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  1. Edingleyfox

    Leicester 1- Everton 2 post match thread.

    Teams with pace have worked us out, done their preparation, and we have looked vulnerable at the back particularly on the central/right side in just about every home game this season .Not sure it is just starting slowly I think some nerves have crept in and it seems to be a recurring issue discussed after every match. For some reason Maddison was quiet today and I believe when he was at Norwich he had a spell on the wing and was less effective.Juggling him and Nacho for the no 10 role is not easy but it was not working today.Tactically some changes are going to be enforced and others needed.Thought Chilwell was our best player and Ricardo took his goal.well and for about 15 minutes in the second half we looked great and in command so not all negatives.Heads dropped after the sending off. Everton deserved it overall,we could have been 2 or 3 down early on although we had our chances Still frustrated though after the decent previous week and not hopeful about the Arsenal game. I
  2. Edingleyfox

    Maddison named in England squad

    Widely reported on twitter that Maddison is in the squad following on the footsteps of Maguire last season. I think it says a lot about the recruitment and philosophy of the club. Really need to push on this season for a place in Europe to keep our excellent squad moving forward together
  3. Edingleyfox

    Nacho man assist appreciation thread

    Deserved his standing ovation when he came off yesterday. I think he is under rated the goal was more difficult than it looked and the assist showed quick thinking . He can have a role alongside Vardy and Maddison. The guys on MOTD were impressed.
  4. Edingleyfox

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Highlights from last night scored a superb goal and some brilliant runs/assists.9.5/10 in Birmingham Mail. I know this is Championship but surely we could find a place in our squad which has midfield overload and limited options up front.Can we bring him back in January?
  5. Edingleyfox

    Ricardo Pereira

    Struggled to stop crosses coming in ,often out of position, could have conceded 2 penalties.Bit worried about his positional sense, I know Simpson had his critics but that was his strength and he always got blocks in. We will more cover even against Huddersfield.Hopefully will go 3 at the back perhaps with Soyuncu to add pace to Maguire/Evans and but that formation has not happened yet so Amartey may be in See Ricardo as a decent midfielder with a good engine and he can be great to watch going forward but not sure he is a wing back and there are better choices at full back
  6. Edingleyfox

    Nacho man assist appreciation thread

    Surprised we don't have a 3 5 2 thread! Nacho won't have a chance to develop without this and Vardy cannot work alone particularly against the bigger defenders We are playing a far too open game and I don't think any 2 at centre back would have coped with so little support from the wing backs and other team members yesterday - to be honest Morgan and Maguire could both have been sent off
  7. Bit worried about the Puel interview post match.We have looked vulnerable at the back all season even in the games we won.Needs more than concentration to fix it.Unless we play 3 at the back I think there will be problems. Pressure will be on against Huddersfield and you can see us getting done on the counter attack
  8. Excellent and well deserved.Will Chilwell be tasked to stop Shaqiri? Baptism of fire but I think he will be OK and Gray should add a bit of creativity up front. Great opportunity and potential for 3 LCFC players on the pitch for England.Has that ever happened before?
  9. Edingleyfox

    Our Internationals 2018/19

    Thought Chilwell might have a chance for the Ashley Young spot Probably a bit too early for him or Maddison but I think one or both will get there in the next 12 months
  10. Edingleyfox

    Vardy retires from playing for England

    I would think Jamie must have been very frustrated over the summer and even when he has been in the team he rarely gets the service that Kane and others have.Probably the right decision in the long term.A friend of mine added that his style of play suits Leicester more than England and I agree.Of course we are perhaps not the counter attacking side that we were with a bit more possession and passing but hopefully if we can keep the pace/tempo up Vardy will have a good future with us.
  11. Edingleyfox

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Think it comes under serious foul play rather than violent conduct but outcome is the same.Does the match against Fleetwood count as one of the matches or it it 3 premier league games as a suspension?
  12. Edingleyfox

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Certainly there were positives and the performance of Mendy was the biggest surprise of the day. Liked Ricardo for his energy and he will create chances but I am confused as to where he is playing. There was simply no cover for Evans who did not look match fit to me and I think we are going to need 3 at the back if Ricardo wants to show off his ability. Maddison took a while to get into the game but the goal will do him good.It is a shame that we have not really seen the Vardy/Maddison partnership but Nacho had a good pre-season so it is up to him to try to put a case for a starting place.
  13. Edingleyfox

    Mirror madness?

    Really difficult for Puel. As usual we are given a difficult start with United away after Arsenal away last season.Now the pressure is on against Wolves who are not a bad side.If we win that I think he will be probably be OK but if not we then have Southampton away and Liverpool. Confidence is such a big factor with Leicester as we have seen with runs of wins and then exactly the opposite so turning things around asap is key To add to the pressure is the memory of the end of last season.Don't envy his job and throwing in names like Henry does not help - however brilliant a player he has no experience of managing a club and expectations are going to be high,.
  14. Edingleyfox

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    Puel was very unlucky tonight and some of the play on the left side of midfield was outstanding. He seems to get the best out of Gray and Chilwell, and Ricardo looks a good signing. Maddison is going to be fantastic if he remains fit and a couple of chances go in. I just hope that Claude gets a good result next week in a match we are expected to win which is a different type of challenge and pressure.
  15. Edingleyfox

    Leonardo Ulloa - Gone to C.F. Pachuca

    Thanks Leo I will always remember his goals against United in that 5-3 win Still singing his name at the Notts friendly a few weeks ago.Has been loyal in spite of limited game time. Will be missed