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  1. Think another major positive is little Wes was replaced in a tactical sub Cags came on and was back to his old solid steady self last season the option would have been Ryan Bennett will let that sink in
  2. Good solid performance and game management in the 2nd half against a decent side. Can rotate a little if needs be on Tuesday so plenty of positives, think my biggest dilemma tonight is the scouse question always thought Carragher was the arsehole pundit from Liverpool but McManaman has got to be up with him, chats utter bob
  3. Noticed that but we have had a hell of a lot of rain recently and one thing for sure the ground staff will be doing all they can to improve it
  4. Looks like another Biesla masterclass
  5. Bookies need people to place bets, the media need something to talk about which generates interest and money there is a massive industry in the media discussing something and they need something to talk about, So easy to get 2 + 2 to make 4 last week he was going to Arsenal, on a positive it is nice to see our manager linked with a "big 6" job
  6. Chilwell did well here and helped us move on the money we got for him brought in Little Wes and Timmy so not sure anyone can say we got a bad deal. Chilwell got a 5yr contract on a reported 190k a week and could you really turn that down and could we have changed our pay structure to match that.
  7. So Leicester player down play on Newcastle player goes down and stops play
  8. Notice Zaha was giving it the big one at JJ but soon pipped down when Big Dan got involved
  9. We created more than enough chances to win the game and conceded a really poor goal all well and good moaning at selection but some of the players did not put their hands up today, Big Dan, JJ, Mendy and Barnes all put in a really solid performance and good to come back against a team as negative as you will see a really shithouse performance especially the keeper time wasting in added on time
  10. Pretty sure the manager and back room staff has looked at the squad assessed fitness and picked a team to win this game. Some on here i swear just love a moan and everybody possesses hindsight we also have a decent bench if needs be lets just see how it goes and perhaps some will be pleasantly surprised plenty of fresh legs and people with points to prove up the Foxes
  11. Will take that but Mike Dean same old same old, Fernandes keeps putting those snide little fouls in and getting away with it. Hoddles commentary also sucks the soul out of a game always Utd and someone else making up the numbers
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