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  1. Belichick is also said to be a completely different person to his media persona with the players in private
  2. Benitez is known to be a politician of a manager, everywhere he goes there is trouble behind the scenes. He’s quality manager but those complaining about Puel’s style wouldn’t be happy under Rafa. I also doubt England’s starting left back would have gotten the run he needed under Rafa, nor am I confident that Maddison would fluish under him. I’m not against replacing Puel, provided the new man is a better option, with what the owners seem to want Rafa wouldn’t be it
  3. he became first team coach at Derby, he was offered a promotion and took it
  4. Yeah they do but reputable journos don’t run with it unless they can quote, I’m sure you know that too
  5. I doubt John Percy would put his name to that article, he at least would have much more detail and some quotes. over recent years John Percy has been as close to the owners talking as the press get
  6. Especially when it was a couple of paragraphs with zero quotes
  7. They also basically own a certain radio station ...
  8. There isn’t any, trying to win the U23s is why Barnes was recalled too. We need an academy director Rudkin still has that role and it should be split from DoF duties to a specialist role how it was before
  9. Jimmy

    Square pegs, round holes and unbalanced

    Or perhaps it’s as simple as people were moaning Vardy was isolated so Puel found a way to get another striker in the system it worked vs Huddersfield so he stuck with it at Newcastle and we won 2-0 so he kept the same team and we came unstuck vs Everton.
  10. Jimmy

    Nathaniel Clyne - Reported January target

    He missed most of last season injured and Alexander-Arnold came in and excelled
  11. Jimmy

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    Really? He’s constant being talked up as being sacked and we have a squad infamous for the power wielded by the players Wes is the long time captain and very popular I could see why he’d have doubts over doing it
  12. Jimmy

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    They wanted him when they got promoted
  13. These owners don’t tend to go for a manager that’s in a job
  14. Jimmy

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    The captaincy appears to be an issue, Claude doesn’t seem to want to drop the captain, if it’s that much of an issue then we need a new captain