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  1. Some footballers are just not that into watching football , Seem to remember Gazza saying he hardly ever watched it during his playing career .
  2. You know , The Magazine only been there for 500 years or are you really old
  3. One of the big things here is the luxury players accommodation , Players wanting to live in London , Manchester etc will find it much more attractive as they don't have do so much commuting .
  4. https://twitter.com/vonstrenginho/status/1181883162726686722?s=20
  5. Isn't the construction picture the opposite end of the player accommodation. As the lake is out of shot on the left
  6. The whole age argument is a difficult one . Some players improve with age some hit an early peak and don't improve. I'm still prepared to give him time but his lack of bottle has always annoyed me . Seems to pull out of any 50/50 challenges or worse even when it's in favour !
  7. Yes please do I'm half Spanish and I've got no idea what this word is
  8. Update , The flag as been hung up at the back of SK3 , Look out for it Saturday guys
  9. I think the guy's who've had it made have got a good place for it . The smaller one is already up but was a bit hard to see !
  10. Larger version of the Bentleys flag 12ft x 6ft I've made . This one has special permission by the club to be permanently hung at the Stadium
  11. Did Gillingham ever get the £100,000 , I heard at the time we offered him £20,000 a week and Taylor panicked when his agent didn't get back to him so then offered £25,000 . He was only on 2k at Gillingham and would've been happy with 5k a week .
  12. Might be all a coincidence but the Club seem to be pushing a lot on social media along with new contract announcement this week . Makes you wonder if it's their way of showing him backing .
  13. Err yea that's sort of my point . Even if that sort of thing did happen (which I agree it doesn't) then even Mahrez didn't like him .
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