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  1. Probably been mentioned already, but I'd ban them from the CL for 2-3 seasons. Let the places trickle down and let some other clubs benefit from European money. Never happen though.
  2. They're clearly only doing that to try and give it some semblance of meritocracy, they don't care whether these 'invited' clubs are there or not.
  3. Yeah, they basically want a closed Champions League which they can't be relegated or removed from, then carry on playing in the Premier League too.
  4. Carmichael is back from Series 5?
  5. Nah he was served with multiple regulation 15 notices and interviewed a few times etc, seems crazy that you could get around that by just changing your surname
  6. He never got convicted of anything and his family got his full pension as he died as a serving member of the police force - that's why he killed himself. Knew he was going down and his family would be left with nothing. But he was certainly well-known as being a bent copper.
  7. I've seen a theory that Kate is working for Carmichael/AC-3 and is deep undercover investigating Davidson's unit. Quite like that. Kate has worked with AC-3 before - she had to go to them to request permission to investigate Dot in series 3 as he was on her team and that was protocol. Carmichael runs AC-3 now and they obviously met in the last series. She's been undercover so many times now, that maybe the only way to do it again was to leave AC-12 legitimately and join up with a different unit. Seems very unlike her to spend so many years in anti corruption and then ju
  8. So if your dad dies as a disgraced bent copper, all you have to do is change your surname and you can get into anti-corruption with no questions asked? No-one on AC-12 seems to know about it, if it is her, which would be ridiculous in itself. If it came out that they didn't know they had the daughter of a bent police officer on staff, there'd be hell to pay. I've seen other comments that suggest she might be a member of another AC unit, investigating AC-12 - but again, why? Why use the daughter of a prominent corrupt officer? It takes credibility away from your investigation due to the obvious
  9. This is Scotland we're talking about
  10. More and more surprised we didn't go for Che Adams when he was still at Birmingham. Looks a tidy player, still relatively young at 24, would have been happy to make appearances off the bench and play understudy to Vardy, was a Leicester boy too. Given that he went to Southampton, you'd think we could have gotten him if we'd wanted him.
  11. Might not have a choice. Dems control the senate, if they can get enough Republicans onside they can convict and bar him from holding public office ever again. Depends how keen moderate Republicans are to distance themselves from him. They should be wary about making it a partisan issue and tacitly endorsing Trump's actions - yeah 70m+ people voted for Trump, but more voted for Biden, and I would have thought a decent proportion of Trump voters, outside of the fringe MAGA and Q loons, were not happy with Trump's behaviour in encouraging insurrection.
  12. Ahh yes, that 'big name' who played for **checks note** Corinthians before signing for West Ham. They both became big names, but nonsense to say they were famous players when they signed for West Ham - exciting prospects yet, but nothing like signing some washed up superstar like Zlatan or Cavani.
  13. Before I start, Jamie Vardy is an absolute GOD and pretty much my favourite City player of all time. But surely we don't actually want a like-for-like replacement for him, in that we don't want to bring in another player who the whole side has to be built around? Vardy has been the heart and soul of this team for so long, but he's been so good at such a specific and narrow way of playing, that we haven't really been able to play any other way, and when he has been out for any amount of time we haven't looked like the same team. We are never going to find another player who does what he does, a
  14. Think Cambiasso will be a class manager one day. Wouldn't be surprised to see him managing a top side in the future.
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