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  1. Am I right in thinking after this round the yellow cards are binned and restarted? I reckon he'll go more Rigid across the middle with Maddison being out and probably starting Hamza Schmeichel Riccy Evans Soyuncu Thomas Hamza Ndidi Tielmanns Albrighton Barnes Vardy Can't see him starting Under or Perez to be honest, and I don't think he'll have enough faith in Tavares just yet either
  2. I see what you mean, makes sense... I just feel against Prague we'll be 2-0 up at half time without many issues with whatever formation we start I feel against Arsenal a change in formation will affect us more.. That being said we've managed to scrape our way through to now, so I'm sure Rodgers will have a plan
  3. Exactly what I'd do... however I think Brendan will go 4 3 3 with a more rigid midfield having Hamza in instead of Tavares unfortunately I think we'll be fine tomorrow anyway, it's more Sunday I'm less confident about...losing that creativity ... hopefully arsenal will go to extra time tonight, with pens and add to that the travelling might be a bit f**ked come sunday
  4. Can certainly see him being made Vice Captain, wouldn't fancy his chances in wrestling the armband off Schmeichel though.. he's only 34 and a goalkeeper, so if he wants to carry on, he's easily got 3 or 4 seasons left in him, if not more Personally, I'd be more than happy for Tielmanns to have the armband. Always preferred an outfield player to have it myself anyway.... Schmeichel will continue to rule of the defence anyway
  5. Wouldnt imagine Kasper being too keen on the last bit, but I see your point
  6. is he the really promosing young lad they have? Karamoke Dembele or something along those lines? If so, he actually looks like he'd be a right scoop
  7. Mercury quoting it as 130 mate, not sure where its being shown though
  8. beat me to it haha,, very very positive... i man he isnt going to be negative, but the detail he gives about the stuff behind the scenes sounds very promising... for me he's one of those players that if he knocked on the door and said I want my salary doubling, I'd find a way
  9. Yea I'd imagine so, be the agent stirring it I guess
  10. haha yea I shouldn't use the last year as an excuse, My memory bank blew up once I had kids to be honest I still think Rodgers will be looking at a better quality option at 4th choice to Amartey, but I'm hoping the versatility of the squad sways him from that, Justin can drop in if needed, although I hate to take him out of position Wilf will too.... So I'm hoping the thought process is purely on attacking options, plus someone of Soumares Ilk to oust Hamza... no disrespect to Hamza, grafter, seems a great lad around the club, but ultimately, we've outgrown him and we'd get a fee.
  11. ashamed of myself, had to read it twice before I laughed
  12. Ah excellent, he's another one where I've heard great things about... but it's hard to judge playing in Belgium... But then Mahrez came from ligue 2 in France which isnt up to much and I don't think he turned out too bad given time did he
  13. Not sure to be honest, was just a name drop more than anything - there was nothing it other than me personally thinking he'd be a good option alongside Barnes. Vaguely remember it being a loan on deadline day though so you may be right.... most of the last years been a blur, as it has for everyone haha And to be truthful, would a young English left sided attacker won't to go and play second fiddle to one further up the queue? probably not... more wishful thinking Either way, providing we don't lose anyone important, I honestly think we'll have a squad capable of being c
  14. what's the score with Sowah anyway? Is it a visa issue?
  15. Yea, wasn't slating the lad, just saying there must be something going on.... hope it's what you say. I know a few people that throw his name into the hat on occasions... I would like to see what the lad could, and I've given up on Cengiz all together
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