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  1. If Mendy continues to play with the confidence and fluency he has shown of late and we continue to win matches I think he will retain his place. However I'm sure Brendan will slowly introduce Ndidi rather than bringing on Morgan later in games and gradually he will work his way back. We now have two outstanding defensive midfielders and to be fair Mendy has shown glimpses in previous years but due to injuries has not had a consistent run in the side.
  2. Cannot underestimate the influence he has had already - superb wing back and he always looks up before he crosses hence some great assists. At around £20 million you have an outstanding player.
  3. Maddison on be a bit more positive and you never know
  4. Agree he is not really a winger but he works well in and around the box and is more skilful than some give him credit for. Had an influence in a couple of the goals. With Castagne and Under now providing more width hopefully we might see more of him centrally although there is a lot of competition with all the Belgian players looking good and Maddison slowly getting back.
  5. Just needs to look up and show some composure with his finishing - easier said than done of course Otherwise caused West Brom lot of problems - of course they knew a bit about him and they looked worried every time he ran with the ball. Good overall just frustrating to watch sometimes
  6. Intelligent classy energetic footballer comfortable in all areas of the pitch.First impressions- great signing
  7. There is no doubt that Brendan has made his views clear. Not sorting out a centre back this summer or for that matter in January is poor IMO. The preoccupation with making a profit by bringing in cheaper young talent we can sell on has to be balanced by the job that needs doing now not in 2-3 years time. I remember Matt Elliot was over 28 when he came to us and still made well over 200 appearances- you could get that with Tarkowski but we try to get a bargain with the inexperienced Fofana and still seem to be offering £30 odd million.We need a mix of youth and trusted experience and we need
  8. We look a long way off a top 6 premier league side atm and I just hope that Rodgers is backed in the transfer market to freshen things up on the wings and at centre back. Might be too much to expect another striker. Blackburn were the better team today in the second half. Don't think Thomas needs to go on loan I think he has great potential and he will cut out the errors but we need cover.I'm a bit worried about overall confidence and a potential hangover from the end of last season.
  9. Justin has been great. Vardy has worked hard with little support a few half chances only Not a huge amount of wing play Harvey not really involved which is a concern.Defensively looked vulnerable at times and of course Morgan injured Need a few signings certainly a winger and centre back we cannot go into new season so thin on the ground. Against a premier league side could have been couple of goals down
  10. Has schoolboy season ticket in 1971 remember Shilton Whitworth Nish Weller and Worthington of course who was playing for Huddersfield when I first saw him. Best older memory probably the 5 goals in the 1982 FA quarter final vs Shrewsbury fantastic game.
  11. There was talk of limited entry to games from October but I think this is wildly optimistic I also think there is every likelihood of a second wave of infection possibly not as bad as the first but enough to scrap any schemes that involve more than a few thousand in the ground. Sitting in the stands is only one factor - there is entry/exit /concourses/commuting/ making any noise that will generate an aerosol etc. Having said this I'm sure a small number of fans might be allowed in and the question then is the fairest way to do this.Not every season ticket holder will wa
  12. Bit worried about next season after the last 10 games to be honest.We just don't look like scoring today whatever the statistics might say. Confidence needs sorting asap or we will really struggle next season and we surely need 4 or 5 quality signings which is a big ask without Champions League money. I'm not sure if the tactics were right or wrong today in terms of holding United until the final quarter and using hard working defensive players.Watching United in the first half they looked below par and nervous so I would say it was too negative.Last week however we were too attac
  13. If Albrighton is fit I think Rodgers might start ahead of Barnes for his crossing ability and defensive quality/work rate.I have to say Barnes or Vardy vs Maguire would be interesting I think Perez should start he has looked as good as anyone over the last few weeks. Presume we are going for a back 4 after a back 3 has conceded so many in recent games? Problem is that even if we went a goal up with a minute to go I would be worried as happened against Watford so I think we will need a couple of goals whilst keeping them out. At least we are underdogs hope t
  14. Most important thing is to start well. If we go a goal down early and the game gets stretched we have no chance. We need to be a bit more savvy than against Spurs when our wing backs were caught way up the pitch and the back 3 were exposed. Presume it will be a back 4 this time so annoying that we have so few choices at the back. However I think United will be nervous and the longer it remains 0-0 the more chance we have.I can see Tielemans or Perez setting up something during the game for Vardy or maybe Barnes will break his goal drought or something will deflect in . 1-0 will do
  15. On paper with a depleted squad would say 3-1 to United. However, I've been wrong so many times in the past and we know Jamie usually does well against United. Hoping we can forget about the points dropped, live in the present and really go for it.
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