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  1. Credit where it is due. I think Wolves have some amazing quality and are looking to play the way we are moving in a much tougher league. If they hang on to their manager and build on their squad with their rich owners, I think they are going to be much better than some of the sides consistently scrap at the bottom of the table like Southampton. I've been a foxes fan ever since the Jock Wallace days and we have never had it so good. Reading some of the salty comments on here about our team underperforming or wanting Puel out or comments about Wolves fans, shows how delusional many have become since that miracle year. All the big boys got a wake-up call and were able to pull in major reinforcements, which we were for whatever reason unable to do. Hats off to Wolves for having a great manager who has pulled the strings to get in some amazing quality which doesn't look out of place against anyone in the PL. I expect they'll finish easily in the top half. We are similar in that we play some cracking football at times, but are not converting enough of our chances, but I'm happy with the direction we are going. If we all stick behind the team and manager, I've got a feeling we challenge the big boys at their own game in a year or two. People seem to underestimate the challenge in transitioning from the old guard to a new younger team with a style that can compete regularly at the top table. I know we have a leaky defence and could do with being sharper in front of goal, but I'm consistently seeing slick attacking football which I expect will be more consistent as they team grow together. Remember ' you don't win anything with kids'.
  2. Great that Chilly got on and he kept it pretty simple and did well. I just wish they’d brought in Gray aswell. It would have given him a real lift, so I hope he doesn’t have a sulk that he didn’t get a cameo 5-10mins like Chilly. Saturday will be interesting!
  3. Great win for you guys and I don't think people are taking you as seriously as they should. I'm not a betting man, but worth a punt for a top 6 finish. Before anyone blows my head off, remember, 5000-1!
  4. Mate, I hear St Johns Wort is worth a go. Cheer up for Fox Sake!
  5. Totally agree! I said in the Fleetwood postmatch board that the way we played Fleetwood last season and this season was such a stark difference. Some of our interplay was a joy to watch and given time and a couple of more signings, I think we will be a real top 6 force in a couple of seasons. We are going to have some off days, but we are developing a style of play that doesn’t depend on any single player and should see us playing consistently exciting football even against the top teams in Europe. Give Puel our backing and patience because I think he could be our Wenger. Transformed the way Arsenal played and in their prime were the team to emulate. The future is bright, the future is BLUE!
  6. holyfox

    Leicester 4 Fleetwood 0

    Went to the Fleetwood Town replay last season and the match tonight. Yes it was against their reserve team, but lower league rams tend to use a high pressing game and tough challenging to their advantage. We did it ourselves for years. From the outset, you could see the difference in playing style from us. Even though we won 2-0 last season, the performance didn’t give us much to shout about. Tonight, you could see the Puel style of play being implemented and on the whole done so with style. We carved out chance after chance and 9 times out of ten played out way out of any danger. The attacking was composed with some nice interplay which can only get better with such a young squad. Gray looks to have a new lease of life playing in a free role across the front and his face and overall body language shows that he’s finally happy to be here. i still think we are a creative midfielder short for this season, but I really do hope we can back the team and Puel through thick and thin this season as the future is bright with the style he is bringing in. you can only beat what is in front of you and we did a thoroughly professional and stylish job on them tonight. I still think Silva is a little slow for the role he plays, but am hoping that he can still improve. play with this confidence at the weekend guys and you never know.
  7. holyfox

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    I agree, but Leicester is not as widely spread out as those cities and something in Beaumont Leys or syston is still relatively easy to access from the twin Centre
  8. holyfox

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    I think it probably would be, but then they’d have uproar from a section of the fan base who don’t give a sh*t about what makes sense longer term. If we had moved to one of the outer ring round sites suggested before we got the current stadium, we’d probaly have even greater scope to expand
  9. holyfox

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    How about the World Cup winner Pogba for starters ??!
  10. I guess you’re right, but they also have a massive squad of high profile players who won’t enjoy sitting on the bench. I’m hoping they have a rough start and get discord in the camp
  11. holyfox

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    I’m with you, but i really do think we need to be patient. We have a fan base who only know high intensity football, so I hope that enough can appreciate the value of what he has started. I really do believe that if he is around in a couple of years, we will be a genuine top 6 contender year in year out. You need quality all round to do that and Claude is the man to transform us. Pls pls pls let’s get behind him as it will inevitably take time to gell with the new faces coming in and such a limited preseason
  12. After the spending spree last year, how can they afford to splash the cash so much??! They really are going all out to break into the top 6!
  13. holyfox

    New to LCFC, what should I know?

    Sounds scarily sensible- great choice and welcome!
  14. holyfox

    New training ground announced

    After seeing these plans I'm thrilled to bits but a little unsure how they can expand and rework the current stadium to be as iconic. These plans really do show the intent of the owners to put us on par with the best, but I'm starting to think maybe a whole new stadium is what we need, but who knows they may have plans to change the whole look and feel of the KP alongside the increased capacity. Well that's what I'm hoping for and anything less will feel a little bit of an anti climax
  15. holyfox


    I'm hoping he just gets a chance with all the new players and like you said, there is clearly a bond with Nacho and Ndidi. The last two games have shown he clearly has more talent than the headless chicken we saw, but equally, he was always under pressure to perform in the small cameos at the end of matches where he basically tried too hard and the fans didn't cut him any slack.