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  1. A weak side as in them putting their team B out so their team A can focus on getting promoted. Duuuur
  2. A weak side that hopefully has their sights set on promotion and will put out their team B. Not that i dont think we can't beat anybody on our day but it would be nice to rest key players and maybe see the odd U23 in the team.
  3. Not the most scintillating of games, but we did enough to get the win and thru to the next round. That will do for me.
  4. Not bad so far, pretty typical early FA cup round really. Great set up for the goal, which was taken really well and deserved.
  5. Don't forget this is on BBC1 so no need to mention the 'S' word today as you will be able to watch on TV or Iplayer Programme starts at 12.15 (KO 12.45)
  6. Damn it !!! Just watched 1st episode as well.. Gutted now as it was really good
  7. Stoked for this, will binge watch over the weekend.
  8. FML wish i was listening to an Arabic stream or something so i didnt have to listen to the commentators bumming up Liverpool after that goal
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