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  1. I'd just give up on the sport, buy a large box of kleenex and go through the 900plus 'special' channels available on IPTV
  2. Top 4? Yea right, won't make top 6..bottlers again. Special mention to Rodgers for putting castagne (someone whose never come away from a touchline) in a back 3..ridiculous decision
  3. I'd be tempted to give the Thai lad a go.. Young and something to prove.. This is terrible.. Maddison and perez to blame for this.. Fkd all the preparation up
  4. Too slow transferring the ball from midfield to attack..i like praet but he's no no10.. Madders n perez have really done a number on us
  5. Wasn't too confident about this one as it was.. But with both madders and perez out.. West ham be licking their lips now the preparation has been fuched. Bunch of idiots.. All the seasons hard work potentially down the drown if we get a bad result today with the gap shrinking below us That being said, hope praet takes his opportunity and these lads get us through.. Then when the others get back, hopefully they'll have a point to prove to make it up... I'd take a point today before all this kicked off tbh Off the topic a second, When's Barnes back? Can't be
  6. This is solely off watching that clip, but I personally don't see him doing anything that Luke Thomas can't do, so why step on his toes ? Unless we're planning to lose someone in a year maybe?
  7. Probably same as last year really... hangs on what competition we're in next year I guess??
  8. Get in.. Well done brendan and well do to the whole squad... End of march.. 3rd in the league and an fa Cup semi... Keep it rolling boys
  9. Just thinking the same They have nothing to play for in the league and on their day are a very good team.
  10. Definitely.. Suits us with vardy slowing down. I'd stick with this for the rest of the season to be honest Swap perez for either maddison or praet
  11. Completely agree.. Shows what a good run in the team can do for a player
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