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  1. Edingleyfox


    The BBC post match interview was a bit odd, perhaps I'm wrong but Puel seemed to play down Vardy's importance in the club, and his contribution in the last half hour of the game. This was the classic sort of game for Vardy to start- away against an attacking side leaving some space to exploit.Having said all this we played well and very unlucky so you do feel for Puel, who should have been celebrating a good away point at least. However,time is running out to turn things around, and the next couple of home games are going to be crucial in terms of the managers future and keeping the club safe from an anxious run in.
  2. Edingleyfox

    Barnes coming back

    He needs a goal or two to calm his nerves but against 2 quality sides he has looked a massive threat. Would keep him in the side
  3. Edingleyfox

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    Worried about this one.Different psychology playing at home and being expected to win.Also Palace will be quick on the counter attack and have a good record against us. Very difficult to predict but would not assume we will create as much as the Spurs game.
  4. Edingleyfox

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    Great performance but poor result yet again.What worries me is that we play well against top teams but we struggle in the games we are expected to win.Could be a nervy end to the season.So frustrating
  5. Edingleyfox

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Really need to get something from this or we will be looking over our shoulders at the bottom 6. Can’t argue with the performance but we do need Vardy on to convert one chance.So frustrating yet again.Come on lads.
  6. Edingleyfox


    I'm a bit worried about where the next points are coming from with these terrible starts, but I think the cries of "you don't know what you're doing" were a bit much with the substitutions.If the atmosphere worsens we could have a rocky run in, as I'm sure the players hear what is said. The bench does not look as strong as the first 11 overall but something had to be tried.With no Albrighton for some reason I could not see an obvious change although Mendy was strugglling and on a booking.We have not got enough striking options as we know and Ghezzal had a decent game to be fair. The one real positive was Barnes who was excellent,particularly at the start of the second half. Finishing today was generally below par and at the centre of the goal with the exception of Ghezzal's effort.
  7. Edingleyfox

    Liverpool 1-1 Leicester - Post Match Thread

    Well deserved point after the usual start.Ricardo was superb along with the whole defence and we looked dangerous going forward.Much better.
  8. Edingleyfox

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    We are 7th, and to stand any chance of staying there we need another attacking option alongside Vardy and Maddison. Might be better to give Barnes a chance now to give us that potential boost, rather than waiting until next season with question marks remaining as to whether he will make the step up.Surely another striker is a must, but not hearing much in the way of rumours.
  9. Edingleyfox

    Worst FA Cup Defeat?

    Today will stick in the memory for a while, but Harlow was bad, and for those of us that are old enough, struggling to beat non league Leatherhead in the 70s
  10. Edingleyfox


    Needs to play every week.No coincidence that results have improved having a player that can run tackle and press teams back.He was everywhere today and we look a lot more solid with him in the team.I think he is more than just a defensive midfielder
  11. Edingleyfox

    Ricardo Pereira

    Gives 110% versatile and quick.Turning into a brilliant signing
  12. Edingleyfox

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    You could hear in the crowd yesterday a few rumblings when Choudhury and Maddison were taken off. But the gamble worked, Ricardo pushed forward and we know the rest. Well done Claude. Of course anything less than a win against Cardiff and it will start again.We have a squad now that is probably good enough IMO for Europa League, and to keep them together long term we need to secure a top 7 place.
  13. Edingleyfox

    Ricardo Pereira

    Thought he was standout player before he scored and the goal was the icing on the cake.Brilliant at both ends of the park limitless energy
  14. Edingleyfox


    Talk about Ndidi being doubtful for Chelsea.Surely Hamza can be given a run in the first team.He was the one major plus on Tuesday night.Why ship him out on loan when we need a powerful combative young midfielder.
  15. Edingleyfox

    Puel’s arrogance (or blindness).

    Puel doesn't come across as arrogant or blind,but the defensive decision to bring in the third midfielder yesterday strikes me as lacking in ambition.We need to play to our own strengths with quick movement as we saw only last week against Watford. A week later Albrighton is back on the bench, Diabate had a run in midweek for no clear reason in a game where Fulham were there for the taking,and Iheanacho is playing on his own again woefully short of confidence.When we start worrying about other teams rather than playing fast forward looking football we are not going to win.Having said all this most pundits thought we would lose by 2 clear goals,just a shame we didn't make them work a bit harder for it.