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  1. Hmm, I think it's totally different to want us to go hard in the Cup but pick and choose our League games. Had this been a league game i'd totally agree with you, but it's only natural to want to the club to go all out for the win in every game in a knock-out competition.
  2. I personally would rather go full on in the Cup now rather than the league. Don't think we're in any position to finish 7th and if we do I don't see us having a good enough squad to cope with the Europa League. Probably rather we finished 8th/9th and focused on building the young squad up to that level. I'd happily let the kids play away at Chelsea and name our best possible team tonight.
  3. "I don't see it being an easy win" *Proceeds to name a starting 11 with a good 6/7 world class players in it*
  4. I'm even debating whether or not I should be bothering to go and I've got a ticket. Just been out in town to get a bit of lunch and it's ****ing baltic. Really ****ing miserable following Leicester at the moment, we are seriously boring and I can only envisage a 0-2 defeat tonight. Saying all that i'll still go
  5. AKCJ

    Mr. Leonardo Jardim

    Silva - 20 years old Mbappe - 17 years old Lemar - 21 years old Mendy - 22 years old Fabinho - 21 years old To achieve the success that he achieved (CL semi-finals) with a side that young is very impressive. Given we have a lot of young players with high potential, it makes sense to get a manager in that has a track record of getting the best out of youth.
  6. AKCJ

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Schalke v Man City Atletico Madrid v Juventus Man Utd v PSG Tottenham v Borussia Dortmund Lyon v Barcelona Roma v Porto Ajax v Real Madrid Liverpool v Bayern Munich
  7. AKCJ

    FIFA 19

    Is "xDG1" on Xbox One anyone on here? He's a Leicester fan and he's just had the jammiest win of all time against me. 3-2 with 2 kick off goals and his winner I clearly tackled his striker but the ball popped straight back to him. Loan Ronaldo and loan Mbappe with goals for him too.
  8. AKCJ

    FIFA 19

    I did the Ballack SBC yesterday. From an Ultimate Pack I got one 83, 3 81s and the rest were 80 or lower.
  9. We are just ****ing miserable aren’t we? Think I’m teetering towards Puel our to be honest. Was happy to let him have time to implement a more attractive style of play but it’s just not happening. We never look like scoring and we always concede. We will simply never be a possession based team with Ndidi in midfield. He couldn’t pass the ****ing parcel.
  10. AKCJ

    FIFA 19

    Going to be doing everything for Ballack.
  11. AKCJ

    FIFA 19

    POTM Reus out in 7 minutes lads.
  12. AKCJ

    Chilwell to Manchester City

    If Man City sniff about then Chilwell will want to go. But we won't sell him in January.
  13. AKCJ

    Last Minute Christmas Advice and ideas

    Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider books were my go to when I was about 11-14. Thoroughly recommend them. Just looked on Amazon, set of 10 for 18 quid. I think there were about 5/6 that I read.