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  1. RobHawk

    What's in the news?

    Yeah your probably right. I'll get off my Rees mogg soap box now
  2. RobHawk

    What's in the news?

    My point is he'd rather stand by a PM he has no confidence in, than allow a democratic process to get this sorted.
  3. RobHawk

    What's in the news?

    I agree, he doesn't want to inherit this problem. I'm just fed up of all the games and scarmongering. Rees-Mogg keeping it going today. I am a past labour voter, but I am no fan of Corbyn either. But, Theresa IMHO needs to go, she's too stubborn to get us anywhere. The anti Corbyn stuff though. If we have an election and he is voted in, isn't that the will of the people. Isn't that the democratic process in action. Isnt that what Might has been saying about Brexit for the past 2/3 years. The hypocrisy is mind blowing.
  4. RobHawk

    What's in the news?

    So it's a given that Corbyn would win any election? I get the feeling too many Tory's are looking over the fence and concentrating on Corbyn, when their own party is bringing the country to its knees. Rees-Mogg is at the heart of the opposition within the Tory party and has done nothing to help get this Brexit issue sorted for the sake of the country. We are at deadlock. So what's gonna change?
  5. RobHawk

    What's in the news?

    Rees-Mogg 'won't put a Marxist in No 10' I find it weird that he has no confidence in his own party at an election, has zero confidence in the government's Brexit deal and has done everything possible to stop it, but is going to vote for Theresa tonight.
  6. RobHawk

    What's in the news?

    Her biggest problem has been she's gone through this negotiation as if she has that majority. Almost this blind faith that MPs would follow her regardless. I'm not sure if she's just really stubborn or has a huge lack of self awareness. Either way she's ****ed it right up. Even today after the worst defeat in parliament for any government ever, she's still sticking to her red lines. We will never get anything through parliament as long as she's running the show.
  7. RobHawk

    What's in the news?

    Gotta wonder what the point of delaying the vote was. All it's done is waste and time and if anything solidify the support against Mays deal. I gotta say for her part in this, I think Mays only got herself to blame. It's the biggest and most decisive issue in modern times. She's managed to create a deal that everyone hates. She's asked all sides to compromise but stuck to her red lines and refused to budge herself. Even now, when she needs to lead all of parliament through the biggest political crisis I've ever seen, she has no interest in speaking to the opposition and is only going to try and win over the Tory rebels and the DUP. The ERG will never be happy with any deal May will propose. Tonight is their chance to try and sieze power if they want it, but I can't see anything other than May in government in the morning. It's a poisoned chalice and they know it. David Cameron still the biggest culprit in all of this and I see today he says he doesn't regret having the referendum and leaving the country in this state. I think when the dust finally settled on all of this History will have him go down as one of the worst PMs in history.
  8. RobHawk

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    Great cup tie! Shame we were at the end of the giant killing but it happens to every club
  9. RobHawk


    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 138 seconds  
  10. Not exactly sold the thread with that title have ya
  11. RobHawk

    Ripped Jeans - What's the Attraction?

    I used to wear ripped jeans all the time when i was younger - i never bought them ripped though - thats just ****ing weird. Was just too tight to buy some new ones and they fit the rock n roll look i was going for back then
  12. RobHawk

    What Nationality would you like to be if....

    kiwi - just for the haka
  13. RobHawk

    New Series of Taskmaster?

    **** me - its September! Need to get this on catch up!
  14. RobHawk

    Southampton post match 1-2 Win

    Didnt see the game but thats a great result away from home, especially with vards missing. For those not happy in some way, go and support west ham for a few weeks, then come back with a fresh perspective!