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  1. Put it this way Maddison is now known as "judas" by many Coventry fans, so I'm told.
  2. Pearson would be a good fit for Middlesbrough, ex player and a legend too many so he would get the full backing from the supporters. But as we know to get a team out of the championship Pearson needs time to build his squad and would Middlesbrough give him that time. I suppose they also may consider Hughton aswell, though I don't think the supporters having put up with the brand of football from Pulis they'd want another manager who plays defensive football.
  3. I think for a rivalry to happen both teams most hate each other equally. Problem is when Forest and Derby fans are asked Leicester they both say "Don't care, not bothered... we only hate (Forest) or Derby" The only the club I think off that consistently hate us is Coventry. So for me it's Coventry.
  4. Had an epic debut against Peterborough, since then we have seen nothing near that performance. I'm mixed I'd like to see him a have full pre-season with Brendan see what he can do with him and then make decision late on in transfer window, perhaps a loan away to a championship club maybe good for him.
  5. So Leeds go 2-0 up on agg.. and fook it up... there's only thing to say "Leeds are falling apart again" Give credit to Derby played off there socks tonight, come from behind at a hostile Elland Road. Great start for Lampard, first year in the job and a trip to wembley.
  6. Remember the last time English clubs got banned in europe... weren't we starting to dominate then?
  7. I thought the Derby and Leeds was a poor game, I think Derby made Leeds look good. I can't really say Derby had any sort of threat in there side tonight, they missed Waghorn too much. Leeds didn't really create much but took there chance when they needed to. I think Derby have blew it again.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if we face another trip to Cardiff, relationships seems pretty good between the two clubs since November.
  9. I think it'll be a Villa v Derby final, Villa are good momentum and got so much quality in them at the moment and certainly can score a few. That'll be a tight affair against West Brom, I think having the first leg at Villa Park will help Villa I can see them taking a 2-1 lead to the hawthorns and then hanging onto at there place. West Brom pre christmas looked like they were on the way, but losing Barnes was massive blow for me. Once he left things went wrong, within matter weeks then decided to sack manager which was really harsh and to make it worse they didn't replace him... there was talk they were after Alex Neil but that didn't pull off... however there is rumours now there targeting Gary Monk in the summer, but you would think they would have been better off going for him straight after Moore left. I do think if Monk had came into West Brom then, they would have been stronger force going into the play offs. Derby funny enough I don't think are the strongest team in the play off positions, however against Leeds I quite fancy them. Leeds I feel have gone off the rails and I do think they threw away a top two finish, also I think Bielsa will leave if they fail to go up. I think he's keen to manage in the top flight and I can't imagine him wanting to spend another year in the championship, they'll be alot of premier league clubs that will be looking at him... Chelsea or maybe even Newcastle (if Benitiez quits).
  10. Celtic would struggle at League One level, SPL is terrible league just shows how players value it when players like Adam Rooney leaves the scottish top flight to play in the English national league.
  11. Good little stadium they've got there, certainly will suit the football league however the place itself... there's basically nowt! you won't find many pubs round there at all. In fact no joke we were even invited into a guys house for a drink when we were passing! The ground itself is next door to a farm, and all you can smell is manure from it though out the ground. Don't imagine the population is very big either...
  12. To actually think someone sat in a room and actually wrote a script for this. Looks like that really bad Rocky and Bullwinkle movie from the early 00's.
  13. Hopefully it's Solihull, just so we got another midlands club in the football league.
  14. Just imagine you could pay all that and pick up an injury and be subbed within the first five minutes.
  15. Leicester were dominating well before then, just shows for me how Arsenal other times rely on having the refs in there back pocket.
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