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  1. Want to share where it is cause i'm sodding blind and dont see it anywhere
  2. Really sorry to hear that my friend, breakups are horrible especially after a long period of time being together and when there are kids involved. All i can say is time really is the biggest healer. If you need anyone to chat with drop me a PM, i may talk a lot of shit but i am a great listener.
  3. Its for sure good/bad news but at least you got to the bottom of the issue and can now move forward and get the respective help needed. Sending you a virtual hug for Saturday you old fart and the 1st round will be on me if/when we get back into the stadium in the future. x
  4. It’s amazing. (not bias at all since it’s my nephew who wrote it) 😂
  5. Haha! So to clarify you dont like Wolves then ?:P @The Bearis a good poster imo and i have to say takes a lot of stick from some guys on FT and hardly bites back. Not sure i could be as calm and reserved as he is. But when you don't like a team you tend to hate everything about them.. For me Spurs, Man Utd, Leeds and perhaps Villa fall into that bracket.
  6. I dont dislike Wolves, can't stand West Ham but saying that Wolves have way more potential of being around us than the Hammers so i guess its a good thing.
  7. I could think of something else id rather do with the lads after the final whistle.. Every last one of them (incl Big Dan)
  8. After reading the 1st 30 pages, i hope you are all ashamed of yourselves. We gonna win the ****ing league again!!!
  9. Commentators are way better on Bien channel. Sadly stream went down and had to switch to shitty Sky
  10. I need a drink, this is going to be a long 25 mins.
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