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  1. You’d sell up and reinvest elsewhere way before that happened mate, hopefully!
  2. So this went well... 11 months ago Maddison was between £4-£5 a share, he’s now over £12 in old money. 🔥 Barnes did indeed settle around £2, he’s now the equivalent of £4.74. 🚀
  3. I have 1 spare adult ticket available. Drop me a message if interested.
  4. So many different ways to (potentially) make money. I bloody love it. I tend to plough in more money than I can afford during what I perceive to be boom periods and then spend weeks filtering it back out! limiting yourself is the best thing to do, I’m not disciplined enough for that though unfortunately.
  5. I genuinely believe it’s still early days for the Index. There’s so much room for growth. A year ago I was looking at the rises a lot of players have had and felt I’d missed the boat somewhat. I keep thinking we’ve reached the top but then it steps up another level. I’ve changed my trading strategy massively in the last few months, about half my money in the big boys chasing dividends and the rest in relatively young players with plenty of room for capital appreciation. Not gonna over trade which I’ve been guilty of in the past.
  6. JimmyB

    Football Index

    It’s absolutely flying at the moment. Obviously aided by the 10% bonus they have on. There’ll inevitably be a pull back next week but fingers crossed the bonus payout covers it.
  7. Forests new shirt sponsor!
  8. JimmyB

    Football Index

    Mahrez has been absolutely ruining me for months, still expect him to come good soon though, whether it be a big performance or spitting his dummy out in the summer I don’t know. I made some money from Vardy lately but I’ll sell my shares when they’re not eligible for in play dividends. I have lots of Maddison, Barnes and Pereira as I feel they all have the potential to go on to bigger and better things. Other than that I hold lots of the top MB and PB players but I’m annoyingly short of young players with lots of hype around them, unfortunately that’s where all the money is being made right now. Who’s your top hold?
  9. JimmyB

    Football Index

    It’s about 6 months since I started the thread that @StanSP linked to above. At that point I’d been investing seriously in the index for about 6 months. As mentioned in the other thread, I invested £4500 in the first 1/2 year and had £1350 profit. It certainly has slowed down a bit for me since then, but I put it down to me being a pretty horrendous trader, making poor decisions way too often. In the last 6 months i’ve invested another £3000 and now have a total profit of £2000. A friend of mine has more than doubled his £5000 investment in 8 months and all he’s done is jump on young players like Sancho, Hudson-Odoi and Rashford. With these players I’m constantly thinking I’ve missed the boat and then they just keep rising. Some people have literally made 10 times their money on Sancho and CHO in 6 months. It’s unbelievable. Its true that the only thing stopping it being a Ponzi scheme is the dividend payouts but there really is so much more mileage in it yet. I think there’s still less than a quarter of a million active users and its growing rapidly. They’ve recently given us added in play dividends, a share split and then increased performance buzz and media dividends, all of these freshen things up when it starts to get a bit slow and I’m sure they’ve got a few more tweaks up their sleeves yet. It’s very easy to get your money out, I often put in more than I can comfortably afford when I see an opportunity to make a few pounds, sometimes even depositing and then withdrawing in the same day, there’s actually been occasions when the the withdrawal has shown on my account before the deposit! If anyone isn’t sure about joining then just take on one of their welcome offers where you can invest up to £500 risk free for a week (I think) if you’re down, or just don’t like it then you’ll get your money back. Can’t really lose.
  10. I stumbled across The Football Index at the back end of last year and at the time did not realise how big it was going to become. It’s basically buying and selling shares in footballers who’s values rise and fall, but with the added feature of earning dividends based on performance and also them being in the media. I think I put in about £20 initially without really understanding what I was doing. I left it alone for a good 3 or 4 months and then returned after a bit of research and invested more cash. There have been several booms in the market in recent months and it’s possible another is just around the corner with TV ads featuring John Motson apparently hitting Sky Sports today. Has anyone else invested in this!?? I’ve had a search for any existing topics but found nothing. https://www.footballindex.co.uk/
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