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  1. or he signs a deal here on the understanding he replaces Dewsbury-Hall on loan at somewhere like Luton getting to play proper football at a good standard the same way KDH and Barnes have in order to get him ready for our first team
  2. Hope this means he’s signed or is going to sign a new contract
  3. **** me I know she's not great but Alex Scott was speaking about us with fear in her voice
  4. it allowed commentators to talk in a solemn pious tone about how powerful a message it was, its a PR thing now for the PL, they have backed themselves into a corner if they stop doing it
  5. until its confirmed its just an assumption
  6. assuming Wes retires and given he can cover CM too why not keep him around as cover?
  7. think he won the ball back for Barnes goal didn't he?
  8. hobbled off with a knee injury we may not see him for a while
  9. VDC didn't come through our academy he is in his second year at the club
  10. its not the academy that seems to be the problem its something that happens between U18s and the first team ...
  11. yeah he's 6 months short next season he will be eligible assuming we are in a UEFA competition
  12. he's a converted winger isn't he? Was he any good there? As we are short in that area
  13. Lucy Ward was good, Karen Carney is another who's good at co-comms also don't seem to have the same biases as the usual rotating cast
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