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  1. LCFC marketing team has had this forum by the bollocks over these hats. Not going today but would honestly like one of those.
  2. As a batting unit, if you were to take Smith out of the Australian side I actually think we're much better than them. Root's lack of form, coupled with Smith's incredible form, makes us look worse than we are IMO.
  3. So enforce the rule then? Seen this point raised a few times since the Chelsea/Liverpool shoot out. If it's the rule, enforce the rule. Simple as that. If a keeper comes off his line, retake. If he does it again, book him. Get it sorted.
  4. I think the trouble with Barton is that he got far too wound up with the him vs Scott Brown thing and it affected his game. He didn't really do that much when he came back to Burnley though to be fair.
  5. Did you? Makes out like he's some sort of walking injury. Other than his Derby one, I can't think of a time where he was out for a significant amount of time.
  6. Think Ballance averages 40 odd at 3. While it's nothing to write home about, he has been better than the others that we've tried and dumped.
  7. Sibley Burns Ballance Root Roy Stokes Foakes Curran Leach Archer Broad Genuinely got no idea now.
  8. Do you have pets DavieG? To me they're family.
  9. Do you always maintain perfect judgement and never reflect that you should or could have done things differently?
  10. I wouldn't want to be paid to drink in most gaffs in Corby.
  11. Make a great player crap? Vardy at RW
  12. Well, yeah. Like saying i'd rather have Ben Hamer in goal over Jamie Vardy.
  13. Ward Justin Morgan Benkovic Fuchs Choudhury Mendy Barnes Praet Gray Iheanacho
  14. Ghezzal is a bad player, lets get it right. Got a reasonable touch and can dribble fairly smoothly, but that's about it.
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