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  1. Some people that work in the NHS are dicks. They think nothing faking injuries/illness knowing they can get away with it . What's worse is it puts pressure on the majority of staff that have to cover for them .
  2. Wonder how many of the players he actually knows
  3. I sell Football flags and towels online . Just wish I knew of a group on the internet that would be interested in that sort of thing
  4. I suspect those pensioners where more like south stand/main stand who always went away but always sat . That's why it always worked so well years ago . Singers /standers normally behind a goal and seating one side at away games.
  5. The amount of kids in Leicester tops at kids football training these days is massive compared to only a few years ago . I even know of Liverpool supporting Dads whose kids are choosing Leicester over the scousers .
  6. Wow where did you find that . Remember the article from a good Few years ago ? Do you know the actual year ?
  7. Rotherham 4-3 up now after been 3-0 down until the 76 minute
  8. Think i was sitting near the them . One guy shouts " F***sake knock it over the top to Vardy " Two minutes late ball knocked over the top to Vardy . Same guy "what the f*** we doing that for !
  9. Pulling over to let an Ambulance go by and the car behind seems to think they can go by you . Actually got beeped at today as if he had right of way !
  10. 4. The Nationals pick up article and slightly reword it again
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