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  1. What have people made of the Index since the implementation of the matching engine? I’d actually had a pretty profitable lockdown period surprisingly but now my portfolio has completely stagnated. There’s so much money to be made if you can just keep ploughing money into buy orders but if you need to sell to buy you’ve got bob hope.
  2. What have people made of the Index since the implementation of the matching engine? I’d actually had a pretty profitable lockdown period surprisingly but now my portfolio has completely stagnated. There’s so much money to be made if you can just keep ploughing money into buy orders but if you need to sell to buy you’ve got bob hope.
  3. They’re protecting their heavily invested customers at the minute. If they’d kept 5% spreads across the board everyone would’ve sold up and values dropped through the floor. They’re making the best of a bad situation in my opinion. There’ll be a boom as soon as football is back no doubt.
  4. Just been told he’s bought a house in Tring. Could be wrong, could be nothing, could be on his way to reunite with NP at Watford 🤔
  5. Absolutely hate VAR, for me it’s completely ruining the game. Whether that’s watching at the ground and not really being able to celebrate a goal until the oppo have kicked off or watching on TV and seeing a perfectly good goal scored and knowing it’s going to be chalked off because the laws of the game are now a joke. I can completely accept decisions like last night, with the rules as they are it was clearly correct, probably not fair but definitely correct. What is not ok is the shear ridiculousness of some decisions nowadays, firstly on the pitch and then by the VAR, it’s absolute madness. I remember very early in the season we were said to be one of the biggest beneficiaries are VAR, because of decisions like the handball for Wolves disallowing their goal, apparently we were lucky even if it was 100% the correct decision. Was it Son caught offside for a goal at the King Power? Massively changed the game but with the technology, clearly the correct decision. More recently a point gained at Wolves because of an innocuous but yet again correct offside call. It just seems that, with my blue tinted specs on, whenever a referee or a VAR have to give a decision based on opinion rather than fact, we’re getting diddled, and for me, we have been all season. Primarily against the bigger teams, any coming together in the box has been a penalty to them, consistently very soft decisions going against us, decisions where because we now have VAR the on field ref will give it because he’s probably thinking ‘if it’s an awful decision, VAR will overrule it’. Problem is, if there’s any contact, even if it’s initiated by the attacker, it’s not getting overruled. Not just regarding us but this led to a spate of really soft penalties, that in my opinion probably wouldn’t have been given without the VAR. The ones involving us that I can think of: Rashford throwing himself to the ground at Old Trafford after jumping in front of Soyuncu. Mane doing some sort of somersault when Albrighton tickled his calf. Sterling throwing himself over Pereira’s leg in the defeat at City. On the flip side, similar to the above incidents, Vardy being tripped at home against Everton and exaggerating the fall, no penalty and a yellow for diving, VAR agrees, there’s simply no consistency. Handball is a joke also, I do think regarding ruling out goals when a hands involved they’ve got those correct in all our games from what I’ve seen. That Burnley v Bournemouth game the other week though, what a farce that was. Just embarrassingly bad. The 2 handballs that we’re given were clearly shoulder, the decisions were atrocious. Those 2 decisions actually created a 3 goal swing in a game for team battling to avoid relegation, Bournemouth must’ve been livid. Big club bias with handball in our games has been clearly evident too, I think we all agree that Praets was a penalty no doubt, but The De Bruyne and Rudiger a few weeks ago were laughable, to me both players moved there hands to the ball, it’s madness. Another one that annoyed me was at home when we got battered by the Scousers, we were well in the game at 1-0 and actually having our best spell of the match when the penalty was given against Soyuncu. His hand is by his side, you’ve got probably the best crosser in the country whipping in a corner and Vardy I think misses a header 5 yards in front of him, he’s tucking his hand behind his back when it hits him, not a chance he means to handle it. No doubt we’ve been garbage lately too to be fair but it’d be a massive shame if these decisions and our loss form actually ended in us missing out on the Champions League after we’d found ourselves in such an amazing position.
  6. Biggest tip is to spend some time getting to know the market before you invest too heavily. Put in a small amount, trade in and out of a few players and watch tutorials on how everything works before getting too involved. I track all my profit (and loss) on a spreadsheet which I find really useful. Sometimes I think I’m having a torrid time but then I zoom out and realise I’m actually in profit over the last week or month. It really is a great platform and still in its infancy I think. Advertising on TV and at Premier League games is going to help growth moving forward.
  7. Did you sell? I do think he has the potential to rise as the Index itself grows but short term looks like a good decision if you got out in December.
  8. Always wonder why I don’t lump on players like him and Ziyech, both were available for around £2 2 weeks ago. If he joins Utd then he’ll probably be pushing £4 by the time he kits ups, any other Prem team sees him above £3 I guess. Just worry what his price does if he goes elsewhere or stays put.
  9. This will have been posted elsewhere no doubt but this caller on TalkSport had me in bits on the way back from Villa. Rodgers out
  10. Now does seem like a great time to get involved. In January last year they had £500 risk free promotion on, which they’re currently repeating. The market absolute flew so I’m hopeful it’ll be a similar story this year. Basically you can deposit up to £500 and if you lose money in the first month you just email customer service and they refund your losses, if you’re making money you carry on. Right now they’re also doing an improved referral scheme, which seems to be weighted to reward their longest standing users. Basically if you sign up (using the link and referral code I post below) then deposit and invest £50, you’ll get a bonus £50, as will I. It’s usually £10 each max. This apparently works in tandem with the £500 risk free offer and you can withdraw any time once you’ve received your bonus. Anyway the deets are below. £50 Bonus
  11. Also if you’re holding shares in Vardy I’d be a little concerned. His rise has been ridiculous, as soon as he doesn’t score in a game he’s gonna drop 25% minimum in my opinion. if he breaks his own record he’ll probably reach £2.50, if he doesn’t then he’ll plummet.
  12. Patience for me is the key one though, I’ve sat on 400 Iheanacho shares since about September. He’s made me over £300 since the Everton game. He could have a stinker on Saturday and I’ll lose half that, if not he still has plenty of room to rise.
  13. There’s several ways to play the game, most of which require a bit of research. If a team has easy fixtures coming up it’s players will rise. If a player gets injured, he’ll obviously fall, but everyone will pile into a player that could replace him in the starting lineup. Don’t be rash and ditch shares if the player hasn’t risen instantly, you presumably bought him for a reason, if nothings changed, be patient. I’d be wary of buying players outside the Premier League at the moment as every other league is going into a winter break. Prices will fall, when they do that’s the time to prepare your portfolio for the inevitable rises in the new year. There’s some great examples of young players being involved in pre season for the bigger clubs and having huge rises, many have now dropped off due to a lack of game time so probably best to get in and out unless you really want to hold the player long term.
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