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  1. AKCJ

    Adrien Silva

    I would assume we would have to pay him off to a certain extent if we wanted to cancel his contract.
  2. AKCJ

    Adrien Silva

    No idea. I suspect it could well be a loan with us paying some of his wage.
  3. Remember him lighting up the Serie A just after we missed out on him but then he had a terrible injury.
  4. Zinchenko is a tremendous shout. Would mean we had backup at the left wing back role as well.
  5. Why on earth would I follow that bellend?
  6. We don't need him in time to play against West Ham. Let him play after a couple of weeks training in the international break.
  7. Christ almighty that presenter want to be any more of a weirdo?
  8. Moody south american strikers always get a thumbs up from me.
  9. If they reject that, they're daft. If we then offer more, we're daft.
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