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  1. The man is an absolute weapon. Good to see the majority of the country is starting to take their Italia 90 specs off to realise it.
  2. What so because Chilwell isn't good enough for Barcelona or Juve he'll never be considered good enough? He's a victim of the hype that people have given him. The same people that are no slaying him. He always has been - and likely always will be - a very solid left back at Premier League level. Probably in the top 4 in the division. Boils my piss that some Leicester fans don't think that's good enough.
  3. What a keeper. On his night it's impossible to put the ball past him.
  4. I never had this game as a kid and it's one i'd love to play. People only ever talk about it in the highest regard. Looks a load of fun.
  5. Those thinking we have it rough.....
  6. Wanda Icardi would rinse this pair before she’s had her morning coffee. That woman is ****ing brutal.
  7. In a court of law? Yes. I think it’s fair to say that society makes its own opinions.
  8. She can argue that all she likes, society will just continue to think she has been so low as to sell private stories to The Sun.
  9. Well yeah, Coleen Rooney should have sorted this in private but she, like Rebekah Vardy, is a fame hungry WAG that loves attention of any sort. Now that the story is public, if Rebekah wants to clear her name she only needs to post information of who has access to her accounts. If she doesn't, she's guilty.
  10. I think it would take seconds for Rebekah Vardy to prove that she has people that has access to her accounts.
  11. Looking at Derby and Forest is like looking at a relationship that has completely gone off the rails where they both argue and fight with each other but try desperately to convince themselves and others that they actually love each other. We're like their ex that has gone on to better things and they're forever bitter about it.
  12. Oh well in that case it's all well and good that Mane dived on Saturday.
  13. Of course he does? He manages probably the most globally supported football club. If he says something with that much anger and emotion then of course people are going to listen and react to it. Don't be daft.
  14. AKCJ


    The Bamba tackle has been the only real one where he was out of order. Had no business flying in like that in the penalty area. If he didn't get the ball it was always going to be a penalty. That's the only one where I think he was in the wrong. The Salah tackle is one he has to make and the Ritchie one was a case of Hamza being committed to a 50/50 and Ritchie pulled out of it. Klopp is so far out of order for calling him out on it. Hate the way he's spoken about it too, the tone of it all. As though he's the leading authority of how to tackle. Plus the way the media have lapped it up. Tanner was right to call him out for it in his The Athletic article.
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