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  1. It's ****ing stunning. Can't wait to get home, sit in the garden and chill the **** out.
  2. I was thinking a 4-1-4-1 Aguero Sane Silva De Bruyne Sterling Fernandinho But that's without David Silva, Yaya and Jesus. Their team is going to be mental on paper.
  3. Wouldn't mind Sagna if the wages are decent. Big if though.
  4. Silva is absolute quality but not sure what sort of formation they're planning on using.
  5. I think it's a waste of time to try and find rational thought in the mind of a man willing to blow up children in the name of religion.
  6. Sniped a TOTS Azpilicueta for 20k under his going price last night and he's absolutely absurd. Comfortably the best centre half in the game for me. Like Finnegan says. The stats of these players sort of ruin it because he's got mad pace, wins every tackle and his jumping stats mean he wins every header despite being fairly short. His passing is ridiculous and I scored an amazing turn and shot into the postage stamp. Love him. Sold him to make money back last night because I've made quite a bit of money and I'm waiting to see the prices of TOTS Dembele and TOTS Modeste (Please be in TOTS )
  7. Zero. The defending is far too good and I don't have the skill to find space for myself.
  8. Probably. He's going to Porto.
  9. Before anyone says it... No.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9sH2U_8QQ4
  11. One of the weirdest minutes of silence i've ever seen.
  12. It's Spanish law. The same for everyone over there.
  13. He's a young Yaya Toure who can actually be arsed with football. He'll be worth 5 times what we paid for him this time next summer. I'd go as far as saying he's already doubled in value.