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  1. katieakita

    Who then......

    Clear that some on here will not be happy until Puel has gone and then the merry go round will start. Nobody here knows Puel's remit from the club. Certainly by the summer a load of money will be freed up whether it will be this manager bringing in the replacements remains to be seen.
  2. katieakita

    BT sport 2 Now The Big Match

    You would never have thought how much they wanted us promoted
  3. Channel 414 we are on against Oldham 1983 chasing promotion some blasts from the past followed by the last day decider derby vs Fulham & us Vs Burnley
  4. katieakita


    Agreed was being pedantic, Shinja will rightly go down as a legend and the epitome of a team player and somebody who played to his full potential. When he leaves he deservedly goes with hero status
  5. katieakita


    Thought we were at home
  6. katieakita

    Diabate Loaned Out To Sivasspor

    Needs game time so good luck to him
  7. katieakita

    Newport away match thread

  8. katieakita

    Christian Fuchs to Aston Villa

    But he is no Alan Hutton who they are blessed with at right back
  9. katieakita

    Leicester City win Coca Cola Cup 1997

    Were certainly some fantastic memories and times. We certainly could grind out a result in some backs to the wall performances. No intention to cause arguments but time seems to have faded the memory of some performances on the road to success. Do not think any amount of posts will change peoples views on the current regime at the club.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1997_Football_League_Cup_Final Apart from the PL win for many this is up with greatest achievements in the clubs history. So a challenge for all City fans who remember this. Go back as far as the QF against Ipswich and say what you remember about the 5 games, the excitement the free flowing football under MON then come back and tell us how the football under Puel is so bad and boring. Nobody claims it is perfect under Puel but it is not as bad as some want to think it is
  11. katieakita

    Have we been linked with any strikers?

    Depending on the injury Giroud ticks plenty of boxes and is out of contract at Chelsea this summer
  12. katieakita

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Shocking game but as mentioned right result. I also follow the Tigers and in Rugby Union they give extra points for scoring tries they don't yet do that in Football. Plenty on here wanted us to go for Silva and the lovely style of Football he plays and however poor we were today how bad were they. We get a clear penalty awarded and Harry buries a sitter and it is a romp. I am one of plenty who have no stomach to gamble on a management change but nobody who backs Puel is claiming we are reaching our ceiling. People point to Southampton and boring crap football with an 8th place finish and Cup final. Well they have really taken the next step forward, now the paying fans of Southampton had enough and wanted him gone so be it now we have had plenty of discussion about the pros and cons about his achievements at Soton, well being a Leicester fan it does not really bother me but have just two words to say in his defence for the Southampton spell SHANE LONG
  13. katieakita

    Ladies n Gentlemen...We have a defence..!!!

    And herein lies a problem for many on here. When we won the title we went out all guns blazing under Claudio, Arsenal taught us a lesson at the KP and we went back to basics. A solid defence makes it so much easier to win games, we are a few players from making the next step up but looking at the last 6 league games, 3 wins 3 losses Kasper has had very little to do including the loss to Spurs we have played 3 of the top 4 and gave away very little chance wise. Whatever some may want to deny we are going In the right direction. Not sure still why anybody wants to risk changing the management at the moment and taking such a gamble. Souness summed up Puel by saying he does a good job with what he has got, with some players about to move on and Barnes and Benko waiting in the wings you would hope fans would be happier.
  14. katieakita

    Leicestershire Cricket Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 101 seconds  
  15. katieakita

    Everton Post match Thread.

    The spending figures make interesting reading in what we have spent compared to Everton with the top 6 spending more form a far stronger starting position. Before competing with the big 6 you have to compete with and out perform the likes of the Evertons, West Hams of the league. Another major + in how far we have come is looking at our spend and that of Everton and then looking at the resale value of the players with our additions offering a profit if sold on