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  1. Even against Arsenal it was more the naivety of going in on Pepe and giving him the opportunity to dive . He didn't get ripped apart by him and for me the he and the other players should of been in the refs ear more regarding Pepes diving . Even the senior players are all too passive for me at the moment.
  2. So pissed off with Pepe diving. We should be in the refs ear more
  3. Thing is he'll get a booking next time he "fouls" him.
  4. He did programme notes for the last game !
  5. Looking at latest figures it seems that the " whiter " areas are just as bad . Maybe it's just a Leicester thing
  6. I know what you mean, but we've hardly been in Europe through out our history so i really want to stay in any European competion as long as possible .
  7. I don't think he fits the type of player we would look at . Not skill set but age, potential etc
  8. Ok, me and you are on the same page then .
  9. I think not enough is made of Ndidi and Ricardo been out during last season's bad spell . Along with Youri not at his best had a massive difference. With these 3 hopefully staying fit and the form of Barnes, maddison etc there should be no collapse.
  10. Surely he just spelt it wrong . I must admit I had to check how gaily was spelt .
  11. The constant throwing himself to the ground is the main reason for the abuse. He would get a lot less if he didn't.
  12. I know what you mean . Some posters on him straight the way. He's no way near had enough game time to judge . Yet people write him of like they've written of countless others that came good
  13. To be fair it was in one of yesterday's rags and I only seen it on Twitter late last night . So I doubt he would've thought his pal was on about Becky .
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