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  1. Vintage Harvey tonight. Been a good couple of games from him.
  2. Hashtag never wrong. Foxestalk on strings, you love to see it
  3. Exactly. I don't expect he'll play if there are big doubts but would they risk it if there are minor doubts?
  4. Bit wary about this. Do we risk him against a relatively poor side? Our next 3 league games are Chelsea, Wolves and Man City. We won at their place without him. The flip side of the coin is that we're in dire form and need a lift, he'd definitely give us that.
  5. i ****ing hate arsenal.that long haired gimp in midfield boils my piss
  6. AKCJ

    Alex Telles

    I'd say that he's better than Chilwell at 27 years old but when Chilwell is 27 he'll be miles ahead. Chilwell is clearly going through a rough time and I don't think the posession game suits him as much as counter attacking does. He's clearly a very talented boy that is having a rough season, he'll come through it. The cream always rises to the top. Always makes me laugh how Leicester fans want 60m plus for him yet call him shite in the next sentence. He's probably the second best left back in the league and one of the best young left backs in Europe. Give him time.
  7. He's not a scapegoat. The entire team was exceptionally poor. Not helped by the complete lack of dynamism in midfield. The side has no "umph" when we don't have one of Ndidi or Choudhury.
  8. AKCJ

    Dani Olmo

    Coveted by Barca. Why we would bother signing him when we have about 8 central attacking players but no frigging wingers is beyond me though.
  9. Jesus what game were you watching? Supposed to be the central point of our midfield and he was completley and utterly invisible.
  10. With any luck we'll never see Mendy play for us again. Absolute disaster.
  11. As much as i'm pleased we scored. That's such a blatant foul.
  12. Good old Sean. Can't go a single interview without mentioning how much money the other team spends.
  13. AKCJ

    Alex Telles

    I think it's because both are quite comfortable at the clubs they're at. Ziyech has turned down a lot of clubs, I think he's made it clear he wants a huge club. It's not like Porto and Ajax are minnows either.
  14. How long does it take to take the plastic down? Getting the air out of a regular tent is a bastard. That looks like it would take forever.
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