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  1. Jimmy

    Danny Simpson

    what was he doing?
  2. these games are meaningless it's not 30 years ago where reserve teams mattered they are glorified friendlies for players to develop they need to be playing competitive first team football, our U23 side is considerable older than most teams it players and its because we don't loan them out
  3. we really need to get the likes of Muskwe, Eppiah etc. out on loan next season stop keeping players here to chase a meaningless title in the PL2 league, put player development first and foremost
  4. Jimmy

    David Wagner

    our attack was, but midfield was the problem
  5. Jimmy

    David Wagner

    he wouldn't play that way with out players, just like Dyche wouldn't have us playing like Burnley do
  6. Jimmy

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Foster is staying at WBA and if he does leave it'll be to a club where he's number 1 and we need to replace Kasper IMO and no Jakupovic in your list of outs
  7. Jimmy

    Season Ticket Renewal 2018 / 19

    reply saying they hope to announce details by end of the week
  8. She was told she had terminal cancer a year ago and has now been told she is in remission https://www.leicestertigers.com/news/tom-and-tiff-say-thank-you-for-ongoing-support
  9. Jimmy

    New Home Shirt

    they haven't even announced ST details yet so god knows
  10. people aren't saying bringing people back is always a bad idea they are saying bringing Nigel Pearson back is a bad idea, there is a difference
  11. some people need to go to rehab to get over their Nigel Pearson addiction
  12. Jimmy

    Fousseni Diabaté

    at that time yes it did, but people are still saying it fairly recently, its not the default right answer it needs to be judged on a case by case basis
  13. Jimmy

    Jack Wilshere

    on a free transfer for reasonable wages its certainly worth a gamble
  14. Jimmy


    it looks like he has finally gotten his match fitness and everything is that much sharper and crisper
  15. Jimmy

    Callum Elder

    get a decent fee with a sell on and let him go