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  1. god knows, we offered more than a tribunal would have awarded them
  2. £2m apparently, they wanted more whilst refusing to let him play unless he signed a new deal
  3. doubt Hirst will go back he didn't do that well there before
  4. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/andy-robertson-names-three-best-22541746 Andy Robertson has named Bayern Munich's Alphonso Davies, Ben Chilwell of Leicester City and Barcelona's Jordi Alba as the three best left-backs currently active in world football. The 26-year-old Scotland international had another superb season playing in the position for Liverpool, scoring twice and creating 12 assists in the Premier League to help his side to the title. He has clearly been keeping an eye on who else has been flourishing from the full-back position, and when asked by BT Sport to name his favourites he had three in mind. "I think Alphonso Davies is already world class but he can only get better," Robertson said. "Ben Chilwell I love watching in the Premier League, then I would say Jordi Alba, the more experienced one of the three I would say. You know, maybe coming the end of his career but what a career he’s had. “You know, he really -him and Marcelo - probably took left-backs to a whole new level.” Nineteen-year-old Davies particularly impressed in Bayern's 8-2 thrashing of Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-final last week, and he created a phenomenal assist by running 80 yards and beating Nelson Semedo before setting up Joshua Kimmich for his side's fifth goal. Robertson was impressed by what he saw, but warned Reds supporters to not demand him to do something similar next season. “Yeah, don’t be expecting me to do that any time in a hurry!" he added. "That was just incredible, he probably took five or six of them out of the game with one passage of play. "So, phenomenal player, someone I enjoy watching and I think the whole world’s enjoying watching him at the minute - and I’m no different.” Davies will next be in action on Wednesday as Bayern take on Lyon in the last four to decide who will take on the winners of RB Leipzig v PSG in Sunday's final.
  5. Jimmy

    Ben White

    given they are meant to be selling Dunk to Chelsea would they really sell White too?
  6. they are overdue another Princess Diana retrospective as well
  7. the player want Chilwell to replace who it notably a woeful defender? Great ****ing idea!
  8. I agree, Fuchs hasn't been better than Ben for sometime, he shouldn't be at the club anymore sentiment is keeping him here
  9. not to mention Thomas was playing Wingback not full back, people think its the same but its not, you are far more exposed defensively at full back, especially the way we play
  10. there are far too many Fuchs fanboys that have constantly dug out Chilwell, having a go at him for things other players don't get picked up on
  11. OK thanks, then this makes all the sense in the world from our perspective, Iversen's next step was Championship, the same could be said for Josh Knight and Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall at least
  12. is the Belgian pro league of an equivalent or higher standard than the Championship?
  13. Chilwell or Tielemans could be the other badge both 23
  14. given some of the comments about needing to sell Chilwell to buy so do a lot of our own fans
  15. He’s played 1 game at left back, against an awful Villa side
  16. that Mirror story make a point of going to Chelsea to nail down the England left back spot, like he hasn't already ffs
  17. this is so obviously BS its laughable, if its a contract play from Kasper and his agent call their bluff, tell them to get United to send us Henderson in return and he can leave, I bet the rumour suddenly disappears
  18. the penalty wasn't his fault it was down to Evans making the wrong choice, he had 2 options, Hamza with 2 or 3 players around him or Luke Thomas who was completely free and Evans made the wrong pass
  19. he might not be 19 anymore but he is still only 24 a good few years short of what should be his peak years
  20. Get someone like Kevin Phillips back in to work with Barnes on his finishing
  21. it would be quite typical for an already relegated side to suddenly play pressure free and win a game like this
  22. the trio of him, Vardy and Nacho have looked really good, if you cannot see this its because you aren't willing to see whats in front of you
  23. some of our fans refuse to admit how much we have missed him the last couple of games, I really don't get it
  24. its a fault some of us have talked about for years and in my case been mocked for on here
  25. we ain't getting top 4 now Kasper cost us the first and second goals tonight
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