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  1. Wasn't the Hasselbank deal the reason why Allen got the sack?
  2. Didn't Emile Heskey train with us just after he left Villa in 2012? Just before he went to Australia.
  3. Reports of gun fire aswell.
  4. They need to move back, i think playing in the village of heather st johns is taking its toll on attendances. Quite a difficult place to get to.
  5. No surprise really and not really that disappointed. It's been clear for some time he hasn't looked at it. I think he originally wanted to go last summer but choose to stick around because of the champions league plus the money.
  6. Pleased for Huddersfield and think they'll have a real go next season, no pressure whatsoever on them at all. To be honest all the three teams that have gone up, I can see all three staying up, going be a very difficult premier league next term.
  7. That's the only thing I can see being able to convice kasper to stay and that is to give him the captain armband. Which would spell the end of Morgan.
  8. Joe Hart is basically the new David James, they make out he's England best but really he's full of errors. Jack Butland is the only suitable replacement I can of.
  9. In my opinion they shouldn't sell the new shirt on the same day as the last game of the season causes as expected cahos, alot of people go in on the last day of the season as it is to pick up some end of season bargians. I never get the urgency to buy the new kit straight away it's released, you can get it anytime in the summer.
  10. Good for about 15 minutes but really bad for the rest of the game, Tottenham really took us to bits to be fair. Rihad's performance didn't do us any favours, I wouldn't say anyone look disinterested but everyone just looked tired and wanted the season to end. Been a long old season for the lads. Felt sorry for Shakey sounded a quite a broken man at full time, probably thinks all this hard work he's build up in the last few months as gone to nothing. Last night's result could have an effect on him getting the job which would be totally unfair.
  11. To be fair in recent times every time a decent young england player comes through the ranks by the time they reach 25 they become useless. Mainly because they go to a big club, get paid ridiculous amount of money for what?... sitting on the bench week in week out and then come major tournaments they get told by there club manager's not to go over the top and be careful. So not just that there not fit and not bothered.
  12. West Ham get treated like one of the big boys but to be fair they haven't won anything donkey's years. Just a club that get's hyped up by the press.
  13. It's turning into Doctor Who at Watford keep changing the lead actor nearly every season, of course it'll be another Italian going there. Can't see Ranieri going to be honest think there a little too small for him, would Capello going there be impossible?
  14. For Rihad its been a disappointing year so I could imagine his price tag is dipped a little, Barkley has had a much better season compared to Mahrez. Barkley off to Man City in the summer?
  15. Its going to be tough to get out of the conference North next season, not just big names but also alot of clubs down there with big budgets. Difficult year for the Boro next year I feel, got to spent money over the summer to stand any chance. York, Darlington, Kidderminster, FC United, Salford City, Boston, Tamworth, Chorley, Brackley, Southport all likely to be challenging for promotion... of course depends who gets promoted via the play offs.