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  1. Azpilicueta has, for me, been the best centre half in the league this season and he's about 5 foot 6. Height isn't a problem when Huth is next to you. It's not like Simpson is a midget anyway. 5 foot 10 is taller than most strikers in the league to be fair.
  2. You opened your untradeable pack as a reward for doing the SBCs. There was a glitch where FUT Birthday cards that you pulled came out of those packs as their normal version. They realised this and fixed it. Congrats
  3. Easy to say that with hindsight. When he joined they'd finished 10th and weren't even in the Europa League.
  4. Finding Nemo
  5. I don't have kids yet but I can't begin to imagine how much parents must worry when they don't know where their child is. Looking back to my childhood and wandering through fields, following random streams etc. I could walk miles away from home on weekends and my mum and dad would just think I was at the park. I think back to it and look at stories like the McCann's and the thought of not knowing where the people I love and dear most in the world sends shivers down my spine. I remember being on holiday with some family friends and two girls just walked off. I've never seen anybody so nervous and outright scared as their mother that day.
  6. The new SBCs are daft af. Their TOTS cards wont cost 1m each and they'll be tradeable and higher rated. No idea why anyone would bother.
  7. I'd put Hunter on my goalkeeper if I could.
  8. No longer on SKY? When did that happen? That's annoying.
  9. Riyad at #11 just shows how under appreciated he is. He'll be off in the summer and we'll probably not sign anybody close to his ability for years and years.
  10. Penny for Marcelo's thoughts. Wipe out Roberto for a yellow and you've won the league. Poor from him.
  11. It's taken 45 minutes for the card waving to start and it's that horrible little tax dodging scrote. Surprise, surprise.
  12. Sky's 360 degree camera thing is utterly mad.
  13. What the **** does Messi have in his mouth? Just switched over.
  14. Oh sorry I thought you meant the guaranteed IF pack