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  1. I have I vividly remember walking back to cat the bus home after a loss as a child and hearing Tigers fans in the pubs laughing about us losing. There is a snobbery about a lot of Rugby fans who think they are better than football fans
  2. come on King Power, buy the Tigers
  3. He’s lived in Leicester since he was a toddler
  4. nah get him out on loan playing senior football, unless we lose 2 senior CB's there isn't room for him anyway
  5. no idea with Barnes he was playing alright, Gray was pretty good put a few good crosses in that weren't taken and a fine goal. Madders wasn't great but wasn't horrible either, played better when Foden came on linking up with him more. The best LCFC player on the pitch was Pascanu
  6. we did, for Romania how are we in the situation where the countries best young players are being managed by Aidy Boothroyd?
  7. I count 7 players at the U21s have I missed any? England - Barnes, Choudhury, Gray, Maddison Croatia - Benkovic Romania - Pascanu Denmark - Iversen
  8. which is still pretty young in Footballing terms
  9. hopefully this makes something click in his head
  10. not when Rudkin is the one that would have been charged with doing that
  11. successful youth coaches are often poached by the bigger clubs, given how long these 2 have been here, way back to when we barely had a pot to piss in, if they were really top coaches someone would have poached them away from us a long time ago
  12. if they are highly rated they would have been poached years ago no one wants them but they are protected here
  13. he's better than Rose, Rose doesn't start for Spurs half the time
  14. he was a quality servant for us and I personally like that he will often talk bollocks in the media, at least he says what he thinks rather than talking in clichés like people like Jenas do
  15. you realise Chilwell and Barnes basically bypassed the U23s, Barnes played for the second half of the previous season and Hamza looked nothing like the player he does in the first team for the U23s
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