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  1. I think I've found the song... need help with lyrics but easy sing along tune for the whole ground chorus at 49 seconds...... youri youri youri listen to the fans bring us on to glory aint it something grand be as good as you can youri tillemans la la la la la etc etc
  2. Away days this year in the pink kit... enjoy yourself its greater than you think enjoy youri while you are wearing pink the years go by as quickly as you wink enjoy youri enjoy youri its greater than you think
  3. Whichever fixture it is I think we need to wear the scarves
  4. For the puel outers " pulls out this summer" etc etc
  5. For the Puel inners " puels got a friend in me " etc etc
  6. Madders, madders they call him madders madders, madders they call him madders its plain to see he plays for the city madders madders they call him madders
  7. While we're having a dig at our players.... Slimani was a dead rubber couldnt out jump nobody he just seemed to play that way a f***ing waste of money
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