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  1. I'd given up on international football years ago but got drawn in by the fact it's England Vs scotland. I hate most of the players and Southgate can get in the bin. He's the poster boy for my generation for England failure and disappointment. I was so annoyed at the useless performance tonight, there were times I was wanting Scotland to score to serve them right for serving up such a lacklustre performance. I think I might be broken though
  2. If Brendan left tomorrow, I'd want us to be looking at Steve cooper at Swansea. Good pedigree with youth, gets the max from his players and did better with an average Swansea side than what potter did on a tight budget too. I'd be really surprised if he's not in the premier League next season
  3. Good post! I remember people spaffing over Pepe saying he was just what we needed. Arsenal paid £72million if my memory serves me right and he's been shit in the PL.
  4. Dump her, she's the problem not the solution 🤣
  5. Piss off you lot, I was typing through tears 🤣
  6. Tarkowski seems the obvious one. Only a year left on his contract and Burnley will want to cash in whilst they can. Of course dyche will say it will take big money to get him but they also know he wants to leave.
  7. 10 minutes on from this post and I'm fuming we didn't do what we needed and get 3 points. The rollercoaster of football emotions.
  8. Yeah we blew it today, but 66 points and an FA Cup trophy is nothing to be sniffed at for our club. Throw in the injuries we've had throughout and it's been an epic season. I'm disappointed on the day but proud of Brendan and the boys for the season they've had.
  9. Can't wait till we smash spurs and one of Liverpool or Chelsea drop points so we finish top 4 anyway. In fact they both will and we will finish 3rd! Keep the faith ya filthy animals
  10. Bucking the recent trend and still climbing. It's a very good project and one I can only see going from strength to strength
  11. It's been one of the best series ever so far for me. Mike is just incredible but all the others are good fun too. Nobody taking themselves too seriously and I've really enjoyed the series thus far
  12. After last week's pull back, my portfolio is looking very healthy once again, chain link and Ethereum classic being absolute ballers but a few others massively improving too. Fair play to those with dogecoin. I avoided it as I prefer the long game rather than checking every few minutes wondering when the past time to get out is. What dogecoin is doing is bringing more people into the crypto world and that can only be good for long term investers like me. Short term there's definate money to be made too.
  13. RobHawk

    Shed Roof

    Ooo interesting. Any recommendations on makes?
  14. RobHawk

    Shed Roof

    After the success of the decking thread, I wanted some advise on refelting my shed roof. It's completely had it and needs refelting but before I bought any materials wondered if their were any recommendations?
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