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  1. He's actually won it 3 times which is crazy, same number of CLs as a manager as Man United as a club.
  2. I think he's a lot better than you give him credit for, burnley have been a top 4 defence in the league since he's come in, i would say at the moment he's probably got an edge on all those players, dias is hit or miss at benfica this season and tah isnt a starter anymore at leverkussen. He's similar to gary cahill in that if he was playing for a team like chelsea he would be much higher rated. Although the others probably have a higher ceiling.
  3. Mee and tarkowski are massively underrated imo. That being said burnley wont budge on 50 mil for him, if they lose him there's no guarantee they can find or attract a replacement as good as he is and creates unneccessary risk of them going down.
  4. Yes but there's a much bigger chance that we lose a player we have on loan than a player we already own. I dont see trincao deciding to spend his career here when he's already owned by barcelona. As long as we dont collapse there's a decent chance we keep the likes of maddison, tielemans, ndidi, soyuncu, barnes considering the price we put on players.
  5. What happens in 2 years if he doesnt sign for us though? All our best players will be in their prime then are we just going to loan in another talented unexperienced youngster who probably wont be as good when he joins as Trincao would be when he leaves. I think we need a 20-23 year old right winger who will develop with the rest of the squad. As good as trincao could be in the short term we need to look to the long term, in 2 years time we could have a full team of players around 25 years old about to enter their best years having played with each other for the last 4 years, rather than a team about to lose their star player. If you look at this liverpool side theyve dominated with a side of players mostly over the age of 25, the majority of them would be no where near a title winning side at trincao's age but with experience theyve reached a new level, youth is great but we need experience to establish ourselves long term.
  6. Apparently one of the best things about him is his right foot. Left footed players tend to be a lot more one footed than right footed players but this doesnt seem to be the case with this guy.
  7. 300 mil on coutinho, dembele, griezmann and 90% wage turnover will do that to you.
  8. First half of the season he was settling into the league in a team that was massively struggling. Pearson comes in and he's unplayable for a while, just missing finishing ability a bit like barnes, then lockdown happened and he comes back and tries to cross it instead of running in behind. If we get him playing more direct like he was during his purple patch then we'll be laughing, only 22 as well, yes he's a risk but he's probably one of the best wingers availble to us this summer.
  9. I think they have quite rich owners and no ffp this year. If they think 40 mil for benrahma and watkins will keep them up then theyll go for it, it's not like theyre a lost cause, the majority of their starting 11 is solid especially with mcginn back i think with these 2 theyll be well clear of relegation.
  10. Cant see them selling graelish or him leaving. Too expensive and i dont think being second string at united is attractive enough to make him force his way out of his boyhood club. I can still see Villa signing a winger and a striker though.
  11. Think every team in the bottom half of the prem would walk the championship, newcastle, west ham, crystal palace despite being seen as not great have more quality in them than the likes of leeds and west brom. Only team that was better off playing in the prem than the championship is sheffield united cos their forwards arent great so they benefited off the space behind.
  12. In terms of success yh but our status as a club has never been higher.
  13. According to the article he's cemented himself as a starter since the restart. Good for us, gives us a good negotiating position to get the full 9 mil from the purchase.
  14. I think he'll be a really important player for if someone like aston villa want to stay up next year, he looks at least a decent midtable winger.
  15. Rodgers though bennet was an adequate backup for our backline, i would rather get someone widely respected than a rodgers/congerton gamble.
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