per se, more of a posh cafe. If i recall correctly (i was only a kid at the time) there was at least 3 in the city. Charles Street, Church Gate and in the Haymarket. But i could be way off as it was so many years ago.
  7. Has been spot on since the restart and saved us a few points. Truley a Great Dane <3
  8. Swiss cottage used to do the best Cherry pie slices with cream. My Nana (who liked to think she was posh) used to take me and my Mum on Saturday's for a treat.
  9. God i love Kasper, he really has been a rock since the restart.
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