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  1. Of course soucek scores after input him on the bench in my fantasy team
  2. He'll be a while, got all the notifications to get through given how often he's been tagged and quoted today. As for Amartey, I'm made up for the lad. To go through what he has and come back with that performance shows his mental resilience. I myself thought his city career was over and thought the arsenal game was more about getting him in the shop window and showing he's fit. Turns out he could be like a knew signing for us. Great to finally see him get a run at CB too, something alot of us having been saying for years.
  3. GK - Barry Hayles RB - Barry Hayles LB - Barry Hayles CB - Barry Hayles CB - Barry Hayles RM - Barry Hayles LM - Barry Hayles CM - Barry Hayles CM - Barry Hayles ST - Barry Hayles ST - Barry Hayles
  4. That's got to be the stupidest thing I've read all week
  5. Not hot under the collar at all col. Not sure why you would suggest that. I'm also no chump, but I guess you know that anyway hence why you started to get personal. The don't help yourself comment is purely in response to you saying you don't hate him. Which you may not but that's not how it comes across. I think Amartey should leave, he's not good enough for where we are or where we are aiming for and after so long out and the age he is, he needs more games than what we can offer him. I only commented on your post as I've specifically commented that it was
  6. Well you don't help yourself, You said he's a million miles away from being a premiership footballer which is clearly bollocks. He may be average, but he is a premiership footballer and there's a reason a lower premier League are interested in him. Your hyperbole is as bad as any you are complaining about and completely detracts from any validity to your argument and does come across as much as a hatred as those twats abusing chilwell or Perez.
  7. For me, it's clear he's an impact sub, that's how he's always been best utilised and judging by Brendan's comments, he sees it the same way. The question is how does demi see it. If he wants to be a starter he's got to go.
  8. He's no Lee cattermole that's for sure. We all know you hate him but I see him as a player who can play and has played well in the prem. He's not a top end player but he's certainly not as shit as you make out. I don't think he does get more love than other players, I remember him having bad games and getting slagged off like any other player. The problem is when he has played well, you don't seem to be able to accept that. The love for Amartey tonight is simply that after so long out, it's great to see him back on the pitch. I said the same when Matty James
  9. He wasn't the worst player on the pitch imo and he hasn't played a competitive game for nearly 2 years. Dunno why you have such a downer on him based on tonight tbh
  10. It's not about being positive, it's about being objective. There's players that played tonight that I think need to leave the club, free up some wages and allow us to.get some younger squad players in, but it's not that easy, its evolution not revolution. We have moved so far forward in the last 10 years that we have players in our reserve 11 that would have pissed all over the Holloway team that was relegated. It's easy to forget that. We might not be where we want to be, but we are moving in the right direction.
  11. Jesus there's some doom merchants in here.... Let's try and be a little objective and look at what we can take away from that game. 1. We made 11 changes, have under to come in, Evans back from suspension, benkovic and ricardo injured, and hopefully at least a CB to come in, so that wasn't even a proper reserve 11. 2. Daniel Amartey played a full 90. Just seeing him back on the pitch after nearly 2 years out is huge for him. Yes he may get moved on but let's be chuffed for the lad. 3. Game time for madders, Wes and fuchs who are all coming back f
  12. Answered alot of questions and still had plenty of positives for us to take away
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