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  1. Thought I heard Nicko saying Evans was struggling with an injury
  2. Could of should have but we didn't and lost we move on. Soft penalty but those calling for Soyuncu to be binned, have a word with yourselves. If Madders scores after 3 mins and he should have Maguire would have been absolutely slaughtered for letting the ball bounce. A couple of efforts went a foot the other side of the post and we get a positive result. We let ourselves down and can do better and need to pick up for next week but some of our fans need to remember even the great Leicester City have no divine right to win every game if they were following the other Citeh they would probably be calling for Pep's head after losing to Norwich . We have a good laugh at other teams fans in meltdown yet have plenty of jokers ourselves. Just think if we had been stuffed by the mighty Chelsea
  3. Lost me with this example Maguire and Chilwell got in ahead of those you have compared them to because they are better than them. What people cannot grasp is why Maddison did not feature and Ross Barkley did playing the 2 games. Hopefully Southgate had a quiet word and explained why he did not get on otherwise really poor man management and if you don't rate someone or they do not fit into your style of play why waste everybody's time picking them in the first place. |In fairness to Barkley he did get an assist after 35 seconds
  4. Awful team selection and a piss poor manager. Conceding 3 against Kosovo seriously shameful however much them pair of twats big them up on ITV they are no world beaters. No wonder fans have fallen out of love with the national side when they do not pick the best side or even close to it
  5. Seemed to be all pad and it bounced other than that close
  6. Was really scary on what basis he thought there was no clear evidence he had hit it the seam of the ball moved around 90 degrees
  7. Fvck me is Stevie Wonder the 3rd Umpire ffs
  8. Do Moosebreath and TBJS post anymore
  9. Opened it up thought at first we were in for Messi
  10. Redknapp will cry if Spurs lose this
  11. Unless something quite remarkable happens he does not have a future here so if he or any of the other players can do well on loan it can push his value up
  12. Thought they were the biggest club in England
  13. I look at it this way had a very good cameo appearance yesterday which I think was his first start of the season. Did he do enough to start next time out? not sure and will be happy with whatever BR decides. Play like this on a regular basis and he will get more game time but at the moment people are not screaming out for him to start and that has always been his problem here
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