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  1. This: Top coughed up £9 million, that is £9 million to get in BR for the last dozen or so games of the season when out of both cups safe from relegation and only an outside bet for a top & finish. Think some need to remember where we have come from and have a little bit of faith in the owners and the club. The club will do everything it can to complete the deal, we can all think of reasons to come and reasons not to but to think the club will not be going all out to get the right deal done is a little disrespectful to them. The Owners have never really been into fuelling transfer gossip and have always kept their cards close to their chest. A football gossip columnists dream the club will admit or deny pretty much everything. If we bought every single player we are linked with or deep in talks with we will be bringing in around 40 players. Same as Pep if he bought in every player he chatted to after the game in an over friendly manner he would be bringing in around 100 players which in fairness to Oilchester City they probably could. People go on about FFP a deal could be in place only time will tell.
  2. Used to listen to Radio 1 started to dislike the music so stopped listening. Sure if you are that bothered you can get matchday commentary elsewhere. Hopefully RL can get Chris Sutton to do a bit of co commentating to cheer people up. The Tigers have some unusual commentating on their games hopefully though without the bitterness we find on here.
  3. Have not got a problem with him and was impressed with Matt Piper talking about dealing with his Demons the other night that I was unaware of. Find yourself ever listening to R Derby or R Notts and you will count your blessings. Years ago in the 80's lived in Gloucestershire and now and again went with a mate to watch Bristol City. Used to come back and he loved the Bristol Rovers reporter who was brutal. Sort of bloke who would interview the manager by starting off with a " Absolutely shocking defeat 3-0 at Lincoln today. More effort put in by the fans in getting here than on the pitch, is that the most spineless performance of the season, surely the 80 travelling fans deserved better". Comedy Gold
  4. Home advantage should be seen as a positive to build on. Would have thought the players would rather play in front of 45k rather than 32k. Home backing can be just like the mythical 12th man. Plenty of other posts about increasing fan base etc and the clubs marketing should be more than able to fill the ground. Getting behind the players can make it a positive for us and a volatile noisy atmosphere may unsettle the opposition. Making the ground into a fortress and a ground where teams really don't fancy coming to could be worth a few extra points a season and just maybe the difference between finishing 1 or 2 places higher and that can bring massive financial rewards. We are an established premiership team now and it is right to look to increase capacity to keep moving forward is there any team in the top 6 with a lower capacity than us
  5. That's far too many defenders in any team unless of course Tony Pulis is going to be appointed.
  6. 8/10 and think some need to take a step back. We are now established as a PL club and had a massive blow with the tragic helicopter crash and things could have gone very badly. Such a tragedy, but it has brought the club as a whole together having lost one of our own. The long term commitment from the Owners is clear to see. We have upgraded the Manager with someone we probably would not have been able to do at the start of the season and have one of the youngest squads and starting 11 in the PL. The value of the squad is as high as it has ever been along with the clubs profile. Taking one freakish season away we have not had many top 10 finishes and when we did under MON there was always the thought we had reached a ceiling and were punching way above our weight. More consistency and we could have/should secured European Football for next season but we now have another season to prepare for it. The English clubs success in the European Cups shows just how high a standard the PL is with all 4 finalists coming from the league and that does not include Man City. Yes we have made mistakes but every other team has and under the stewardship of KP the club has never been in a better or more stable position. Look around at the clubs around us in the Midlands we used to look up to and see just how far we have come. Stick together and a little bit more additions to the squad and next season can be even better
  7. Decent performance against a very good side, mind you Silva was very lucky not to get 2 yellows as was Jesus, deliberate handball and a poor lunge on Ricardo at the end. Another positive is Tielemans had a quiet game. We are not up with Liverpool and these but we can look to up with the others
  8. Not seen the Arsenal game, might Danny Murphy have something to talk about on MOTD ?
  9. Go over to the Monaco board see how their fans compare him to Silva. They seem to rate Silva as highly as we rate Tielemans and we rate Silva as much as they rate Tielemans. There is a deal to be done here and common sense would suggest if not already done we are putting things in place to make this permanent. He has fitted in very well here and at his age is hardly the finished article. He might go elsewhere and struggle like at Monaco. We have plans to go places and players like him are needed to get us there. Still has a couple of big contracts in him even if he signs a 4-5 yr deal. We have just spent £9 million bringing in BR early so lets not doubt Top's ambition
  10. Think it must have been a 20 over game for them with them getting the runs with an over to spare. Another shameful performance
  11. Well Arsene used to moan but Dick Emery is up with him on that. Lucky to finish 2nd were the Arse today, totally outclassed sometimes you should just hold your hands up
  12. 32-4 off 12 Parkinson in at 6 time to step up or not
  13. Gone with a weaker batting line up against Lancs 30-3 off 11 so Foxes,, Positive Abbas here Tuesday not sure which one though
  14. as we learned every game you play is a cup final for the opposition.
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