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  1. I think it's about her legacy. But she's ****ed that too
  2. My understanding of what tusk said is he will only grant a short extension if we have a plan. Leaving a longer extension still on the table, which if rumours are to be believed is preferable to the EU anyway. It just means this should be without May at the wheel as she seems to have backed herself into a corner over a longer extension.
  3. Or we revoke article 50 and start again. Or MPs take over the process and look for an alternative. I don't think it will be as simple as Mays deal Vs no deal. Time will tell but I'd be very surprised if MPs allowed May to railroad them into her deal. No deal much more likely but let's see what else comes about. Plenty of time. Still 9 days 😂
  4. I still don't think she will have the numbers anyway. She's working against MPs and blaming them, not a great way to inspire and get them to follow.
  5. I can't argue with that, it was a poisoned chalice and as we have agreed Corbyn is bloody useless too. I did have some sympathy too, but the last few months have been horrendous for her. It is that lack of leadership that staggers me. Even tonight, her message is one of zero flexibility and then she has basically wiped her hands of it and blamed the HOC. Even her own party are calling for her head. Why would an MP change their mind on her shitty deal and be flexible when she can't. Theres no lead by example. Just do as I say or **** up the country, oh and that'll be your fault. Embarrassing.
  6. I agree, Corbyn is a waste of space as tonight again proves. But that does excuse Mays failings. At the end of the day the Tory party are in power (thanks to a huge bribe to the DUP) so it matters not what Corbyn would have done. His poor opposition certainly hasn't helped matters and I could rant about him all night, but that doesn't stop May being utterly useless.
  7. There's more than 2 party's in the HOC. But the point is it should have been a cross party issue from the start. If party's didn't engage then more fool them. But, It wasn't and that has nothing to do with Corbyn or any other opposition leaders.
  8. I completely disagree with that. Firstly, she's pandered to an element of her party over doing what's best for the country. She took a hugely decisive matter and didn't think to include the other party's. Her red lines were set and that was that. Before we even started negotiating she had alienated a huge section of the HOC. She hoped to never have to get things passed through the HOC but luckily that was not the case. Now, having said that I get that alot of the above is just the way politics works in this country and even though Brexit is unprecedented you are probably right that anyone else would have done the same, even if the red lines were different (see labours key tests). But her ultimate failure has been her utter failure to be flexible. To accept her deal is not good enough and have the conversations (better late than never) and allow all of parliament to be included on what the best course of action is. Now we all know there's no clear majority, but that's where the indicative vote at least gives us a way forward. It's as if she sees the failure of her deal as a personal failure and therefore refuses to even consider another route, hence the Deal or No deal showdown. This is the most damning aspect of her leadership. It's as though she saw Cameron U-turn every week and thought, "I'm never doing that". But it does not need to be a U-turn, it needs to be a ok, let's see what else we can come up with. Her inflexible approach has isolated MPs across the House and left us in this mess with 9 days to go. She's blamed the house, when in reality there's only 1 person to blame and it's her. I saw a tweet earlier that even the application to extend article 50 was submitted late. This government is an utter shambles.
  9. Small price to pay to be rid off her
  10. So May thinks another few months will give her time to get her deal through. Delusional. All I hear from MPs is they want the choice to vote on all the options in an indicative vote. Maybe I'm an idiot but this makes sense to set out a direction we can move forward. But no, Mrs May wants another vote in a Deal Vs No deal showdown, which I bet still won't go through. Scare tactics again. I'm a remainder, but right now I think I'd prefer no deal to Mays deal purely on principle. Either way, May is an embarrassment to the country. Surely it's time for either May to go or parliament to take control of the proceedings. Enough is enough, her deal is not suitable so we need to try and find something that is. Its a great lesson in how not to be a leader for anyone interested in the intricacies of leadership.
  11. I fully agree with Chris Bryant's motion. The PM's deal is dead. MPs have had their say twice and the PM has continually used scare tactics to try and get her shit deal through. It's time to go back to the drawing board and include the whole of the HOC. Party politics needs to be left outside and they need to get in a room and come up with a solution that the majority would back. Or put all the options on the table and have a proportional vote. So at the very least we get a decision of what MPs want.
  12. Matt Piper was an absolute breath of fresh air in that relegation season. Kept it simple, beat the man down the line and got the ball in the box. Was gutted when we sold him and felt sorry for him when his injuries stopped him meeting his potential.
  13. Yep, bough £100 worth of about 20 coins. Down a a touch a the mo, but I'm in it for the long haul and will be paying off my mortgage with the profits in 5 years. 😎😎😎
  14. Pay back for when they stole O'Neill
  15. Sit down with the Mrs, work out exactly what you both want from life and work backwards on how to get there. The system if working sucks, so maybe it's time to **** it off and live life on your terms. As for uni support, there is shit loads available. I issued to work in a university student support team so any questions about that let me know.
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