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  1. You're not wrong, but I always felt him daring to leave Liverpool for Man City upset a lot of the pro Liverpool journalist and they rewarded him with more negative write ups than usual.
  2. Agreed stayed there for a couple of days when England played a few years back . Lovely little town
  3. Yes I think Rennie has just done a PHD as well so he must be well up there with the latest techniques . I'd be surprised if there are many physios with a Doctorate.
  4. Not sure how many people remember this but you would often here shouts of "F*** off walshy you donkey " from the Kop when he first came here .
  5. Its when it goes to the fullbacks or wingers who are hugging the touchline that gets me . All the other team has to do is press and we end up either losing it, giving a throwing away or passing back to the defence . This seems to happen 100s of times a game .
  6. los dedos


    Then the funny one about loads of medicals
  7. Out of interest how many English left backs are regular starters for their team in the prem.
  8. So is it 50 mil plus add ons or 50 mil plus instalments
  9. Hope they don't look at "Chelsea twitter" last week then .
  10. Not to go off topic, but I'm assuming you were aware that Baker often posted joke pictures of Chimps etc when talking about famous people and he's definitely way to the left of Clarkson and Trump !
  11. Yes all tested numerous time
  12. Just had a lad back at work who had it . His daughter who doesn't live with him caught it off him and her husband did too. But his wife who lives with him in a flat didn't get it .
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