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  1. Have to admit, I sit in J1 and I couldn't hear you much.
  2. Surely Sky would prefer it to be earlier in the day on the chance that Man City win the league against us?
  3. Aguero was well offside, what are you lot on about?
  4. Why do Spurs and Ajax get the extra two days?
  5. Personally hope for a Spurs vs Liverpool final and a Chelsea vs Arsenal final.
  6. Summed it up for me when the expert referee told viewers that it struck Llorente on the knee.
  7. Then bring it in to the big games when they're competent.
  8. Barcelona are absolute pissing themselves btw. Juve and Man City out, Ajax and a Harry Kane-less Spurs in? They can't believe their luck.
  9. Still personally massively against VAR. Took 2 minutes to work out that Mane was onside earlier. Ruins all the hype in a goal celebration. Clearly last minute deciding goals in Champions League quarter finals are rare moments when it won't take away. But for every other goal? Nah not for me.
  10. **** me. Best game ever. Un ****ing believable.
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