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  1. Rub it in United faces again, Grealish of course turned down the chance to join United in the summer in just which shows despite how big United are the appeal these days gone. The way things are going Grealish's value is going up at Villa at the moment not a club desperate for money, so one could be another big one. Would £80million be too much?
  2. A bit of risk for both, Derby appointing someone with no experience while being bottom of the league and Rooney risking relegation on his first season of his CV. Rooney should just carry on playing and coaching and learning as he goes along and wait for that perfect job. If it means taking a job in League Two.
  3. Can see Chesterfield ending up in the national league north next year and that is hard league to get out of. So many big names in there. Darlington, York, Boston, Kidderminster, Southport, Chester, Hereford. Lots of ex football league clubs there.
  4. Take this with a pinch of salt, but it's being reported Balotelli be linked with Barnsley. Appartently without a club at present. Cannot see this happening but just imagine that seeing Mario turning up at Oakwell. Speaking of which would u take Mario on a free?
  5. I'd say they should be at least in League Two with there stadium and fan base, but over than that sleeping giant really? I'm mean talking about sleeping giants in the national league you could say Notts County, Stockport County, Chesterfield...
  6. Correct yeah surpringly only got one cap for England.
  7. Sad to think since 2000 England have only played 8 Leicester players in that time, with five of them only coming in the last five years. A little challenge for everyone without using google or wiki, name all eight players.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe anyone black as won the show? about time I think go Mo!
  9. Fulham I think, Though in his time at Villa only found the net once.
  10. Roberto Di Matteo fave for the job at Derby now... not sure he'd be the answer. I remember the amount of money he spend on players at Villa, for what 1 win in 10. Spend £12 millon on Ross McCormack and we all know how that panned out.
  11. As much as I do like international football, can't say I'm big fan of the nations league. For me the football calendar is busy as it is. The final international break should be in October and not started again until March.
  12. Yeah just realised that, Mark Hughes maybe? he's surely set for a return at some point.
  13. Mick McCarthy to Derby I reckon. Think it would be too much of gamble appointing Rooney he's nowhere near ready for management. EDIT: Just realised he's only just join APOL so that won't happen.
  14. As a kid Paul Merson he just looked like someone who enjoyed playing football and played it with alot of passion, never realised the problems he had off it though. David Beckham aswell I felt between 2001-2006 he was by miles England best player. Never should have been dropped by McClaren still had lot to offer and we just totally lacked them great set peices and free kicks after he left, mind Becks got the final laugh when McClaren recalled him for the final two qualifers. That moment against Greece must have inspired many kids growing up.
  15. I think Derby should be okay though I'm surprised Cocu is still in the job, thought they would have changed during the international break. I think when the change will happen thinks will improve in time for Derby. Too much negative around I think at present, some of it hasn't helped since Rooney arrived, think i'm taking centre stage has caused too many distractions.
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