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  1. Get this waste of space gone. Terrible since the lockdown ended, but we've been terrible since the start of December if we're honest. For someone who's supposed to be such a great tactician, he clearly has no idea how to change things or manage games. Subs and tactical changes have been just baffling.
  2. Didn't even try to close down the cross into the box for the goal today and seems to spend a lot of time throwing his hands up moaning.
  3. This is defo going to happen lads, asked the bookies how likely it was that Edouard was going to sign and they said "Odsonne?"
  4. Pretty sure my SD sub has expired and it seems to be a total shitshow at the minute anyway. Anyone got any recommendations for alternatives?
  5. Good for them. Meghan already has plenty of her own private wealth, and Harry will easily be able to find some high-paying ambassadorial or public speaking roles. After the way the gutter press in this country - which, let's face it, is a reflection of the majority of people who live here - hounded his mother to death, and is now vilifying his wife, I can't blame him for wanting out. Hope they both take Murdoch and the rest to the cleaners. Also, the fact that the Royal Family are more 'disappointed' by this than his alleged paedophile uncle's activities, just tells you everything you need to know about their priorities. It's absolutely time that the RF was cut back anyway, so many hangers on who waste public money and offer nothing in return.
  6. If there was any chance he'd even get a game, maybe. But Southgate will never play him except for a 20 minute cameo on the wing. Waste of everyone's time, enjoy your summer off Jamie.
  7. Would love Maupay here. Only 23 and 7 goals already this season. Would give us something a bit different upfront.
  8. If you're old enough to work, pay tax, get married, have kids and join the army, you're old enough to vote. No taxation without representation. All I've seen the past few days is people saying 'well my son's a complete idiot who can't even drag himself out of bed, let alone vote' - seems a bit weird to criticise your own parenting, but fine - he doesn't have to vote. But there are plenty of 16-17 year olds out there who are just as educated on the issues as the general population, some of them even more so, and the outcome of this election is likely to have a profound effect on their future - those who want to make their voice heard should be allowed to.
  9. They're a lot easier to find than pics of him in a Chelsea or Burnley shirt tbf, rare as hen's teeth!
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