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  1. Shame that we don't have Perez available. Just one attacking midfielder is all I want right now. I think this game is most suited to Under. if Under can't get game time against Brighton then he never will. Kasper Ricardo Fofana Soyuncu Castagne Ndidi Tielemans Under Iheanacho Albrighton Vardy
  2. I did one of those result predictor things and I had us finishing 4th having overtaken Spurs with a last day win. It's going to be immensely tight IMO.
  3. Hahaha this punditry. Cole - "He's got blistering pace for a 32 year old." Cates - "Hes 34 I think!" Minute later. Morrison - "You've got to remember Vardy's 33 now".
  4. Be interesting to see if it's 5 at the back or a diamond; Kasper Castagne Amartey Soyuncu Ricardo Ndidi Mendy Hamza Tielemans Iheanacho Vardy Would rip your arm off for a the calmest of 2-0 wins ala Fulham away.
  5. Agreed. Anything to avoid Under starting. Would be a mess with him in the side.
  6. Sheer panic when I saw this thread had gone hot.
  7. That celebrity refs page is hands down the best bit about twitter IMO. Absolutely love it.
  8. Jesus, just seen his statement. What an absolute bellend. Surely he didn't think people would believe that?
  9. Best way to beat them is to play everyone that's comfortable with the ball at their feet under pressure. Mendy should play IMO. Keep the ball and keep them running while we're jogging. Wouldn't play Under because he's incapable of sustaining an attack. He'd just be giving the ball back to Burnley all game to give them opportunities to boot the ball forward.
  10. Yeah I remember that game against Reading. Don't think he scored or assisted but you could see the man had unreal ability. Got one of their lads sent off IIRC. Still maintain that Mahrez has the best first touch in world football. Would chop a bollock off to have him back.
  11. He's a midfielder, in the Tielemans bracket of sauce.
  12. Guarantee FoxesTalk would have thrown the strop to end all strops had we even been linked with Lingard let alone signed him.
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