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  1. We had sheffield united where he looked like he was coming back to his best then tough games against man united man city and west ham. Vardy had plenty of these games against rigid deep defences in his prime. Personally im going to wait until we've gone through this run of easy fixutes against southampton, west brom etc before i consider writing him off, i think he's still got a bit left in him.
  2. Maddison tielemans ndidi have started ~ 40 games in midfield (not counting maddison on the wing) for us since rodgers has arrived and have gotten ~85 points (!) from just those games. They are the backbone of our team and having just one not start usually sees a massive drop in performance, like it or not we badly need maddison back in the starting XI as soon as possible even if he did **** up.
  3. Is it just me who thought he was fine for the second goal, Bowen was a yard behind him, there's no way he could have known that evans was playing him onside, if Evans does his job and steps up then it's an easy offside call.
  4. His worst performances for us were when tielemans was dropped last year and he played in his role. He just doesnt understand how to make space for himself so he's available to receive the ball, he seems to always end up in the shadow of opposition players.
  5. He's never the worst because he doesnt get involved enough, he just makes the team worse as a unit by disappearing for large chunks of the game
  6. Such a low impact player, another invisible performance from him today and we looked much better when he came off.
  7. Remember when Praet vs. Maddison was an actual debate on this forum? Invisible yet again
  8. Biggest disappointment is morgan, even if he's injured he needs to lead by example. Not a good look if he's going to get an executive role at the club when he retires.
  9. They knicked albrighton's old goal celebration as well the bastards
  10. I know last year happened but we only need 12 points from 8 games for CL, realistically we have top 4 locked down, we shouldnt be worrying about other teams, the only team we should be worried about is ourselves
  11. "For instance i feel like my off the ball movement can be better, so ive worked on that" Is it just me or is his off the ball movement excellent, especially for his age? I feel like he should be spending extra time on his defensive game such as dealing with long balls rather than improving a part of his game that's already good. I guess the coaches are more qualified to tell him what to improve on so i might be completely wrong.
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