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  1. People forget a very bad injury due to other events on the night just after getting into a decent run of games. People on here happy to knock the likes of Dan, Mendy and Praet but forget the coaching staff are working with these guys day in and day out and we will need a decent competitive squad and they know what they can do. The guy deserves a bit of good luck after so much bad
  2. Big shout out to Steve Walsh and the scouting team for signing Kante knowing he could do the job we knew Papy Mendy could do really quality performance today Ngolo would have been proud of
  3. Does his price go up now we are a top 6 club
  4. Think this highlights why we are not paid millions a year to manage a football team, whoever was slagging the ream off before the start having a dig at some of the players and the tactics have a word with yourself days like this do not come around that often this is the stuff of sweet dreams
  5. No need to shout but it should have been a booking
  6. So no booking for the penalty with Vardy in on goal and lblowing up before the corner could be taken with the added on time not up? Makes you wonder
  7. Your not wrong just surprised the holier than now brigade on the likes of SKY and MOTD were not all over this most fans would hope the authorities would crack down on this type of cheating
  8. Did Fernandes get any punishment for his pathetic dive vs Palace
  9. Burnley probably low balled Brentford who needed to sell but gave a % sell on clause as a sweetener
  10. Thing is we don't know what is going on and lots could already been agreed before now. Perhaps he was really keen to come here last year and because we fleeced Utd for H M Burnley wanted top dollar and some and the deal did not happen. Maybe he thought £30 odd million was a fair price and felt Burnley stopped the move, maybe he was told at Burnley that if he had another good season he could go if a decent bid comes in and feels he has done his part and a decent bid has come in and he wants to go. Also of course if it is possibly happening Burnley have to look at replacements and these players clubs will think Burnley have got plenty of money and adding naughts to their players values. Of course this could also be a ploy to get ASSE to cash in on Fofana as we are looking elsewhere, time will tell but we are far better placed to bring in central defenders than last summer
  11. In fairness mate he is only 4 months older than a certain Jacob M Maguire and someone paid £80 million for him
  12. Harshest call of the night has to be the commentator saying Mendy was brought in to replace Kante and had not filled his boots no pressure then
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