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  1. Just watched Stan and Ollie, a lovely gentle film going in deep with the friendship of Laurel and Hardy during their later years. Steve Coogan's best performance I think. 7/10 a good watch.
  2. David Moyes to Newcastle, don't rule it out.
  3. Been treated quite poorly here I think, not even given the summer. Sadly I think this is the end of MON, can't see him returning to management now this was his last chance to redeem himself after two bad jobs. Sad really as we all know what MON is capable of.
  4. Benitez said to be leaving Newcastle this week. A return to Chelsea not impossible?
  5. Toy Story 4, love this franchise. The good thing about this trilogy is that I've felt it's got better and better. I feel the producers and writers always look to raise the bar and do something different... then we've got this forth movie... oh dear what a shame, I did have fear that Toy Story 4 was going to be one film too many. The third movie was such a great way to end the series and now with this I feel we've had a random cash grab add on with ending that I fear will disappoint most fans. The plot I think is really thin compared previous films with some weak characters and I would say our returning characters have little to do in this outing. I'm sad this is the ending and they have gone out on this note... This will make money, but I very much doubt it'll be as successful as Toy Story 3. What will the kids think? I think the kids pretty bored with this especially ones being introduced to this for the first time. Leaving the cinema today, normally when a kid leaves cinema they can't stop talking about the movie, but despite a busy showing all I heard pretty much quietness. For me If your loyal Toy Story fan, then check it but don't raise hopes up too much. You might be entertained but if you got kids and looking for a family day out... i'm wouldn't necessarily taking them to see this unless they have seen the originals. 5/10 sorry Woody
  6. They must be mad, done a fantastic job there. He's the reason why Birmingham haven't gone down over the last couple of seasons. Well can certainly see Birmingham being relegation candidates for next season. Monk can hold his head up high alot of top clubs in the championship would be happy to take him, I reckon the Derby lot would prefer him to Lampard.
  7. I reckon he'd go Derby if asked, lets face I think Derby is lot more attractive than staying on at Rangers and trying to win the Scottish Pub League. However I can imagine now Derby are looking at Monk... seeing as he's free now surprisingly.
  8. It comes across as big-headed, you only have to look at likes of Eddie Howe and Sean Dyche both doing well respectively and both worked there way up through the leagues. It's typical modern football superstars now snubbing the lower league teams, thinking there two big for them. Paul Scholes tried it and thought he was too big for it.
  9. It's going to be a wrong move for both. at the end of the day... a club legend or not, Chelsea are going for a young unproven championship manager. Lampard needs to have a look at himself and think... one step at a time.
  10. To think he was linked to the Leicester job not so long ago.
  11. I reckon he'll go Norwich.
  12. Nah lower league premier league side maybe, but not a top six player
  13. I admit I didn't see all the game cause I was out having meal with my girlfriend, the only caught bits from the odd bar or two on the screens from what I gather it was bit of anti climatic final. Shame really considering both teams have been very attacking this season. Tottenham once again just cannot win a final, I didn't expect them to win anyway but from what I seen never looked like could trouble Liverpool. For top four club now, to not win a trophy in 11 years is a bit of joke. As much as Tottenham fans can brag about how good they are these days, there still no trophy in cabinet and in that time even Wigan won something more recent than them.
  14. Yeah I had one of them, to be honest I think there was few fake copies going round being sold around Brugge cause I noticed one or two people had one with different covers. It cost about $5 though there was like 16 pages and don't think it was in English. Nice thing to keep really anyway, I don't know even if there was official one printed anyway, if there was it certainly wasn't being sold anywhere near the away end.
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