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  1. His basic level of ability would still be known, he had a serious injury but wasn’t injured that often before
  2. what's the feeling on Muskwe, anywhere close to breaking through to the first team? I know he had an injury but he's name has been about longer than someone like Barnes for example
  3. Jimmy

    Jonny Evans

    Evans is the only defensive leader we have, none of the others take charge and organise people
  4. Jimmy

    Gray ??

    don't bother the sainted Marc Albrighton can do no wrong
  5. Jimmy

    Leonardo Jardim

    Jardim is the only manager I would sack Puel for in season
  6. Jimmy

    Gray ??

    involved in the build up to the goal last week scoring this week, maybe it's time people got off his back and just let him play
  7. 4th most point from losing positions in the league
  8. all the big money flops were signed pre Puel, Puel's big money deals were Maddison and Ricardo
  9. why was he no passing to Barnes? maybe because it was basically their first game together on the left flank, and an understanding will take time to build, and before Ghezzal came on they looked to be starting to link up more
  10. Jimmy

    Che Adams

    yes, his mum lives down the road from me, I used to play in the same Sunday league team as his older brother
  11. can whoever does the corner routines for the U23s be promoted to the first team please.
  12. Jimmy

    Newport away

    Ward Ricardo Soyuncu Maguire Fuchs Wilf Hamza Maddison Gray Vardy Albrighton
  13. Jimmy

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    you also said "which seems to be the case"
  14. Jimmy

    Goal Song

    It’s there to control celebrations, when the music stops sit back down, hadn’t realised it had stopped, haven’t missed it and hope they don’t bring any back
  15. Jimmy

    Gray ??

    someone mentioned his skied shot, he was clearly looking for Albrighton to run on wide and only took on that shot when Albrighton didn't make a run, personally, in the circumstances I was happy the shot ballooned into the crowd, far better than a tame effort straight to Ederson which he pings upfield to start a counter