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  1. AKCJ

    FIFA 19

    So Elite 3.... 3 player picks... Alisson (hated him, use my untradable Ederson instead). Quagliarella (packed his untradable blue in the Ultimate TOTS SBC). VVD (Already have his POTM card). 3 TOTS pack. Oblak, Bernardo Silva, Chiellini - Total of 480k after tax which is just about as bad as it gets. FML
  2. Pre-ordering games is the biggest scam going, don't fall for the trap. Wait until unbiased people have played and reviewed it.
  3. Looking forward to seeing if Bolt, Ferguson etc can get the same amount out of this pitch.
  4. That's what they call right backs that don't go forward these days. Now that Man United have one it's a term of endearment whereas Simpson was slated and not picked for England despite clearly being the best defensive right back in the country in the season we won the league.
  5. If you're not having the red leicester sausage rolls then what the **** are you having?
  6. We bowled first because it was absolutely the right thing to do. Archer, Wood and Woakes beat the bats of Finch and Warner about 15 times between them in the first 10-15 overs. They were very unlucky.
  7. Plenty of the England squad needs to have a long hard look at themselves now. Too many players coasting along.
  8. Exactly. Their middle order is the absolute pits and Khawaja is atrocious every time I watch him play. They've just got world beaters at each end that win it for them.
  9. Saw that this morning, seriously hope he's okay. Always loved watching him when growing up.
  10. Good players block deliveries like that though. Absolutely no way should be be playing at a ball like that. He's far too eager to look good and doesn't know how to come in and assess a wicket, get to grips with it and stay in. Can't afford for Root to continually coming in early. This is the 4th time he's had to come in before the 3rd over has finished in this world cup and today is our 7th game. Simply nowhere near good enough.
  11. Bairstow Roy Root Morgan Stokes Buttler Woakes Plunkett Rashid Archer Wood That's our best 11 for me.
  12. Can only assume Plunkett still isn't fit.
  13. Nor me. Think their side is heavily reliant on Warner, Finch, Smith and Starc but the trouble is they're all at the top of their game at the minute. is Plunkett back?
  14. Trouble is how many of them will be tourists and how many will be the die hard season ticket for 20 years types?
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