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  1. 2 strikers but will they get any service? We know Burnley are a strong physical side with Chris Wood up there and with no little pace or creativity I'm worried. However pleased to see Mendy back and cannot say there are any glaring omissions given the state of the injury list
  2. Difficult not to make comparisons with the dip in form last year but injuries and exhaustion are perhaps more of a factor. I'd almost be tempted to change almost everyone for Wednesday even if we lose again just to get back some freshness and mental strength. I expect Iheanacho might keep his place even though he struggled because Vardy doesn't look anywhere near 100%. Although he has his critics on this forum we could really do with getting Perez back if Maddison is going to be out for much longer and I agree with those who would like Mendy given a chance. If we keep e
  3. Ndidi was fantastic yesterday, Tielemans and Maddison struggled with the pressing and physicality of Liverpool but came through in the end. Overall however agree we have 3 wonderful midfield players who can still develop. If we can keep them and the manager together we can only get better and we are beating top 4 teams regularly now and really look like we have the belief.
  4. I was pleased for him yesterday. Yes he gave the ball away a few times but he was strong and made some great tackles that kept us in the game. I think he will improve if he remains injury free which has been an issue during his career.
  5. We have had so many players that have improved beyond recognition but Justin would get my vote for his consistency with Barnes a close second. Maddison is still so often the spark and I would not sell him at any price Really good to see Ricardo showing a return to his old self - long may this continue. We have some amazing full backs at the club with Castagne as well not to forget Thomas So many others could be mentioned - we have a real team ethic and the manager deserves credit for this as we see when players come firing on all cylinders after being on th
  6. Brendan wants to keep the pressure off the players by keeping expectations realistic. Similarly Steve Bruce said Newcastle could not be expected to do much more than stay clear of relegation. Newcastle do have the sort of big players than can cause trouble at the back such as Callum Wilson so we need to be careful about conceding set pieces today. I am sure privately Brendan thinks we have the players with the skill to win this and it will be a question IMO of whether we play with a bit of pace and convert possession into goals
  7. He is clearly coming along nicely and will be an excellent addition for next season. There is still a gap to premier league but I think he could progress along similar lines to Justin and Barnes next season. We certainly should not be tempted to sell
  8. Agree he is good playing more centrally and very few chances fell his way. I also agree that he faded in the second half. I have to say that Perez has made a difference in the previous couple of games he has played and I am not going to be too critical when he is not played to his strengths. He is one of the fringe players that does improve our play and I was also impressed with Luke Thomas yesterday. Of course we need an alternative to Vardy that can pose real issues not sure Perez is that player perhaps Bowen or Watkins would have been good but expect money was the issue and things won't be
  9. Brendan had to make a few changes IMO with the number of games coming up. Considering the team that was selected I was surprised just how much we dominated the game which is a sign of just how far the team has come. Iheanacho was on a hiding to nothing in this game - but agree we need another striker option which was considered in the summer but the finances were not there. Looking at the positives the full backs were excellent and another superb goal from Barnes. Of course we should have won but I am still looking forward to the new year with a brilliant young team. Lets hope we a
  10. Bit nervous about this Palace looking better come on lads need to get a goal
  11. Ndidi outstanding dominating and composed today and with Castagne back as well we really looked solid. The likes of Kane, Son and Bale were hardly in the game. Although we knocked 5 past Man City this was a more complete performance IMO
  12. Agree Perez has been playing well and looked sharp when he came on.I know he doesn't score many but are better IMO when he is in the team and his skills are under rated. Under shows flashes of brilliance but overall not sure he does enough and gives the ball away. He was also cutting in rather than stretching the opposition. We do look lightweight and struggle against powerful teams - the same happened against Villa and West Ham. So Wes in defence and Wilf giving a bit more midfield dominance would have helped. Mendy really struggled and an early booking added to the problem. Tielemans lo
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