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  1. Not for everyone as there is a price tag involved but for anyone wanting to make a lasting change to their relationship with alcohol but for one reason or not are struggling to do so, check out one year no beer. I've heard very good things about them. https://www.oneyearnobeer.com/takethechallenge?gclid=CjwKCAiAmNbwBRBOEiwAqcwwpWvGQ3IYvRc-L4Yp9sIS9IZ4j5joCSHvgBOTfqazo5FOMAU02D0EZBoCG68QAvD_BwE
  2. Tidy! Gives me an idea of what I'll charge! Cheers
  3. Random one, but I've been approached to do some maths tutoring (GCSE). Never done it before and never hired a tutor either so have no idea how much to charge. Foxestalk, over to you, any ideas...?
  4. I can't see us being able to spend 60m on any one player ATM. I also don't think he'd do that well in such a short space of time. He's off form anyway and it tends to take wingers more time to adapt to the PL, just look at Pepe. 40m seems to be about our limit at the moment.
  5. I just wanna my family and I to be happy and healthy. How I do that in 2020 is anybody's guess. Will see what the year brings.
  6. Great 3 points! Another win and spurs dropped points too. Great day!
  7. All about ensuring we get 3 points against West ham now
  8. There's alot of drivel in here. First full season in the prem and he's helped propel the team into 2nd place at Christmas. I'd be worried if there wasn't room for improvement. But the boy is special, so dangerous on the ball and his finishing will improve. He's a huge player for us who's only gonna get better. Get behind the lad, he'll be another England international soon.
  9. Is the semi still over two legs? Been so long since we've been in one I don't really follow the cup once we go out
  10. Wow, I'm not surprised but I'm also gutted. I wanted a hung parliament to show that FPTP is a dead format and to get electoral form which is the hat this country really needs. A Boris majority ****s that and takes the agenda off the table completely
  11. I refused to watch. Nothing could win me round to Boris and knowing Corbyn is the only other option is equally depressing. I'm basing my vote purely on local candidates, I don't need to see this pair of twats talk shit. I'm getting more education from Peppa pig which I'm watching with the little un
  12. Let's be honest, this is already happening in the NHS, just not to US companies.
  13. Agreed! But let's take a step back a minute, how would the Russians get their hands on sensitive conversations between the UK and the US. There's a national security question here IF there was russian involvement.
  14. I never read the papers if I can help it, especially shit like the mail but this intrigued me. **** me, no wonder the countries ****ed if this is the level of journalism. It's bad enough that the this terrible incident that led to the deaths of 2 people is the latest political football, but our sitting prime minister being allowed to share this level of bullshit without an ounce of scrutiny is unreal. I'm astounded tbh and won't be picking up a paper anytime soon.
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