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  1. Is Under paid for each shot off target?
  2. Mental that this is the strongest line up we have put out so far and we're top of the group and qualified.
  3. With any luck, Maddison won't see any game time and we'll see Leshabela get some game time in his place.
  4. Mad how we turned out that utterly dreadful performance 4 days ago and yet here I excited as owt for tonights game.
  5. How does it work in terms of who we're going to get for finishing top versus finishing second? I assume top avoids Champions League drop outs?
  6. It's obviously a red card but anyone that headbutts Paredes should be rewarded imo
  7. If they've got any sense they'll have booked Tielemans in to some 5* Spa resort for a few nights. Poor bloke looks shattered.
  8. Nice that we're allowed to take Mascots. The Covid restrictions in Ukraine must be a little looser than they are here. Be a great experience for them to hold Wes Morgan's hand as they take to the field tomorrow.
  9. What do you find cringeworthy? Seems odd.
  10. Can only assume he's mistaken it for other awards on the same night like the one Rashford is getting.
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