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  1. Christ it's all about him isn't it.
  2. This game against Barnsley also was an early insight into the fact that this lad would go on to become a world class striker.
  3. I think that's the insecurities of being a historically smaller club. The bigger clubs have larger number of supporters. They all want to hear that they're going to be signing the current best players in the world. Right now we have some of the current best players in the world and so the media are writing stories to pander to those fans.
  4. I've seen this list and it's only for the "Big 5" European Leagues.
  5. What Universe do City fans live in where they think nobody will be interested in our players?
  6. Honestly cant be arsed. Was looking forward to watching teo young City players in the England team all day. Mount dreams of being half as good as Maddison. Big club bias.
  7. Apparently they're looking at the other lad that plays next to him. Demiral or something.
  8. Between Barnes -> Perez or Maddison -> Vardy for me.
  9. Never said it does but it doesn't mean you can't produce professional material.
  10. That isn't what they are though are they? I'll slag AFTV off forever but at least they are genuinely professional with high end camera and sound equipment as well as recording studios etc.
  11. Going off that list, i'd probably go for the Aguero goal as the "moment" but in terms of sporting success i'd look at the Ben Stokes innings, 5000/1 or 2012 Ryder Cup.
  12. Us winning the league isn't a moment. Eden Hazard putting it in the top bins is a moment.
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