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  1. DD not 100% match fit by a country mile and comes up against De Bruyne for his 2nd PL game of the season that is some sort of bad luck.
  2. With this lot we should really crank up the stakes in this EFL cup or whatever it is called.
  3. So they value Lingard at around £80 million
  4. Leicester City have no interest in signing Kevin De Bruyne from Manchester City in this transfer window Sky Sports News understands
  5. Hell of a stat showing just how well we have done so far this season
  6. Gets a bloody good wage though to add to his many millions. Whole new world of pressure and scrutiny when you sign for Man Utd that despite not being close to the best team in England have an expectation of being the best team in the world
  7. On a positive just bought 3 tickets to take the Mrs and Mum In law to a game. I would be one to look at season tickets and no chance with a 32k capacity
  8. Southampton sitting above Arsenal at the moment, not sure if i won't find another defeat for them amusing. It is a win, win for me Arsenal Vs Man Utd
  9. Match abandoned loads of red cards and points deductions for both teams oh and Tim Sherwood to get the Wet Spam job
  10. Keep performing and we clinch a CL spot which anyone of us would have more than settled for and something we have only achieved once before. We are already an established PL club and hopefully we continue to build. Cannot help but laugh at Arsenal and their entitled fans and AFTV is comedy gold at least they have the thought of Ndidi joining them at the end of the week
  11. Not great your good self put a proper title race has got to be better for Scottish football.
  12. Don't think Arsenal have ever recovered from winning the league in Feb 2016
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