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  1. I think this could work in our favour for the season end. Losing narrowly covers over the cracks, but getting embarrassed like this could prove to be the kick up the arse we need. Hopefully we'll see a return to high press and closing down higher up till the end of the end of the season...Otherwise, we'll be talked about as doing a Tottenham. Still not the end of the world since they've established themselves as a top six in most people's eyes.
  2. In the interests of clarity- let’s not bracket anyone with brown skin together as one homogeneous community- it’s pretty clear what the common thread is. As a Hindu it bugs the crap out of me that every time some shit happens they hide behind ‘Asian’ community in the reporting- pls call it for what it is- it’s like saying it’s the Europeans or Africans- what the heck does that mean?
  3. If the rumours that we were waiting to buy the Eon building are true, that would be game changing in my opinion. I’m hoping that part of the delay has been waiting for that as the shape and follow in and out onto the main road would be substantially better. Our owners are amazing and ploughing that sort of of money would make even more sense in the medium to long term as Ap posed to relocating. who knows that may open up the option to buy the retail park opposite and go all out down the line. okay that’s my dream shared, won’t get my hopes up, but thought I’d put it out there
  4. Mate, pls don’t let this be a wind up! Don’t need any more teasers. This would be bloody amazing and makes much more sense than the 10,000 extra originally touted.
  5. Love it! Prefer it to the new home kit
  6. We were incredibly lucky with the lack of injuries in the title winning season, this season has been just the opposite ever since Vardy got injured before Christmas. Still a great season given we’re fighting on reserves against teams who have got their injured players back on the whole after the lockdown
  7. We’re without Maddison, Chilwell, Soyuncu, and Recardo! Take that much quality out of any team and see what happens. Just highlights lack of depth in defence. Lose no more than Chilwell and add a two or three is the best we can hope for. We don’t have the financial clout others do, even Wolves can spend more. COVID-19 will have been a big hit in the Kingpower finances, so let’s just be thankful we’re in the Europa at least
  8. Our owners are successful businessmen who are building a long term strategy for success. I think we will be clearer once the plans for the stadium expansion are made public. The two together will be what we need to see to understand where we are going and how we plan to stand out
  9. @Mickyblueeyesmakes a really important point. Certain parts of Leicester are being tested more and so identifying more cases. Firstly, we need mobile testing units in all areas of the City and secondly, with all the crazy gatherings in London and seaside resorts, I am as certain as can be that if they started extensive testing in many parts of the UK, you'd start seeing more spikes. The death rate is down dramatically and unless people go and get tested at a mobile testing facility, the official stats only show those who ended up in Hospital.
  10. I think you're spot on. I had TV reporters trying to push me into stereotyping but I made it clear that the problem is everywhere and I've seen people everywhere being to too relaxed about social distancing and protective gear. I think you're right, they need to provide those mobile testing labs in every area so we can clamp down on it now across the whole City.
  11. Sorry, I don’t think anyone has published the breakdown between increase in positive case and increase in hospital attendances. mad far as track and trace is concerned, I haven’t heard anyone mention that in any of the community chat, but whatever that effect is, it would surely be similar around the country. what I suspect will happen is that with the mobile units being pulled into Highfields etc, more people will get tested than otherwise and this further distorting the figures for the next couple of weeks at least. The hospital Drs haven’t given us any figures but they have def
  12. These figures are from the Mercury by area. The Figures and locations speak for themselves. Referring to my first response on this topic, it’s pretty obvious what has lead to this increase in the first two weeks of June.
  13. I understand that the hospital numbers have increased from a couple of doctors I know. As someone who is from the BAME community and involved in wider community work, although there has been talk of targeted testing recently within the BAME community, that certainly hasn’t happened yet. mai the rise has not been because of additional focused testing, rather the additional testing facilities have been put in place in the hotspot to make testing accessible more easily and identify and track/ control the spread. hope that helps
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