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  1. One of the greatest players to ever pull on a city shirt but a truly shocking penalty taker, can imagine his tosspot agent has him on a goal bonus but really poor, he must know penalties are a real weakness a team player would not be stepping up to take that kick
  2. He really cannot take a penalty
  3. katieakita

    Is Messi the best ever ?

    Anyone who watched him play seemed to rate Duncan Edwards though he died at such a young age and John Charles managed to get into the greatest Juventus team of all time at centre half and centre forward so he must have been a hell of a player
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016–17_Southampton_F.C._season All this talk of the 8th place finish and a cup final but playing poor football and this downer on Puel. Taking a look at the squad with Charlie half fit Austin, Jay Rodriguez, Shane Long playing upfront with Nathan Redmond and Dusan Tadic providing the flair with Van Dijk missing half the season thanks to our Jamie. Personally think that is a bloody good effort. Also this poor end to the season people go on about with the last 8 games only winning 1 drawing 3 and losing 4. They played Man City, Man Utd ,Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool during those games. There might be better out there but there is a hell of a lot worse. Southampton apart from being a feeder club for Liverpool seem to have constantly sold their better players and tried bringing in cheaper options, you can only do this for so long
  5. Looked like a foul throw
  6. katieakita

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    Merson also said it was a stroll in the park, his opinion really means very little to anybody. A very comfortable win at a canter by all accounts I will take p1ssing Merson off weekly with wins where we do not break sweat
  7. katieakita

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    Poor stream and only really listened to Merson so will take his dissing while saying it was a stroll in the park. Newcastle did not sound great but not an easy place to go to unless you silence the fans which we apparently did. Puel looks to have got the team selection right. Also got the subs right bringing Vardy off
  8. Avoid the big guns, where have you been mate we have just beaten the biggest team in Europe
  9. katieakita

    Huddersfield H post match thread 3-1

    Wins a win and did what was needed and happy with that. Still plenty to work on but for all those Puel out Fans hope you weren't calling for Wagner to replace him
  10. However much you dislike Spurs Glenn Hoddle just makes you hate them a little bit more.
  11. Well if the Blue Moon Forum is anything like this one we might be in with a shout at getting Pep as they might have a few calling for his head now. I am a Leicester fan so want him to succeed and we are on a new direction, losing 2 out of the last 3 POTS for the PL will cause problems. Take away that one magic season and we are probably in as good a place as we have been in 40/50 years. Don't forget even under MON we were always punching above our weight grinding out results. The owners have put in a tremendous amount of groundwork to keep us growing. Who would have thought a decade ago we would be getting a training ground worth more than our two local giants of football Derby & Forest
  12. Hope Ben Rayne is going back to them for family reasons and not to play at a higher level as they are poor 54-8 now
  13. or 39 pts from 30 games if you count the 4 games before that. Don't know Puels remit from the board but most agreed the old guard had to be moved on. The nucleus of the side has been tied down on long term contracts and our playing style has changed. Puel's plans need time and how much depends on results and performances agreed. If the failings are not addressed then yes we have problems but still early days in the league. For all the negativity aimed at him just cannot see who is lined up to replace him. Not sure anybody has that much of a problem with who he has brought in and the board has backed him, we are going down a path he may or may not be the man to finish the journey. Just seems to be a few on here wanting the guy to fail
  14. Bit confused, scored 2 hit the underside of the bar had a couple of v good chances yet were boring and negative and went too gung ho for some. We defended poorly and got punished they managed the ref far better in what was a poor performance from him as well. Lets hope it is a turning point for us like Claudio going all out vs Arsenal and being well stuffed at the KP. Do not think Puel planned on playing Morgan so much but Evans and Soyuncu are not quite fully fit. For all the moaning on here the guy needs to be given a chance and needs to learn by the mistakes being made if he doesn't then fine move him on, some of the knee jerk reaction on here beggars belief some moaning that we didn't move Maguire on. We have always struggled with Bournemouth and lets be honest look back to when we got a 1-1 draw down their place in our title winning year and plenty were moaning about Ranieri and his tactics that game. Watch Everton Vs West Ham 2 teams supposedly bigger than us and ask yourself if they are that much better