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  1. Having read the very limp reply from Vince think Hampshire deserve all they have coming to them a pretty pathetic response
  2. think the running down the wicket is the least of their worries here, also alot of the close fielders must have known something was wrong yet still appealed and celebrated
  3. Looks like the county have made a complaint to the ECB about the stumping, ignoring most of the Hampshire side running on the wicket a wider angle shows the close I fielders also appealing for the stumping can see a points deduction looming as Wisden on it as well bit desperate when you have a team following on 400 behind.
  4. Apparently the wicket keeper and Hants Captain were talking to the umpire before the restart after Tea but no excuses it is cheating and an example has to be made not sure what the rules are but it is poor and brings the game into disrepute
  5. Could not load image appeals for catch with ball in right hand and breaks stumps with left hand with his right hand and ball nowhere near the stumps given out stumped is on social media though
  6. Not sure what the rules say but something needs to be done as poor as you can get and no excuses, cheating nothing more nothing less
  7. Having just watched the Azad decision i think someone should be due a ban, interesting to see how quickly this is dealt with
  8. Missing leg by a long way really poor decision and we are failing without crap Umpires, would like to know the thought process that it could be out
  9. The guy gets unfair grief and has a role to play not being in our first choice 11 does not make him a bad player just someone who has someone better than him in his natural position it happens and we need a better squad. As for those moaning about his fee, well not down to him but what do people expect for someone who cost £10 million less than Joelinton
  10. Well time to move on and get ready for next week and with hopefully a good performance putting a gap towards the chasing pack. We were beaten by as good a side as there is in Europe. Things didn't go our way Vardy hangs back a foot and it is the perfect 1st half score wise. Was a negative performance with us missing the creative options of Barnes, and not quite fully fit Madders and Riccy P. Also take away the media love in with Citeh and questions would bew asked about the ref yesterday the chap comes from Manchester and didn't it show and KDB calls for a foul and despite being in the perfec
  11. Beaten by probably the best team in Europe no shame in that and in KDB they have the complete package midfield King,Drama Queen and he can also turn his hand to reffing which is just as well as Taylor had a mare and really needs pulling up for some of his decisions, you really should not be awarding a foul because a player you he has been fouled
  12. bloody hell Jay Spearing playing from Tranmere Vs Cheltenham on sky now
  13. Fair to say that was the best thing Dion Dublin has ever done for us at home. Hell of a draw
  14. If the opposition parties have anything about them they should be all over the Post Office scandal which will blow up this week highlighting BIG corruption, incompetence and cronyism and the numerous empty promises from HMG for over a decade. A 100% Government owned business run into insolvency , jobs for mates and contempt for the law.
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