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  1. Two goalies again ! Surely we can get some youth on the bench ?
  2. Thing is it looks like the photos have been compressed giving to a more bulbous appearance. Which I don't think helps. One thing is it certainly looks better than what we have now !
  3. Surprised he's not had a bollocking already. Unless it's someone from the club
  4. Urrggghh they've started playing that song already .🤢
  5. Commentators that do this is a real bug bare of mine . Two teams might have been in different leagues for 49 seasons, "Its 50 years since Brentford last beat Arsenal at home " I mean its correct but hardly a fair stat .
  6. Mid forties and its Liverpool by a long shot for the same reason !
  7. I've watched Wrexham a few times home and away in the past ( related to ex player ) and with the size of the ground and the catchment area you could see the wouldn't look out of place in league one or even the championship . They were averaging 5,000 in the national league and i recon could easily grow that to 15,000 if they end up in the championship . The new owners will have a lot to do to get them there, let's hope they do right by the fans as they've entrusted them with a lot by giving up ownership .
  8. I'd start from 91 (25 years) As it really felt like the club were just drifting until Brian Little took over . Feels like it's been a rollercoaster ever since.
  9. Mate it's the international break . We'd find an Lcfc toilet interesting
  10. Was wondering how many extra staff they'll need to run it, I'd imagine the accommodation will be available 24/7 for the players so the security team alone would be a fair size on top of maintenance guys, cleaners, chefs etc
  11. it was a while before that, mind you i bet it went straight in the bin
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