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  1. AKCJ

    FIFA 19

    MM are on Thursdays now.
  2. AKCJ

    FIFA 19

    If they're 1500 coins a go i'd be cashing out on Wednesday night. 50k profit right there. Could be better, could be worse but that's free money right there.
  3. AKCJ

    FIFA 19

    I haven't done anything with the Bundesliga POTM purely because I don't know when it'll be released and the winner is either Reus (high value) or Duda (literally nobody would be that bothered). It's high risk IMO. If you've got players like Kagawa at a good price then you won't lose out though. If they're not needed for the SBC then it's still an 83 rated card that will gain value at some point.
  4. You was your mouth out. Zsolt Laczko and Gabor Bori were world class...... trouble was they only did it the once against Cov
  5. AKCJ

    FIFA 19

    Just got Varane in my Gold 2 rewards
  6. AKCJ

    FIFA 19

    Hit me up Ash
  7. AKCJ

    European Football 18/19

    If we were to get shot of Puel then we ought to be all over him.
  8. Man City last year for me. Absolutely ripped everyone apart. Behind them it's got to be the invincibles.
  9. AKCJ

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Might not be 'soulless' to us supporters, but to the rest of the world it's a generic bowl stadium and they're all over the country. Denying that is ignorance. For me it'd be great to have a unique stadium (for me, Atlanta's ground is comfortably the best in the world for that reason) but i'm not up for leaving the King Power for the reasons mentioned in this thread already. Lets build the stadium we have into something we can be proud to call our own that doesn't look like St Marys or Pride Park or every other 30 odd thousand seater bowl stadium in the country.
  10. I'd have Drinkwater back here today. He's better than any other midfielder we have.
  11. AKCJ

    FIFA 19

    You know who to contact when you get wind of the next one
  12. Someone on here mentioned Zak Whitbread on here the other day. If that doesn't help you realise how far we've come in such a short space of time then nothing will. Makes Wes Morgan look like Paulo Maldini.
  13. AKCJ

    New training ground announced

    Once this is approved when should we expect to be moving in?
  14. He doesn't like him, which is fair enough considering how he left and that. But he's clearly wonderfully talented and we're a worse team without him.
  15. It hasn't though has it? The wealthiest owners in football haven't made him their most expensive signing ever for a laugh.