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  1. There was rumour last year, plus I don't think PSG or Poch would be too cut up about losing Neymar either. I mean I'm sure if given the option he'd happily sell Neymar in order to reunite with Kane and bring at PSG.
  2. Imagine this happening Neymar joining Arsenal in the summer, why? well is there type of signing... he'll just join for the money even if though there's no champions league, he'll just join to be the main man. Though I think he's type of the singing they need keep away from.
  3. I think Villa Park would sensible move, seeing it's centre of the country and no advantage for either. If not Villa Park then I suppose Cardiff could be an option as well, did a good job of the 2016 final.
  4. Arsenal I don't think have been the same since 2014 time, they have had manager there who over stayed his welcome and got too relaxed along with the club itself who were just happy in finishing in top four a winning the occasional fa cup. They always seem to sign the same calibre of player someone whose wanting a easy ride, play whenever they like and when ask to do summit extra they sulk. Just as looked like they may have turned a corner last season, by getting rid of the likes of Ozil, sorting out the discipline issue. They now look very lack lustre, bored and not bothered just sums up the c
  5. Is it possible if Arsenal lose tonight Arteta could be gone, no cups, no European football and struggling to stay in the top ten. There lowest finish in 30 years.
  6. Can I check when you have submitted your form, are you suppose to receive a confirmation email of some sort.
  7. Good point third time lucky at the new wembley.
  8. "To the wembley, we're on our way, To the Wembley, we're on our way, Jamie Vardy in attack, Johnny Evans at the Back, we're on our way" Yep behind the goal for me and the lucky few to travel by train.
  9. I hate brag guys but got two tickets. Really sorry for the ones who cant go. I know the whole thing dont seem fair. Just 6,000 for Leicester supporters is a disgrace despite the pandemic.
  10. Its like Leicester travelling to Hinckley just so unfair. More Chelsea fans to city fans no doubt.
  11. For me the gourvement have too many flaws in this scheme. I think there could have been more easier ways to sort this.
  12. That's true, the only place they could go is a training ground where no one would reckonise. If its championship club. Then televise the game from there.
  13. I'm not sure but can just play game without announcements and then just announce the result after. Of course play it anywhere even if it's old gigg lane.
  14. Yeah but could these details like transport could have been confirmed early on. I mean some fans I guess fear buying train tickets only to find they cant watch match. Without the pandemic of course not a problem, dont get a ticket just go to London anyway and watch it in a pub or hotel etc... not the case sadly. Get it sorted early on and then people where they stand.
  15. Got to say leaving any sort of announcement this late is pretty poor. Not the clubs fault more the FA. Even with the pandemic at present you would have things would have already been arranged. Certainly for fans booking transport, also getting back will be chaos seeing as hotels dont reopen till two days later.
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