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  1. Noticed the players are suited up today. Is that because the boss is in town
  2. You'd think they'd see how much the loan system has helped the likes of Chillwell, Barnes and KDH improve and push on and think that might work too.
  3. I think those 3 quoted are the same person 😂
  4. I asked the other day but didn't get any replies 😕 . But can KDH play for us again this season ? Lutons last game is this Saturday !
  5. Luton fans still raving about KDH . Seeing as their season ends next week can he play for us again this season ?
  6. Really, 9/10 that's about what i'd expect if they were playing Sheff Utd . You're either really over rating Chelsea or underating City !
  7. It was far from a shocker . A couple of missed placed crosses but he was no worse than anyone else .
  8. 2 missed placed crosses and you're coming on here to post that. Have a word .
  9. Who plays instead ? Spend 30 million on a new left back until Justin is back !
  10. Basically we are only ever going to loan out young players to see how they cope with "proper " football and players we are looking to get rid of . Due to all our injuries he's to far along in his progress to even consider loaning out .
  11. Yes, he's always dog muck when he first comes back after a few games out .
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