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  1. I think he needed more games in the Premier League as I think he would grew in time, but as he says the loan spell to Bristol City finished him off. Who knows what's still install for, Pearson's now in charge of Watford, who says he won't reunite with his old gaffer.
  2. I'm not sure if the league would allow this takeover to happen, but who knows funny things have happened Wimbledon moving to Milton Keynes happened. I seem to remember about five or six years ago Red Bull were linked with Villa when Lerner was looking to sell. Nothing developed in the end. For Southampton they would truely lose identity. I won't be surprised if Red Bull show up in a league one day but I think I will be a brand new club... Maybe like a Red Bull London.
  3. Thing is though if Mahrez hated it so much why didn't he leave when he had opportunity in 2016 after we won the league to join Arsenal?
  4. If this was either Spurs, West Ham or Chelsea... this article would have never been published... because it's "only little Leicester City up north!" they quite happily knock us. Riyad's an arsehole treated this club with so much lack of respect, he forgets Leicester gave him a name, got him to the premier league, got him a premier league medal, champions league football etc... I mean come on how many times was this lad dropped from the team for a bit performance. Kante at least only here one season! never at least knocks us.
  5. Just finished watching 1970's series Colditz what a great show, certainly got me through the lockdown. It's amazing to think how many different escapes that got foiled. Some great performances in there.
  6. Kasper for sure, unlike his dad I couldn't really see Kasper being comfortable sitting in a studio being a pundit. I reckon he'd be a good manager.
  7. The 2001-02 season was such horrid season for the foxes to suffer relegation, despite Peter Taylor being sacked quite early in the season do you believe despite the squad we had then, was their chance of survival with a different manager at the elm?
  8. Leicesterpool


    Quantum certainly is a bore fest, funny enough though it made more money than Casino Royale due to the fact everyone was expecting the same... they were so wrong. So much wrong with the money, a script poorly written (though that was due to writers strike at the time), poor directing, weak plot in fact dull, unexciting locations, poor written characters. Such a shame would have been great follow to Casino. Funny how through the Craig movies there always been hit and miss... Casino good, Quanutm bad, Skyfall good, Spectre bad, hopefully that should mean No Time To Die should be good.
  9. Leicesterpool


    Casino Royale is probably the best, for a spy thriller its certainly is intense something that Bond films lacked for a long time. I'd follow that up with Goldfinger, may not have been the first but I believe it was movie that certainly set up Bond for a long term future. Best Bond is probably Craig, he's probably playing the role just has Fleming wrote a cold killer!
  10. 3/10! not good... one that shocked me most was the one involving Sven and Puel.
  11. They've been in downwards ever since that season 2015-16, luckily unlike many others who've chosen the limelight Vardy stayed and lets face it on reflection to many he made the right choice. Even Kante despite winning the league and europa league with Chelsea... I'm not even sure that move has really worked out. World class yes certainly... but he's certainly not at a world class team.
  12. I wonder if they'll look to sue the national league... can imagine they may try and find some legal loophole.
  13. Vardy's career would have been down the pan in no time, he would have gone to Arsenal played on the wing and then after a few games never been heard of again. He would have probably have been offloaded to somelike Watford or Southampton down at the bottom or maybe find himself in the championship again.
  14. I'm pleased with the series... you feel they left your mind up to say if they were innocent or not. Personally I think there both guilty and they would have got away with it... if the husband wasn't such an idiot on the show. I think at the time the reason at the lot of public disliked them straight away was because I think the public were unhappy that a snobby family who seem to be already well off managed to win a million. Michael Sheen as usual great performance and possibily didn't see enough of him.
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