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  1. How the Fvck does Southgate keep his job what an utterly pathetic performance and for people comparing this to Puel ball, Puel is levels above Southgate, Dyche would do a better job
  2. My friend we will have people on here calling for sackings next season if we don't win the champions league, expect meltdown if we do not win the community shield
  3. That Gattuso is some bloke remember him being as hard as nails so not a Spurs type of guy, just shows how disliked Spurs are though worldwide when this guy quits a job after 3 weeks just so Spurs can offer him ther job for him just to turn it down
  4. With only 20 overs a side games will often be close with one good over or one bad over making all the difference and for all the could haves would have we sit pointless after 5 games and probably need to win all our remaining games to get to the QF's, nice to seen Naveen bounce back tonight but the lad is 21 and no world beater yet, Inglis looks very good but when he got out in the 1st over tonight our run chase looked doomed. We are a bits and pieces team and just don't quite hit the heights, probably the best thing the county can do is invite Top down to watch a game and pray
  5. Scoring 222 against that attack is a bloody decent effort but concede 240 and you will struggle 99 x out of a 100
  6. Well earning over £60 million in the last 3 years he has no money worries and surely it will be about the players hunger to play
  7. Players need to have a good look at themselves this is as poor a performance as we have put in over the last few years even by our low standards
  8. If the idea was to bowl Lilley out there was not much point in a Mike over that went for 16
  9. County now on fire Durham somehow reduced to 70-5 off 9.2
  10. Have faith Ben Raine giving us a couple of wickets
  11. 99-4 off 10.4 need Hill and Patel to put on a stand here as not much to come with the bat
  12. They seemed to knock it around for 2 on a regular basis we seemed to keep hitting it for singles to boundary riders also playing Mike as just a batsman leaves us with quite a tail starting at 8. Also being very critical we could have pushed harder at the end going for twos rather than jog singles as run rate might make a difference towards the end
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