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  1. Rodrigo ? Bit older but maybe going for experience.
  2. Dead right , he's 26 and if he goes Man u he will be stuck there .
  3. https://twitter.com/LincolnCity_FC/status/1148542923195191297
  4. This is complete bull crap . Most people left at the end and about 500 stayed behind in the kop to protest . One of my friends was chosen to go and talk to O'Neil, I think five went in total . He explained to him that most fans had more of a problem with the board not spending and money. Which O'Neill agreed with and said he would push for more funds. Since then he (O'Neill) seemed to use that day to have a little dig to remind people that we all wanted him out and some fans seemed to have taken on that myth.
  5. God how I've missed the match day thread
  6. The worrying thing is his Birmingham academy coach saying the same thing when he was young. Beginning to look like he will never kick on !
  7. He's got a few things right , not 100% but not bad . That along with Linekers Apples comments mean it's looking promising .
  8. That would mean they are not just adding another tier but that would the east stand would have changing rooms and executive facilities for players/staff etc . But that would make sense as the hotel will be that side /
  9. So does Vardy get the assist ?
  10. los dedos


    Design,print and sell football flags. Hint, hint people !
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