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  1. Danny Drinkwater: Would you re-sign him?

    Yes at the right price.Could pick out a pass to Vardy. Form and confidence could vary but still a quality player.
  2. Puel

    Difficult one - a few changes need to be made but a few selections are a bit odd whilst we seem to stick with some players too long. Puel took a brave decision to try Simpson for Amartey but of course he got injured and it backfired. Diabate seems to have jumped the queue and is ahead of Okazaki and Iheanacho and whilst he is talented he is not a number 10 and has never scored in the premier league Fuchs seems to have been discarded and Dragovic has done very little wrong all season.Gray was in and now out again... may well be communication issue and frustration in the squad.
  3. Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    I do think under Puel there has been this drive to increase possession and I wonder if this leads to a fear of losing the ball and worry about taking risks.We saw that yesterday with all those sideways passes and very few attempts to get behind the opposition down the wings. The other problem we have is playing against big sides that seat deep and the approach to crosses and set pieces surely needs to change when your have Vardy and Diabate rather than Leo or Slim up front.Tactics is a problem and I am not sure Diabate is ready to start either although he has great potential.With the exception of Maguire and Chilwell we are not too comfortable bringing the ball out of defence quickly. It was all too easy for Newcastle yesterday. I think the manager needs a bit more time but if things really tail off this season or the team stop playing with any freedom he will surely come under pressure.
  4. Vardy surely goal of the season fantastic piece of coordination and skill which left the WBA players in awe.
  5. Vardy

    Surely it would be crazy to sell Vardy in the summer at any price.Currently the strikers working with him (with the exception of Okazaki) have barely got a premier league goal for Leicester between them.With Mahrez going as well where are the goals coming from?
  6. Ndidi to Liverpool

    I'm sure I read that his agent said there was nothing in the Liverpool rumour.I don't think he will go in any event but you can be sure there will be interest in him at some point over the summer.Not to mention Mahrez Vardy and Maguire in other words the backbone of the team.Would not put a price on Ndidi he is still on a long contract and is developing well with us.
  7. He is under contract and we still have a chance of a Europa league spot so yes. However we have to accept he is going in the summer so think we need to be selective with his starts and not rely on him too much
  8. Fousseni Diabaté

    He looked brilliant on MOTD but watching at the game he had quite a difficult start with the foul and losing possession until he popped up with that shot which should have led to a goal.I thought he should have been substituted but then he was moved upfront and he looked a different player and burst into life.Certainly a steal I don't think he has solved the issue of replacing Mahrez yet
  9. Man City make £50million offer for Riyad Mahrez?

    Pleased owners have stood firm on this. At least the bidding is nearer the mark at around £60 million.Just hope he settles again and does not get distracted as his value could drop rather than climb.
  10. Townsend

    Surely we are not going to let Mahrez go at the last minute and then pay an inflated price for Townsend to get the deal over the line.Sounds like the Drinkwater/Silva deal again but this time even less confident it would be for the best. Think we should resist any last minute deals either way and review in the summer.
  11. Man City make £50million offer for Riyad Mahrez?

    No way we would accept £50 million in today's market.No deal would not even get into a discussion.On the verge of another European tour for next year why should we be bullied into anything?
  12. Adrien Silva

    Classy player , good vision and forward passes.Got caught a couple of times but I think once fully tuned to English game will be an excellent signing alongside Ndidi.
  13. Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    Not easy with injuries and suspensions and we need to turn things around asap
  14. Liverpool A Match Thread

    Klopp clearly doesn't rate our chances listening to Sky serious sense of humour failure after being reminded of EFL cup result.Could be a long afternoon if we concede early.Hope I am proven wrong.
  15. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    Presume Albrighton chosen for his work rate but not his best position at all - listening to Puel afterwards he seemed encouraged by it not really sure why.Would loved to see us have a real go in the first half hour with Vardy and Okazaki. Maybe we would have lost 2-4 rather than 0-2 but didn't think Man City were brilliant at the back.Substitutions were way too late IMO we needed Okazaki or even Chilwell who are comfortable with the ball and can change a game.