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  1. If Carlsberg did football club owners
  2. katieakita

    N’Didi signs new deal

    Another massive boost for the club showing we mean to keep moving forward. A major player for us and still a kid also another thumbs up to Rudkin. The moment the final whistle went yesterday and the physio treating Wilf indicated he had a head knock and was a little dazed Rudders must have run like fvck with that piece of paper and pen and the good old could just sign this get well card for Bernie trick
  3. katieakita

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Do not think anything is personally aimed at you but some of your fellow fans are in for a real shock and big learning curve. No expert on Wolves but thought you had drifted around the championship for a while and not really challenging. Went for it last year big time and hit the jackpot. Must have been your best season for sometime. Wolves were a big club but that is back in black and white and some seem to think there is a where we belong attitude something Leeds,Villa and Sunderland seem to have. Problem now is serious money is involved and the gulf between the championship and the Premier is huge. Nobody has a God given right to win every game (Man City will probably expect to win most). We came up with a similar feel good factor as yourselves winning the league indeed our squad had longer to gel but were written off. 3/4 of that season we struggled put in decent performances yet really struggled for points and took a miracle and faith in the manager from the board to keep us up and a decent run in. As long as Wolves keep positive you should have enough to stay up then look to cement a place in this league. We know we were poor yesterday and gifted far too many chances we created very little, nothing according to some played for 30 mins with 10 men yet scored 2. That is the difference with this league, think you grasp this yet some of your fellow fans seem unable to grasp this they might be salty now but wait till the refs start doing you over against the real "big clubs"
  4. Find it harder to believe that the only ex city on the pitch for kick off is Banter Ben
  5. katieakita

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Think the delusion might be partly down to the Don Goodman factor. He seems to be watching the best team on earth. Before we had all the tv coverage and the internet I would often regret missing a game on the Monday reading Billy Andersons comments about our Brazilian 1970 performance coupled with an unlucky 3-0 defeat
  6. katieakita

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Seem to have a few visitors today from other clubs. Bloody hard learning curve to come up from the championship to the Premiership. Admittedly the Wolves side that won the league last year was the best ever team to get promoted unlike ours that actually won the Championship with more points. Our first away game back was against Chelsea, we played really well lost 2-0 though Dean Hammond and GTF bossed the midfield at the end of the game. Simple trick is goals they win games and change games and game plans like last week. Wolves had chances did not take them though and thought chance was offside and the other chances were down to our poor play rather than great play from Wolves. Fine margins and game management, Neves trying to get Maddison sent off stopped the game and gave us time to regroup and try a plan B. Once scoring we were comfortable and the second goal gave us a cushion. Up to the Red card we were ticking along nicely and then from our point of view did a very professional job for the last 30 mins or so including injury time. Think any Leicester fan knows we got the rub of the green yesterday but we also know we can play better than that. Wolves did ok and should have a decent season but you need points and next week might be a real eye opener. Any score predictions the bear
  7. katieakita


    Did well and linked up well with Wilf. They did well as a pair and hopefully gets more game time
  8. katieakita

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Brighton away
  9. katieakita

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Happy with 3 points and hard to really judge a game when the commentator seems to be watching a different game. You make your own luck and plenty of positives. Silly tackle by Vards and you know Deane will pull a red straight out given any chance against us. Considering Maguire has never played a competitive match with Evans and that is probably the same with Wilf and Mendy, Maddison and Vardy and also Ricardo and Albrighton have never played together so plenty to be positive about. Biggest one though has to be shutting Don Goodman up, surely they can find him a gig in the new Star Trek Next generation series. Loved the slightly overhit pass from Traore on the edge of the box that went for a goal kick only about 6 yards in front of the attacker
  10. No ball warning 2 + 1 run, free hit 4 and no ball 2 and removed from attack 1 legitimate ball 9 runs. Sadly we were something like 35-4 from the power play with 11 extras just not good enough
  11. katieakita

    Most overrated City player

    Thought he did help us get promoted
  12. Indeed but still visit Rwanda strange choice of advertising
  13. They can have an Anglo American cup if they want after the first weekend of matches the biggest question for me was Visit Rwanda?
  14. katieakita

    EFL Cup draw, second round, 16 Aug

    Does winning it not give automatic Europa league place
  15. katieakita

    Adrien Silva

    Well was only watching the game on MUTV aka Sky Sports and though know expert unlike the Sky pundits him and Wilf were up against Pogba and Fred who are the best central midfield pairing ever and thought they more than held their own. Guy has had a horrid 12 months and showed more than enough for me to get a little time. He worked well with Wilf for me and linked up play nicely, when we get over run by lesser teams then worry