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  1. And i thought the pitch looked water logged the other day...
  2. If we win against chelsea and everton we are in the title race. At the moment we are not as long as there are 4+ teams within 6 points of us, need to see the top of the table thinning out a bit first.
  3. IF is the most important part of your sentence there.
  4. Perez was shocking tonight as he regularly is, i dont know what people see in him, i dont think he's assisted vardy once in his year and a half here and he cant finish.
  5. I know he scored and has been scoring in this position but im not sure im a fan of maddison in this ten role, doesnt influence the game as much and this two man midfield is getting overrun too easily.
  6. Well we got ndidi at the end anyway so we won, also werent we linked to mendy before we got kante? I think hs was a long term target of ours so i dont think it had much to do with ranieri.
  7. Evans has been really good in the last couple of games tbf but him and chilwell were targetted heavily by southampton's press in their 2-1 win, i think we need to start cags and fofana cos theyre more press resistant and better passers so that we dont get caught on the ball like we did last time.
  8. Surely if we bring him back from loan the last thing we want is for him to be cup tied
  9. PL website is shite, alan shearer is top with 50 and lampard has 40
  10. Weird because i see it as the opposite, Praet looked really good last night when the team was on top and in full flow, his movement behind is useful against stubborn teams that we're dominating but are struggling to break down. Against teams like southampton, aston villa this season, spurs, chelsea, everton (when they're not parking the bus like last game), arsenal etc i think Maddison has that midfield presence and quality to make the difference against sides that arent that far off on paper which i dont think praet has, for me he seems to disappear when we see less of the ball and the game g
  11. Maybe unpopular but i would rather schmeichel who doesnt try to claim them that often and succeeds when he does than mccarthy who constantly tries to claim corners but misses 1 in 6. If you look at it most of the best keepers have 100% success rate, coming out for a corner and fumbling/missing it isnt acceptable tbh.
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