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  1. All this tells us is that the Tory's are idiots. Nothing most of us didn't already know. 😁
  2. A few years ago unplayed lacrosse. Beauty of lacrosse is the men's and women's games are very different. Men's game is very physical, big pads, hit each other with sticks. Women's game is still fierce but alot more skillful. Different equipment, different sticks different rules different games. Made the difference between the 2 much more appealing and made the men Vs ladies debate null and void. I'm not sure how that could be achieved in the women's game but it would be good to not just replicate the games like for like
  3. He wouldn't be my first choice, but at that price and as back up it may leave more funds for a winger and midfielder which have to be priority as we need players in those positions to go into the team and not the squad. We can always look for a younger vards replacement in January or next summer
  4. After his injury it makes perfect sense to loan Amartey out for the season to get him some game time.
  5. It's a funny one, clearly talented but made of glass. It would be a no brainer if you could get him a pay as you play type deal but I don't think he'll be looking for that, especially as he's be behind vards in the pecking order. Therefore, it's 100% a west ham type signing. Overpaid and never plays
  6. How is Corbyn still in a job? Surely the Labour party need to make a change, this is about more than just having no brexit strategy, they have been poor at best since the general election. Even then he didnt do great, just better than everyone expected. Also, anyone know how to "short" against the UK banks? Might be a good time if we are jumping off a cliff in October.
  7. If I see something funny I save it, time to unload on guys
  8. Enjoy guys, emptied my phone of memes for you all to enjoy
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