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  1. So does Vardy get the assist ?
  2. los dedos


    Design,print and sell football flags. Hint, hint people !
  3. Just done this flag for a Birmingham forum . Come on foxestalk do a bigger one
  4. Since found out it was a massive 2 Bochum fans that went to Cardiff . So Cardiff made a flag
  5. North Africa contains quite a number of people with blond hair .These are the ancestors of Europeans kidnapped and forced into slavery by Barbary pirates.
  6. Go on the players Instagram and you'll see what they mean . Seems like the other City players think he is a good laugh .
  7. This just showed up on my timeline
  8. No, but who ever made does a great flag at a low price
  9. During the title win kante didn't get spoke about for a while even though we were all raving about him . They'll do the same here and make out they were the first to notice how good he is🙄
  10. Top flight only I've got Chandler on 203 , Rowley on 87 and Lineker on 48 any one help with the others
  11. Has any one got a list of Lcfc goal scorers just counting top flight goals.
  12. This one is not mine , But i've just sent one down tonight for delivery tomorrow .
  13. Have they got a Cardiff connection ? I've done a banner as some Bochum fans are in Cardiff this weekend !
  14. Anyone got a list counting top flight goals only ?
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