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  1. If a Head Teacher is earning 90k + per annum that must be a pretty big school
  2. http://news.sky.com/story/government-fire-investigators-reported-cladding-risks-in-2016-10928193 Whatever your political views something is very wrong when those who would have been paid and well paid to do these tests in 2016 and report findings as adequate are asked back a year later and find every one they check now has a problem. Says a lot about them and also those who invited them back. The last Labour government are not blameless but the current government and the last Coalition did seem to have a policy of rewarding failure with further contracts.
  3. Aw Bill Anderson he told more fairy stories than HC, if you could read back some of his match reports you would have thought we were Brazil 1970 every week.
  4. We were tracking him for some time and our recruitment team has proved to be one of the best around so got to say IMHO we have really not seen him much at all to make a decision and we would have seen more of him while scouting him than he played all last season so think he deserves a chance of course with the nature of football you do not always get a second chance.
  5. Getting some flack on Radio Leicester earlier and rightly so, going backwards
  6. Doubt it he would fall over
  7. See he got a rollicking from that Ferguson guy who used to manage that red club in Manchester about taking no win jobs like at Blackburn and Blackpool and he seems to have taken his advice. Seems this Ferguson chap has a fare bit of respect for him as a coach and how he gets teams to play. Add that to the fact that Shakey wanted him so what is not to like
  8. Those really ITK are on a hiding to nothing, read plenty of posts and believe some more than others on FT but not sure what some really expect. Top could be posting on here and he would know who we are in for and what we are prepared to pay but that still doesn't mean we get every player we want.
  9. Just shocking and hard to understand what makes some people so sad bitter and twisted
  10. Would have thought anyone looking at the issues in Greece would point to the vast amount of tax avoidance as a major issue more Conservative thinking than Labour if I am not mistaken
  11. Bigger clubs? Arsenal & Spurs are rammed with CB's West Ham bigger or WBA think we can agree to disagree on that
  12. Easy for me the backbone of any team is the defence ask yourself which is stronger, Huth,Morgan,Benny,Wasy or Huth,Morgan,Maguire,Smalling and it is a no brainer and £30 million is small change so get it done
  13. The more people who get involved in politics the better and engaging with the younger generation has got to be good. As a country we face very uncertain times whether that is down to a new political movement remains to be seen and as for an uprising the media and press has a lot to answer. The last election has got to be one of the strangest in living memory and certainly not helped by the media who seem to thrive on causing trouble. Whatever your political views left,right or centre the press are being very manipulative with their own agendas
  14. He learned from the best and reading about his "failures" it is clear he learnt from his mistakes. Shakey has to have a good team around him so let him get on with it and let him pick people he can work with.
  15. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/facebook-ghoul-who-photographed-dead-grenfell-tower-fire-victim-in-body-bag-is-jailed-for-three-months/ar-BBCM1Ba?li=AA59G2&ocid=spartanntp