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  1. Buzzing at the prospect of the Jock Wallace youth revolution- Lineker, Dave Buchanan partnership to rip the league up. Whatever have to Buchanan??
  2. Always liked Deeney, the type of character that would have fit in perfectly in our squad. Honest skilful player who calls it how it is
  3. A positive end to the season even if we don’t finish 7th is what we need. Carry the momentum over to next season like we did after the Greatest Escape; it’s all about momentum
  4. Came across an article about Crystal Palace pressing ahead with their stadium redevelopment so I thought I’d ha e a look and found this. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.croydonadvertiser.co.uk/news/croydon-news/selhurst-park-redevelopment-starting-as-2243888.amp Apparently £75-100million, I wonder what our budget is likely to be? . looks impressive considering the dump it is now and that it’s on the same site as far as I know. cant wait till our plans are revealed!
  5. I think Big Sam has the balls to say that because we have a young talented squad, with a club that has the right infrastructure and backing to support a good manager. I can see the similarities between us now and Cockspurs when Pch took over. The difference being, we have an identity of being Fearless and have won the league recently, so don't carry the same fragility as them! Still think we need to tone down expectations for the rest of the season and let him experiment and implement with new signings added, over the summer.
  6. Gracious of you in what must be a turbulent day for all Celtic fans. I remember how it felt when MON left us after bringing the best era of the club since I started watching them in the mid 70's. I don't think it's quite the same as Lennon will I'm sure, will do a decent job up there for you, coupled with the fact that it seemed inevitable that Rodgers was going to leave for a club in the EPL, sooner or later. As most have said, we have to thank Puel for building a core of cracking young players with bags of potential, so the positives you outlined are exactly what we need. The owners are much more engaged and supportive of the manager here, but with our DoF, we have a strong gatekeeper, so doubt he'll be bringing his own guy in there. Finally, I'm pragmatic and honest enough to understand that if Rodgers gets a higher profile offer in the coming years, he'll be off. But, my consolation is that it will be because he has been doing a good job with us and we will be closer to a top European Training Facility as well as plans to extend and redevelop the KingPower Stadium, which should allow us to attract the right replacement. Best of luck and I still expect you'll do the treble!
  7. Think he went from Peterborough to Brighton after we didn't make him feel as wanted when he came to see the club, or something along those lines I think?
  8. Fair shout Ric, but he was probably at least familiar with how his team mates in the Belgium side played and I'm assuming he at last trained with them as part of their squad though that's only an assumption. The point being, it's not the big stage that would have been the problem, it's the lack of familiarity with the style and patterns of the team. Let's face it, even when these guys have been playing and training together for so long, we see passes going out of play because two players were not on the same wavelength. I am looking forward to seeing him on Sunday and hope he hits the ground running.
  9. However exciting Tielemans is, I can't see how he would have been able to get up to speed with how we set up and what kinds of runs different players make. We forget that at the heart of our "band of brothers' was that they intuitively knew what each other would do as they had been together in a pretty stable team for a long time, especially DD and the attacking players. This might not be as important for a DM or defender, but with someone expected to ping attacking long balls, he would need a few sessions at least to get a feel for his teammates and their runs. He has openly and honestly admitted that he didn't know too much about the club or the team when he signed. I suggest if we are patient and supportive, he will get up to speed soon enough, but don't expect a superstar from the first game. Even Pogba looked doggo for a long while with some flashes of brilliance in his first season back. Finally, I think Bournemouth are a good example of how effective a team of 'good but not great' players can perform if they are around long enough as a team. Can you imagine, how deflating it would have been for the poor lad if he'd come on a sprayed a few passes that didn't come off and then took on his shoulders the negativity from the stands? Puel is the first manager who has identified and addressed the shortcomings in our team, without the budget that we blew the previous two seasons and has had to shift the dead weight at the same time. Even if he gets replaced by someone and we play better, I for one will still remember the groundwork that he has done at our club, a bit like Pearson did before him. Be careful what you wish for guys..
