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  1. RobHawk

    Corona Virus

    Yeah coz that's what I said isn't it. The government may be briefed by experts but it doesn't mean they act in line with what they say. It's not like key members of this government has a good relationship with experts is it. I talked about leadership and will criticise the government for that. The post in question was calling anyone questioning the government whiners.
  2. RobHawk

    Corona Virus

    If @murphywants to return to WW1 in the trenches and blindly follow what the government is telling them, I'm glad I'm not there with him as history shows just how ****ing stupid that was. I'm on the frontline every day and are constantly looking for ways we can improve and work more safely. That doesn't stop me questioning what I perceive as appalling leadership from our PM.
  3. RobHawk

    Corona Virus

    Anyone volunteering for the NHS? I'd be all over that if I wasn't still working
  4. That's not breaking news I've been saying it for years
  5. RobHawk

    Corona Virus

    I'm not getting into the politics of it all at this time, but anyone who knows anything about leadership knows you need a clear vision and communicating that clearly is key. From day one the government have got this wrong, there's been no clear vision and people aren't taking the situation seriously just as the government didn't a week ago. People are also twats, no denying that but from a leadership point of view the government has fallen on its arse
  6. RobHawk

    Corona Virus

    Not sure what it's like over with you guys but here in Wales it's definately started calming by down. I went to asda today after work at 2.30 and minus the meat aisle there was plenty there
  7. RobHawk

    Corona Virus

    Does any one else think it seems a bit backward, that the government are agreeing to pay up to £2500 a month for those who's jobs would be at risk, whilst many of those now labelled key workers during this difficult time, the ones keeping this country running, get nowhere near that level of support. For example, Many supermarket staff are on minimum wage but they have to keep putting up with alot of shit, and putting themselves at risk. The government needed to do something and I'm not disputing that, just seems like the world's turning upside down but still makes no sense.
  8. RobHawk

    Corona Virus

    Yeah we open at 8. This morning we had a queue of no more than a dozen start forming around 7.45am. TBD that's more for medicine and big roll as none of the food is out that early.
  9. RobHawk

    Corona Virus

    I can't speak for b&m but I work in home bargains and we've basically had double delivers the last 3 days which has meant alot more stick on the shelves. It has been going but at a pretty steady rate My advice for b&m if there's not much there is find out when they have a delivery in and what time it will be on the shop floor
  10. RobHawk

    Corona Virus

    You have a home bargains near you iz?
  11. I heard a few days ago he had died after falling down the stairs, read yesterday he was actually in intensive care but not any more it seems
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