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  1. Fuchs still rocks. It was just unfashionable to agree with this since the title win. Like you say the more people that quote it, the more you buy into it.
  2. Suzie the Fox

    What grinds my gears...

    From this day forward I shall be known as Siouxie !!
  3. Suzie the Fox


    Aww thxs Buce. I had a good day actually, even though didnt do all that much. Glad its over though for another year.
  4. Suzie the Fox


    Pass to me next ...
  5. Suzie the Fox

    Man City 1-1 (1-3 on penalties) post match bickering

    I don't honestly know, it was always how it 'used' to be, but maybe things have changed now. TBH it takes some balls to step up and i dont think i could do it as id be gutted if i missed, i know i'm not a professional footballer but still it must be quite nerve racking and not everyone will want to take the shot.
  6. Suzie the Fox

    Man City 1-1 (1-3 on penalties) post match bickering

    For penalties i always assumed it was those who were willing to step up and take them and not a choice by the manager? Tbf Soyuncu's penalty last time was pretty good so wasnt surprised when he stepped up again tonight. Agree with all those above not liking the staggering before the kick. Me personally i like the player to just take a run up and twat it in the top corner
  7. Happy Birthday, its mine too today.
  8. Suzie the Fox

    Premier League Thread 2018/19 stuff it in here.

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/dec/18/jose-mourinho-exits-old-trafford-manchester-united-sack-manager Club and coach split with United 19 points off first place • Portuguese coach was made manager in May 2016 Guardian sport Tue 18 Dec 2018 09.50 GMT Last modified on Tue 18 Dec 2018 10.01 GMT Manchester United have sacked José Mourinho following Sunday’s defeat at Liverpool, ending a tenure that began in May 2016. A poor start to the Premier League season has seen United slip 19 points behind the leaders, Liverpool, and fall off the pace in the hunt for a top-four place. They have won only once in six league matches, drawing during that sequence with struggling Southampton and Crystal Palace. Even a José Mourinho gripped by defensive dogma was better than this Jonathan Wilson Jonathan Wilson Read more The club issued a statement on Tuesday morning which read: “Manchester United announces that manager Jose Mourinho has left the club with immediate effect. The club would like to thank Jose for his work during his time at Manchester United and to wish him success in the future. A new caretaker manager will be appointed until the end of the current season, while the club conducts a thorough recruitment process for a new, full-time manager. “ Relations between the manager and the executive vice-chairman, Ed Woodward, also seemed strained after the club did not sign a central defender this summer. The club concluded that of the players in that position targeted by Mourinho whom they could potentially land, none was an upgrade on the existing squad. A sense of disunity at United was encapsulated when Mourinho stripped Pogba of the vice-captaincy before a Carabao Cup defeat by Derby County and confronted him at training the following morning. The manager has criticised his players’ “mental approach”, attitude and quality. Mourinho has seemed less than happy since the buildup to the season, when he described preparations as “very bad” because many of his senior players were resting after the World Cup. The manager demanded “respect, respect, respect” for his three Premier League titles following United’s 3-0 home defeat by Tottenham in late August but will not get a chance to add a fourth at Old Trafford. Sign up for The Fiver. In two full seasons at Old Trafford, Mourinho won the Europa League and League Cup (2016-17) before finishing second in the Premier League last season and reaching the FA Cup final. In that period since replacing Louis van Gaal, United’s spending stands at £364.3m on eight buys. Zinedine Zidane, available following his surprise decision to resign his position at Real Madrid following their Champions League success over Liverpool in May, has been linked with the United job.
  9. Suzie the Fox

    What Would You Give Other FTers For Christmas

    Aww how lovely, you charmer you
  10. Suzie the Fox

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    Very eloquently put and what is exactly in my head right now.
  11. Good job from Puel then, im sorry but i have no time for a shitty attitude off a guy getting paid many £££'s per week, than i get in a year. Especially one who has been here 5 mins. Maybe getting taken off will be a slap back to reality and tbh his replacement played better than he did, so perhaps he can learn something from his immaturity? (No offence but all hearsay anyway. Im sceptical over anything thats just lets say 'not official' )
  12. I totally agree and its a bit 'odd' that some think this. We are a decent average squad and tbh will continue being that unless a shit load of money is pumped into the team. (Getting the best manager in the world isnt suddenly going to make us top 6 with the players we have.) Look at what Man City have paid over the last few years to be where they are today. And before anyone mentions 2015/16.. if you are reasonable you KNOW that was a fluke and will never happen again in your life time, not without spending mucho ££.
  13. Suzie the Fox

    Songs that mention.......a family member

    LOVE this song.. And im super close to my brother so it really means loads @Domsdad Just for you Bro. xxx
  14. Suzie the Fox

    Songs that mention..... the weather

    Embarrased to mention this one Like this one though Sad one
  15. Its my birthday and im going out and tbh and i feel really sad to say this... Im glad i won't be watching the game... ye ye plastic .. However I shall look forward to reading the 'positive' match thread and subsequent Puel in/out poll when i get home. 2-1 loss