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  1. What part of the hit to the head don't you see, clearly as many bitter Red tinted glass wearing Welshmen as salty Tigers fans.
  2. So where does Parkes catch him? Explain how you think it was a legal tackle
  3. Letter of the law it was a Red card and no doubt Marler will also get a citing, surprised nothing being mentioned about Parkes going in with his head which by the laws of the game should have also been Red
  4. Got job Citeh have rested a few might get nasty perhaps a red card for a Villa player
  5. Well things have been poor recently but we are 3rd and whatever people say about the standard it was all EPL clubs that played in both European finals last year with Man City missing out. Can put up an argument that Man City and Liverpool are the best 2 teams in Europe one being the current European and world Champions. Believe in the last 75 years we have managed 2 top 4 finishes so to be 3rd with 10 games to go and 5 points clear of 4th with a far superior GD suggests this is far better than our normal seasons. We have already reached one cup semi final and still in the other with a home game against lower league opposition. We have a state of the art training complex on a par with any club in the world opening very soon with a crop of young players on long contracts with the best club owners in the country along with one of the brightest managers in the country. So yes plenty of positives, Wilf is back and hopefully Vardy will be fit soon. Yes recently we have been poor so get behind the club and lets see how high we finish this season and how far we go in the FA cup
  6. Not great Craig Pawson premiership ref!! seriously having a laugh
  7. Got a fine game and only weakness is his defending which seems to be the problem
  8. Spineless, gutless, pride less performance bit like us under Pleat or Taylor
  9. Was it that sporting though what happened to the rebound
  10. Harry Kane would have been proud of that strike, too right the fvcker is probably claiming it
  11. Mike Dean, fvck me is that finally give us the handball against Villa
  12. 12 Arsenal 24 6 12 6 -2 30 13 Crystal Palace 25 7 9 9 -7 30 14 Burnley 24 9 3 12 -10 30 15 Brighton 25 6 8 11 -7 26 16 Bournemouth 25 7 5 13 -13 26 17 Aston Villa 25 7 4 14 -15 25 18 West Ham 25 6 6 13 -13 24 19 Watford 25 5 8 12 -16 23 20 Norwich 25 4 6 15 -23 18 So who is for the drop, think Norwich have too much to do have faith in big Nige to sort out Watford so going for West Ham and Villa.
  13. They scored 2 we scored one, they took their chances we did not take ours despite having far better chances over the 2 legs. We should have had far too much for them but didn't and that is football. Hopefully we learn from this and push on in the league and FA cup another day and Madders scores a hat trick in the first 15 minutes
  14. Mike Read game awareness, look where the ball goes out and where they take the throw in from in the build up to the goal, but wasn't to be their keeper had a blinder
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