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  1. We have leeds next week, dont want them cofident
  2. Milan were horribly mismanaged over the years, if they were at full strength now it wouldnt even be close in most players minds
  3. As much as i like nacho if vardy's fit he has to start, although the idea of a vardy supersub running at tired centrebacks is a bit enticing.
  4. This arsenal side sits back as much as any team in the league, arteta may have this reputation as a student of guardiola but his Arsenal side play some turgid anti football (no im not calling counter attacking football anti football, just this arsenal side). Also we really shouldnt play 3 atb, they massively exposed our flanks with our fullbacks pushed up last time round.
  5. Wouldve loved to see a prime fuchs on the left castagne on the right fullback pairing.
  6. People are worried about fofana coming up against aubameyang but he apparently dominated mbappe and neymar in the final of the french cup, with one of the french commentators saying he was faster over the first 10 yards than mbappe. Im sure he'll be able to handle aubameyang just fine.
  7. Think we have to see how good castagne is at left back first. If he's 90% of the player he is on the right we definitely have a case.
  8. People writing him off with only 50 mins playtime... at least wait for him to start a game before judging. Think he's going to be good for us personally, certainly better than perez. On another note maddison looked good on the rw as well.
  9. Playing alongside someone like evans is so important for the development for players like fofana and soyuncu though. You could see he was marshalling fofana the entire game instructing him what to do. Fofana's game is going to improve massively over the next few months playing alongside and learning from evans, like what happened with soyuncu last year.
  10. No one going to mention that pass from under to castagne in the buildup to setting up that praet chance? Once he gets going and does things like that consistently he should be class for us.
  11. I guess i understand the point that he has to ideally be playing week in week out to get back to full fitness rather than playing in europa every few weeks. We saw what happened with amartey when you return to playing at a high level too soon. So you have changed my opinion. It is worrying that with evans borderline injured we currently have no quality depth at centreback and as we saw with bristol last year there's no guarantee that benkovic even starts week in week out for cardiff.
  12. I just cant see how he can possibly be any worse than having a 37 year old wes morgan and Fuchs as our centreback depth, Bennet last season as well. If he really is genuinely that bad then one season in the championship is not going to make him ready. If he was ever going to have a future with us he would already be better than those other options and playing for us in our europa games this year and the occasional PL fixture to give evans some rest.
  13. Poor form =/= declining, i dont see any phsyical limitations coming into his game just mental, at worst he's the ideal 3rd choice centreback who has heaps of experience, who wont cost us a transfer fee if we renew and from what ive gauged from his personality he seems like a great player to have in the dressing room as well.
  14. 1 year left on his contract and no talks yet. Would be incredible mismanagement on our half if we let him go for a free this year considering our lack of depth at centreback. Doesnt seem to be showing any signs of declining yet either, he could definitely be one that keeps going till he's 35/36.
  15. Common misconception on here, choudhury's game isnt tackles it's interceptions, the narrative on here that he's a headless chicken running round chasing the ball is a bit tiring. Chelsea 2-2 last year he had the best read of the game on the pitch and was constantly cutting out passes/picking up loose balls, that was one of his best performances and the game was quite open. Yes not picking up ross barkley for that goal was a huge mistake on his behalf but saying that choudhury is a brainless player who runs round chasing tackles is blatantly untrue when his biggest strength is breaking up the o
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