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  1. Fa Cup score predictions maybe a few surprise here and there. Not going to preditct ours... there's a reason why... Burnley 3-0 Norwich City Coventry City 2-1 Birmingham City Millwall 1-1 Sheffield United Newcastle United 1-0 Oxford United Portsmouth 2-1 Barnsley Reading 1-0 Cardiff City Southampton 2-0 Tottenham Hotspur West Ham United 1-0 West Bromwich Albion Hull City 1-2 Chelsea Manchester City 3-0 Fulham Tranmere Rovers 0-0 Manchester United Shrewsbury Town 0-3 Liverpool AFC Bournemouth 0-2 Arsenal
  2. Tranmere must really fancy themselves in that,all unrest of course at United playing on a rough sand pitch... what the fa cup is all about
  3. Looks like normal service as resumed worrying about Vardy, but we shall see how long he's out for. Leicester totally took to peices a really poor West Ham team.
  4. Funny really cause Pep described a trip to Burnley was a like a trip to the dentist.
  5. This is a must win now, lose this and knock on affect after this could hurt us big time. The confidence going into that second leg will be all over the place, for me beat Brentford stay in the FA Cup just incase the League Cup tie doesn't go to plan. Even if it means bring Brentford back for a replay.
  6. I just guess the pair had a night in the town the night before training, ended turning up late for training the next morning. Not a first... I can it's typical slap on wrist from the manager and you'll miss the next game.
  7. Forgot Perez played he was that bad, offered nothing at all today.
  8. Positive first half, followed by a clueless second half. Just couldn't find a way past a really defensive Burnley team, who to be fair weren't exactly the strongest opposition we've faced. Should have won comfortable but didn't. Think the changes were left too late.
  9. Lets hope United and Wolves catch up Chelsea... no longer London club in europe!
  10. If Newcastle ended up going down you can't say any of it would be Bruce's fault, he can just turn round and say we have a season full of injures plus lack of funds once again coming from Ashley. Funny thing is it was only like two or three weeks ago I remember putting a post where it something like Newcastle were only like four or five points off the top four...now fast forward there sitting 13th and only five points from the bottom three... never known such a tight premier league.
  11. What's going to happen in the next ten years 1) For the 2021-2022 will see Jurgen Klopp leaving Liverpool for Real Madrid, taking Salah, Mane and Van Dijk with him. Following this we see a dramatic fall of Liverpool, with a lot of managers coming in and out trying to sort out the mess. 2) VAR is scrapped from English football and only to be used in the champions league, world cups and european championships. 3) Pep will leave Man City at the end of next season as they once again fail to reach a champions league final. 4) Sin bin's will be introduced by 2026, which will see a player leave the pitch for five minutes and sit in the sin bin once they recieve a yellow card. 5) The Uefa Champions League final will be hosted for the first time outside of europe for 2024 final and will be taken to New York City. 6) England once again fail at both European Champions and the fifa world cup in 2022. Which see's England reach the final this summer and reach the semi's in 2022. Following this England decide to part company with Gareth Southgate. Bad news for us Leicester fans, the FA decide to approach Rodgers with the vacant post. 7) Emma Hayes becomes the first female to manage in the mens football league by taking over at Northampton Town... at some point. 8) Manchester United finally sort out there troubles out, as once again become a force as this summer they appoint Mauricio Pochettio 9) Rangers and Celtic once again explore to move to the english league, they agree a deal to enter league two... but at last minute they are rejected due to a fear of policing at that level. 10) Leicester have finally lifted the FA Cup!
  12. Which Football club would you say always do a good issue.
  13. Yeah I think Vardy spoke Southgate early on just to see where stands and knew straight away with Kane around he stood no chance. Best Southgate could offer him was a place on the bench. At times I get annoyed how of recent years the England squad centre's on just one player... this time round it's Kane before Rooney.
  14. Sad loved to have gone.... give us more tickets Brentford!
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