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  1. My Nephew and @Domsdadson.. He really does enjoy analysing the games and has a real knack for it.
  2. I'd like PSG to win it this year. Is that weird since there are 3 English clubs still in it?
  3. They could of least invited some West Ham players to the party. On a serious note, i was buzzing when i woke this morning, so looking forward to the game. Strong squad - strong bench., couldnt see anything other than a win. Really disappointed if this whole saga proves to be true, they have let themselves down, the fans who support them week in and out and the other players. Its put a whole downer coming upto the game...
  4. Not the best of results for us today On the plus side i did get 1st in the National.
  5. They have scored too early, i'm sure you will pull this back
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