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  1. Transfer talk:Rudkin jokes he may be at fault for all our transfer dealing i don't know but it's getting tedious already.
  2. That's very misleading as in reality the Newcastle urban area is some 800,000 compred to Leicesters 450,000. Saying that i think we are a bigger draw at the moment due to our title win.And even more so if we can convince players that the end of season form can continue next season.
  3. What happened too that player that ran the length of the pitch for Copenhagen in the 90th minute.He looks so timid these days.
  4. Who"s the sky co-commentator. Cvnt just said that the only difference now is the application!!!
  5. That Albrighton goal was literally one of the most unselfish things i've seen.He could of ran into space but seeing another player would be in a better postion he took one for the team!!!!
  6. Only 27 so in the next couple of seasons he will be hitting his prime!
  7. Deeney on the bench for Watford
  8. I think he has more assist than Mahrez since we've been back in the prem!
  9. Yea i know it was more of a "i wonder who they'll vote for" comment as it can quite different from the fans vote.
  10. What about players player of the year.That always is a bit left field.Didn't Jeff win it a couple of years back?
  11. https://youtu.be/OONbXacUZiQ Gateshead goal of the season comp. Leicester lad Wes York weighing in with a few good uns.
  12. I just use twitter to watch the games now.Just put in say "Arsenal v Leicester stream" and usually find a good stream after clicking a couple of links.
  13. I'm not itk but i'm sure this was the case.It seemed like he wanted to go Marseille and was "pushed" to come here by his agent. I've seen it myself football clubs promising to let a player go for x amount or if a higher league came then going back on their word and trapping the player at club.
  14. Maybe we paid £5 Million for a £30 Million pound player?
  15. Damn didn't realise Brighton were playing tonight. Seeing how pissed they all got after saturday .I was thinking of sticking a few quid on them to lose.!