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  1. The best game i've seen was the 5-3 against Man United.. Pure footballing brilliance shown by both sides at times as well as both sides showing they couldn't defend for toffee. The game when Jamie Vardy introduced himself on the world stage. Close runner up was 2-0 against Sevilla. The atmosphere, the pantomime drama, the "**** sake we're out" of the penalty being awarded, the massive noise when Albrighton slapped home that volley, the celebrations after. That's the sort of game you live for as a football fan.
  2. I'd honestly rather the club dip into the transfer fund than do this. Truly shameful and I hope those clubs get endless flack for it when the virus has blown over.
  3. Musa not getting an assist is criminal btw. Has to be our worst ever signing. Slimani was equally bad but at least he got a few goals and assists.
  4. 33/39 - Missed Gray, Maguire, Praet, Silva, Diabate and Justin.
  5. AKCJ

    Corona Virus

    jesus do people actually do that?
  6. It is absolutely mad how much the club rinses the Turks for Soyuncu content.
  7. Owen: They're undoubtedly the best team in Europe. **** me I know the lad aint bright but that's incredible.
  8. Trent is such a little scrote.
  9. hahahahaha these commentators are absolutely gutted.
  10. AKCJ

    Corona Virus

    City target Daniele Rugani has been tested positive for Coronavirus.
  11. You love to see that hahahaha you BEAUTY.
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