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  1. Correct call for me! actions have consequences. On a side note, having lost, I think madders will be desperate to make amends and will be firing on all cylinders
  2. I am effected by these charges and whilst it can be frustrating, we knew the deal when we moved in, I also had the added annoyance of the council upping my council tax band when we moved in too. It's just a way for the council's to save money, they get more council tax from the new homes but don't have as much outlay for them. The biggest annoyance for me is around 50% of what we pay is towards admin fees. But they don't actually do much. We also live near a school with horrible parking and access to pick up the kids and every mam and her dog uses our estate as a car
  3. Aww man I'm gutted to see this news. I never met him, but found myself in the trenches with Ken among many policial arguments on here a good few years back. And yes of course there was the horse cards, a genuine attempt to send our best wishes with some typical foxestalk humour. Amazing to find out he kept them. RIP Ken
  4. Alright chill out. I never saw anything saying kdh would be sold personally. Time will tell anyways
  5. Pretty sure it was knight that was being touted to be sold in the summer and not kdh. It seems pretty likely kdh will be part of the first team squad next year
  6. So what's the deal.with gme? I notice it's up again today
  7. I think there's more blood to be shed so waiting a little while yet before topping up my portfolio. I've got a shopping list and price points ready though 🤣
  8. Knoppers, lemon Fanta and Snyder's pretzel pieces (jalapeno) all available.in home bargains at the mo
  9. The standard of male pundits is so low, how anyone can prioritise targeting the female pundits who are actually alright is beyond me.
  10. Also watched bohemian rhapsody and jexi over the weekend and really enjoyed them both.
  11. Agree, really good watch this
  12. For those looking at investing for the first time too, be aware that at some point in the future, prices will drop at least 30-40%. I'm not saying people shouldn't invest, just saying that this is the nature of the beast, it will happen and prices will boom again later down the line. If your looking long term, stay the course and be ready for what's ahead.
  13. I checked my portfolio before work this morning, checked again this evening after I saw it was a good day of rises. Made £2k in about 8hours. Lovely stuff, hope this bull run continues a little while yet
  14. I watched this knowing nothing about the story. Thought it was a bit shit tbh. Took you down so many dead ends and then what happened seemed a bit of a let down. Biggest problem was each episode was twice as long as it needed to be. They really padded it out
  15. Ignore me, only glanced and it hadn't updated from yesterday
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