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  1. Needs Shakespeare by his side for this to work, you only have to look at his last two jobs without Shakey too see Pearson struggles on his own. Out of the candidates mentioned Pearson probably is the best man... got a 100% record in relegation scraps as we all very know. Shame really as I wanted Watford to go down. Pearson's certainly got his work cut out there.
  2. Arsenal maybe 10th but at the looks of things they could only be a couple of defeats away from being near the relegation zones, they travel to West Ham on Sunday who managed to pull off a shock result at Chelsea last week, home to Man City and then away to Everton where a new manager syndrome could well be in affect. Isn't times great Looking back at Arsenal when did it start to go wrong, cause I don't think it's be sudden change. Arsenal seem to get to a new low each season, where was the turning point?
  3. I think they'll keep doing it till as long as they have Ant'n'Dec on board. Of course last year we didn't have Ant due to his problems at home, however still had Dec and he had fantastic on screen partner in Holly Willoughby taking over. If they had series without the pair of them then I think that would be it... I'm not sure anyone could step up into there shoes. They'd certainly try it... I mean I can just see them now shoving likes of Rylan Clark and Scarlett Moffatt as the new main presenters. That honestly would just kill the show off.
  4. Giving Silva the job was always a waste, prior to Everton you can't say he set the world alight. He was fired by Watford only a few months before and year before that got relegated with Hull City... yet they felt he was better bet than Big Sam. I can understand them wanting a bit more attractive brand of football but go for someone with a better track record at least... Moyes return I think more than likely.
  5. By the sounds of things that extra day off on Saturday couldn't be such a bad idea.
  6. I read in the paper they reckon this is lowest watched series since it began. First episode of the series was watched by 10million viewers, by the time they get to episode 4 it dropped to 6million! at the moment there averaging between 5 or 6 million views. Compared to last year when 12million watched Redknapp be crowned king of the jungle. I do wonder if the show is becoming stale now... we've had some good and bad series however I think we have found over recent years the nostaligia of the series has gone. Maybe they should drop it for a few years then maybe bring it back... see how much the audience miss it.
  7. Is every person at this club linked to a transfer away... even the kitman?
  8. Don't really like Myles he's a bit of dick really, I'm amazed whose voting for him.
  9. Most of the press are london bias, there trying everything in their power to lure him away from the king power... even if Rodgers came out said "I'm not remotely interested in the Arsenal" they'd say he's bluffing and wants to go to Arsenal. For me the idea of Arsenal appointing a British manager sounds far fetched the board will stay foreign... they will stick with Ljungberg for a bit and then they'll explore the idea of Poch and see if he's avaliable failling they may try and get Ancelotti. Rodgers despite his success is probably way down at fifth at there list.
  10. Normally when the show ends I think after the first few days you kind of get withdrawl symptoms however I'd be more than happy when this series ends. Been very forgettable.
  11. Won't be surprised if Woodgate goes this week, Middlesbrough been having a disastrous season not a great start for his management career. Neil Warnock to replace him?
  12. Surprised Pearson never gets linked to these to near the bottom premier league job, considering he's got a 100% record in keeping clubs well club in the top flight you'd think he would be liked to a few. I'm not sure he could keep Watford up though.
  13. Did anyone catch Nadine in the shower tonite... I'm mean wow seriously! https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thesun.co.uk%2Ftvandshowbiz%2Fim-a-celebrity%2F10462132%2Fim-a-celebrity-kate-garraway-showers-nadine-coyle%2F&psig=AOvVaw0VRQwhPX9oiR8d_A2pmLYp&ust=1575324756338000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCIiDwJ-8leYCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAJ
  14. Didn't similar thing happen when he scored his second against Fleetwood last season or the season before. Given offside but still put it away, come VAR it was given as a goal.
  15. Perhaps in the pervious coaching regime he was being used in the wrong way, perhaps we're playing more to his game now under Rodgers. He needs a good run of games, start him against Watford I think.
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