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  1. I've got money in around 30 coins. Invested around £200 in each. I have some now worth over £3k and some around £50. I've done some research on all of them and still hope they all come good. Chances are a few will fail and become worthless but hopefully a few more will make a big impact. I could list some of the ones that aren't doing so well now, I'd you are interested, as these are the ones I'd recommend putting money on, rather than the ones already doing well
  2. I actually soul was a bit shit 🤣
  3. Milik is a classic West ham type signing to me. Go for a cheaper option but pay the player big bucks. He shows small glimpses of why he's rated but spends too much time injured and struggles to adapt the premier League and eventually ends up stinking up the club because patience soon wears thin. That's based on little knowledge of the player, but more knowing west ham need a striker
  4. I can't comment too much on what's happening at the moment with the ports but I know the company I work for is having great difficulty getting stock into the country and a number of shipments have been delayed.
  5. Yeah I'm the same, but I'd been lining up moves oflver the last few weeks ready for the next gameweek but this ****s it up abit annoyingly
  6. Sol sol bamba, wish you and your family all the strength in the world to get through it. Loved him when he was here, like a bombscare beckenbauer, which at the time was a breath of fresh air
  7. Always came across as a humble and lovely guy. Love that our club will always be a huge part of these players lives in such a positive way.
  8. My bad, I'm getting confused with a completely different player
  9. It was league one. Stills step up but I imagine the Wycombe thinking is simple and they are looking to add some pace and youthful exuberance to their attack. From what I can see they play really direct and a simple style of play could really suit admiral.
  10. Wonder on prime is well worth a watch, really enjoyed it myself.
  11. Good luck to the lad. Swindon were in a state when he went there so has a chance to step up a level and show what he can do. More encouraging is having two youth players at one club, that's the kind of relationships we need to be working towards.
  12. Go on Andy!!! Chuffed he's moved on but still part of the family
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