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  1. Sheff U have several winnable games coming up Brighton Newcastle etc so going to be tight if we do not perform at our best
  2. Could do without this result. Not taking Champions League for granted just yet. I know we should be looking up not down but we have looked nervy of late.
  3. Got tickets for Bryan Ferry at De Montfort on Monday 9th also working until 2.30pm for the Chelsea game. I know how important Sky money is but it is still very irritating as a season ticket holder every year when this happens.
  4. Lovely to see Perez and Gray have good games yesterday. They have had their critics on this forum in recent weeks.We at least know that there are options and that the regular first team need to be at their best to keep their places. However good Liverpool and Man City were over Christmas we looked tired and Brendan was brave in making so many changes.
  5. We are not the Man Utd training academy - would be amazed if either player goes in the next window. Maddison is our playmaker and I think he will stay for a year or two yet as long as Rodgers is manager.Why would they want to join United anyway - I think they are more likely to go down than get in the Champions League
  6. Getting business sorted early in this window.Excellent signing of one of the best young players in Europe.
  7. Looks a bit defensive but we will see presumably Chilwell and Ricardo can push on the wings
  8. I think we do need Wes for his experience and he seems to do well alongside Evans. We are not sure If Benkovic or Soyuncu will make the grade or whether another bid for Maguire will come in. Sensible and well deserved.
  9. Would be happy with a 1 0. We look nervous and vulnerable at the beginning of every game and often play better against top teams.Vital that we don’t concede and start playing a bit quicker. Think the manager will sort it but we can see it is not going to be instant success
  10. OK we rode our luck,and a number of other teams were not firing properly, but to win the title by 10 clear points was no fluke Ranieri, the whole team and owners deserved enormous credit for the title win. Sad to hear Claudio was sacked today but it was always going to be a struggle at Fulham
  11. Need to be careful not to assume all will be well now Puel has gone. Confidence must be low after 4 defeats at home and we need to create more chances in the opposition box not just from distance. There is not a lot of experience of grinding out results with the youngsters however good they may be individually.
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