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  1. Appleton- Temporary Boss

    I bet he is when he looks at his bank balance
  2. Appleton- Temporary Boss

    help his CV for after
  3. Appleton- Temporary Boss

    think I might have preferred Beaglehole to be caretaker with a total clear out
  4. Shakey Sacked

    Dorsett talking up Pearson
  5. Vardy - I want to win more trophies

    half the current Eng U20's are Chelsea players, Germany are said to be envious of the current crop, I meant some of them
  6. Shakey Sacked

    no breaking news strap on SSN yet so they don't have this
  7. Shakey Sacked

    we could do so SO much worse, think Sam would have enough pull to get Rudkin sacked too
  8. Vardy - I want to win more trophies

    oh yeah there is no reason we need Vardy to leave to change style. If Chelsea do want Vardy make them give us some of their top prospects as part of the deal
  9. Shakey Sacked

    Craig deserves respect for his years of service as a coach but as a manager it is good riddance he was never qualified for the post
  10. Vardy - I want to win more trophies

    Vardy leaving would finally force a change in style, as sad as it would be it might actually benefit us long term
  11. I'm a certain as I can be without someone actually confirming this that the reason we didn't get a different manager is because the owners were insistent that Shakespeare be retained as assistant, but that would be a recipe for disaster as the players pet bid barrier would be there waiting in the back ground. Shakespeare, Rudkin and Stowell (Kasper needs a proper coach) all need to be shown the door with a completely new football hierarchy brought in
  12. Who plays up front with Vardy?

    Shinji doesn't play upfront with Vardy, simply put Vardy doesn't seem capable of playing WITH a striker, at least in this system, it has never worked, only time it did was with Ulloa in the 3412 system during the great escape
  13. Not good enough waits until losing to change its the same every game get rid before we’re in real trouble
  14. Kasper

    He’s never been any good at free kicks, he was moaning he couldn’t see well he set the fecking wall up
  15. Andy King

    while we insist on a 442 they are