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  1. Jimmy

    Caglar Soyuncu

    if we are loaning him out next season loan him out here
  2. Danny Ward and George Thomas start for Wales
  3. young, rich and dresses in a certain way and people have decided the's a knob because of that, if people had 1st hand stories we'd be hearing them
  4. who knows Maybe Top will eventually bring in his own man as DoF/Technical director, a really highly rated guy to run things when the state of the art training facility is open
  5. his delivery is the best we've had in years I'd say its time someone else organised our set pieces seeing as how crap we are both attacking them and defending them
  6. Chilwell isn't better than what Fuchs was in the title winning season no, but he is better than Fuchs is now, Fuchs last start he showed exactly why Chilwell has overtaken him
  7. Chilwell is better than Fuchs is now though and that's what some people won't admit and that's why they have to keep tearing down Chilwell
  8. starting left back for England, wanted by Pep at Man City but is only a lower mid table player? seriously? I wonder if he would be more popular if he had his own pun based clothing line and posted funny videos on social media?
  9. can only be for 3 years I think but other than that it works the same as any player
  10. he takes that long over a throw as he's probably wondering when one of his teammates will actually make a run to receive it
  11. If we are going with a 4 he’s not needed and if we are going with a 3 then he’s not good enough on the ball to play the central role and not mobile enough to play either side
  12. has anyone that has been critical of Kasper said he's the worst we've ever had? people like @ThaiFox saying this crap is why discussions on here are so tedious, people make valid criticisms of errors Kasper makes constantly and then you react like we are ignoring everything he's done instead of just judging his current performances as with any other player, and yes Kasper, Wes, Albrighton and Vardy are no different to the rest of the squad if they don't perform they get criticism and if it keeps happening people will talk about them being dropped
  13. its not one mistake its the latest mistake and he shows no signs of correcting his flaws either
  14. Kasper is very close to the owners upsetting him when your job isn't secure isn't going to save it
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