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  1. **** me that is world class. Love how you can see the celebrations from the fans before you can hear it.
  2. He gets absolutely nowhere near the goal with or without that bloke in front of him. He can't be interfering with play.
  3. Jamie Carragher reckons Liverpool were much the better team. Must have watched a different game to me. West Brom absolutely robbed.
  4. Tell you what, Maitland-Niles is living proof that there is a bias to players in the 'big six' when it comes to England caps. Wouldn't pick him in my 6 a side team, let alone for the national side. He's utter pony.
  5. Imagine letting a scouser referee Liverpool games. He's having a shocker.
  6. Fabulous touch, turn and pass.
  7. Mike Dean special in the build up to the goal. Never a foul. Just makes it up.
  8. The bloke in the blue top at the end there
  9. For the same reason he films himself at football games, because he's an attention seeking bellend.
  10. https://curbyourvideo.com/?v=aDgfSFgIW8w&s=448&c=529&e=547
  11. Got scolded by my Nan for screaming "Of course it's that ****ing bellend".
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