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  1. its a fault some of us have talked about for years and in my case been mocked for on here
  2. we ain't getting top 4 now Kasper cost us the first and second goals tonight
  3. commentator said maybe next game
  4. he does that type of kick right down the middle several times per game
  5. if he was training but wasn't even playing U23 games
  6. I can't see Claudio not registering him if we had room and he thought he could play, IIRC most thought he had no chance of returning, which it turned out he didn't
  7. his place on the bench is pointless, he is the 4th CM on there and the 3rd DM, he's just not needed
  8. has Luke Thomas signed a contract recently? he could be the next to reject it and leave, if I couldn't get on the bench over Matty James when there is zero full back cover I'd be calling my agent
  9. https://www.tnp.sg/sports/football/give-leicester-city-more-respect-neil-humphreys
  10. he's not a winger, and I think that stifles his game when played there as he thinks he has to stay wide, needs to be given freedom to pop up all over the place when we have the ball, same with Perez, we only have 2 proper wingers Albrighton and Gray
  11. ask Klopp and Pep why they spent shit loads on top keepers then, it is vital if you want to play a possession game, we have other priorities but that doesn't mean its not an issue
  12. its more the 4 or 5 times a game he makes a shit kick right down the middle of the pitch to their midfielders that puts us back under pressure straight away people have a problem with. You can mock all you like over it but its a much bigger part of a keepers game and every bit as vital as shot stopping if you are playing a possession game, Kasper NEEDS to improve this massively or yes the club will need to replace him, its not the biggest priority we have but its still something that needs addressing either by Kasper improving or signing a replacement. No player is irreplaceable and no player should be immune if it improves the team
  13. yesterday must have shown people exactly what we missed from Chilwell we had next to nothing down our left flank the whole game
  14. we had far less of a threat once Albrighton replaced Perez
  15. the more I see of him the more I'd like to see us get Alain Saint-Maximan
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