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  1. This just showed up on my timeline
  2. No, but who ever made does a great flag at a low price
  3. During the title win kante didn't get spoke about for a while even though we were all raving about him . They'll do the same here and make out they were the first to notice how good he is🙄
  4. Top flight only I've got Chandler on 203 , Rowley on 87 and Lineker on 48 any one help with the others
  5. Has any one got a list of Lcfc goal scorers just counting top flight goals.
  6. This one is not mine , But i've just sent one down tonight for delivery tomorrow .
  7. Have they got a Cardiff connection ? I've done a banner as some Bochum fans are in Cardiff this weekend !
  8. Anyone got a list counting top flight goals only ?
  9. Xenophobic ? Accuse fans of stereotyping by doing the same, class that .
  10. Its a rearranged fixture so you're right they are missing a trick there . Chuck a load of tickets as junior teams and they could be getting a big crowd .
  11. There is a pic of top with a shaved head and monks clothing either just before or just after his "trip" to the monastery .
  12. Vichai sent top to a Buddhist monastery for two months for sacking Pearson with out his say so .!
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