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  1. Watford will defend for their lives but as long as we are up for it throughout the 90 mins, they’ll tire and out class will come through again. If we get a coupe of early goals, it could be a rugby score again!
  2. One game at a time, keep pressing for 90mins and our class will see us through. In Brendan we trust!
  3. Brighton have been playing some quality stuff and have gone a little under the radar in the media. Same approach as I’ve said each game, play with the same hunger and pressing from the front and our quality will price too much for them. They have a young attacker Connelly I think, who chases everything like Vardy so going to have to contain him down our right hand side. that means a definite no to starting Gray as Pérez does Better at chasing and closing down. Do the basics and we have nobody to fear, but have to stay hungry and one game at a time.
  4. Apologies if the name had already come up, but watching Aaron Connelly of Brighton reminded me of Vardy. He chases everything down and has a finish on him. Still young, so scope to develop too under Vardy. Thoughts?
  5. Sorry for sounding like a broken record, but still applies. Brendan to keep the lads focused on closing down from the front and giving them no space. They are lightweight when they don’t have space and that should allow us to capitalise with our attacking firepower. same again Brendan
  6. If Brendan can get us consistently pressing hard for 90 mins, then we should beat these guys. No complacency and filled the 1st Team👍 Our best chance in ages to progress to a Cup Semifinals
  7. As most have said, this is Ayer another test of how much we have progressed. I’m still apprehensive and Zaha always seems to find a way of causing us problems. They’re a big strong, in your face team and we’ll have to match them on the basics if we want the quality to shine through. Banking on Brendon to get everyone up for this. Hoping for a win, but expecting a draw or loss. Hope I’m wrong!
  8. Yup:) the same Newcastle that beat Spurs 1-0 and beat Man U by the same score ( oh, who we lost against by the way) . Unless we get the basics right and take the opposition seriously, sh*t like these results happen. Like I said, basics and energy first, then the class will show. We did that to perfection against Newcastle!
  9. I just hope the players aren't as confident as most are on here. There are no easy games in this league and we have o be up and fight for every point in every game. Yes, I agree that we should set up to attack, but need to do the basics of hunting down from the front and chasing back as a pack and then let our class show. Get it right and yes we could make a statement, not have our game heads on and it is going to be like going to the dentist! I trust Brendon to kick their butts if they start off badly.
  10. Hmmm, well his head did seem to be elsewhere against Liverpool. Pull your head in and show how good you are instead of doing a Mahrez!
  11. I keep reading about the Mané dive but the tackle on Tielemans which VAR reviews for a red card, but doesn’t even give a yellow?! Salah blatantly pushed Soyuncu in the back before Hamza had to step in?! They were falling over at every chance and played the referee big time. having calmed down and watched the whole match back, although we weren’t at our best, we held our own despite that and really caused them to try and hang on in that second half. proud of the lads and I’m sure they’ll come back more determined than ever to get back to winning ways against Burnley. Chilwell looked to have the worst game I’ve seen him play in ages. Gutted but lots of positives to be taken from giving the reigning European champs and most in form team in the league, a tough test.
  12. Just been reading that Newcastle have four of the first team players back from injury for Saturday. We have to come out on the front foot as they can give anyone a good game on their day. I think this will be just as much a benchmark for our progress as last weekend against Spuds. Come on boys, let’s make a rel statement and show we mean business!
  13. Love it! The young man has a future in the football media
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