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  1. New chants and songs

    Only our fans could come up with a chant for a Spaniard using an Italian song although I do like the saffron lane bit also three years in the making ...a song for Danny Simpson using the theme tune from the cartoon the flintstones , not the theme tune from a cartoon called the simpsons 😟
  2. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    West stand Lino was awful, I thought at the time Harry's shot was deflected on to the post by a hand?? anyone got footage of that or do I have to wait till MOTD on the whole I think we got what we deserved from the game and must admit I applauded KDB when he got subbed it was like watching Brazil
  3. West Brom (H) Next Up

    I've been calling for a line up like this but would swap dragovic for Fuchs and slimani for Ian nacho
  4. No more discount with season tickets

    I got 10% off in club shop with my season ticket on Sunday
  5. New chants and songs

    Vincente came from sunny Spain y viva iborra to play for Leicester in the rain y viva Iborra
  6. New chants and songs

    Prob missed the boat by a year, came up on my iPod tonight, did you ever see Wes Morgan coming outta Leicester city, with a cup in his hands did you ever see Wes Morgan coming outta Leicester city, with a cup in his hands i did dont ya know, I did don't ya know, I did don't ya know and don't it show
  7. What's you favourite away day?

    Few from the past Fulham and charlton( at Upton Park ) purely for the unplanned mass invasion of over 10,000 Leicester fans to London sheffield Wednesday in the cup 7-0 down and we scored last minute " you're not singing anymore" ....brilliant
  8. Goals you'll never forget.

    Exactly the opposite for me.... I sit in the Kop in a straight line diagonally from where it dropped over his shoulder, I saw him look up and I shouted " rifle it son !!!!" just as his boot connected and it flew into the net...... never got the credit I deserved for that assist
  9. Champions League Montage

    Oops, must admit I only watched about 5 seconds of the video and saw the fox and thought it was the one they showed that night but with a different song.... i have now watched it all the way through and obviously it's totally different, even the fox clips are different!! I did see one on Facebook someone had recorded themselves but it wasn't very good quality and I can't find it now would be nice to see the original from that night again,
  10. Champions League Montage

    That's the clip but you're right different music.... it was something classical or movie soundtrack on the night it loses its impact with this music
  11. Attendance vs Watford

    i wonder if all the early leavers end up in their own traffic congestion, we always stay to the end to clap the team off, and did so on Saturday, but due to them having gone I sailed through the traffic and got to the high cross to pick the Mrs up a good 10 minutes earlier than usual, of course she wasn't there so had to wait 10 minutes so I was no better off
  12. May 2nd 2016

    I went up to vardys house before the match to see the players arriving, then went home to watch the match at home with a few beers, wish I'd stayed up there for the impromptu street party but made up for it at the Everton game
  13. New chants and songs

    Or this athletico fans can do the hard bit we can do the chorus although I'm sure even we could f**k that up
  14. New chants and songs

    can we all learn this for Tuesday night
  15. New chants and songs

    last nights free beer and vardys revelation about wanting to quit for Ibiza