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  1. Now I wonder what a black female lecturer would've taught you ?
  2. To be fair the scam the factories have going is a good one . They will have one unit all accredited pay the staff above minimum wage top notch health and safety. Then say they get an order for 10,000 units, 2000 will be made in the "good" factory and they will then farm the 8000 units out to the sweat shops. So unless you have some monitoring their in comings and outgoings 24/7 it's pretty hard to get on top of .
  3. los dedos


    Leicester has actually had a great rep for fresh fish/seafood. It is something to do with it being the first major City they stopped south of Grimsby when all the trucks were travelling down towards London. Literally a few hours after coming off the trawlers !
  4. So far it seems mass outdoor gatherings are not causing any spikes . It seems to be mainly from indoor "work" places. It was probably better they were all outside more than all stuck in the pubs along that road
  5. Also when quoting stats like Leicester have only beaten Bournemouth 5 times in a hundred years . Ignoring the fact we've been in different leagues for most of the past century
  6. Yea i think a lot of these cases are from more than 10 days ago and its already slowing down. https://twitter.com/cricketwyvern/status/1277519320730476545?s=20
  7. Did this guy play any games ?Never even seen his name come up for U18s let alone higher up
  8. I don't follow Matt Le Tissier either, But when ever he pops up on my feed he doesn't seem that annoying. Is it the fact he disagrees with the paranoia around Covid or am I missing something. 100% with you on Gary Neville though
  9. Still shocks me how family and Friends will share un verified photo's on Facebook. This person stole from an old lady, this person didn't wear a Poppy until 3rd November etc . They've no way of knowing how true any of it is
  10. Carlos Valderaram popped up on my Facebook feed the other day and it reminded me of this game I went to . Very random. Anyone else go ? think it was 10-0 to the Spaniards
  11. Maybe I would explain to them that we are laughing AT the racist old white man . . Warren Mitchell ( Alf Garnett) used to tell a story how racist would come up to him and say how they would love it how he takes the piss out of foreigners. He would all always shout back "we were taking the piss out of people like you" which would shock them some what . .
  12. Really, that seemed quite tame compared to Hong Kong . If fact I've seen British police go in harder at the football.
  13. We're really good mates with Villa aren't we . Players, management and above, all seem to get on "Football fwends "
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