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  1. Steve "15 goals in 106 championship games"Howard.?
  2. Sorry wrong place .Can mods move for me .
  3. Not sure what to make of the clubs facebook post.Could be a bit controversial.
  4. How did you not put "make a mighty bid" in that sentence .
  5. Doctors are worried that Alan Brazil will become the first man too die of exploding. (nicked off Twitter)
  6. Agreed surely we'd just move a couple of the better u18s up.
  7. Give me a few hours and i'll have a go.
  8. Is this the slowest lock in foxestalk history?
  9. Didn't do it for me.Used jump for flick on's miss then slap his thigh like it was someone else's fault. His scoring record in the championship is appalling.
  10. Look at him smiling when he should be looking moody and disinterested. It's almost as if he want to suceed.
  11. Is the Everton bid fact though?
  12. I can see Slimani been Shakespeare's plan B . 3-5-2 plenty of balls in the box.Bish,bash bosh
  13. Medical jokes,Afcon jokes,Rudkin jokes i bet half the this forum laugh at Mrs Browns boys!
  14. Is he back in training?Didn't see him in any of the pictures .