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  1. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    he's signed for them hopefully he wasn't the extent of our targets for a creative player
  2. Drinkwater

    Why would we drop Wilf when he's been our best midfielder since he signed
  3. When Bobby huth is fit

    But if he thinks Hamer is better than Jakupovic do you trust his judgement?
  4. When Bobby huth is fit

    This is why we needed a second cb then we could have let Wes go to find first team football, when fit Huth must play with Maguire
  5. Gray - considering future

    he got around 15 mins against Bournemouth in a game where everyone just wanted the season to be over, that wasn't giving him a chance, giving him a change is starting him for 5-10 games in a row and not subbing him until at least 70 mins have been played. if people are expecting him to skin half the other team, score a screamer and set up another 7 goals in 10 mins then he is never going to take one of these so called chances
  6. Drinkwater

    if Drinkwater was at Stoke and we were offering £37m this would be full of the same people loving him now talking about how he's average and not worth the money
  7. Fuchs vs Chilwell - Poll

    People always slate Chilwell defensively but Fuchs makes all the same mistakes but people ignore it, also lost count of the times he brought someone down when already booked when he didn't have to make a tackle. Also people are overlooking just how poor he was last season, he should have been dropped then. I think their defensive ability is closer than people want to admit and there comes a time where you have to CHOOSE to play the young player, I'd do that now, while Fuchs is around to cover and mentor him, when he's not in America working on his fashion range that is
  8. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    never expected him to score though, when Sigurdsson takes a free kick I expect him to score
  9. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    it'd be worth it to have a reliable free kick taker for the first time in donkey's years
  10. why have we sold no-one?

    Brighton would probably buy him if we were looking at loaning him
  11. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    he'd replace Drinkwater and be an upgrade over him, with Chelsea then giving us a chunk of the fee back for the man he just replaced
  12. Gray - considering future

    Lloyd Dyer was deemed not good enough for this level by Watford 3 years ago to suggest he is better than Demarai Gray is just plain idiotic
  13. Drinkwater

    where do the club see Barnes position wise? played on left of a front 3 at MK people like Stringer talk of him solely as a CM
  14. Drinkwater

    the biggest problem with Drinkwater last season was from the moment he played that back pass to Matt Phillips his head seemed to have completely gone for all his talent if something like that can derail a season so quickly that is a major problem, also when did Drinkwater pick up the injury? if it was pre January he should have been taken out of the side and a replacement signed as carrying him was like playing with 9 men as we know we have to carry Mahrez defensively already
  15. have we still got that Spanish striker, whenever I saw a match report last season he never seemed to be playing for the U23s