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  1. I kept saying his attitude stank after the title win but people wouldn't have it
  2. Norwich are desperately short at CB so that would be a good spot to send him on loan
  3. given our back up striker is Iheanacho and most would agree we need to replace him why not try Hirst, Eppiah or Muskwe and see if one of them makes the step up
  4. terrible pass which resulted in Vardy scoring easily, we should get the rest of the team to start making terrible passes then
  5. amazing what some actual coaching will do, Brendan has clearly told him what he wants from him and helped him improve to achieve that, eventually the starts will come again
  6. our U23 keeper was released by them too and he looks quite good
  7. not to mention Justin and Amartey
  8. You still have to reward good sub apps and it’s not every time he starts either
  9. He said in an interview he’s been told to go inside more when attacking so blame the manager, Southgate wants England to copy Liverpool so he has to go wide
  10. Few more sub appearances like that and Demarai will earn a start IMO
  11. it's the only thing they can use to try and belittle us
  12. Jimmy


    goals come down our right flank and Leicester fans slate the left back ...
  13. Rob Tanner since moving to The Athletic has been awesome
  14. plus he was talking us up pre United game
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