  10. I understand the contrast from the entertainment we have been known for. However, the very best teams can both keep the ball and attack fast when the opportunity arises. Blaming Puel for this is crazy as every single interview I have heard from him states his frustration at the sideways passing and lack of self belief. maybe, just maybe with patience all round, the young grip of players will become more confident on the ball and in their own abilities. with a young relatively inexperienced squad, you are going to get more nerves than older seasoned pros. But what you get from building a young squad where they develop together with the odd ready made gem is another ‘band of brothers’ who are thankful for the opportunity and in it for the long term. It very much sounds to me that is what Chilwell is getting at. Puel’s post match comments again states how frustrating it was that there was sideways passing early on. I honestly believe that if we got behind the team no matter what and do that from the kick off like we used to, then confidence and results would improve. I’vr been around a long time and in my experience, drooping young talent works best when you show your faith in them when they struggle and stay positive. Finally, the rest of the mid table teams are mostly high press and counter attack- yet they can’t break into the top 6. i think it’s bloody obvious that the club have tried to compete in the transfer market without going studios like some and realised that we are not that attractive a proposition for various reasons. bullding quality training facilities, showing our commitment for good British and overseas talent, together with making the Stadium stand out is a bloody brilliant Strategy- stay in the PM and fight as best we can and we will see improvement and then have a basis to compete right at the top for a long time! we lost 1-0 against an in form Man Utd and made them look pretty average for most of the match. can we be more clinical in the final third? Yes! can we be better than we are at a number of aspects ? Yes! but if you hadn’t seen the stats, you would have thought that we had got our arses whipped! 17 shots against 10! thats not negative tactics- just need to improve the finishing which comes with confidence!!! Im backing the team and manager because I believe in the project!
  11. Gutted, but understandable if that’s what’s going on. I’m sure the financial aspects of Vichai’s estate will take time and no doubt have some complexity.
  12. Summed up why I believe we need the stadium expansion and training ground ASAP. The transfer windows after we won the title have proved to me that we are still competing with the likes of Everton, West Ham, Southampton and Crystal Palace. If you think it’s aimply down to the Manager, then why when Ranieri was the beat thing since sliced bread, did we still fail to attract better than Slimani and Musa ?? i think the owners have got the plan spot on, but I just hope we get the stadium through quickly so that any incoming player/ manager can see why we will stand out from the rest in the coming few years. There is no pleasing some of our fans- all of the positive reflection on the 5000-1 walk seems to have been forgotten all to quickly. ffs, I think we owe our owners and players enough to just back them to the hilt for the remainder of the season instead of turning on them and piling on more bloody pressure, which we all know works really well!!! The negativity around the club currently is so crazy, I think this bloody Trump- Brexit world is bringing the worst out of people.
  13. Apologies, I couldn’t find the thread on this. Have been reading so much about building foundations for the future, I am really think this is the piece that we will need to wait for before pushing on again. I remember reading that plans would be submitted In January but it’s gone quiet again since the tragic accident. Does anyone have any real insight?
  14. So by that logic if we at the bottom of the 5 point gap, you’d say don’t worry, it’s a false position! Doubt it somehow. It seems the glass is always half empty for some, cheer up mate😁
  15. @KansasFox it’s sad how quickly fans have gone back to being so negative after all the balanced reflection we had when Vichai passed away. I’ve been a City fan since I first watched football in the late 70’s and can remember how hard it was to stay positive. The odd shock win against Liverpool through. Winston White goal or the 5-3 against Orient being highlights to keep you going. Then we had the fighting spirit through the Brian Little era followed by the O’Neil yrs. wondered if we’d ever see that kind of success again in my lifetime after we went down to League 1, yet the period since has been the most exhilarating journey ever. I remember my daughter asking me if we’d play Man Utd and Barcelona when we were fighting for promotion from the Championship and I always said- ‘maybe, one day’. And then that season changed everything. Have never seen so many happy faces week in week out. Going to the ground and feeling the support from the fans, the players couldn’t help but be that bit faster and that bit more positive. fast forward to this season and I really do wish some people would just wake the fcuk up! If you can’t be positive and support a young team in transition that is battling at the right end of the table- don’t come to the matches. Yes we should be beating a Newport and Southampton, but it’s hardly as if they’ve bloody outplayed us!!! Some young and nervous players( see comment on moaning fans) , we are bound to have some crap games. Equally, we should be losing to Chelsea and Man City- but we go toe to toe with them and beat them. But hey, that’s a blip according to some. Mits cleat from Puels statement that there isn’t the money to go and buy a team and I for one and fine with that. This is actually more like the Leicester way. Build players who aren’t the finished arrivals over a few years of stability and eventually we’ll reap the rewards. Some people must have amnesia- I remember the negative rants about Nige when we we stuck towards the bottom- clueless free kicks, clueless corners- boring tactics etc etc. But he was given time and it took him saying ‘fcuk it, we have no choice but to go for it, for it to all turn around. i say get behind the team, appreciate that anywhere mid table for a couple of years is great, while we develop young gems who will grow together over time with a team spirit that can make us competitive at the top. but this isn’t going to happen without the fans getting behind the vision and the manager and to cut them some slack when things don’t work. We were not outplayed, we just haven’t gotten good enough to break down teams that park the bus... with time we will. read back some to the comments about the fans of the big teams when we were on the up- a lot of fans in here seem to have morphed into Arsenal- spurs and Manure fans. Leicester is about unity, about spirit and taking the knocks and coming back fighting. Rant over
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