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  1. Cheers bud, I'll check the book out and thanks for sharing your story. I was actually quite happy plodding along stacking shelves. No stress, different shift patterns and something completely different but I think I've started to get bored, so I'm thinking what next and coming up pretty blank. Something I've liked the idea of is teaching, I always loved creating and providing training in my previous job, so that's an avenue I am going to explore further by possibly doing some teaching assistant work if I can get it. Out of interest what is it do mate?
  2. I'm at this weird stage of my life where, I left my previous well paid job that I enjoyed but hated the people I worked with, then unsuccessfully set up my own business, now I'm stacking shelves and have no idea what I want to do with my life. It's almost like I can start again but am completely lost and directionless right now. All I know is, the idea of sitting in office all day, battling rush hour traffic and never seeing my kids is not what I want.
  3. I'll be honest and say I'm perhaps not as informed as others on here on the subject. I know when I looked into an electric car, there was an appalling lack of public charge points in and around Swansea. I've also been told by a friend a bit more in the know that hydrogen cars are the future and will overtake electric in no time. I don't know what this is based on but I did read part of the plan for the proposed Dragon Island here in Swansea would create a major hydrogen creating hub for hydrogen cars, or something along those lines.
  4. I thought Lucas actually came across as really sensible in regards to green issues in the modern world and actually suggested that many on her side of the argument go too far in suggesting we should just stop everything. Flights will not stop, but she made a good point about taxes on train tickets compared to flights etc and I know from experience that is also the case just in the UK itself. There's so many innovative green energy projects that have been scrapped by the torys and there's been nowhere near enough investment in the infrastructure needed for the electric cars for example. There's so much that could be done that would make a huge difference reletively quickly
  5. Agreed, I thought that was a great analogy too. I also liked how Marr kept shutting him down when he'd try and turn every answer back to his repeated bollocks about labour. He really didn't let him get away with it like a lot of interviewers do. Tbh though I'm still in shock at how bad that interview went for Javid. Rocking up with zero figures for your own parties pledges and then trying to make out the figures you have for the opposition are bang on. What's worse is Labour produce their grey book alongside their manifesto to show how they will fund their pledges. It really was a car crash and typical of the current Tory leadership imo.
  6. Marr did press him really well. I actually thought Lucas handled that well but again great questioning by Marr. I only half caught the labour guy as the baby was kicking off, but my impression I got from him was 'wait for our manifesto'. Did I miss anything interesting there?
  7. Javid floundering on Marr. More interested in spreading lies about labour, than actually talk about the true figures of there own plans. Staggering interview, absolutely appalling.
  8. I didn't disagree with the point you were making until the last line which ruined the argument for me. In Boris we have someone who acted unlawfully, lied to the Queen and removed the whip from some of the most loyal Tories in the house. I don't agree with the actions of the Labour NEC, but suggesting it's worse than what we already have is where I disagree. They are both as bad as each other.
  9. Matt Hancock is appalling, talks a lot of shit without actually saying anything.
  10. Compared to Boris who just chucks out lifelong Tory's from the party because they don't agree with one issue. I'm not defending labour in any way, the current leadership is an absolute shower on my opinion. But let's not pretend that a taste of what's to come I'd this mob get into power is any worse than what we already have.
  11. Thanks for sharing Alf, interestingly my constituency is 43rd on the Tory list of targets. It's traditionally a labour seat but won by the torys by 27 votes in 2015, before labour won it back in 2017. The Tory candidate for this election has been in the news for saying people on the benefits street TV show should be put down back in 2015 or whenever it was on. Also interesting to read that the constituency voted remain in the referendum which I hadn't realised. Would expect a labour hold all things considered especially given the current MP seems popular and has done a good job so far. Just goes to show that those seats they only need a few percentage swing to take may not be as easy as it seems.
  12. I don't trust a word that comes out his mouth personally, his an ego driven baffoon who has shown himself up to a political.clown of the highest order. I couldn't support him if I tried.
  13. If it keeps Boris out of number 10, I could do that 100% yeah.
  14. I think Rodgers has played a blinder here tbf. Left him out of the match day squad at the start of the season and I'm sure has been very clear about what he wants to see from him. Given him a few opportunities, and generally he's taking them. The first 11 as is ATM is doing so well but having impact players like demi and praet is a huge factor too. He needs to keep his head down, keep working hard and keep having an impact and he will keep getting better. But Rodgers man management so far seems to have put a rocket up his arse and long may it continue as we all know he has the ability, just needs to improve the application.
  15. This is great news for me, can't get the uktvplay catch up in my bedroom so if I miss an episode it's harder for me to catch up. Not anymore though 🤣
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