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  1. A good appointment that for Villa, I think at times we have missed Shakey being part of coaching setup. My guess is there was alot of talk towards the end of the season Terry leaving, I reckon he's knows now there could be a few job opportunities in the championship. As some have mentioned it's probably vital Smith gets off to good start otherwise could very well see Shakey teaming up with his old pal Nige.
  2. Got an horrible feeling Chesterfield may struggle again next season, conference is certainly not an easy level on have to ask ex football league teams like York and Stockport.
  3. Not many teams from the midlands this year... for Solihull there nearest derby would be Notts County which is probably around 30 miles away from them.
  4. Rumours suggests that Billie Ellish song "No Time To Die" For the next Bond film theme could be replaced. They reckon it's not had much downloads compared to previous bond theme film releases. Talk they may try and get Adele back. As much as the song isn't the greatest I don't think making any last minute changes will look very good to an already delayed nearly three times Bond film.
  5. Olly does well when he's not at a big club under less pressure like when we as at Blackpool and Palace. Up at Grimsby now isn't he.
  6. Wasn't Tottenham at home in 2016/17 a defeat? Edit: I'm wrong we played Bournemouth on the last day and draw.
  7. 1-1 Draw i think Vardy to score... will it be enough. Probably not we have to rely on what Wolves do at the Bridge.
  8. He was approached before many years ago, but some reason it never happened I think Karanka got the job instead. Any championship job as long as he got Shakey on his side he could do a decent job with. It's also strange his old club Middlesbrough have never considered him.
  9. Speaking of derbies how do we think our rivals on the M69 going to do next season. Depending where they decide to play there home games.
  10. It's like the Scotland hatred for the English, they just live for one game. I mean they could finish rock bottom of the league but if still managed to beat the Villa in that season there happy. Tin pot club.
  11. I don't hate the kit, but its far from being the best foxes shirt. Kind of bored addias designs now.
  12. Could be just something to put pressure on Wasps to get a good deal in the groundshare agreement.
  13. Quite fancy Swansea to go up via play offs now, I just feel the momentum will be with them now. Swansea v Fulham final I think... though Swansea v Cardiff would be interesting.
  14. I just guess Forest don't want to come back to the championship, honestly you couldn't write it. Can imagine a few betting companies will be wanting an investigation in this I wonder if this will spell the end of Lamouchi... he's already been there most longest serving manager in a decade.
  15. Important win for the Villa and now they have managed to get themselves into that driving seat going into last game against West Ham, yep Villa played well maybe they had a lot of luck you know Arsenal did look tired from Saturday but this is football for you. Watford on the other hand perhaps didn't do themselves any favours even though they were playing Man City they allowed themselves to look soo poor and clueless... I'm not sure even if Pearson was around they would have won but they would have at least put a performance to give them confidence for that last game. Lost the GD now which as gone in Villa's favour now and boosted their confidence going to their game. It's going to be some final day at top and bottom of premier league.
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