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  1. Chilwell is amazing

    there were rumours the players fell out with Claudio yet the man himself seemed to point the finger at coaches and upper management, Matic fell out with Jose, still joined Man Utd
  2. Scoring... or lack thereof

    tell you what swap our squad for Atleti's and fine but with our squad we cannot do it and be a decent progressive attacking side. Man Utd did it at a time when almost everyone played 442 It worked once in no small part due to N'Golo Kante having the stamina of 40 marathon runners and people don't want to move on from it. Personally I'm sick of seeing defend for our lives and twat it for Vardy to chase football, being played off the park by Huddersfield, Bournemouth etc. that's what happens when this squad plays 442
  3. Scoring... or lack thereof

    you can't play 442 long term so it would need to be 352, when Riyad goes in the summer maybe that's what we are planning on doing
  4. Chilwell is amazing

    from Southampton? why wouldn't he?
  5. Scoring... or lack thereof

    having some form of attacking plan that consisted of more than "give it to Riyad" would help
  6. Puel

    I was looking at the BBC results page but fair enough
  7. Puel

    the manager does have a say, Pearson and Ranieri certainly did, Puel also got the club to look into Diabate, he won't have total control and nor should he, clubs need a long term strategy
  8. Chilwell is amazing

    hasn't played for basically 3 seasons, if we are going to go out and buy a LB then it needs to be someone who is clearly better than Chilwell, like Ryan Bertrand
  9. Puel

    admit what? that Diabate was superb vs Peterborough? he was, but that was Peterborough he us yet to do anything of note in the premier league. team vs Everton Schmeichel, Simpson, Morgan, Maguire, Fuchs, Gray, NDidi, Iborra, Chilwell (Alkbrighton 83), Mahrez (Okazaki 75), Vardy (Iheanacho 90) Gray was man of the match, our next league game was away at Swansea, he was dropped, Albrighton played right wing with Chilwell left wing still, that's hardly giving him a chance or even rewarding a good performance
  10. Puel

    I've never said he was a 10
  11. Puel

    when Gray does it them do as well, but people moaned Gray was trying to do too much on his own yet when he stopped doing that he got slated for "doing nothing"
  12. Puel

    go back and look at the team Vs Everton and Puel's first few games Chilwell was playing left wing in front of Fuchs, he didn't move to left back for a few games Diabate has done nothing since his debut against a league 1 side to put him ahead of Gray other than just not being Demarai Gray
  13. Puel

    he was playing wing back that game we moved Fuchs to a 3rd cb, giving penalties away is a hazard of being a defender, if Antonio Valencia can turn himself into a rb then Marc Albrighton can, and I'm not saying it's a defensive decision its an attacking one, Puel wants an attacking full back, so our choice is a defender who is useless in attack or a winger that's limited in defence, thake the gamble and go out to win games, we have nothing to lose so can be aggressive in team selection Albrighton was dropped for Chilwell we were playing Mahrez at 10 Gray right wing Chilwell left, the interchanging of Gray and Mahrez was very promising but Mahrez hates playing at 10 so it was dropped
  14. Puel

    getting a chance doesn't mean starting a game out of the blue, it means a consistent run of game in the same position, he hasn't come on in the same position twice in the last few appearences he's had
  15. Puel

    he's the best left winger we have because in part he's the only one we ever give more than 2 games in a row too and his form on the left wing has been crap, he has been most effective when switched to RIGHT BACK when we are chasing a game and he can attack down his natural side, all he does on the left is get to the 18 yard box and float in a tame cross, on the right they look dangerous.