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  1. It's not a typo. It's them trying to be funny. That account is a complete embarrassment. Constantly attempting memes and stuff. Needs binning imo
  2. Man City have spent 130m on full backs in the last couple of weeks. Disgraceful.
  3. Silva is very similar to James and Drinkwater.
  4. If we sign him then I have no idea what formation we'll play next season.
  5. It absolutely baffles me how people think he doesn't work hard.
  6. I'd be happy enough to go till January with the centre halves we've got. We've currently got Maguire, Morgan, Huth, Benalouane, Moore, Amartey and Fuchs that can play in that position. But I'd like to see us get a good young defender in the place of Benalouane. Gibson would be fantastic.
  7. Is there a chance that the results could be skewed by non-Leicester but pro-standing supporters? I imagine that the UFS social media following contains a lot of people just interested in what they do.
  8. Abysmal leadership from the Indian camp. Constantly sighing and biting their nails on the bench when they looked the more likely to win. The England camp were very positive and it paid off.
  9. This is a superb match.
  10. CB Kasper Amartey Wes Maguire Albrighton Drinkwater James Fuchs Mahrez Vardy Slimani
  11. Did you have a problem when he was scoring all those goals and getting all those assists in the year beforehand? His application, "effort" and defensive discipline has always been low. You carry players like Mahrez in the side because you know that they have it in their locker to create opportunities or score goals. If you want to follow a side with zero flair, entertainment or excitement then there are plenty available. I'd far rather take the risk of carrying a player like Mahrez or Gray in the hope perform that one bit of magic that gets me out of my seat every now and again. That is what football is about. There is no entertainment in watching a side work it's arse off for 0-0s or 1-1s. I can't remember who said it, I think it Darren Fletcher that said that he was willing to put the effort in when it felt like players like Tevez or Ronaldo couldn't be arsed because he knew that they had it in them to create that bit of genius to win the game. If Mahrez goes it'll be a monumental loss to the club. That lack of respect he gets from supposed football fans (never mind Leicester fans) is genuinely laughable.
  12. Sam Curran is going to be very special.
  13. Slightly, but he's a CM so it's not that bad,
  14. lmao if we get Cancelo.
  15. Just got Gerrard. He's mental.