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  1. AKCJ

    Cricket 2018

    You almost feel like Pakistan should be allowed to enforce a follow on without setting a score in the first place, it's been that bad.
  2. AKCJ

    World Cup Betting Thread.

    There were 30 own goals in the PL in the season gone from 380 games. An own goal every 0.078 games. 64 games in the world cup at that rate should yield ~5 own goals. 80/1 seems like good odds to me.
  3. AKCJ

    What grinds my gears...

    P **** sake man.
  4. AKCJ

    Cricket 2018

    Christ almighty what is Cook playing at there?
  5. AKCJ

    Cricket 2018

  6. AKCJ

    De Silvestri

    @Col city fan
  7. Why aren't you lead marketing director of KFC?
  8. AKCJ

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Why is that funny Stan? Would it not be possible to have something like 60m for Mahrez and the buy back clause for Iheanacho revoked? Not having a go, genuinely curious.
  9. AKCJ


    If this isn't undeniable truth then I don't know what is.
  10. AKCJ

    Cricket 2018

    Cricket's back
  11. AKCJ

    Have You Ever Had One Of Them Moments

    State of this thread man.
  12. 5/5 on the easiest although the 4th was almost a guess. 4/5 on the two 'harder' levels.
  13. AKCJ

    Panini Sticker Album

    I've just about completed this for the first time since I was probably in primary school. Probably spent whatever it costs to get the 700 or so stickers (probably even less). Done no end of swapping. Go on gumtree and theres no end of people swapping in Leicester. One guy needed a shiny badge to finish his book and he gave me about 100 extra.
  14. AKCJ

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    If we were to go for a left back I'd love us to look at Ausburg's Phillip Max. Direct, pacey and good on the ball. Unbelievable cross on him too. Got no end of assists last season.
  15. AKCJ

    FIFA 18

    My team is mental right now. In game its like this; De Gea Young TOTS - Prime Rio - Vertonghen TOTS - Alaba FUT B'day Matic TOTS Muller IF - Kimmich TOTS Prime Del Piero Son Heung-Min TOTS - Sane TOTS