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  1. Takes a special level of incompetence to lose that, Azad propping us up. Just so many poor and bang average players. Not sure where the club goes from here and not sure what plan we have apart from a PC "leadership" ticking some boxes.
  2. 252 behind on 1st innings Gloucs probably 2nd worse county side doubled our 1st innings score good job we won the toss
  3. And this it in a nutshell regarding the media, will not stand out in training if not there
  4. It is a Sunday and if you don't follow Cricket, Tennis or Motor racing it might be a dull day and the media have to come up with something to generate income. Never let the truth get in the way of a story and so easy to make or take something out of context. Ask anyone of our squad if they want to be playing in the Champions league and you can come up with a want away story ask the same player if they think Leicester are good enough to qualify for the Champions league and your story can be the opposite. Remember Harry was top of their wish list last season apparently well page 2 or 3 as they were linked with around half a dozen central defenders. If they wanted him so much they should have dived in then instead he got himself a wacking pay rise and long term contract. We got a player for a longer period but also by extending the contract length a much higher selling price if he leaves. So this being unfair to the player nonsense is just that. Man Utd though, biggest club in the world maybe by revenue certainly not on the pitch and a long way behind Man City and Liverpool and I would not put them with Spurs or Chelsea. however if you think the gap between them and Man City on the pitch is massive it is not as big as the gap between their owners and ours. Top and his family are one of our own. It is not about turning a profit and milking the club dry. Anyone with half a brain would struggle to argue they have constantly done what is best for the club with a long term strategy. The Glazers well they have done what exactly, cleared the debt, pushed Utd on since taking over. Utd were lucky to have one of the best managers of all time in Fergie and he carried them for a long time. JM was a top manager but player power forced him out as for OGS we will have to wait and see. If they really wanted Harry they should have coughed up the money last season or as soon as the window was open what is the delay? are they waiting to offload a few players to free up some cash. They have huge income but also huge outgoings and missing out on Champions league football is a massive hit for finances the debt is hardly dropping the gulf is widening. Do they not have a higher wage bill than Man City I believe they have and with that major issues. We as a club have a plan to progress and are doing something about it. Do not know enough about Utd to see what theirs is. If Harry wants to go then get him gone but on our terms and wish him luck he will probably need it
  5. This explains the delay, Rudders saying they want £40 million and Top saying well looks like I will have to use both pockets
  6. Fred injured? Cost £52 million and got to be on 100k a week+
  7. They have an unbelievable fan base and income but a fan base that can easily disappear with a couple more years of mediocrity. They have owners who milk the club and some truly under performing players on obscene wages. Also would imagine a lot of income is based on Champions league football which they have missed out on. Off the field they are massive but on it really struggling. I am a Leicester fan but would I swop their manager for ours? no way if I picked a combined 11 would there be more United or City players. IMVHO opinion they have far too many players on obscene wages that are nowhere near as good as they seem to think they are and when you start the ball rolling with silly wages everyone joining also wants a chunk. They waste vast amounts on dross and have players on so much money nobody else will take them on.
  8. They have just spent £50 million on a kid who has just scored as poor an own goal as you will see for the U23's going with his wrong foot and agreed to pay another £10 million a year and Sanchez & Pogba a pair of ticking time bombs how much a week. They are far more part of the problem than the solution.
  9. Perhaps that is the hold up they have sold all the new kits and run out of E,s for name printing
  10. Re Bert and others apparently ITK, They do not have to post on here and nobody on here has to believe them . Far more important things in life than to worry about something you don't believe in. Personally read his posts more than most and think he is pretty accurate
  11. It happens and Weds could have handled it a lot better, we have been done before Everton mugged us with a certain Gary Lineker. They could have got something £1 million or so for a player who struggled in the Belgian 2nd division last season. Could have pushed for a decent sell on fee, a pre season friendly could have been sorted and the chance of loan players. Instead they gambled and got nothing that is their call
  12. Two sides to every story and binning him off for 6 months or so is harsh. They were offered an amount and yes wanted more but ended up with SFA. Perhaps though with a little thought they might have sucked it up and done a deal 1st time around with maybe a loan back agreement or push to be a place where they can take some of our players on loan.Bet they would not have minded Harvey Barnes for 6 months last season
  13. Did not catch it all but sounded woeful what I did catch, some of these kids at the world cup cannot be on much like the Afghan players yet we cannot afford them. Charlie Dagnell came across as far more clued up than his lady
  14. katieakita

    A. Perez

    People need to chill a bit does he improve the squad, based on last season is he a better forward bet than Shinji or Nacho, if he can hold down a 1st team place even at £30 million it is not the end of the world and it might just make Marc A and Gray step up. Looks a team player and judging by the meltdown on some of the Newcastle message boards they seem gutted. Seems to put in a shift and that will go down well here also must be some time since we bought a top flight teams star player
  15. Didn't realise Monaco was in Portugal either
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