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  1. Thought the new rules were accidental or not a handball would be called, it was handball so right decision. Also even though he was kicked he went over far to theatrically. Nice actually to think that the officials are aware of this falling over and not fooled by Klopp's fake outrage last time out
  2. Not so funny this week, needs to stay calm or is it Karma
  3. By the sound of things we got the break with VAR that we didn't get against Liverpool. Couple of years ago they beat us up their with a blatant handball being missed. Dyche does want he does and does a good job at Burnley and does well with what he has got. Not a pretty side but no push over so take the win and any good fortune that goes with it. Good teams win when they don't play well and always good to be able to improve a poor winning performance than a good losing one. Lots of reasons why this was going to be a tricky game so happy days.
  4. Other threads have been slagging off Chillers and his ability and some wanting to get rid. Watching this there are a lot worse out there
  5. There is no harmony at Old Trafford they are poor beyond belief and this goes way past the Manager. There are probably 10 players they need shipping out on silly money and the same number needs bringing in who will also be after silly money. Seriously out of their 18 man squad today I honestly cannot name one who would be nailed on to be in our starting 11 and that includes Slabhead. They are hundreds of millions behind Citeh and Liverpool
  6. Oops well the warranty is up and they can't have their money back
  7. It is tense it is tight now finish it off the game is F_c_ing Sh_te.
  8. True but have you ever spoken to a Arsenal, Spurs or Liverpool fan recently but you are right remember Arsenal winning the league in Feb the other year
  9. Wolves 2 Up, Citeh fans will be calling for Pep's head
  10. Why say that now look what has happened
  11. Glenn Hoddle? Cannot see him outscoring Kane tbh. Kane claimed 1 yesterday and they lost 3-0
  12. Hopefully this will push us forward. We have competed with the Champions of Europe and lost via a last minute disputed penalty. They created more where as we created little but would put that down to a poor final ball rather than being negative. Vardy should have done a lot better with his one on one but it happens. Liverpool are a really good side and we have given them a game and they know it. However the success of our season should not be based on a loss at Anfield or the result at the Etihad but on the other fixtures and the fact we should not be afraid of any team.
  13. Your spot on with the fact that nobody should wish an injury on anyone and it is indeed crass to wish this, however you are missing the irony in that if Kavanagh had not been such a poor ref he would have spotted a foul before this through his red tinted specs committed by none other than Mr Salah himself. Klopp's job is to do what he is doing and deflecting criticism from his players at least this season he did not have to have one half of the pitch cleared of snow at HT like last season that shows the class of the man
  14. Portuguese ? joking aside whatever kicked off it really upset him.
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