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  1. Albrighton completely abandoned Soyuncu defensively once Evans went down the back 3 should have been ditched, but if he still goes with it Thomas needed to play
  2. isn't part of the problem that Jon Rudkin is still the head of the academy, the DoF is still guarding his old turf instead of it being run by someone dedicated to it, rightly Rudkin has to priorities first team issues so he needs to step down from the additional role and be replaced with someone whose sole focus is the academy
  3. I mean Maddison did **** all in the match apart from take pot shots that never really looked like scoring but please focus your ire for our poor attacking performance on the left wing back. Castagne btw offered even less than Thomas on the other flank but please just look at Thomas
  4. who the hell is the U18s manager and why haven't they been sacked yet?
  5. well that sucks, nails down 3412 as the formation too for the rest of the season
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9516323/City-fans-call-club-activate-50m-buy-clause-Iheanachos-contract-expired.html Kelechi Iheanacho's contract after Leicester star scored AGAIN to take his tally to 14 goals in 14 games... but it's bad news for Pep Guardiola and Co because the option expired last year! Kelechi Iheanacho is in sparkling form and has scored 14 goals in 14 matches He netted against Palace on Monday and City fans called for club to re-sign him But while fans want him back in Manchester, they may struggle to get him Sportsm
  7. He’s too good for the championship
  8. we really don't need another Albrighton, that kind if winger doesn't suit modern football, that's why the one we have doesn't start, Marc is a good player but doesn't contribute enough goals and assists over a full season because the way wingers are used has changed nothing to do with wanting him to stay another season I'm sure. Matheus Pereira from WBA looks good and could be available fairly cheap once they go down
  9. not necessarily there would be a loan fee and a reduction in the wages they would be paying
  10. Barnes when in our youth side wasn't a Barnes, he was a pretty average 10, didn't start playing on the wing until he went on loan
  11. I think the batteries are dead in yours Geoff
  12. well you seem to be assuming he isn't good enough so won't play which is kind of a knock. He should be starting the rest of our games at LWB/LB this season and would start the summer in pole position to start next year. once Ricardo is back to his best we have a decision to make but he is still some way from that
  13. not if the standard isn't high enough to challenge him, he is already better than the championship
  14. 8 in the league, 2 in FA Cup, 1 League Cup and 7 in Europa League
  15. we all thought Mendy was done here, Iheanacho was done here ...
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