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  1. holyfox

    Vardy to Atletico

    Reading the headline I was kind of thinking there maybe some truth in this and if he had to go, I wouldn’t begrudge him. Then, when I got the £16m I realised this was bull****!. Not happening unless the figures is £50m+ for a guaranteed 20 goal a season striker.
  2. Nowhere near good enough to get promoted. Shame really as we could have done with 6 points in the bag🤣 Can see Fulham’s rich owner pumping money into transfers if they win promotion and they play some good football so another team who could cause a few surprises if not taken seriously.
  3. holyfox

    Arsene Wenger

    Now if that were true, I’d be well happy with that combination 👍
  4. holyfox


    Love that
  5. We're in danger of turning into the same sort of fans that we distanced ourselves from during the Title Winning Season. Yes, we have blown a lot of money and a great chance to build momentum after that season. BUT as is clear to see, that style has been found out. Let's face it, pretty much everyone of the top half teams play pressing football, but do it with some exceptional quality which we don't have. Those calling for us to go back to our old style are forgetting all the games that we have seen both Mahrez and Vardy double marked, thus nullifying that approach. We have to accept we are in transition and despite the sh*te we've seen since Jan, I'm going to support whatever the owners decide. It's their money and commitment that has allowed us to achieve what we have. It's bloody easy to criticise but they've made their money by backing their judgement and despite the rollercoaster, I would never have dreamt we would have achieved what we have after the debacle of Paulo and Sven. What I think has been missing is the back them till I die approach of the fans this season. The silence has been deafening, so I say support the team throughout the 90mins and let's give the owners or whichever manager is in charge, the time and space to create something for the long term.
  6. Afraid you are spot on about Asian kids. I grew up in Leicester during the 70’s and 80’s and that first generation of other Indian kids mostly supported Liverpool as they were always In the European Cup and had played the equivalent of ‘sexy’ football in those days. Their kids have just followed suit. You’ll be glad to hear I wasn’t one of them always followed City and the rollercoaster ride. Really thought Jock Wallace could have worked wonders with the right backing
  7. holyfox

    Saints (H)...score prediction thread :

    Tough one as they have to get something out of this game and the way we’ve started recently doesn’t bode well. on the flip side, they will leave space for us to exploit so can see the argument for a high scoring game with two iffy defences. i honestly think a lot will depend on how the fans are. Complacent or just bored, every time I’ve been to the ground or watched a live match this season, I’ve noticed how bloody quiet it is. im out of town so can’t make it, but big plea to all of you who are going. Let’s raise the roof all the way through the match and that will raise the energy levels and confidence of the lads. It’s been seen time and again, foxes never quit starts with the fans. I remember going a goal down to a few teams a couple of seasons ago and the fans got even louder at the restart. lets accept that we are in transition so cut them some slack and push them on. The ones that don’t cut it will hopefully be gone over the summer but let’s do our part as fans. 8th with. Nothing to play for is bloody awesome considering what we’ve had all the decades I’ve been watching them. It will take patience to allow the club to develop is into a cultured footballing team. Our smash and grab style is too predictable so if we can find players who can do both, especially if they are young and develop with us, I think the future is bright. fans onside 3-1 fans get on their back 1-2 ok- I’ll get off my soapbox now
  8. holyfox

    Poor TV pundits with sh#te opinions

    Followed about 20 mins where totally contradicted his comment about Shinji coming on. 🤡!
  9. holyfox

    City away shirt sale

    Thanks for the heads up guys- got myself a Vardy 9 - bargain👍
  10. holyfox

    Stoke post match 1-1

    How the fcuk did Adams stay on the pitch! Straight into Morgan with his studs and he didn’t even get a booking. These pundits are pissing me off too with all the stoke love in. Adams tripped Iheanacho on the edge of their area =play on. He gets clipped by Ndidi outside our box and definite foul. F off ref! yes crap performance but we were stupidly unlucky not to score in those last 15 mins. The subs made all the difference, but stoke are fouling , cheating gits who I really hope go down.
  11. holyfox

    LCFC 1-0 Sheff Utd Post Match

    Mahrez was the stand out performer and I’m really glad he put in a shift. Did anyone else notice how he didn’t go over to celebrate with the rest of the team after Vardy’s goal. Get the feeling Vardy game him a piece of his mind in the behind closed doors meeting with the players. Hope they patch it up as our team spirit is so much a part of our identity and strength.
  12. holyfox

    Thorgen Hazard

    Didn’t I read somewhere that Hazzard Said Puel is the best coach he has played for? Puel was the one how have him his big break in France. Mods, am I right or have been smoking the strong stuff without knowing it!😁
  13. holyfox

    Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    Don’t take it personal mate. You’ve been courteous on here and pretty balanced in my view. The Mahrez debacle just pi**es is all off because if anyone could afford him it with be you guys. It’s clearly knackered the momentum we’d built up and may we’ll end up costing us a place in Europe. Our owners are getting a bad press over this but little or no fallout for Man City, so that just adds insult to injury. For what it’s worth, I’d be more than happy with a point but have a feeling we’ll end up on the wrong side of a high scoring game. Enjoy the title and you’ll never be as bad as those spuds in my eyes
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42953586 Sutton coming out and calling Mahrez to stop being a baby and Ian Wright criticising his advisers. Some balance for a change in the media
  15. holyfox

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    If he does go, I’m getting on every news site and spelling out the hypocrisy!