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  1. Expand the stadium? The poll

    Thanks for sharing and hope it's true. Was a bit gutted after reading the Mercury article suggesting any expansion is on hold. We really need to have a bigger stadium if we are to compete at the top end of the table. Fingers and everything else crossed you're right!
  2. Atletico Madrid 1 Leicester 0

    Mate. Chucking eggs and water bombs and drawing negative attention to the club is hardly going to help the lads. If we can matcha or beat the atmosphere of the Sevilla home leg no matter how the game is going, that will boost the lads to do their thing on the pitch.
  3. Take a bow everyone at the KP tonight !

    Their fans were great and it's such a shame some caveman had to do that on the way out. I didn't know what had happened, but we were walking past when we heard it all flare up. Hopefully didn't last long and it won't leave a bad impression of the rest of us
  4. Take a bow everyone at the KP tonight !

    Awesome atmosphere from start to finish, best I've ever experienced and that is including the Everton Match last year. I was sitting pretty close to you from the footage. I was in row cc seat 142
  5. Just been reading some of the comments on here. Before I carry on, I put it out there that I am of Indian origin and have a lot of involvement with the Indian community in the Belgrave area. There is a lot of support for the Foxes and I'd love it if they put something like this on the roundabout and it would get plenty of visibility as it's only a stone's throw from the City Centre. However, even I agree that there are more suitable locations, maybe the Main Fosse Park Roundabout as a practical high profile location, or perhaps the roundabout at the top of London Road outside Victoria Park; the location of that amazing celebration.
  6. Claudio Thankyou photo message book

    Done! Thanks for arranging this, I think it's important that he hears from a wide spectrum of people.
  7. Sevilla - Score Predictions

    Unfortunately, I agree with you. Just hoping for a miracle turnaround
  8. So, what would you do?

    Spot on
  9. Manchester United (h) match thread

    Yes, BUT Ranieri only identifies the targets. I feel sorry for him that the team responsible for negotiating and bringing in his targets are so crap! He really has kept his dignity through all this. What else do you expect him to say? 'sorry, my players are not good enough and it's not my fault the best they could do was get me one unheard of defender on loan in 31 days!?'
  10. "If they dont believe in me..."

    http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38862185 Huth manning up and urging everyone to pull together. Good move, now let's see them show a. It more hunger and togetherness!
  11. I agree with both of you and we as fans need to back them whilst they get through their learning curve. Rightly or wrongly, negativity or a lack of noise/support gets to the players and it's just counter productive. i think we as fans have to show our quality too. If it's a boring 0-0 for 5 matches I don't care, points are more important than performance for the rest of the season. Get behind them and help build their confidence and energy back up. Telling them that they are lazy c*nts is hardly going to help. Then we take stock in the summer and rebuild from there.
  12. Tom Lawrence

    Lawrence reminds me of Gray and he seems to have grown that confidence you need to take on players and try something special. I say get him back and give him a go off the bench. He seems to have got a bit of body strength to get past challenges whilst he's dribbling, which is something he lacked before he went on loan.
  13. Derby Away Post Match Thread 2 - 2

    No, I was talking about their goalkeeper. Made some great saves
  14. Derby Away Post Match Thread 2 - 2

    Fair point, but I genuinely don't think we were lucky to get a draw as some would say. Just ttying to show that we weren't as bad as all the negative posts would suggest.