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  1. I've always had Logitech headsets, they tend to sit really nice even when using for hours. Currently got the wireless version of the Artemis Spectrum G933 which sells for about £116 - Battery life isnt amazing but you can switch the blingy lights off and it will last around 10 hours. The mic is awesome and sound quality top notch. Can be used with PC or gaming consoles so quite adaptable. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing-accessories/computer-accessories/headsets-and-microphones/logitech-artemis-spectrum-g933-wireless-7-1-gaming-headset-10140783-pdt.html I've had many over the years, not without issues but Logitech give you a 2y warranty and when i had problems with my last one, i called them and a new replacement was sent the following week.
  2. I still play both, but bored of BFA now though and only log in a couple of evenings a week to raid mythic. Have started to play classic again though and really enjoying the nostalgia especially starting as Alliance as my original character back in the day was Horde.
  3. He has had a great half, in fact i can't recall him having a bad game for Denmark.
  4. Well that was rather drab, wish i cashed out on the win after we scored the penalty.
  5. I get that, and me too.But based on his performances for Newcastle and how he is known to be a slow starter (i know that feeling) i am totally convinced its the start of things to come. (fingers crossed)
  6. I thought he changed the game to an extent when he came on today, really good performance and an assist. More to come im sure.
  7. Praet & Caglar for me were the best. Hard to chose between the 2 of them. Kasper had a gone game and made some very good saves. Chilwell needs to work on his crossing and as amazing as Evans usually is for us, this was not a great game for him. Smashing goal from Madderz and was sad when he went off Edit Hamza, hehhe for his tackle on Salah
  8. It started a bit before i think.. i found a link on twitter which showed Kasper shoving some guy 1st, then Evans having a go and Soyuncu shoving him like a beast (Posted in the post match thread)
  9. Hahah yup.. reminds me of Walshie back in the day .... Love him
  10. No i dont think he would, but if asked directly im sure he would back the player? Ive not seen the full Klopp thing so it was perhaps bad of me to comment exactly on that incident, but i would like to think BR would always back our player regardless.
  11. Just seen this on Twitter... Tilt head to see;- But apparently Kasper got into it 1st (Then Evans, and then a big shove from Soyuncu) before Perez?
  12. I think i have probably watched them all and still dont get the reference ... Edit... Got it!
  13. What a cutie your son is, i love his passion and very enjoyable weekly VLOG's. @UpTheLeagueFoxwatch out, your job is on the line
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