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  1. Definite upgrade on Hamza and Silva/ Mendy. He oozed class and wasn't beaten in any tackles that I saw. As soon as he'd' won the ball, it was a quick look up and a sharp accurate forward pass to get us on the front foot. If we play with that tempo from the second half we will blow away most teams. BIG IF though
  2. We were carved open, but that was as much to do with the whole team not being at the races to start off with, you can't pin that on Cags. I watched the 2nd half on Sky and I couldn't believe hoe good he was. If Maguire had headed some of those clearances we would be singing his praises no end. To add to that I think Cags has much better qualities on the ball. Will he get caught out from time to time, yes. But I felt more nervous about Ricardo than I Cags today, so that is a biig statement. Only the second game in, but he has shown me enough to believe we have done well out of selling slabhead.
  3. Will be a tough game which I'm hoping we will edge, but after last season, I think they will do well again.
  4. At least tell us if the player is currently playing in the PL or which European league if not???
  5. I really don’t think he sees them as the ideal move at all. They are the only club willing to put what the Club value him at. It’s a chance for him to secure his financial future and that if his family which I think we’d all do. Football is fickle and a career can go turn 180 through one bad tackle. i think he’s handled himself with respect to us, he’ll never be one of the lads at ManUre, but the bank balance and the odd bit of success will make up for it. For us, we just have to have faith in Brendan and whatever he decides is the way forward. ideal scenario is that he can get our existing replacements upto speed in the first 10 games but it may we’ll be a gamble he doesn’t wish to take. Either way, time to concentrate on the band of brothers we have and get behind them from the first kick as we did in the 15/16 season. I think that truly is our identity Band of Brothers - a club for those who really want to enjoy their football and not in it just for the ?
  6. Norwich did look good with some nice crisp interplay, but the difference to me was their defence not being used to the clinical nature of a quality attack which they will find through most of the Prem, just like we did in our first season back. Will be a really good test for us tonight.
  7. Damn, that hot!! Can’t wait
  8. Happy Birthday Khun Top, your father would be very proud of you today. I'm sure it's a day of mixed feelings, but you should know that everyone who follows the Foxes and beyond, send you their love and best wishes today.
  9. That’s looks amazing- really hope the scale and impact of our expansion is as iconic as some of those artist impressions that we’d seen on here.
  10. Gutted to read that his trial at Celtic has been cancelled as they’ve just bought a right back. He is so focused and working hard to stay sharp, I really hope he gets to play at the highest level for another season or two at least. always gives 100% and as many have said, his last minute back post covering saves us so many times in the 15/16 season. Good luck Danny, hope you get a good club.
  11. For what it’s worth, Wolves are my dark horses to break into the top six and maybe even higher. You guys are playing some slick attacking football and seem to have learned quickly how to be tight at the back and defend/ attack as a team.
  12. True, but they will have the financial clout to invest in the stadium and facilities which I believe are outside FFP limits, plus they could always ‘sponsor’ the stadium for a crazy amount!
  13. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/781610/Newcastle-takeover-Sheikh-Khaled-2bn-Liverpool-bid-Mike-Ashley/amp He had £1.25bn proof of funds for the £2bn Liverpool bid, so this is small fry to him
  14. I was thinking more in terms of our expectations for next season and potential pulling power
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