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  1. I think we were getting close till @Strokessent us down the ball bag rabbit hole 🤣
  2. They will never do that, treasury would lose too much pound. Economically, weed is a boom industry, would produce more pound for the treasury should it be legalised and we are being left behind thanks to our conservative approach to it.
  3. Fair play, that's a good un, so easy when you know it.
  4. Can't say I've ever heard of ya sack being called a Chad 🤣 that would be incredible though
  5. Can't help thinking the Chad bit is significant but that keeps throwing me even more
  6. Sweet Sew Old Cloth Obviously not a saying but thinking out loud in case it sparks something in someone else.
  7. Just like alcohol and tobacco....
  8. Says he's gonna leave us with it, but can't resist the chance to tell us how thick we are 🤣
  9. I hope it's extended, yes it's harsh on him as it was clumsy rather than intentional but arsenal as a club deserve it for being a bunch of whiny bell ends
  10. I honestly hope that nkeitia's ban is extended for an extra game for wasting their time with a stupid appeal (can they still do that?) Would be harsh on the player, but serve arsenal right for all their self rightous bullshit and appealing in the first place. It would send a message to other clubs about spurious claims too.
  11. Looks like your right looking at the post above, I hadn't realised the protocol tbh. I still stand by my point though that use of the monitor should be encouraged and the final decision be the referees.
  12. Well of course there is assumption there, but we have often seen stockley park not wanting to overturn their mates decisions so it's a fair assumption to make. It actually reminds me of another point I wanted to make though, refa should be mic'd up and broadcast along with stockley park so we can see what they are thinking. Works so well in rugby. Still not 100% accurate imho bit where something is subjective at least you can see where they are coming from.
  13. Last night perfectly illustrated the problem with VAR in the premier League. Pit some reason premier League boss s don't want the referees to check pitchside monitors, the only reason I've seen why that's the case is because it takes too long. Yet stockley park looked at the sending off countless times yesterday and still couldn't make a decision. The ref saw it twice and immediately changed his mind. Which took longer? I'm reading between the lines here bit I imagine the referee saw the initial incident as more of a coming together with nketias lateness being the reason for the booking. As soon as he saw studs up, knee high, it was an easy decision to change. Meanwhile in stockley park, they were too worried to override the original decision, making it look like the ref had made a mistake. But in this instance, it wasn't a mistake, just the referee didn't see the full picture. For VAR to succeed, we need to give the referees on the pitch more responsibility, they are refereeing the game and car decisions should still come down to them imho.
  14. I work in retail and we have had to ban a sizable number of people from the store, usually for shoplifting but occasionally for aggressive in store to staff/customers. You wouldn't believe the amount that try and come back in and then kick off when they are asked to leave. It amazes me the cheek that some people have. They will literally day anything to try and deflect/get away with it. What they forget is, we have CCTV everywhere and keep a record of everything.
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