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  1. Interesting news topics.

    Ant McPartlin been arrested for suspicion of drink driving, after an collision with another car also resulting in a three year old girl being rushed to hospital.
  2. Been a decent year and league wise we're probably had a better season compared to the last. Champions League run of course I think papered over the cracks last year I think. A lot more positives and slightly more optimistic about the future, Puel needs a good transfer window to build this squad, as I keep saying I do believe they'll be alot of outgoings and incoming but some for the better. If I gave a list of players that I think will be departing the summer then I think it'll be... Wes Morgan Rihad Mahrez Andy King Christian Fuchs Ben Hamer Robert Huth Yohan Benalouane Matty James (uncertain for me) Kelechi Iheanacho or sad say Shinji Okazaki Some I won't be happy to see leave but I can't see them fitting into Puel's plans
  3. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea (AET) Post-Match

    We weren't bad but I wouldn't say we were good either today, felt our first half display let us down. Think we reacted well in the second half, but just don't think we have another threat on the attacking front, we're putting to much pressure on Vardy we need another striker with a good bit of pace and can hold the ball well and as a good finish. Mahrez had another stinker, this guy just plays when he wants these days. The new lad Diabate as always looks to offer something when comes on but bringing him on with seven minutes left is just pointless.
  4. Chelsea (H) FA Cup - Sunday 18th March 4:30pm

    Snow no too good here in Nuneaton transport going to be interested, in some ways I'm hoping the game to be off! Derby have just called there game off on safety grounds for their supporters?
  5. Russia: Should England boycott the World Cup?

    England pulling out of the world cup wouldn't benefit anything, rest of the world would laugh and say "fine then".
  6. Puel

    I agree I'm not happy with the style of football and tactics but can of the base of the season he's taken us from the bottom three to 8th, into the quarter finals of the fa cup, league cup quarter finals... either that or he was just lucky in his first few months in charge. Don't get me wrong if get the chance to hire Benitez in the summer, I take him any day.
  7. WBA away - 3pm Sat 10th March

    I'm still surprised this is taking place the same day as Villa v Wolves, can't imagine west midlands police are looking for to saturday
  8. Championship 2017/18

    Be interesting to know his price tag. Some say £40million is he worth take a punt at? use the money from the Mahrez deal.
  9. Puel

    The problem here is that Puel has done nothing wrong really, 2 wins in 12 isn't great but there's been more positives than negatives.
  10. Championship 2017/18

    One bad manager after another for them, league one football looms for them next season. Warburton a likely candidate.
  11. Bournemouth post match 1-1

    Can't believe I froze my bum off for that. Another disappointing display, something just doesn't feel right at the moment. The players looked bored stiff and confused with the system. Could be a big summer for the foxes, I can see a lot of outgoings.
  12. Bournemouth chances of it being postponed ?

    What the thoughts on the attendance tomorrow? 25,000 at most?
  13. Bournemouth chances of it being postponed ?

    The pitch will be the least of the problems, I think it will come down both players and fans getting to the stadium. Transport maybe an issue by tomorrow, if travelling by bus most buses have been stopped. Trains uncertain. At the moment it's just consistently snowing.
  14. FA Cup 2017-18

    Not sure if this as been discussed before put imagine if dare we say Fa Cup Semi Final's were played outside the UK!? How would you feel say we had scenario where we had one semi final being played in Amsterdam and another one being played in Madrid? Does that sound a daft idea! or something you'd welcome personally. Gives the chance for more clubs to see their team play abroad, plus plugs the Fa Cup outside the british isle's more.
  15. Championship 2017/18

    Birmingham take another hammering, what on earth is going on there. Can see Cotterill facing the sack after that.