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  1. Thankfully it does not matter what some of our "Fans" think about him, this new manager who everybody rates sees enough to offer him a new contract. Won't start every week but will give Harry something to think about. The fact that the guy comes from Nottingham and has a soft spot for his local little club should cloud peoples judgement
  2. Harsh thought they were playing Man Utd tonight
  3. Think the savings on moving on a few or not offering new contracts to the likes of Simpson, CF, Shinji and moving on Slimani and Silva among others will cover the transfer fee over the contract. Not going to be paying £40 million up front and we also got around £9 million for Iborra and a saving on wages and moved on Benny again freeing up wages
  4. Yes not right, think if a City player was targeted we all know who it would be. Only ever wanted to punch one player ever and that was a Mr Wise, detest the guy and it got worse when he played for us
  5. Think it is time for some to get on the going forward bus and be a bit more positive. Last summer we paid over £40 million on a reserve keeper and 2 defenders one out on loan and one learning the language. Looking at how Silva is playing we will have enough to buy him if he wants to come
  6. Ok Tielemans and £10 million and he is theirs
  7. Top has already proved he means business paying £6 million and the compo to Puel to bring in Rodgers early. The club were hardly going to come out and say we have X,Y Z in place for him. Cannot see us n ot trying to put something in place
  8. Kante was 24 when we signed him and was considered to small and lightweight to be given a chance, Wilf has just turned 22 so nowhere near the finished article. Under his 4th manager here as well, personally thought he had a really good game yesterday and will improve under BR. Even thought when Mendy came on to tighten it up he did a decent job.
  9. Apparently always travelling around the world with Celtic so plenty of opportunities while he was there
  10. Maybe when Hartson sees him he will apologise for himself and Sutton's arsehole behaviour because stirring up anger and trouble like they have been doing encourages sad little scum bags to break into houses as has happened. Football management is a high paid job but with very little security. Lose the title get knocked out of the cup and he could have been sacked. Same risks here but double the pay and the chance to go further. He will not be the first or last person to leave a job in search of something hopefully better for themselves. Sad that we have a whole industry where people earn a living bad mouthing and inciting anger towards others.
  11. Bit harsh on Pleat that, often people struggle understanding his accent I believe. Before the invention of Sat Nav Mr Pleat during his many scouting trips often found himself lost at night. Pulling over to ask a young lady directions his "Excuse me Miss do you know the way to the football ground" was sometimes misheard as "How much for the works"
  12. Shocking batting and should have dug in, ferocious hitting from Gayle but sky going all soft on a shocking decision by the 3rd umpire
  13. Gets a bit confusing this, so is he actually a poor manager who was doing what anybody else could do in winning in Scotland and Celtic are glad to be shot of him and he is that poor he is walking away from achieving a treble, treble that nobody has done before. Celtic must have had some pretty poor managers then does not say much for MON or Jock Stein as I thought they were Celtic legends. Think those running Celtic are more than happy for him to have left taking the flak from them when in the summer he would have moved on anyway. Think we can all argue about bigger club this, bigger club that but think there is one really massively important thing both Celtic and City fans can agree on, which club has the better owners wanting to improve
  14. Not having that, with a Greek owner.Probably thinks by having a half finished building project he can avoid paying taxes
  15. What a game and even had a Leicestershire style end to the run chase
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