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  1. He's been lucky they have had really good run of fixtures, the only tough fixture was against Man Utd where even though they were at home, they choose to park the bus. The final four fixture looks difficult, they face Man City away, Arsenal home, Leicester home and Villa away, top four for them maybe tricky.
  2. I just feel at the moment Chelsea are one defeat away from it all starting to go wrong. They've done okay so far under the new gaffer without being special. Just be interesting to see how they react after one defeat.
  3. I think 1-0 win but it will be tight scrappy and not pretty watch. Maybe likely backs to the wall performance where one moment of quality wins it for us.
  4. True good football indeed but seem to have problems getting goals.
  5. Another opposition that choose to lie-down, why bother getting off the coach if your not going to have a go.
  6. It is very much possible seeing as we have stadiums to go, as said many times England could host it tomorrow. To be honest I don't see UEFA being popular if they certainly went from announcing a tournament being hosted from all of Europe to just one country. It could easily end in lawsuits..
  7. How about taking a gamble on someone like Thomas Frank at brentford, constantly losing his top players but some how managing to replace them and still very much challenging.
  8. Rafa for me, I believe he was on the shortlist for the job last time. Available this time.
  9. Can see manager change here soon, unlike last where the managed to react will after a huge hammering this its opposite affect. I mean if they did change manager there's good options at their and Southampton is quite an attractive job to many, I'm sure they could lure the likes of maybe Rafa, Howe, Lampard or maybe try and prize away Dyche from Burnley.
  10. He's certainly now not popular either side of Anglia.
  11. Couldn't do any worse, the club is in total mess anyway. Not a great season for either of the Sheffield of clubs... well Sheffield FC have barely kicked a ball this season so I guess there having a much more happier season. Three manager's in one season isn't great as we know...
  12. If you pause at 0:10 a big clue is revealed... the dangerous gun man is obviously someone wearing a claret and blue scarf.... only one person who that can be...
  13. I would personally like to know why we came into this season, with the europa league in mind with such a small squad. I don't know if Brendan prefers a smaller unit or was the budget tight. Seemed strange we didn't even bring a striker in either both windows.
  14. Just read former West Ham and Newcastle manager Glenn Roeder as died 65. Following a battle with a Brain Tumour. RIP
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