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  1. AKCJ

    Luka Jovic

    It's up there with Micah Richards and Mikel Arteta.
  2. We went through a rough spell where VAR consistently failed us. If we get even a quarter of the decisions that we should have got then we'd have another 3/4 points right now and be almost guaranteed of Champions League football. I totally agree, in 2020 we haven't performed as well as we did in 2019. However, we still should have received more points than we have and that's all down to incompetent refereeing.
  3. We did have a shot on target at Carrow Road. The keeper didn't save it either.
  4. Two games the officials did us over in.
  5. We've been denied multiple penalties that look clear and obvious while the likes of Chelsea and Man United are getting them week after week. It's a bit hard not to feel extremely hard done by. Not sure what you're trying to achieve up there on your high horse.
  6. Apparently Arsene Wenger is being given a key role in it all. So at least that's Man United ****ed.
  7. That Samatt/Maguire incident there was more of a foul than the Fernandes dive.
  8. Does our form stay bad if we get the penalties i've mentioned? No, not for me.
  9. Sorry I included them because I thought the penalty they got was soft as ****.
  10. No, it isn't our own fault. Not solely at least. Look at the refereeing in the Man City, Burnley, Brighton and Everton games. We didn't get penalties in games that we've eiher lost by 1 goal or drawn. All penalties that this Man United team would have got. We are being consistently dealt 7 highs while Man United are getting Ace pairs. Fair enough it happens in football. But it's literally happening every single week. The game is absolutely broken.
  11. Sky trying to make more out of the 2nd goal to detract from the HORRENDOUS refereeing?
  12. "I think you have to be punished for being clumsy" as they're literally watching him stamp on the lads ****ing calf. Get ****ed SKY. It's your fault the English game is completely ****ing broken.
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